Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally. If you are an investor holding this digital asset, then you might be wondering how to spend Ethereum to make purchases online.

This guide discusses the top ten companies that accept Ethereum as a payment method. We will also discuss how you can profit from your ETH coins without having to cash out your investment.

Where to Spend Ethereum 

Read on to discover who accepts Ethereum as payment:

  1. Crypto Emporium – Overall Best Place to Spend Ethereum in 2024
  2. – Deposit Ethereum into a Crypto Savings Account
  3. Twitch – Huge Streaming Platform Supporting ETH Donations
  4. Bitrefill – Popular Place to Spend Ethereum on Gift Cards
  5. Chipotle – US Fast-Food Chain with Support for ETH Payments
  6. Beliani – Vast Online Furniture Retailer Boasting BitPay Integration
  7. Overstock – Buy Thousands of Products Online With Ethereum
  8. Paypal – Spend Ethereum at any Online Merchant That Accepts PayPal
  9. BitPay – Buy Real Estate With Ethereum via the BitPay Website
  10. AT&T – Settle Your Cell Phone and Broadband Bills With Ethereum
  11. Travala – Make Travel Bookings Using Ethereum

Many platforms that accept Ethereum also let you make payments in other digital assets. If you are thinking of expanding your portfolio, you can find out the best cryptocurrency to invest in here.

A Closer Look at Companies That Accept Ethereum

Given the popularity of Ethereum, you will find that many platforms let you spend this digital asset in different ways.

While some allow you to pay for services and products using ETH tokens, others give you the option to generate income in a passive nature. Also, did you know that you can use your ETH tokens via the best play to earn crypto games in 2022?

Below, we provide you with an overview of the top ten places that accept Ethereum for payments and other services.

1. Crypto Emporium – Overall Best Place to Spend Ethereum in 2024

Crypto Emporium logo Those looking to spend Ethereum online should check out Crypto Emporium – one of the most popular e-commerce sites supporting ETH payments. Catering to a wide range of customers, Crypto Emporium offers a massive selection of products and services, with a particular focus on high-end goods.

One of the most striking things about Crypto Emporium is that it allows shoppers to buy real estate using ETH (and other cryptos). Crypto Emporium boasts real estate listings from over 40 countries, from Italy to Canada. Many of these properties are targeted at high-net-worth individuals; for example, a penthouse in New York is priced at 2,351 BTC – over $70 million!

Crypto Emporium review

In addition to real estate, Crypto Emporium also offers products in other categories. These categories include electronics, game consoles, cars, designer clothing, and even luxury watches. Although all items on Crypto Emporium can be purchased using Ethereum, the site also supports payments made in BTC, USDT, DOGE, LTC, DASH, and XRP.

Unlike other popular crypto apps that support digital currency payments, Crypto Emporium also boasts additional features. These include a first-of-its-kind loyalty program whereby shoppers will receive 4% cashback on any purchases they make. This cashback is distributed in “Rewards Points,” which can be instantly converted into crypto after 30 days.

Crypto Emporium ETH payments

Crypto Emporium also has a dedicated affiliate program – a rare feature for crypto-based e-commerce sites. This program provides shoppers with a unique referral link to give to their friends and family. Whenever a friend or family member makes a purchase, shoppers will receive a commission on the total sale amount.

Excitingly, this commission is uncapped – with the top affiliates receiving exclusive monthly prizes and rewards. Crypto Emporium even adopts a multi-tier approach, meaning shoppers earn more when their referrals make their own referrals.

Crypto Emporium marketplace

When it comes to spending Ethereum online, Crypto Emporium has it all. The actual process of making payments is streamlined, although the platform does offer 24/7 customer support for shoppers that are having difficulties. Once a product has been purchased, Crypto Emporium will send a real-time tracking link via email or SMS.

Since Crypto Emporium has operated since 2018, it’s undoubtedly one of the most well-established crypto-focused sites on our list. Delivering to over 125+ locations globally and ensuring all products are certified, Crypto Emporium is a fantastic option for those seeking to spend Ethereum easily.

2. – Deposit Ethereum into a Savings Account logo offers a huge selection of over 250 digital assets on its platform. You can not only buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but you can also spend them via this provider. The easiest way to spend Ethereum would be to use’s visa card to pay for your online purchase.

For this purpose, has partnered with platforms such as Travala, Time, Ledger, and more. You can also use your crypto card to buy digital collectibles via’s NFT marketplace. Moreover, there is no gas fee involved, and you will also be able to earn rewards in CRO, the native digital token of review

Another option when considering how to spend Ethereum is to invest your ETH tokens in a crypto savings account. On, you can earn up to 14.5% APY on cryptocurrencies. For Ethereum in particular, you will receive up to 6% based on the amount you invest as well as the duration of the lock-in period. 

That said, you don’t need to lock in your ETH tokens to earn rewards on Flexible plans are also available, albeit, the APY offered will vary accordingly. Apart from these features, also functions as a cryptocurrency exchange that you can use to trade digital assets at low fees.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

3. Twitch – Huge Streaming Platform Supporting ETH Donations

Another popular option for crypto-savvy individuals looking to spend Ethereum is Twitch. Those who buy Ethereum regularly will likely have heard of Twitch since it is one of the most crypto-friendly companies out there. Put simply, Twitch is a live-streaming website that allows content creators (mainly gamers) to monetize their videos.

These content creators make most of their income through donations/tips. Twitch now allows viewers to make these donations using crypto – with full support for BTC, ETH, and other leading altcoins.

Twitch crypto payments

Twitch has integrated with both BitPay and NOWPayments to enable content creators to receive crypto donations. However, content creators must set up a unique “button” on their account for viewers to make donations in crypto. Fortunately, this is simple to do and takes less than five minutes.

Importantly, Twitch doesn’t take a cut of the ETH sent to content creators, making it one of the most popular ways for viewers to show their support while avoiding hefty fees. So, for those looking to spend Ethereum online, Twitch is one of the most popular options.

Those wondering how to spend Ethereum may also wish to check out Bitrefill. Bitrefill is a crypto-based website that lets shoppers buy gift cards and top-up their mobiles using ETH, BTC, and other digital currencies. The website is available in over 170 countries and boasts gift cards from many top brands.

These brands include Airbnb, Uber, ASOS, Steam, and hundreds more. Many brands featured on the Bitrefill website don’t support crypto payments directly. Thus, using Bitrefill is a great way to “indirectly” purchase items from these brands using cryptocurrencies.

Bitrefill crypto gift cards

The process of actually using Bitrefill is straightforward. Users must select the brand they want to receive a gift card from, enter the desired amount, and then pay in crypto (e.g., with ETH). The gift card will be emailed instantly to the shopper’s provided address and can be used online at the relevant brand.

Through this process, those who invest in cryptocurrency regularly can use their holdings without setting up a crypto debit/credit card. With a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, Bitrefill is an excellent option for those who value credibility.

5. Chipotle – US Fast-Food Chain with Support for ETH Payments

Spending Ethereum on products/services is, for the most part, reserved for online stores. However, Chipotle looks to change that by making it easy for consumers to pay for their food using crypto.

Chipotle now accepts crypto payments at its restaurants throughout the US, thanks to the partnership with Flexa. Customers can pay using 98 cryptocurrencies, including ETH, BTC, SOL, and others.

Chipotle crypto payments

The process of actually making these payments is incredibly easy. Customers first need to download a Flexa-enabled wallet app, such as SPEDN, which will be used to facilitate payment. When customers go to make their order, they need to scan a QR code with the cashier, and Flexa will convert the crypto stored in the wallet into FIAT – then transfer it to Chipotle.

Aside from supporting ETH payments, Chipotle has also launched several promotional campaigns targeting crypto users. These included a 10% off deal for customers who paid using crypto, along with establishing a Chipotle-themed blockchain game called “Buy the Dip.”

6. Beliani – Vast Online Furniture Retailer Boasting BitPay Integration

More people than ever are interested in how to spend Ethereum on household items – and Beliani is one of the most popular platforms looking to satisfy this demand. Beliani is an online furniture retailer that offers a massive range of high-quality home furnishings at affordable prices.

Like many online retailers, Beliani accepts crypto payments through its partnership with BitPay. Beliani and BitPay have partnered since May 2020, allowing customers to buy items using BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, and several stablecoins.

Beliani crypto payments

Again, customers must have a BitPay-enabled crypto wallet to make crypto payments with Beliani. Once one of these wallets has been obtained, it’s simply a case of clicking “Pay with BitPay” at checkout and scanning the presented QR code to complete the payment – which must be made within 15 minutes.

Excitingly, Beliani often offers promotions to entice users to fund their purchases using crypto. For example, at the time of writing, UK-based shoppers can receive £100 off their order amount when paying with BitPay. Since Beliani offers free delivery (and returns), this is a great setup for those seeking to spend ETH online.

7. Overstock – Buy Thousands of Products Online With Ethereum

Overstock is one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency payments. In fact, this e-commerce platform partnered with Coinbase to start accepting cryptocurrency payments as early as 2014. Today, you can pay for purchases on Overstock using Ethereum and a number of other digital assets.

To complete the transaction, you can simply choose to pay with crypto at the time of checkout. You will be redirected to log in to your Coinbase account and will be presented with an exchange rate. However, remember that if you wish to shop on Overstock by spending Ethereum, you will need to go through the website and not the mobile app.

Apart from Ethereum, Overstock also accepts payments in Bitcoin. Litecoin, Dash, and Monero. Additionally, Overstock also allows users to qualify for refunds in Ethereum. The refund will be issued in US dollars, equivalent to the amount at the time of placing the order. You will receive the refund via Coinbase using your email address listed on Overstock.

8. PayPal – Spend Ethereum at any Online Merchant That Accepts Paypal

PayPal is a digital payment system that you can use to settle your online purchases. In March 2021, the company announced that its US-based users could start using cryptocurrencies to make payments. This feature is titled ‘Checkout with Crypto’ and is available for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

If you have sufficient cryptocurrency balance to cover an eligible purchase, this option will automatically appear in your PayPal wallet at the time of checkout. You can then choose Ethereum as your preferred digital currency and complete the payment. Moreover, there are no additional transaction fees charged when using the feature.


That said, you can only use the Ethereum coins that you have purchased via PayPal. In other words, you will not be able to transfer the ETH tokens you hold in another crypto wallet to make the payment. This will not be much of an issue, since you can now buy crypto via PayPal anyway.

However, the only condition is that you will have to store the ETH tokens within your account and not move it elsewhere.

9. BitPay – Buy Real Estate With Ethereum via the BitPay Website

BitPay is perhaps the world’s largest provider of cryptocurrency payment services. And as of December 2021, the platform also lets you make real estate investments via Ethereum and other digital tokens. Through BitPay, sellers can generate an email invoice and send them to the buyer – who can then make the payment via their preferred crypto wallet.

BitPay will then transfer your ETH tokens to the seller via direct deposit. Outside of private sellers, BitPay has also partnered with real estate groups across the world such as Pacaso and However, since banks don’t accept digital assets, it is unlikely that you will be able to pay your mortgage directly with crypto.

On the other hand, BitPay also serves as an exchange, so you will be able to turn Ethereum into cash to make your mortgage payments. The provider also offers crypto credit cards that you can use to convert your digital assets into US dollars to make purchases. You will be able to manage your card via the BitPay app and track the transaction in real-time.

10. AT&T – Settle Your Cell Phone and Broadband Bills With Ethereum

AT&T is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world and the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the US. The company has entered into a partnership with BitPay in order to provide cryptocurrency payment options to its customers. AT&T integrated this feature in 2019 and became the first mobile carrier to accept Ethereum payments.

Let us give you a brief idea of how to spend Ethereum to pay your phone bill. It is as simple as logging on to your account via the AT&T mobile app and choosing BitPay as the payment option. You can then select Ethereum as the preferred crypto and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

As we noted earlier, BitPay is a trusted platform that converts cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum into fiat. This means that even if you pay in ETH, AT&T will receive US dollars – which protects the company from the volatility of Ethereum. You will also be able to pay AT&T bills using any other digital asset supported by BitPay.

11. Travala – Make Travel Bookings Using Ethereum

Travala is the world’s leading blockchain-based platform for making travel bookings using Ethereum and other digital assets. The company was founded in 2017 and has built a network of over 2 million properties, spread across 230 countries and territories. Travala also offers discounts of up to 40% when compared to other mainstream platforms.

Travala’s value proposition is bolstered by AVA, the platform’s native digital token. You can use this coin to pay for the booking, receive refunds, redeem loyalty rewards, and more. Moreover, you can also consider the AVA coin as an investment option. In fact, this crypto coin has gained about 500% in value between 2017 and 2022.


Apart from Ethereum, Travala also accepts a wide range of other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins for making payments. You can spend Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dai, and plenty more. Travala also accepts fiat currencies via credit card payments.

What Can You Spend Ethereum on?

A growing number of merchants and services are accepting Ethereum as payment these days. As such, if you are asking yourself what can I buy with ETH? you will not be short of options.

  • As we noted earlier, not only can you buy products and services, but you can also use your ETH tokens to make travel bookings or even initiate other investments such as interest accounts and NFTs.
  • However, the majority of crypto payment systems are facilitated by third-party processors like BitPay and

This means that while you are spending Ethereum, merchants themselves are not accepting the payment in ETH.

Instead, they receive the equivalent amount in fiat currencies such as US dollars. The conversion takes place in real-time, which reduces the risk of volatility involved for both parties. 

Is Spending Ethereum a Good Idea?

If you’re new to the crypto scene perhaps you’re wondering if it’s too late to buy Ethereum? Cryptocurrencies were originally designed to be used as an alternative to central bank-backed currencies. However, the price volatility of digital assets such as Ethereum makes it challenging to use crypto for payments.

For instance:

  • In January 2020, the value of a single Ethereum token was about $100.
  • By April 2022, in a matter of just over two years, Ethereum has reached a value of about $3,500 per coin.

As you can see, had you spent Ethereum in 2020, such a move would have resulted in a significant opportunity loss – when compared to the value of ETH tokens in 2022.

Moreover, considering the role Ethereum plays in the DeFi space, this digital asset is well-positioned to increase in value in the future.

At the same time, there is no way of predicting if the value of Ethereum will go up or down in the next few years. Ultimately, it comes down to your financial preferences whether spending Ethereum is a good idea or not.

Consider Spending Ethereum Rewards Only

While crypto payments can provide an alternative transaction method, not all who hold Ethereum will be eager to cash out their tokens. If this is the case, you might be interested in opening an Ethereum interest account instead. 

Like a traditional savings account, you can deposit your Ethereum in order to earn interest. However, unlike fiat currencies such as the US dollar, Ethereum will get you a much higher APY.

earn interest on ethereum at aqru

Perhaps the biggest attraction of this strategy is that you can access your Ethereum investment any time you want. This way, you do not have to worry about any opportunity costs in the event that the value of Ethereum rises. 

Raise Funds by Using Ethereum as Collateral 

Another way to spend Ethereum without having to sell your tokens is to obtain a crypto loan.

Crypto loan sites allow you to use your ETH tokens as collateral and borrow a sum in return. You can then retrieve your collateralized ETH tokens by paying back the loan along with interest.

  • However, it is crucial to remember that the loan-to-value you receive and the interest rates vary from one platform to another.
  • On, you can get an LTV of up to 50% on your Ethereum tokens.
  • This means that if you put up $1,000 worth of Ethereum, you will receive a crypto loan equivalent to $500.

The best part of such an approach is that you will have access to near-instant funds that you can use to meet other financial needs or to make new investments.

Moreover, in order to benefit from crypto lending, you do not have to sell your Ethereum tokens.

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Will More Companies Start Accepting Ethereum?

The popularity of Ethereum has attracted a lot of investors and ETH continues to encourage merchants to start accepting this digital currency as payment. 

For instance, Mastercard has announced that it will allow merchants and banks on the network to be able to access crypto-as-a-service. 

As the years go by, it is indeed possible that more companies will start accepting Ethereum. That said, the volatility of Ethereum continues to be a prime concern.

  • After all, depending on the fee paid and how busy the network is, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours to validate an Ethereum, transaction.
  • This means that the value of Ethereum could change between the time you confirm the purchase and when it is completed. 

On top of this, places that accept Ethereum might charge additional fees. This can be particularly high when compared to traditional payment options such as credit or debit cards. 

How to Spend Ethereum 

Ultimately, the best way to spend Ethereum will depend on the individual’s preferences and desired products/services. However, we found that Crypto Emporium is essentially an “all-in-one” ecosystem that provides something for everyone – which is why it tops our list.

With that in mind, presented below are the six simple steps shoppers can take to spend Ethereum at Crypto Emporium – all of which can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Step 1 – Set Up a Crypto Wallet

The first thing to do is set up a crypto wallet to store and manage ETH. Almost all major wallet providers will support ETH due to its size and level of adoption. Ultimately, it’s simply a case of choosing a reputable provider, downloading the wallet, and following the related instructions to create a strong password.

Step 2 – Acquire Ethereum

ETH logo The next step is to buy some ETH. All the best altcoin exchanges allow users to buy ETH easily using other digital currencies or a credit/debit card. Regardless of the chosen method, the ETH holdings must be transferred from the buying platform to the crypto wallet created in Step 1.

Step 3 – Create a Crypto Emporium Account

Next, head to Crypto Emporium’s homepage and click “Register.” Enter the required personal information, then choose a strong password to create a Crypto Emporium account.

Crypto Emporium account

Step 4 – Choose a Product to Purchase

Shoppers can now browse Crypto Emporium’s huge selection of products and services, easily navigated using the “Categories” tab. Once a product/service has been identified, shoppers must add it to their cart and click “Checkout.”

Crypto Emporium Rolex

Step 5 – Send Payment in ETH

On the checkout page, click the drop-down menu on the right and select “(ETH).” Next, fill in the required information fields and input a delivery address to reveal the final amount (including shipping fees).

Crypto Emporium will then provide a unique wallet address that shoppers must make the transfer to from their own crypto wallet. It’s essential to triple-check that the correct address is entered to ensure funds aren’t lost.

Crypto Emporium pay in ETH

Step 6 – Wait for the Product to be Delivered

Once the payment has been sent, Crypto Emporium will email shoppers to let them know everything is confirmed. After this, the product will be shipped – with shoppers able to track the shipment’s progress through real-time email/SMS notifications.

How to Spend Ethereum – Conclusion

Overall, the prevalence of Ethereum-based payments continues to increase throughout 2024, meaning crypto-savvy individuals look set to have more options than ever regarding where they can spend their holdings.

Crypto Emporium is one of the most popular online platforms that now accept ETH payments. This luxury marketplace allows shoppers to pay in Ethereum for hundreds of products/services, from luxury watches to high-end cards – and even real estate.

Setting up a Crypto Emporium account takes less than one minute – after which shoppers can access an ever-growing product range with shipping options to 125+ countries globally.

Crypto Emporium logo

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