If you have heard about $PEPU and you are interested in how to buy Pepe Unchained tokens, here’s a detailed guide.

Its combination of the legend of Pepe and a Layer-2 blockchain provides security, speed, memes, and low fees — not to mention the passive and massive staking rewards.

The process of buying $PEPU is as simple as it gets, and early investors can buy their tokens right now during the presale. Without further delay, let’s discuss more details.

How to Buy Pepe Unchained Token – Quick Guide

  1. Set up a crypto wallet. We recommend using Best Wallet, MetaMask, or Coinbase Wallet, which are supported by the project and widely used in the crypto community.
  2. Fund the wallet with USDT, ETH, or BNB and connect it to the website.
  3. Choose your payment method and the number of tokens you want to buy.

What is $PEPU?

pepe unchained logo

Pepe Unchained is an improved version of Pepe. It’s a Layer-2 blockchain built for improved security, speed, and low fees. Pepe Unchained also provides double the staking rewards.

The project’s storyline depicts Pepe, in its former Layer-1 server room, experiencing a surge of intelligence and breaking free from its chains.

Unlike Layer-1, which often suffered from congestion, resulting in higher fees and slower transactions, Layer-2 processes the transactions off the main Ethereum chain, minimizing the load and leading to cheaper and faster transactions. The low fees mean that instead of paying for transaction costs, most of your investment goes into earning gains.

Why People Buy $PEPU

Before explaining how to buy Pepe Unchained tokens, let’s find out why this project has captured so much attention. We all know how crypto is valued: by its demand, supply, and users. Investing in $PEPU has many advantages, and early price predictions are stellar.

The Ongoing Presale

$PEPU’s presale is ongoing and allows people to participate and buy tokens. The total number of the tokens is eight billion, and 20% of them — translating to 1.6 billion — is allocated to the presale.

According to the official website and every Pepe Unchained token presale review, the presale will be divided into several stages, each with a price increase. The current $PEPU token cost is $0.008 and is set to increase in two days. So, there’s never a better time to buy it than now.


pepe unchained tokenomics

The tokenomics show a clear picture of where Pepe Unchained stands. The total number of tokens is 8 billion and is divided into the following categories:

  • 30% is allocated to staking, with enormous staking rewards
  • 20% is allocated to the presale for those who want to invest early
  • 20% is allocated to marketing, even though it’s already well-publicized
  • 10% is allocated to project finance so that everything runs smoothly
  • 10% is allocated to liquidity, with fat liquidity pools for decentralized exchanges
  • 10% is allocated to chain inventory for the $PEPU Layer-2 chain

The project’s token distribution strategy seems comprehensive and well-planned. Considering the tokenomics of Pepe Unchained coin, buy one now and enjoy the many benefits. 

Pepe Unchained Roadmap

The roadmap consists of three steps, all of which support sustainability, growth, and community rewards:

  1. Step 1 is focused on making Pepe great again. The Layer-2 technology will ensure epic rewards.
  2. The main goal of the second step is the coin eruption during presale.
  3. Step 3 is building a broad Pepe Unchained ecosystem.

$PEPU Unchained Staking

Pepe Unchained’s presale allows investors to stake tokens. In fact, 30% of the total $PEPU supply is allocated to staking.

The staking system distributes token rewards at a rate of 608.82 $PEPU tokens per ETH block. Once the presale ends, the tokens can be claimed.

The estimated annual rewards are 245,262%. So far, 652,364 tokens have been staked, and the current total supply is 5.7 billion tokens, projected to increase over time.

How to Buy PEPE Unchained $PEPU

You can buy the token in three simple steps:

  • Step 1 is visiting the MetaMask download page and creating a wallet. If you want to know how to get the wallet, download the browser extension and the app. If you already have a compatible wallet, skip this step.
  • Step 2 is funding the wallet. If you want to pay in crypto, fund the wallet with ETH, BNB, or USDT. If you want to use a card, skip this step.
  • Step 3 is buying and staking $PEPU. If you are wondering where to buy $PEPU, remember that the best place to do it is through the official website. Connect the wallet to the website, pick a payment method, and enter the amount of tokens you want to buy. When connecting the wallet to the site and selecting the payment method, verify the $PEPU PEPE Unchained contract address. This allows you to ensure you buy the tokens from the correct smart contract.


Now that you know how to buy PEPE Unchained tokens, enjoy the excellent rewards, low fees, enhanced security, and endless fun. Its price prediction is also promising. 

The project’s state-of-the-art Layer-2 solution allows for faster and cheaper transactions. PEPE Unchained also has a meticulous roadmap and a well-planned token distribution strategy. 

Its impressive features capture many people’s attention, so don’t be surprised if it becomes one of the cryptos with the most potential


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