Mega Dice is a Telegram-based crypto casino that recently launched a presale of its native token – $DICE. This project raised over $505K due to its multi-utility nature and community-focused rewards.

If you want to find out where and how to buy Mega Dice Token during its presale, keep on reading. We’ll also list the main factors that make this token a lucrative investment.

With that in mind, here’s all you need to know about Mega Dice.

How to Buy Mega Dice Token — Quick Guide

  1. Visit Mega Dice’s official presale website and tap the Connect Wallet button.
  2. Create a Solana wallet or connect your existing one.
  3. Fund your wallet with SOL, ETH, BNB, or USDT.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to buy and send the SOL to the address provided in the presale widget.
  5. Lock your tokens into one of the three staking pools.
  6. Claim your tokens once the presale ends.

What Is Mega Dice Token?

$DICE is a native token of the Mega Dice casino. This is also a gameFi token, which means that it can be used for playing casino games and earning rewards. What’s more, the $DICE token is built on Solana. As such it enables faster transactions and provides lower fees than its ETH-based peers.

Besides serving as a gaming currency, the $DICE token enables its holders to access exclusive games and earn staking rewards. On top of that, investors will be able to exchange it for other crypto coins or fiat.

To increase its scalability, its developers use a buy-back system — a part of the casino’s profits will be used to buy back $DICE tokens from public exchanges.

Why People Buy $Mega Dice Token

Before we tell you where to buy Mega Dice token and how to do it, let’s discuss the main factors that make this project interesting for crypto investors.

Mega Dice Token Utility

As mentioned above, $DICE is a multi-utility token that can be used to play casino games, trade, and earn rewards. In fact, its holders will receive daily rewards based on casino performance. Moreover, select token holders will receive limited edition NFTs. These NFTs can be traded or used to get access to exclusive rewards. These factors make $DICE one of the best gaming crypto coins to buy.

Likewise, those who decide to stake their tokens will be able to earn rewards in the form of SOL and $DICE tokens. They’ll also get exclusive access to games and bonuses. Mega Dice casino offers three staking pools:

  • 10-day pool
  • 3-month pool
  • 6-month pool

The sum of the rewards will depend on the staked amount and the duration.

Mega Dice Casino Community

Mega Dice is the first regulated Telegram-based casino that was established in 2023. This means that it regularly audits its smart contracts and that it adheres to legal standards. Moreover, Mega Dice has over 50,000 users and more than 10,000 active monthly players.   

Mega Dice casino members can also join its $2,250,000 airdrop, which will be divided into three sessions. As much as 15% of $DICE’s total token supply will be allocated towards the airdrop.

Finally, since Mega Dice casino is integrated into Telegram, its members will be able to access Telegram channels and groups, which will increase its community engagement. 

The Ongoing Presale

Mega Dice started the presale of its native token in mid-April. So far, this project managed to raise over $505K. Presale will take place in several stages, during which the price of the $DICE token will gradually increase. The presale will end once this project reaches its predetermined hard cap of $10 million. On the other hand, its soft cap stands at $5 million.

During the presale, investors will be able to buy Mega Dice coins at a discounted price, which at the time of writing, stands at $0.069. 35% of its total supply will be allocated towards the presale. In addition to that, early investors will be rewarded with bonus $DICE tokens.


The $DICE token has a total supply of 420,000,000. As already mentioned in our Mega Dice token presale review, 35%, or 147,000,000 tokens will go towards the presale. Another 15%, or 63,000,000 tokens, will be distributed towards airdrops, LP, and casino $DICE pool. 10%, or 42,000,000 tokens, will be allocated towards staking, while 5%, or 21,000,000 tokens, will go towards marketing/KOL deals and affiliates.

By capping the total supply of their tokens, Mega Dice developers will be able to control inflation and create scarcity. This will make the $DICE token more stable. Its developers will also regularly burn a portion of $DICE tokens to reduce its total supply and increase its value. This makes $DICE one of the best long-term crypto investments.

Mega Dice Token Roadmap

The Mega Dice roadmap consists of five phases:

  • Presale and Marketing
  • Presale Token Claiming
  • Allocated Liquidity Provision
  • Early Staking Incentive
  • DEX Launch

During the first phase, investors will be able to buy $DICE tokens at their presale price, while the $DICE token should launch during the second phase. Early buyers will also be able to claim their tokens during the second phase. The third phase will be dedicated to liquidity provisions. During the fourth phase, early investors will be able to lock their tokens into smart contracts, while, during the last phase, the $DICE token will get listed on the best decentralized exchanges.

Once this happens, the Mega Dice token cost will automatically go up. In fact, we believe that by the end of 2024, the $DICE token could trade between $0.06 and $0.17.

How to Buy $Mega Dice Token

Here’s how to buy $DICE token, step-by-step:

Step 1 — Visit the Official Website

Go to Mega Dice’s official presale website, find the presale widget, and tap the Connect Wallet button.

Step 2 — Creating Your Wallet

You can either create a new wallet that supports Solana or connect your existing one, like Metamask or Coinbase Wallet.

Step 3 — Buy SOL

Fund your wallet with SOL, ETH, BNB, or USDT.

Step 4 — Selecting Your Purchase Amount Mega Dice Token and Stake it

Enter the preferred purchase amount and send SOL to the Mega Dice token contract address. Lock your $DICE tokens into one of the three staking pools.

Step 5 — Claiming Your Tokens

 Once the presale ends, you’ll be able to claim your tokens.


We hope that our guide on how to buy Mega Dice token helped you learn all the necessary information about this new GameFi token. We believe that the $DICE token is a good option for both gaming enthusiasts and long-term investors, as it has multiple use cases and growth potential.

Besides being able to buy the $DICE token at a discounted price, which currently amounts to $0.069, presale buyers will also receive bonus $DICE tokens. Moreover, token holders will get exclusive access to games and earn daily rewards based on casino performance.


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