Lucky Block logoWe review the difference between LBLOCK V2 token and V1, its upcoming crypto exchange listings, a potential future V2 price forecast and more in this guide.

In Q3 2022 LBLOCK spiked to almost 50% of its former all time high following its listing on MEXC. Will its upcoming September 1st listing on see this NFT competition platform’s native token breakout and set new highs?

LBLOCK V2 Price Prediction 2022 – Overview

Lucky Block’s August 1st, 2022 listing on MEXC exchange when announced in mid July caused a 550% price spike from $0.0008 to $0.004395. Its next CEX listing is on on September 1st.

  • Q3 2022 – This quarter saw LBLOCK V2 reclaim the $0.002 – $0.0045 trading range it lost earlier in the year. The $0.002 area first acted as support, then resistance, and LBLOCK could now flip it back to support if it continues to close weekly candles above it.
  • Q4 2022 – The final quarter of 2022 could see LBLOCK fill out the wick to the upside and test the $0.0045 resistance, flipping the mid range to support – around $0.00325 – by closing a monthly candle above that level, which LBLOCK hasn’t done since Q1. Completion of the Ethereum bridge could see LBLOCK V2 enter the $0.0045 – $0.007 range for the first time since February.
  • Start of 2023 – With the additional trading volume of, a tier-1 exchange ranked #5 by trading volume on CoinMarketCap, and other exchange listings potentially approved by next year, LBLOCK V2 could test the $0.0097 all time high and break out over one cent.

Lucky Block Price History

Lucky Block V2 Price Prediction

Lucky Block price chart via LBank – since that first CEX listing February 11th

LBLOCK Presale

Lucky Block sold out its token presale early in Q1 2022, during which there were two phases, with an LBLOCK V1 price of $0.00015 and $0.00019.

A private sale also took place at $0.00012 for early backers of the Lucky Block project.

LBLOCK Launch Price

LBLOCK V1 – a BEP-2o token on the Binance Smart Chain – then began trading at $0.00020 on PancakeSwap on January 26th, a decentralized exchange. It was also listed on Vindax.

Lucky Block All Time High

LBLOCK token had an approximately 65x bull run over 23 days (65,000% gains) to its all time high, hitting:

  • $0.009601 on LBank
  • $0.0104175 on PooCoin (a crypto price chart dApp that tracks PancakeSwap)

That ATH was hit February 17th on PooCoin / PancakeSwap and February 18th on LBank. LBLOCK was listed on LBank February 11th – so its former high coincided with its first CEX listing.


The Lucky Block V2 token upgrade – an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum chain – also launched in Q1 2022.


LBLOCK V2 price chart via MEXC

LBank initially supported V1 with its transaction tax, and now supports only V2. This Telegram post notes not to send V1 tokens from DEX to CEX.

Holders had an opportunity to swap their V1 tokens for version two, before the upgrade was completed – those that chose to hold V1 will be able to carry out that swap when the ETH bridge is completed.


As with many altcoins LBLOCK V2 hit a bottom in May 2022 around the time of the Terra (LUNA) crash and then retested that bottom in June amid the Celsius liquidation fears when Bitcoin hit $17,600 and Ethereum dropped as low as $881 on Binance.

LBLOCK V2 has rallied to as high as $0.004395 – almost half way back to the former high – since news of the MEXC and listing broke. Lucky Block V2 was also listed on Uniswap (which supports ERC-20 tokens) on August 8th.


LBLOCK V1 has retraced to as low as $0.0004056 in August 2022 before bouncing over 20% – and is still up over 100% from its first trading price and presale valuation.

LBLOCK V1 price chart

LBLOCK V1 price history – via PooCoin app

The LBLOCK price chart above doesn’t include the LBLOCK V2 token price which can be seen on LBank, MEXC, and as of September 1st on

There is also a separate Lucky Block V2 CoinMarketCap page that started tracking V2 in August 2022.

Read more about LBLOCK V1 token here.

Lucky Block V2 Price Prediction 2022

Since Lucky Block’s former all time high in February was hit shortly after its LBank listing – at the time its only CEX listing – and its MEXC listing resulted in a pump to 50% of that high, its listing could also be a bullish catalyst.

Like many altcoins Lucky Block has been in an uptrend since July and the high trading volume of – the #5 exchange by CoinMarketCap rankings – could allow that to continue and LBLOCK V2 to find acceptance above the $0.003 it hit in May – at the time of the first jackpot prize draws being held and its app release rolled out.

Some traders may be expecting another impulse move to the upside and buying LBLOCK V2 around the $0.002 level – the bottom of the trading range LBLOCK V2 has now reclaimed.

Lucky Block V2 Price Prediction 2023

If Lucky Block can break out about $0.01 to set new highs, an uptick in its holders and trading volume will allow it to be more readily listed on other centralized crypto exchanges – which the Lucky Block project team are already in talks with.

The Ethereum bridge is also expected to be completed in the coming months, by the end of 2022 – that could result in a good 2023 for both the LBLOCK V2 price and LBLOCK V1.

In August an AMA (ask me anything) event was held by head of product Terence Ribaudo, and the transcript posted on the Lucky Block website. He expected the Ethereum bridge to be completed within 60 days of that date after its security auditing by Certik.

Crypto Youtuber Jacob Crypto Bury also reviews the technical analysis outlook for LBLOCK V2 in the above video.

LBLOCK V2 Price Long Term Outlook – 2025 Prediction

As this Telegram post by the team notes there could be high upside potential for V1 and V2 token once the Ethereum bridge is up and running. It also states:

‘The V2 token is gaining significant traction on LBank. This has already led to several of the largest exchanges globally to begin assessing LBLOCKs suitability for an immediate listing. Although we cannot disclose the names at the moment, be assured they are some of the biggest names that you will all be well aware of.

It is vitally important that V2 has as much trading volume and price increase as possible, in order to guarantee these listings and give all V1 holders huge upside value when the bridge is released. We are working extremely hard to make this project a huge success for all and will endeavour to push Lucky Block into the heights of the world largest cryptocurrencies.’

Lucky Block is still a low cap coin – with a market cap around $20 million giving it room for growth and is less than one year old. As part of the roadmap the team plan to increase the marketing campaigns around the V2 token to raise awareness of the project.

The ETH merge in September 2022 and the next Bitcoin halving in early 2024 could lift the whole crypto market cap up including altcoins like LBLOCK V2. At the time of writing Bitcoin dominance is trending down and the total crypto market capitalization is back over $1.1 trillion, showing signs of recovery after the 2022 bear market.

Potential Highs & Lows of LBLOCK V2

With its low market cap the price volatility of LBLOCK V2 will be high, and a retest of the initial trading price before new highs is not out of the question (or for V1):

Year Potential High Potential Low
2022 $0.01 $0.0002
2023 $0.02 $0.002
2025 $0.03 $0.01

Even the best altcoins like Ethereum have in the past corrected 95% – from $1440 to $81, and it took ETH three years to set new highs.

What is Lucky Block V2 Used For?

LBLOCK V2 on the ERC-20 standard has no tax on transactions, making it more suitable for day trading, CEX listing applications, and raising awareness of the project by reaching more buyers and holders on those crypto exchanges.

LBLOCK V1 – a BSC token – is used to play the jackpot (its main draws separate to its NFT draws free to enter for Platinum Rollers Club NFT holders), earn rewards and has a 12% transaction tax on selling.

The total circulating supply of LBLOCK tokens remains the same. When LBLOCK V2 is purchased, the same amount of LBLOCK V1 will be locked. The current smart contract remains in place and a new Ethereum contract will be added, both contracts running side by side. The V2 contract has been audited by SolidProof.

When swapping V1 to V2 using the ETH bridge, a 12% tax will apply, but no tax applies swapping V2 to V1.

Where to Buy LBLOCK V2

In the run-up to the LBLOCK V2 listing on September 1st – it’s possible to buy LBLOCK V2 at:

Also visit the Telegram support group and Discord for assistance (admins will not DM you first, beware of impersonators who copy the profile picture and user name of admins or moderators).

Lucky Block Twitter listing announcement via @luckyblockcoin

Lucky Block V2 Price Forecast – Conclusion

Lucky Block may currently be undervalued – both its V1 token and V2 token – having corrected around 90% from February’s all time high. LBLOCK V2 token has already put in a strong bounce and began to flip its market structure bullish, printing higher highs and higher lows on the weekly chart.

Some investors choosing to sell when the project launched its V2 token and placed more emphasis on its NFT competitions, may have created a long term buying opportunity.

As well as Telegram and Discord the official Lucky Block Twitter produces a weekly summary newsletter with updates on both LBLOCK tokens.

Another new crypto project with a play to earn utility is Tamadoge, which is currently on presale and on pace to sell out early as the Lucky Block presale did. As LBLOCK token showed, the period after ICO is often the start of a bull cycle as there is little selling pressure early in a project.

Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

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  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Listed on OKX
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption


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