MetaWin is an up-and-coming casino site supporting slots, table games, lotteries, and NFT competitions. In this guide, we explore the question: Is MetaWin legit?

We also review how MetaWin compares with other crypto casinos, covering its gaming suite, supported coins, payout speeds, and more.

An Overview of MetaWin

To begin, let’s explore what MetaWin is, how it works, and what gambling products it offers. In a nutshell, MetaWin is a new online casino that specializes in Ethereum deposits and withdrawals. While this means that players will benefit from fast payments, a drawback is that other cryptocurrencies are not accepted.

Nevertheless, MetaWin is popular for its KYC-free framework. There is no requirement to open an account, provide any personal information, or even supply an email address. All gambling transactions are anonymous, and players only need to connect their crypto wallets to get started.

In addition to MetaMask, MetaWin supports the Coinbase Wallet and WalletConnect. The latter integrates with hundreds of wallets, including Trust Wallet. Ethereum deposits are credited in seconds, and withdrawals are approved instantly.

MetaWin review

This is in stark contrast to traditional casinos, which can take several days to process cash-out requests. In terms of games, MetaWin supports dozens of slots. This includes bonus buys, Megaways, and classics. MetaWin also supports table games, including baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

MetaWin also offers live dealer tables. All casino games are supplied by Pragmatic Play, which is licensed and regulated by the UK’s Gambling Commission. However, as Pragmatic Play is the only software provider supported, the overall gaming suite is limited when compared to other casinos.

For instance, the best Bitcoin casino sites in 2023 usually support dozens of different software providers. In addition, MetaWin also offers a lottery game. Currently, this pays 5 ETH. Considering the current price of Ethereum, the lottery offers a jackpot of over $9,000.

Is MetaWin legit?

Lottery tickets can be purchased, although one free ticket is offered to all players. The password code for the free ticket can be found on the MetaWin Telegram channel. MetaWin also supports NFT competitions. Some of the NFTs available trade for several thousand dollars on OpenSea.

Still asking the question: Is MetaWin legit? We found that the platform comes with its pros and cons. While the platform isn’t regulated, its partnership with Pragmatic Play is credible. Moreover, MetaWin is backed by smart contracts. Not only for deposits and withdrawals but for lottery and NFT competition results.

Is MetaWin Legit? Summary

Before proceeding with our comprehensive MetaWin review, here’s a quick overview of its pros and cons:


  • KYC-free casino site allowing players to gamble anonymously
  • Supports a range of table games, slots, and live dealers
  • Lotteries and NFT competitions back by smart contracts
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Supports some of the best crypto wallets, including MetaMask


  • While one of the best Ethereum casino sites, MetaWin doesn’t support other cryptocurrencies
  • No bonuses for new or existing players
  • Only offers games from one software developer

Does MetaWin Hold a Gambling License?

MetaWin does not hold any gambling licenses. As such, this is an unregulated casino. That said, some of the best crypto casinos in the space are also unlicensed. This allows blockchain-based casinos to offer many features that traditional gambling regulators will not allow, such as:

  • Anonymous accounts
  • No requirement for KYC documents
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Instant payouts without verification

While MetaWin appears legit, players will have nowhere to turn if they run into issues. This is why it’s best to do plenty of research before proceeding.

As mentioned above, while it is a shame that MetaWin only supports Pragmatic Play games, this is a reputable software provider. Pragmatic Play was launched in 2015 and is not only licensed by the UK Gambling Commission but also by the Malta Gaming Authority

How Safe is MetaWin?

Although MetaWin is unlicensed, it offers a safe place to gamble Ethereum online. This starts from the very offset when making a deposit. Players connect their wallets to the platform and complete an instant payment. MetaWin does not have access to the wallet credentials.

Moreover, authorization needs to be made by the wallet owner before the connection is confirmed. After that, players can move funds between MetaWin and their wallets securely. This is considered a safer alternative than using a credit card.

MetaWin review

This is because these credit card details need to be entered directly into the gambling website – meaning they are vulnerable to hackers. Another security feature on MetaWin is privacy and anonymity. As mentioned, MetaWin is a KYC-free casino site.

There is no risk of KYC documents getting into the wrong hands, as MetaWin will never request them. MetaWin also allows players to connect to its website via a VPN. This offers an additional layer of protection. While there is no two-factor authentication – this is because there is no requirement to open an account.

Ultimately, players are responsible for keeping their wallets safe when connecting to MetaWin.

Are MetaWin Games Fair?

In this section, we take a much closer look at the fairness of MetaWin games.

Casino Games

As mentioned, all of the games available on MetaWin are provided by Pragmatic Play. This is a licensed and established software that supplies games for over 500 casinos. Moreover, we also noted that Pragmatic Play is licensed by the UK’s Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

  • Pragmatic Play is also regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.
  • In turn, players can rest assured that the casino games on MetaWin are fair.
  • In fact, Pragmatic Play games are audited before they can be licensed to other casinos.
  • The process involves testing houses that are approved and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.
  • The Malta Gaming Authority and Gibraltar Gambling Commission also have their own safeguards in place when approving games from Pragmatic Play.

Similarly, Pragmatic Play also supplies live dealer games to MetaWin. These are fed back to MetaWin players in real-time. Nonetheless, live table games also go through an auditing phase.

Lotteries and NFT Competitions

MetaWin also hosts lotteries and NFT competitions. In most cases, players buy a ticket, and the winning number determines the winner. However, these gambling products are not supplied by Pragmatic Play.

On the contrary, lotteries and NFT competitions are blockchain-based. MetaWin uses a variation of provably fair and smart contracts. Put simply, the smart contract randomly generates a winning number and automatically distributes the proceeds to the winner.

MetaWin lotteries

Smart contracts on the Ethereum network are not 100% fool-proof, as they can come with vulnerability. On the flip side, smart contracts are open-sourced. This means that MetaWin gaming outcomes can be verified by anyone.

Ultimately, lottery and NFT competition results can not be manipulated by MetaWin. Even if they tried, the attempt cannot be hidden from the public. After all, smart contracts are transparent.

MetaWin Games

Now let’s move on to the MetaWin casino suite, covering the different types of games it supports.

Table Games

Like most crypto casinos, MetaWin supports table games. On the one hand, MetaWin supports the three most popular table games – blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

However, it only offers three blackjack variations, and one version of roulette and baccarat. For example, players can only access European roulette and not American or French variations.

In comparison, many crypto casinos often support dozens, if not hundreds, of different table games. Moreover, there is no support for video poker or craps.

Nevertheless, all of the software-backed table games can be played in demo mode. This is a risk-free way to get a feel for each game.

Live Dealers

MetaWin also supports live dealer tables. In addition to baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, this also covers Andar Bahar. There is also Mega Wheel, a popular live game show based on the Wheel of Fortune. The casino dealer will spin the spin, and players get the multiplier it lands on.

Live Dealers at MetaWin

Although the number of live dealer tables is limited in quantity, MetaWin caters to all budgets. For example, some blackjack tables come with a minimum and maximum stake of $100 and $5,000, respectively. While some tables only require a minimum stake of $0.10


On top of table games and live dealers, MetaWin also supports slots.

Here’s an overview of the most popular slot types available:

  • Drops and Wins: This slot type randomly ‘drops’ the bonus round. Depending on the slot, this can include win multipliers or free spins. Examples on MetaWin include Big Bass, 3 Dancing Monkeys, and Cleocatra.
  • Megaways: Megways are also popular on MetaWin. Most come with over 100,000 paylines, increasing the chances of winning. Examples on MetaWin include Buffalo King, Dog House, Wild West Gold, and Power of Thor.
  • Bonus Buys: This slot type is increasingly becoming popular. No longer do players need to wait hours to land the main feature round. Instead, players can trigger the bonus instantly by paying a premium. Popular bonus buys on MetaWin include Empty the Bank, Day of Dead, Club Tropicana, and Chicken Drop.

Do note that some titles on MetaWin cover various slot types. For example, For instance, 5 Lions is a megaways slot that also offers a bonus buy feature.

Similar to table games, all of the slots on MetaWin can be played in demo mode. There is no time limit, and balances can be refreshed at any time.


MetaWin hosts regular lottery games, allowing players to win big prizes without needing to risk large amounts of money.

The prize pot on offer is 5 ETH, and all players get one free entry. As noted earlier, players need to obtain a password code from the MetaWin Telegram group.

That said, most players purchase multiple tickets to increase the odds of winning.

  • Players will get 50 tickets for 0.012 ETH or 165 tickets for 0.036 ETH.
  • 780 tickets cost 0.156, but for the most cost-effective option – 2,000 tickets can be purchased for 0.36 ETH.

The MetaWin lottery game is both fair and transparent. The outcome is generated randomly by a smart contract.

MetaWin lottery game

Results can be verified at any time. Best of all, the smart contract automatically distributes the winnings. The 5 ETH will be sent instantly to the wallet address holding the winning ticket.

NFT Competitions at MetaWin   

MetaWin also runs NFT competitions – some of which are worth several thousand dollars.  Recently, one lucky player won a ‘KILLABEARS #609’ NFT. MetaWin claims this NFT is worth over $11,000. Those that missed out on edition #609 can still win other KILLABEARS NFTs.

For example, this includes #2117, currently valued at over $5,500. Players will need to purchase at least one ticket to enter the competition. While one ticket costs 0.05 ETH, five tickets can be purchased for 0.1 ETH. To bring the cost down further, 60 tickets can be purchased for 1 ETH.

MetaWin NFTs

MetaWin is also running a competition for KILLABEARS #1408. This is valued at just over$3,500, and ticket entries are cheaper. For example, one ticket costs just 0.019 ETH. 155 tickets can be purchased for just 0.76 ETH.

Still asking the question: Is MetaWin legit? Well, in terms of fairness, NFT competitions are determined by smart contracts. Just like MetaWin lotteries, this ensures that the winners are chosen randomly without fear of manipulation.

MetaWin Deposits and Withdrawals  

One of the best aspects of MetaWin is that payments are processed swiftly. To begin the process, players will need to choose their preferred wallet.

Options include the Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, or WalletConnect. The latter integrates with 300+ wallets via a QR code. The most user-friendly option is MetaMask when using a desktop device. This is because MetaMask comes as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Firefox.

Once the wallet is connected to MetaWin, players will see the above. Players will need to enter the amount of ETH to deposit and then click the ‘Swap’ button. The deposit will then need to be confirmed within the connected wallet. Finally, the ETH will leave the wallet and be added to the player’s balance.

Do note that players do not need to open an account on MetaWin. Instead, the player’s MetaWin balance will show whenever the wallet is connected.

Equally, withdrawing ETH from MetaWin is simple. Players can click on the ‘Swap’ icon and type in the amount of ETH to cash out. After clicking on the ‘Swap’ button, MetaWin will transfer the ETH to the player’s connected wallet.

While MetaWin might be limited in other departments, it does offer some of the fastest withdrawals in the crypto casino arena. After all, there is no requirement for the withdrawal to be approved. Instead, withdrawals are automatically approved and instantly executed by smart contracts.

However, a major drawback is a lack of support for other cryptocurrencies. Not only is Bitcoin not accepted but Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Litecoin, and other large-cap coins.

MetaWin Welcome Bonus and Promotions

MetaWin is one of the few casino sites that doesn’t offer any bonuses. This means that new players will not receive a welcome package. There are no seasonal promotions either.

Other crypto casinos, such as Lucky Block and Mega Dice, offer a matched deposit bonus to new players.

Is MetaWin Legit? Our Key Findings

To summarize the question: Is MetaWin legit? – we found that the platform is credible. It honors deposits and withdrawals instantly and doesn’t ask for any sensitive financial information. MetaWin doesn’t ask for KYC documents or personal information either. This ensures that players can gamble privately and anonymously.

However, while MetaWin is legit, it comes with too many drawbacks for our liking. For example, it is unusual that MetaWin doesn’t offer any welcome bonuses. This is one of the most common ways for new casinos to attract players, so maybe this will change in the future.

Is MetaWin Legit?

But for now, players seeking bonuses will need to consider other options. We also found that customer support is lacking. While there is a chat box on the right-hand side of its website, this is public. Those needing help with confidential matters will need to send an email or submit a support ticket.

There is also a major shortage of games available. Slots, table games, and live dealers are supported, but there are very few variations to choose from. There is also a lack of video poker games and sports betting markets. And, of course, a lack of regulation might also put some people off.

While unregulated crypto casinos are common, there are also platforms that are licensed. Overall, all of these shortcomings can be overcome by choosing another gambling site.

What are the Best Alternatives to MetaWin?

Considering the many drawbacks of MetaWin, players might consider another crypto casino site.

We found that the best Bitcoin gambling sites for 2023 are Lucky Block and Mega Dice. We review both of these casinos in the sections below.

1. Lucky Block – Overall Best Crypto Casino Site in 2023

Lucky Block solves many of the issues found on MetaWin. For a start, Lucky Block offers thousands of gambling games, supplied by over 80 leading software developers. This covers many variations of video poker, craps, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

All of these games can be played via regulated software providers or live dealer tables. Lucky Block also offers dozens of provably fair games. These are blockchain-based, meaning gaming outcomes are determined by smart contracts. 

Examples include plinko, keno, Hi-Lo, and crash. Lucky Block is also popular for its huge slot library, covering over 4,400 titles. This includes jackpot slots, as well as bonus buys, and Megaways. Lucky Block also offers live game shows. For example, Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, and Dream Catcher.

Lucky Block review

What’s more, Lucky Block offers a sports betting facility. This connects to the same account as the casino suite. Thousands of betting markets are available around the clock, and odds are super-competitive. Some of the most popular sports available include American football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and cricket. 

The Lucky Block sportsbook also includes in-play betting, offering live odds 24/7. Lucky Block also offers a generous welcome package to first-time customers. The first deposit is matched by 200% up to €10,000. The minimum deposit to qualify is just €20. The welcome package also comes with 50 free spins.

These can be used on Wanted Dead or Alive. Every Monday, existing players will have their first deposit matched by 40%. We also like that Lucky Block offers instant deposits and withdrawals. Supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Litecoin, BNB, Cardano, and other popular altcoins.

There are no withdrawal limits or fees, either. Check out our full Lucky Block Casino review here.

2. Mega Dice – 1 BTC Bonus for New Players 50 Free Slot Spins

Mega Dice is a popular crypto casino and a great alternative to MetaWin. It offers a casino and sportsbook rolled into one. The sportsbook offers great odds on more than 20 sports, ranging from basketball and darts to snooker, tennis, and soccer. 

Various odd types are supported, including fractional, decimal, and American. Pre-match and in-play betting markets are available. The Mega Dice casino offers plenty of games. 

This includes blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, not to mention video poker and craps. Mega Dice is also great for playing with live dealers. This includes interactive game shows, including Dead or Alive Saloon, Dragon Tiger, Crazy Time, and Deal or No Deal. 

Mega Dice review

Mega Dice is also popular for playing crypto crash games. Variations include Long Ball, Jet X, and Aviator. Players will also find a wide selection of slots, backed by the industry’s leading software providers. While MetaWin only supports Ethereum, Mega Dice players have a lot more options.

This includes Bitcoin, Cardano, BNB, Dogecoin, Tether, and other altcoins. There are no KYC requirements at Mega Dice. Players can open an account in seconds, choose their preferred cryptocurrency, and complete the transfer. Payments are credited near-instantly. Mega Dice is also one of the best gambling sites for bonuses. 

There is a 1 BTC welcome package available to new players. This is a 200% matched deposit bonus with 40x wagering terms. Mega Dice also throws in 50 free spins into its welcome package. Check out our full Mega Dice review here. 


MetaWin is a legit casino site offering KYC-free accounts and fast payments. But there are much better crypto casinos to choose from. 

We like Lucky Block for its regulated status, 200% matched deposit bonus, and seasonal promotions. 

Lucky Block also stands out for its 4,400+ slots, not to mention its wide selection of table games, live dealers, and sports betting markets. 



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