Learn how to buy Sponge V2 tokens with this step-by-step guide.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer, navigating the process is crucial. From setting up a wallet to choosing the right exchange, this article provides practical insights for a hassle-free purchase.

Let’s get into it!

Sponge V2 Tokens — A Short Introduction

Here are the key things investors need to know about $SPONGE:

  • The original $SPONGE token exploded 100x in the spring of 2023, reaching a $100 million market cap.
  • $SPONGE already has more than 11,500 token holders and is listed on exchanges like MEXC, Gate.io, and Poloniex.
  • The only way to get $SPONGE V2 is to stake V1 tokens and bridge to the V2 coin.
  • Investors who buy $SPONGE now and stake to bridge earn a 100% purchase bonus in V2 tokens.

How to Buy $SPONGE V2

Here’s how to buy $SPONGE and be among the first to get V2 tokens in a few easy steps:

Step 1 — Download Crypto Wallet

While $SPONGE V1 is available on exchanges, the only way to get V2 tokens is by staking V1 coins. So, investors will need their crypto wallet to buy $SPONGE V2.

We recommend using MetaMask, which is free and secure — but any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens will work.


To use MetaMask, simply download the browser extension or mobile app and create a new account. Be sure to create a strong password and write down the seed phrase somewhere secure.

Step 2 — Buy Tokens

Investors will need Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) to buy $SPONGE tokens from the project’s site. These are highly popular tokens that are easy to purchase through any centralized crypto exchange or even directly through MetaMask.

Once ETH or USDT is purchased, transfer the tokens to the crypto wallet.

Step 3 — Connect Wallet to SPONGE V2 Website

Visit the SPONGE website and connect the MetaMask wallet by clicking ‘Connect Wallet.’ Follow the prompts to authorize the connection.

sponge v2 homepage

Step 4 — Buy $SPONGE Tokens

Enter the amount of $SPONGE to purchase in ETH or USDT. The platform will automatically calculate the equivalent amount of $SPONGE (V1) tokens. Click ‘Buy’ to complete the transaction and add $SPONGE to the MetaMask wallet.

Step 5 — Stake $SPONGE to Bridge to V2

Once the transaction is finished, click ‘Stake’ to stake the newly purchased V1 tokens. These tokens will be permanently locked and investors will receive regular staking rewards in $SPONGE V2 tokens for four years.

As a purchase and staking bonus, investors will also receive an amount of $SPONGE V2 tokens equivalent to their V1 purchase. These bonus tokens will be available to claim as soon as the $SPONGE V2 token launches.

If You’re Already a Proud Owner of $SPONGE V1…

… then your work is all but done for you!

All you need to do is to go to the Sponge website, click on ‘Staking V2’, and insert the number of V1 tokens you want to stake.

What Is SPONGE V2?

$SPONGE V2 is an upgraded version of the original $SPONGE meme coin. It represents the future of this project and enables new possibilities for the SPONGE ecosystem.

Until now, $SPONGE was just a meme coin with no utility. But thanks to the advent of the V2 token, $SPONGE now offers staking rewards. Investors who stake and permanently lock their V1 tokens will earn staking rewards in V2 coins — which is how the initial supply of $SPONGE V2 will make its way onto the market.

Sponge V2 Miss 100x Pump

$SPONGE V2 is also unlocking possibilities for further development. The project team is working on a play-to-earn crypto game in which players will be able to race around Bikini Bottom as Spongebob and his friends. The game will offer rewards in $SPONGE V2 tokens.

$SPONGE V2 follows on the heels of the V1 token’s viral success. When it first launched, $SPONGE exploded from an initial market cap of $1 million to a peak market cap of nearly $100 million.

Many influencers who called $SPONGE’s original explosive potential, including Jacob Bury, are now highlighting the potential of $SPONGE V2 to deliver another 100x return for investors.

Hard Cap N/A
Total Tokens 150 Billion
Tokens available in presale 18 Million
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase None
Purchase with ETH, USDT, Card

Why Buy Sponge V2 Tokens

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that set $SPONGE V2 apart from other meme coins.


The only way to get $SPONGE V2 right now is to stake V1 tokens. Existing $SPONGE token holders can stake and lock their V1 tokens to the new V2 smart contract. New investors can buy $SPONGE V1 through the project site and then lock it to the V2 smart contract.

$SPONGE V2 tokens will be released when the last V1 tokens sell out, which likely won’t be long at the rate investors are buying $SPONGE.

Massive Existing Community

$SPONGE isn’t a standard crypto presale with a project starting from scratch. Rather, this project already has a huge community that it’s amassed over nearly a year of token releases and promotions.

There are more than 11,650 $SPONGE token holders, and the coin has a market cap of more than $16 million. $SPONGE has more than 24,000 followers on X and a community of nearly 8,000 subscribers on Telegram.

Sponge Twitter

On top of that, $SPONGE is now listed on 10 centralized exchanges including LBank, Toobit, CoinW, BTCEX, Poloniex, MEXC, Gate.io, Bitget, BitKan, and BitMart.

Binance and OKX Listings

$SPONGE’s popularity has put the token in place to potentially earn listings on Binance and OKX, the world’s two largest crypto exchanges. The team — and many in the $SPONGE community — believe that the V2 token launch could be exactly what’s needed to achieve listing on these exchanges.

A listing on either Binance or OKX is huge for $SPONGE investors. Recent meme coins that listed on Binance, including $MEME and $BONK, saw their prices skyrocket in the days after listing as new investors flooded in.


SpongeV2 tokenomics

The tokenomics of $SPONGE V2 are different from those for V1. According to the $SPONGE whitepaper, the new token has a total supply of 150 billion $SPONGE.

43.09% of the supply is set aside to provide staking rewards to $SPONGE V1 stakers for 4 years. Another 26.93% is dedicated to V2 purchase bonuses for investors who buy and stake V1 tokens ahead of the $SPONGE V2 launch.

4.47% of the supply is set aside to pay for development of the new $SPONGE P2E game, while 8% is reserved for P2E rewards.

7.50% of the $SPONGE supply will be used for marketing. The remaining 10% of tokens are set aside for CEX liquidity, with Binance and OKX listings in mind.

Sponge V2 Price Prediction

As the market is turning upwards for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it’s always good news for all altcoins. The same is true for Sponge V2, which could experience huge growth in 2024. After the massive upturn in 2023, which saw the SPONGE tokens’ value grow by 100x, it’s predicted that this trend will continue well into 2024 and beyond with $SPONGE V2.


In conclusion, mastering the steps on how to buy $SPONGE V2 is the key to entering the cryptocurrency market confidently. By following this guide, you’ve gained the knowledge needed to navigate the purchase process successfully. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and enjoy the benefits of being part of the $SPONGE V2 community. Happy investing!


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