Even soccer teams have gotten into crypto. One of them is the Italian club Inter Milan. Fans who are obsessed with the club and crypto get the best of both worlds by owning the Inter Milan token. We get into the details of how exactly fans can use the token, what its future may be and where to buy it.

But most importantly, we make an Inter Fan Token price prediction. Let’s get into the review and find out everything that fans want to know about this token.

Inter Token Price Prediction 2022

Making a price prediction for anything is difficult, but especially for a coin that’s been on the market for less than a year. Yet, we’ve used technical and fundamental analysis to derive certain price points.

  • End of 2022: The Inter Token is holding steady at around $2, but an altcoin bull run could easily pump it 10x, so we see the Inter token reaching $30 by the end of 2022.
  • End of 2023: After the bull run is over, an altcoin bear market will follow, and we’ll see the Inter token retest its current all-time high (ATH) and reach $12.
  • End of 2024: By the end of 2024, the Inter token will be well into the crypto winter, and we may see it back at the current level, $2.

Inter Milan Token Price History

FC Internazionale Milano (Inter) teamed up with Chilliz $CHZ, a blockchain provider for global sports and entertainment industry, to launch the $INTER fan token. The token was launched on Socios.com on 10 September 2021. Headlines around the world followed because the club announced that it would promote the token on the front of its shirts for the 2021/22 season.

The club also announced that it would launch 1 million tokens at €2. The purpose of the Inter token is to create a new experience for supporters by enabling them to join a digital community.

Predicting the price of any asset is extremely challenging, but it becomes near impossible when it’s been in the market for only several months. The $INTER token started trading on 14 September 2021 on the major crypto exchanges. Unlike many stocks that IPO, the Inter token managed to gain value and close at just under $9 after opening at around $7.

For the rest of that year, the Inter token ranged. It managed to go as high as $12.8 in October 2021 before retraced back to around $6 the following month. The token managed to dip down below $5, but it remained within the $6 to $9 range.

inter token

For the rest of 2021, the$INTER price traded sideways at around $6.

Although the coin seemed poised for a rough year when it dipped below $5 in February 2022, it managed to recover well and went on to touch $9 in April 2022, then ranged until the end of that month before the price started falling. Since the Inter token is an altcoin, it follows Bitcoin and the rest of the altcoin market.

The crypto market tumbled in May 2022 and carried on making lower lows in June 2022, so the Inter token followed suit. Inter fans watched the token crash from $9 to $2. The coin lost 77% of its value, and it seems to have found support around the $2.5 region. Since the beginning of mid-May 2022, the coin has been ranging. Is it possible that the bottom is in?

  • Inter Milan announced that it would launch $INTER on 10 September 2021 and would promote it on the front of its shirts for the 2021/22 season.
  • The coin started trading on major exchanges on 14 September 2021, and it gained value when the candle closed for the day. It opened at around $7 and closed the day at $9.
  • The Inter token ranged for the rest of 2021, with the range being from $6 to $9.
  • At the beginning of 2022, the Inter token dipped below $5 in February but swiftly recovered to $9 in April.
  • The coin followed the crypto market crash and found support at $2.50.

Inter Fan Token Price Prediction 2022

Since the beginning of April 2022, the altcoin market has lost about 66% of its value. The worst part is that the last few weeks have been frightening for altcoin holders, with news about Terra UST losing its peg and Celsius halting withdrawals. If that market volatility wasn’t challenging enough to predict asset prices, then throw the Inter token, which doesn’t have much history, into the bag.

Although the Inter token crashed from $9 to $2, it has remained steady at around $2.50, where it seems to have found strong support.

It has been ranging within that zone since mid-May, and if more pain isn’t dealt to the crypto market, we could see a significant retrace come in. If the retrace happens, we’ll see the Inter token reach at least $9, where it will face strong resistance.

Breaking through that resistance means that we could see that coin back at its ATH of just under $13. If it breaks through that resistance, we could see it pump to a Fibonacci extension 4.236, meaning the coin will top out at around $30. That would mean the coin would provide 10x returns. We’ve seen many altcoins do much bigger rallies.

Inter Token Price Prediction 2023

After a major bull run, cryptocurrencies usually enter a bear market. The problem with navigating a bear market is that investors are uncertain of how much pain the market will dish out. Just when investors think the bottom is in, the market makes new lows.

If the $INTER token tops out at $30, it will enter a bear market and start making lower lows. The question is, how low will it go? We believe that the crypto market will be bearish in 2023, and altcoins have revealed that they tend to revisit previous ATHs after a bull run.

If the Inter token does that, it means that it should come back down to about $12 in 2023. That means a retest of its current ATH, and it will have strong support at that price level. A crash from $30 to $12 means that the token would have lost about 57% of its value. The market will be in fear, and many investors will wonder if further downside is possible.

Once the altcoins are in a full-swing bear market, prices tend to keep going down, and it’s unlikely that the Inter token will hold at $12.

Inter Token Price Forecast Long Term Outlook – 2025 Prediction

When the Inter token retests $12, it may range for some time on that support, making investors believe that it could reverse and rally again. We don’t believe that to be the case, and we see the price breaking through that support and continuing to make lower lows.

The bear market will be in full force in 2025, and we see the Inter token revisiting current prices after its bull run. Our Inter token price prediction for 2025 is $2. If the coin tops out at $30, a crash to $2 means that it will lose 93% of its value.

That may sound unrealistic, but the Inter token lost 83% of its value from October 2021 to May 2022.

Investors must remember that even major coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have lost more than 90% of their value in previous bear markets. Yet, some investors have decided to invest in Bitcoin. It’s very possible that the Inter coin can reach $2 again after it’s had a massive bull run. Investors can also opt for the second-biggest coin, enabling them to earn interest on Ethereum.

Could it be possible that this coin dips even below $2? The problem with bear markets is that it’s difficult to determine the bottom because investors are in extreme fear when prices are plummeting. The market has revealed that when investors panic, they tend to keep selling out of fear that an asset may go to zero.

Potential Highs & Lows of Inter Fan Token

The recent crypto market volatility and uncertainty have made it challenging to predict prices, but below are potential prices that Inter token could reach.

Year Potential High  Potential Low
2022 $30 $13
2023 $13 $9
2024 $5 $2

What is Inter Token Used For?

For investors to buy the Inter token, it has to have utility. Holders need to receive some kind of reward, and a reason for it to make them capital gains. Inter token holders benefit in several ways from holding the coin. This coin is mostly suitable for fans of the club.

Fan Participation

Fans that don’t want to be on the sidelines anymore and want to be even more involved in the club can do so through the $INTER token. Inter coin holders receive power to influence decisions at Inter headquarters.

They do so by voting on various issues such as the new goal celebration song. Fan token holders also get a say in the design of the club’s official team bus. Other decisions that token holders participate in are the jersey design, a message embroidered on the captain’s armband and even the starting line-up.


Owning the Inter coin enables fans to excess exclusive club-related content and compete against other Inter fans around the world to earn digital VIP rewards and experiences. Some of the rewards that the club offers to coin holders are VIP hospitality access to San Siro stadium, meeting team players and receiving signed merchandise.

Some of the other rewards include flying with the team to an away match. All that token holders need to earn fan rewards is to participate in quizzes and games.

What Drives the Price of Inter Fan Token?

Several factors influence the price of Inter Milan Fan Token (INTER). We’ve mentioned the most important ones below:

Fan Interaction

Inter Milan fans love their club, so some want to be involved more in the club than just supporting the team from the stands. Fans have a chance to participate in the club’s decisions by voting using their $INTER tokens. Fans use the token to earn rewards such as meeting their favorite players, but they keep the token they own. Not only can the coin rise in value, but holders stand to earn rewards. Some investors have used crypto interest accounts as a means to earn rewards.

The more fans join this movement by buying the coin to participate in the club’s decisions, the higher the price will rise because of more buyers. Whenever the club needs a new decision, it consults token owners for help. The club makes decisions frequently, so new decisions could mean that more fans will enter the market to participate.

Market Sentiment

The word on the crypto market street has a direct impact on the price of altcoins. If the sentiment is bullish, then more investors are likely to get in and buy cryptocurrencies. Many altcoins have proven that they follow the market. So if the crypto market is rising, many altcoins follow suit.

One example is XRP. Although Ripple is in a major lawsuit with the SEC over XRP sales, the coin went on a bull run during the court battle because it followed the rest of the market. XRP investors who still believe in the coin have numerous places where they can buy XRP. If investors think that Elon Musk might advertise meme coins, they can buy Dogecoin.

The Inter token could also rally with the rest of the market during a bull run, even though utility hasn’t changed. Many altcoins rally because of pure market speculation.


Most altcoin platforms enable peer-to-peer transactions, allowing holders to send coins in exchange for goods and services. Although the club has used the $INTER token in this manner, its use case in the general market is limited. One of the things that would change that is if the club enabled fans to buy merchandise with their tokens.

Allowing fans to buy game tickets, shirts and other merchandise would boost the sale of the tokens. Many fans would use tokens as a payment method.

Where to Buy Inter Fan Token

Not many crypto exchanges have listed Inter Milan Fan Token yet, since it launched in late 2021.

Buy Inter Milan Fan Token on FTX

One exchange that has is FTX, so that’s one option to buy INTER right now – currently they just have a spot trading INTER/USD pair.

There are more fan tokens listed on Binance however, alongside more altcoins in general (over 600), so you might also consider diversifying your portfolio with two exchange accounts if you’re interested in buying more fan tokens.

How to Buy Fan Tokens

It seems likely that Binance will list INTER in the near future as they have already listed the most popular fan tokens – LAZIO and PSG. Below is a step-by-step guide to buying fan tokens on Binance:

Step 1: Open an Account

Visit Binance.com and fill out the quick registration form with an email address and password.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Binance offers several payment options, so select the preferred method you wish to use.

Step 3: Wait for INTER Listing

As mentioned Binance has already listed Lazio Fan Token (S.S. Lazio) and PSG Fan Token (Paris Saint-Germain), so it seems likely that it will list Inter Fan Token in the near future.

See our guides to those fan tokens and price predictions for each:

Binance is the largest crypto exchange by trading volume and has the most fan tokens listed, alongside most of the best altcoins on the market.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

Is Inter Fan the Best Crypto to Invest in?

A similar crypto project investors might consider is Lucky Block. It’s a crypto games and competition platform that recently sponsored athletes such as boxers Florian Marku and Dillian White, who lasted to the sixth round against Tyson Fury.

that’s built on Binance Smart Chain. By using LBLOCK, Lucky Block’s native coin, holders can participate in daily prize draws. Another method for investors to make money from LBLOCK is via dividends, which the platform pays to token holders. The platform determines the dividend distribution by the number of ticket holders. Our Lucky Block price prediction provides more information about the coin’s future and other details.

Below are simple steps to buy LBLOCK:

  • Step 1: Set up a crypto wallet. Users need a BSC-compatible crypto wallet such as Trust Wallet.
  • Step 2: Buy the Binance Coin (BNB). Transfer it to your crypto wallet.
  • Step 3: Connect Wallet to Pancake Swap. Once on Pancake’s homepage, click ‘Connect Wallet’ and follow the instructions to link a wallet.
  • Step 4: Buy LBLOCK. Search for LBLOCK on the ‘Tokens’ section of PancakeSwap’s homepage. Click ‘Trade’,  then enter the BNB amount to exchange for LBLOCK.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.


In this guide, we made an Inter Milan Fan Token price prediction and provided all the details investors need to know about the coin. Apart from our INTER price predictions, we also included another coin that has provided value to some investors.

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