Mooky is a newly launched crypto project with a mission to plant trees worldwide. The project is building a community-owned platform, which will be governed by its token holders.

In this Mooky review, we closely examine the objectives and features of this crypto project. We have also included a step-by-step guide on how to buy Mooky tokens at a discount via its ongoing presale.

What is Mooky?

Mooky is a brand-new crypto project combining the popularity of meme coins with environmental activism. The project’s main objective is to raise funds to plant trees globally. Additionally, Mooky will also make donations to charities promoting sustainable causes. What makes Mooky interesting is that it focuses on community engagement.


For instance, investors can buy the project’s native token, MOOKY, and receive rights to the platform’s governance. In other words, the community will have a say in how Mooky is run. Moreover, MOOKY tokens come with a 0% tax and low slippage, which may appeal to both short and long-term investors.

To add to its eco-friendly initiative, Mooky is creating an NFT collection. This consists of 1,000 unique NFTs linked to trees in the real world. Mooky NFT holders have access to the project’s Ventures Club, which comes with exclusive events and the potential for passive income.

Mooky Mechanics

Wondering whether Mooky is the best crypto to buy now?

In this section, we dive into the components of the Mooky project to analyze its growth potential.

Mooky Concept

Upon visiting the Mooky website, it is evident that the project is inspired by nature. Interestingly, Mooky has crafted a backstory to complement this theme. According to the whitepaper, Mooky’s story takes place in Pygmy, a western region abandoned by humans for decades.

Mooky tokens

Pygmy, abundant with vegetation, stunning landscapes, and wildlife – attracted settlers from a distant island. However, the new settlers showed no respect for the environment, cutting down trees, polluting the air, and encroaching on animal habitats. The monkeys of Pygmy, led by Mooky, came to the rescue.

Instead of battling, the monkeys decided to teach the settlers the importance of respecting nature and living harmoniously. Under Mooky’s leadership, the inhabitants of Pygmy were united. The Mooky project, aptly named, aims to form a thriving community of members who advocate for sustainability.

Mooky Tokens

At its core, this innovative project is held together by its native token, MOOKY. These tokens are available on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. MOOKY tokens don’t have any specific utility within the project’s ecosystem other than governance. Nonetheless, the platform has created 500 billion MOOKY tokens and is selling 95% of the total supply at launch.

Mooky community

In other words, the majority of the tokens will be community-owned. Moreover, Mooky’s governance is also determined by community votes, giving investors a say in the operations of the project. This gives investors a sense of ownership while facilitating a high level of transparency.

NFT Collections

Mooky is also designing 1,000 unique 3D NFTs categorized into five tiers. The collections will be categorized as follows:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Super rare
  • Legendary

Each Mooky NFT will be connected to planted trees in the real world, and their growth can also be monitored.

Mooky plans to add more features for NFT holders further down its roadmap. There will also be exclusive events that are accessible only to NFT holders.

Mooky Ventures Club

Those that are fortunate to mint a super rare or legendary Mooky NFT will have access to the Ventures Club. This exclusive club comes with various perks, such as crypto airdrops, merchandise, and more.

Additionally, members of the Ventures Club will earn a share of any income from Mooky’s investment portfolio.

Is MOOKY Token a Worthwhile Investment?

Mooky advertises itself as the ultimate meme coin platform. However, many still wonder whether meme coins are worth investing in. After all, meme coins are often viewed as highly speculative investments.

With this in mind, let us explore the advantages of investing in Mooky.

Community Engagement

The Mooky project is all about community engagement. The project seeks to gain momentum by actively engaging with its supporters.

For instance, investors can share Mooky NFTs with friends, create a meme out of Mooky, and interact with each other via the project’s social media pages. Additionally, Mooky plans to host giveaways and competitions to encourage community participation.

Mooky Charity

The team is also working to add more features to make MOOKY one of the strongest utility tokens in the market. However, Mooky is yet to release information about its upcoming features. Nevertheless, by buying MOOKY tokens, investors will be a part of a growing community.

The project already has over 13,000 followers on Twitter and over 2,000 members on Telegram. Moreover, by becoming a token holder, investors get the chance to shape the project’s direction. In other words, each investor has a personal stake interest in the project’s success – which can boost involvement and collaboration.

Zero Transaction Fees

MOOKY tokens come with a 0% tax rate. This means that buyers and sellers are not penalized when trading MOOKY.

Additionally, Mooky will lock the liquidity of its tokens for two years. This means that the core team cannot touch the locked liquidity until the tw0-year period passes.

Theoretically, this provides stability to the project. Moreover, this also highlights that the Mooky team is in it for the long run.

Eco-friendly Initiatives

Perhaps the biggest attraction of Mooky is its sustainability initiative. As discussed above, the main objective of this project is to plant trees.

Additionally, 3% of the token supply will be stored in a visible charity wallet. On top of this, 2% of Mooky NFT transaction fees will also be allocated to charity.

Moooky community

Crucially, MOOKY token holders will decide how the charity funds should be used. The Mooky whitepaper also states that the project will build an investment portfolio that generates passive income for token holders.

This means that the community will also have a voice in determining how Mooky allocates funds to investments.

Mooky Giveaways

Mooky runs weekly giveaways, with the biggest investor each week, as well as one picked from random, receiving 20% worth of their investment as bonus tokens.

Potential Risks of Mooky?

As with any investment, Mooky also comes with its risks. To begin with, Mooky is a meme coin that relies on community support, and its value may fluctuate significantly based on market sentiment.

Moreover, as a new project, there is no guarantee of its long-term success or sustainability. Therefore, investors need to do their homework to evaluate if Mooky aligns with their financial goals.

What Makes Mooky Unique?

The crypto market is fiercely competitive. As such, before making an investment, it’s wise to consider how a crypto project differentiates itself from others. And Mooky’s unique selling proposition is that it provides investors with governing power, allowing them to decide how their funds will be used to combat climate change.

Unlike the majority of meme projects in the market, Mooky has a solid, commendable mission. Mooky’s main objective is to promote sustainability by planting trees. And it aims to leverage the popularity of meme coins to do so. Additionally, Mooky tokens have zero carbon footprint.

Mooky has the potential to attract those who seek ethical investment opportunities. As the demand for green cryptocurrencies grows, the price of MOOKY tokens could also increase.

Who is Behind Mooky?

Mooky was created by an anonymous group of developers and crypto enthusiasts. Typically, this can make it challenging to verify the legitimacy of the project and the team’s credentials. However, numerous projects with anonymous creators, such as Bitcoin, and Shiba Inu, have performed well in the market.

Moreover, the Mooky team has taken steps to establish the project’s credibility. As per the website, Mooky’s contract is fully audited by SpyWolfNetwort and has secured a 100% score. Additionally, the Mooky team is also fully verified by Solid Proof and has a ‘KYC Verified’ badge.

This Solid Proof Audit certification ensures that core team members are verified by a government-issued ID. The audit reports are available via GitHub and can be accessed directly via the Mooky website. In other words, despite an anonymous team, Mooky provides transparency, an essential part of its community guidelines.

Mooky Roadmap

Mooky has created a road map that clearly states its future plans. Currently, the project is still in mission one and has successfully launched the presale. By the next stage, Mooky will list its tokens on exchanges and make its first charity donation. The CEX listing will happen by Q4, 2023.

Mooky Roadmap

In 2024, Mooky aims to launch its complete ecosystem by integrating NFTs. As per the roadmap, the project will plant 10,000+ trees and aims to have 50,000 token holders by the end of 2024. In a nutshell, Mooky’s roadmap suggests that the team has a clear vision and plan for the project’s future.

Mooky Presale

The Mooky presale is offering MOOKY tokens at a significant discount. Mooky is selling 95% of its token supply, demonstrating its commitment to fair distribution and community involvement.

Mooky sells 70% of the total token supply, or 350 billion MOOKY coins, via the presale. Out of the remaining, 20% will be allocated to exchange listings, and 5% will be set aside for staking. The Mooky presale started in March 2023 and has already attracted a lot of attention from the crypto community.

Mooky presale stages

Currently, the presale is in stage six and has raised over $440,000. The Mooky presale has a total of 12 rounds, and the price will increase at each stage. The project aims to raise $$2,860,500 via the presale. At this pace, Mooky is likely to meet its goal before the presale end date.

In stage six, investors can buy MOOKY tokens for just $0.00000464 each. Put otherwise, Mooky is offering 215,517 tokens for just $1 at current prices. In the next stage, the price will increase to $0.00000516. And then to $0.00003125 in the final round. This represents an upside of over 570% to those who invest right now.

How to Buy Mooky Tokens 

Based on its objectives, Mooky has the potential to become one of the top cryptos with the most upside in 2024. Those interested in the project can buy MOOKY tokens right now by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1 – Set Up a Wallet

To begin, investors should ensure that they have a wallet compatible with Ethereum or BNB Chain. A safe and secure crypto wallet is required to hold MOOKY tokens post-purchase. Additionally, investors also need a private crypto wallet to send payments to the Mooky presale site.

MetaMask wallet for Mooky presale

Mooky connects with MetaMask and all wallets supported by WalletConnect. After deciding which wallet to use, download it. Then, follow the instructions to create a password and set up the wallet.

Step 2 – Buy ETH, BNB, or USDT

Mooky accepts payments in Ethereum, Binance Coin, and USDT. Investors can obtain these tokens via many of the best crypto exchanges. Beginners can check our detailed guide on how to buy cryptocurrency for detailed instructions.

After making the purchase, transfer the digital tokens to the wallet. Mooky recommends purchasing at least $20 worth of ETH or USDT. If exchanging BNB, the minimum recommended amount is $5.

Step 3 – Connect Wallet to Mooky

Next, head over to the Mooky presale website and click on ‘Connect Wallet’.

Buy Mooky tokens

Then, select the preferred wallet from the pop-up box. Proceed to connect the wallet to the Mooky presale platform.

Step 4 – Make the Payment

On the order box that appears, enter the amount to invest in MOOKY tokens. Then click on ‘Buy with ETH’, ‘Buy with BNB’, or ‘Buy with USDT’, depending on the chosen payment currency.

Confirm the transaction via the connected wallet to complete the crypto presale investment.

Step 5 – Claim Tokens 

Once the presale ends, investors can claim their MOOKY tokens. To do so, head over to the Mooky website and click the ‘Claim’ button on the homepage. Further details will be provided closer to the presale conclusion.


In a nutshell, Mooky is using meme coins to create real-world impact. It is built on an endearing concept and has a solid mission – to make the world a greener place.

By buying MOOKY tokens, investors can help plant trees globally and become part of a community-driven platform.

The project’s ongoing presale enables investors to buy MOOKY tokens at a considerable discount. MOOKY tokens are currently being sold for just $0.00000464.

Given the hype surrounding meme coins and ethical investments, Mooky is well-positioned for growth in the crypto market. Investors can get in on the ground floor of the project by buying MOOKY tokens via the presale today.


What is Mooky?

Is Mooky crypto a worthwhile investment?