Quint is a newly launched crypto project that aims to bridge the gap between the real and metaverse worlds. Its decentralized ecosystem will offer ‘super’ staking tools with real-world rewards, alongside an NFT marketplace, DeFi services, and more.

In this guide, we explain how to buy Quint coin in under 10 minutes from start to finish. We also offer some background information on the Quint project and explore whether or not it represents a viable investment.

How to Buy Quint Coin Crypto – Quick Steps

Quint coin is listed on several exchanges, albeit, we found that the best place to complete the purchase is PancakeSwap, a top decentralized crypto exchange.

For a quick overview of how to buy Quint coin via the PancakeSwap exchange – follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit PancakeSwap – The first step is to visit the PancakeSwap website and connect your wallet, such as a MetaMask or Trust wallet
  • 💳 Step 2: Have BNB Ready to Buy QUINT – Investors will need to swap Binance Coin (BNB) for QUINT tokens. The reason for this is that Quint is paired with BNB on the PancakeSwap exchange.
  • 🔎 Step 3: Search for Quint – PancakeSwap has a drop down menu and search box – type in ‘Quint’ and select that trading pair.
  • 🛒 Step 4: Buy Quint – The final step is to fill out an order box. Change the ‘Limit’ order to ‘Market’, which will ensure the trade is executed instantly. Enter the total number of BNB to swap for Quint, and click on ‘Buy Quint’ to place the order.

As a market order was selected during the investment process, PancakeSwap will execute the position instantly at the next best available price.

The QUINT tokens will then appear in the user’s wallet. For maximum security, it is wise to withdraw the QUINT tokens out of PancakeSwap and into a private crypto wallet.

We offer a more comprehensive explanation of how to buy Quint coin crypto further down in this guide.

Where to Buy Quint Coin Crypto

Quint coin was listed on CoinMarketCap as recently as April 2022 – so this is a brand new project. With that said, due to the project’s presale popularity, Quint is already listed on several exchanges.

In the exchange reviews below, we explain where to buy Quint coin crypto.

PancakeSwap – Best Decentralized Exchange to Buy Quint Coin Crypto

pancakeswap review PancakeSwap is one of the most popular decentalized exchanges and is one of the best platforms on which to buy Quint coin.

According to the DEX itself, PancakeSwap was used by more than 2.2 million over the prior 30 days alone, which translates into over 26 million individual trades. As a newly launched token on the Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap was the first port of call for Quint after its successful presale campaign.

In order to buy Quint coin crypto via the PancakeSwap exchange, investors will need to have access to two things in particular. First, the investor will need to have access to a crypto wallet that is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain – both Metamask and Trust Wallet are good options here. Second, the investor will need to have BNB stored in the chosen wallet.

pancakeswap review

After that, it’s just a case of connecting the wallet to PancakeSwap – which can be done via a smartphone or desktop device. After searching for Quint – which will require the investor to paste in the respective contract address for added security, it’s just a case of performing a swap with BNB.

In terms of fees, this is determined by the Binance Smart Chain. However, this network is known for its low fees throughout the day – especially when compared to Ethereum. In addition to token swaps, PancakeSwap also offers lotteries, staking and yield services, and a newly launched NFT marketplace.

With that being said, perhaps the overarching benefit of using PancakeSwap to buy Quint coin crypto is that unlike Bitmart – which we cover below – there is no requirement to open an account to complete the purchase. In fact, as a decentralized exchange, there is no need to provide any personal information or upload any KYC documents – so the Quint investment process is completely anonymous.

Note: As we discuss in more detail further down – in addition to CoinTiger more exchange listings are on the way. The next exchange listing – which was recently confirmed by Quint – is XT.com.

Bitmart – Best Centralized Exchange to Buy Quint Coin Crypto

bitmart review Bitmart is perhaps the overall best place to buy Quint coin crypto. The reason for this is that Bitmart is a hugely popular exchange with millions of clients on its books. As a centralized exchange that complies with all relevant regulations surrounding KYC and anti-money laundering, Bitmart is considered a safe place to trade.

Moreover, Bitmart has the legal remit to accept fiat money deposits – which it does via a third-party integration with Simplex. In order to buy Quint coin crypto on the Bitmart platform, the investor will need to have access to Tether. The reason for this is that Bitmart supports the QUINT/USDT trading pair.

Now, the fastest way to complete the purchase is to buy USDT with a debit/credit card at Bitmart after completing the KYC process. This often only takes a couple of minutes from start to finish. The minimum debit/credit card payment is $50, and Simplex charges between 3.5-5% depending on market conditions.

bitmart review

If this fee is deemed too high, the investor can buy USDT from an alternative exchange and transfer the funds over to Bitmart. Nonetheless, once Tether is in the user’s Bitmart account, they can head over to the QUINT/USDT trading area and set up an order. In terms of commissions, this starts at just 0.25% per slide.

Bitmart users can, however, get a 25% reduction in fees by holding BMX tokens – which is native to the exchange. Another way to get reduced commissions at Bitmart is by trading larger volumes throughout the month. When it comes to core features, Bitmax offers a wide variety of trading tools.

This includes an advanced trading platform that comes packed with technical indicators and custom order types. Bitmart also offers crypto derivatives alongside cryptocurrency savings accounts and staking tools. Bitmart also offers a popular NFT marketplace with attractive trading fees.

What is Quint?

Quint is a newly launched crypto project that aims to bridge the gap between the real and metaverse worlds. Built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, Quint will utilize the benefits of blockchain technology, smart contracts, NFTs, and more to realize its long-term ambitions.

At the forefront of this is offering a so-called ‘super’ staking tool. In a similar nature to conventional crypto staking, this will enable users to deposit digital tokens into the Quint platform with the view of earning an attractive rate of interest.

However, Quint is looking to take things to the next level by also offering real-world staking rewards in addition to the stated APY. For example, as of writing, Quint is offering a quintessential staking pool that offers the chance to win one of two Hublot diamond frosted watches.

quint crypto

In order to enter the competition, users will need to stake a minimum of 500 QUINT. For each additional 500 QUINT staked, an extra ticket is offered to the user. Moreover, there is also an early-bird advantage, whereby additional tickets are offered to those that stake their Quint when the quintessential pool is first announced.

Crucially, it’s a win-win situation for those utilizing the super staking tools. After all, lucrative prizes can be won simply for staking tokens. Moreover, users have the opportunity to withdraw their tokens from the staking pool after the competition is announced.

As we cover in the subsequent sections of this guide, Quint offers more than just its super staking tools. On the contrary, the project is also building an NFT marketplace that connects to the real world, alongside a variety of DeFi tools and services. The chairman of the Quint project is Mohammed Al Bulooki – who formerly served as the Chief Operating Officer of Etihad.

Is Quint a Good Investment?

The only way to assess whether or not Quint is a good investment is to perform lots of independent research. This should explore core factors surrounding the project, such as its long-term business model, roadmap targets, development team, tokenomics, and more.

To help clear the mist, in the sections below we explore the ins and outs of what Quint currently offers to existing and potential token holders.

Incentivization to Stake With Quint

On the one hand, staking is a highly innovative tool that enables users to earn interest on idle crypto tokens that would otherwise sit idle in a private wallet.

However, as staking has become more and more popular, the number of platforms in this space has become somewhat oversaturated.

With that said, Quint could potentially stand out in this crowded marketplace, not least because of its super staking pools. As we noted earlier, this offers the best of both worlds.

  • First, users will earn crypto interest on their idle tokens simply by depositing the funds into a Quint super staking pool.
  • For instance, as of writing, users can stake QUINT via a conventional pool at an APY of 15%.
  • However, where Quint really stands out is that by staking tokens in a quintessential pool, this automatically offers entry into a prize draw.
  • As noted above, this currently includes the chance to win a Hublot diamond watch – which is worth in the region of $120,000.

According to the Quint website, there will be many other real-world prizes on offer when depositing funds into a super staking pool. This includes everything from an all-inclusive holiday and supercar experience to discounted hotel and restaurant bookings.

Crucially, the staked Quint tokens will only be locked into the respective pool for as long as the competition remains in place. As per the aforementioned Hublot draw, this will remain in place for just 22 days. After that, users are free to withdraw their staked tokens and presumably – deposit them into another quintessential super staking pool.

Overall, this makes Quint on the hottest crypto projects out there at the moment.

NFT Marketplace 

In line with its ambitions to form a much-needed bridge between the real and metaverse worlds, Quint has also built an innovative NFT marketplace.

On the one hand, this will enable users to buy and sell NFTs from the comfort of home – just like any other marketplace in this space. However, where Quint takes things to the next level is that it offers a ’boutique’ experience.

For instance, users will have the opportunity to have a tailor-made NFT created for them to meet specific requirements.

quint nft marketplace

Not only that, but once the NFT is minted, Quint will install it into the platform’s ‘Token Frame’ and subsequently delivery a physical copy to the user’s home.

This will particularly appeal to those that wish to create their own NFT but do not have the required knowledge to do so on a do-it-yourself basis.

As of writing, the Quint NFT marketplace covers a wide variety of niche categories. This includes everything from horology and art to music and photography.

Quint Shop

Quint is also building a conventional online marketplace that will enable users to buy and sell merchandise that is exclusive to the project. In order to gain access to the marketplace, users will either need to have Quint tokens or hold a relevant NFT.

As all transactions are conducted in Quint, this is yet another use case of the token.


Quint offers a clear and concise roadmap on its website, as should be the minimum expectation when researching a crypto project.

As the project is newly launched, it is currently positioned in phase 1 of its roadmap objectives – most of which it has already accomplished. This includes the fundamentals of developing its secure smart contract framework, listing its token, and launching the boutique NFT marketplace.

quint roadmap

In phase 2, the team at Quint will be working on the development of the super staking platform, decentralized application, and the release of its Quint shop on the Ethereum network.

Moving forward to phases 3 and 4, Quint will be launching an NFT app for iOS and Android, native pricing charts for its token, and the development of a bespoke wallet. Moreover, Quint will also be taking its NFT marketplace to the next level, by offering a 3D and immersive experience to buyers and sellers.


Many crypto startups elect to run their project in an anonymous manner – meaning that they do not reveal the identities of any team members. This should instantly present a red flag for investors, as there is no way of knowing who is actually behind the project in question.

In stark comparison, not only does Quint offer information about its core team members but there are some notable additions to the project. For example, the chairman of the project – Mohammed Al Bulooki, is the Chief Operating Officer of Etihad Aviation Group – and he has held this position since 2018.

Mohammed Al Bulooki

This offers clear credibility to the Quint project. Moreover, the Managing Partner of the project – Rahul Chaudhary, is the Managing Director of Nepal-based conglomerate CG Corp. Global.

Presale and Exchange Listings

Quint recently completed its presale token launch – and subsequently raised more than 9,400 BNB in the process. Based on prices at the time of writing, this amounts to a presale fund of over $3 million.

Although Quint is still a brand new project, it is notable that it is already listed on several crypto exchanges. In addition to PancakewSwap and CoinTiger, this includes popular exchange Bitmart.

Moreover, in the hours prior to writing this guide, Quint has also announced a further exchange listing with XT.com.

Quint Coin Crypto Price

CoinMarketCap is the best way to assess the Quint coin price, not least the platform takes the average trading value across all exchange listings.

But, to assess the price action of this project to date, we first need to assess Quint’s presale campaign. The project notes that it offered its token at an exchange rate of 1 BNB = 6,400 QUINT.

Based on the exchange rate as of writing, this amounts to a presale price of $0.50 per QUINT token.  Just a few weeks after Quint was listed on PancakeSwap, CoinMarketCap notes that the token hit an all-time high of $2.81. When compared to the presale price of $0.50, this amounts to growth of over 480%.

Quint Coin Crypto Price

As of writing, Quint has dipped slightly and is now trading at a discount of 25%. This market correction could potentially offer an attractive time to add Quint tokens to an investment portfolio.

Quint Coin Price Prediction

Those looking for a Quint coin price prediction should remember that the crypto markets are highly speculative and volatile.

  • As such, due to the unpredictability of this marketplace, it is best to avoid third-party price analysis and instead focus on the fundamentals.
  • Don’t forget, Quint coin is a brand new project that is only at the very beginning of its roadmap targets.
  • There is lots of work to be done behind the scene, which is reflected in the valuation of the project at this moment in time.

Crucially, investors that believe in the long-term vision of Quint can begin to build an allocation of tokens in a risk-averse manner through a dollar-cost averaging strategy.

This is a more sensible approach than investing on the back of Quint price predictions that have no solid base for their analysis.

How to Buy Quint Coin Crypto – Detailed Tutorial

In this section, we offer a detailed and comprehensive walkthrough of how to buy Quint coin crypto. As we noted earlier, the best place to buy Quint tokens is via the PancakeSwap exchange.

Follow the steps below to buy Quint coin crypto in under 10 minutes from start to finish.

Step 1: Visit PancakeSwap

The first step is to visit the PancakeSwap website. Alternatively visit Bitmart where QUINT is also listed.

bitmart open account

The user will need to either connect a MetaMask wallet for PancakeSwap or complete the KYC process for Bitmart.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Now that the user has verified their account, the next step is to make a deposit.

Now, it is important to note that on PancakeSwap, Quint trades against BNB. As such, the user will need to have BNB in their account before they can buy Quint. Which will require depositing Binance Coin from an exchange into a MetaMask or Trust wallet.

Step 4: Find QUINT/BNB Market

At this point of the walkthrough, the user should have BNB tokens in their PancakeSwap account. If so, the next step is to hover the mouse over the ‘Trade’ button and select it.

Then, on the right-hand side of the trading screen, look for the search box. Type ‘Quint’ into the search box and click on ‘QUINT/BNB’ when the market appears.

In doing so, this will take the user to the relevant trading page to buy Quint coin.

Step 5: Buy Quint Coin

The final step will require the user to set up a trading order to buy Quint coin. You can do both instant swaps and limit orders on Pancakeswap depending on your preference.

Buy Quint on Pancakeswap

Once you’ve chosen, simply let Pancakeswap know how many coins you want to buy, the confirm the order in real-time, and you’ve bought QUINT.


This beginner’s guide has explained the process of how to buy Quint coin crypto in less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Quint is a newly launched project – so its native QUINT token can be purchased at an attractive entry price. After all, the project is only in the early phases of its long-term roadmap targets.

In addition to PancakeSwap and CoinTiger, investors can buy Quint coin at Bitmart with a debit/credit card.


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