eTukTuk ($TUK) is an emerging green crypto presale that aims to redefine green transport for developing countries. Tackling carbon emissions and promoting financial growth, it’s tapping into a rising eco-tech market trend. eTukTuk aims to set up electric charging stations and offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional TukTuks.

Early buyers can buy $TUK tokens at an initial price of $0.024 during the community sale. This guide outlines a few simple steps to buy eTukTuk and expands on its utility and practical use cases.

eTukTuk Presale Overview

eTukTuk is the latest player in eco-friendly transport, aiming to reshape how we think about transportation. It’s tackling significant issues like carbon emissions, health risks and improving financial access in developing countries.

The EV charging industry is on the rise. Projections suggest it could reach $111.90 billion by 2028, with an annual growth rate surpassing 30%.

The timing of eTukTuk’s entry into the market is strategic. The crypto market is showing a rising interest in projects blending sustainability and technology, especially those addressing real-world challenges.

With the rising trend in green investments and increasing scrutiny of projects’ ecological footprints, eTukTuk seems ready to capture significant attention.


Main Offerings

  • EV Charging Stations: At its heart, eTukTuk brings electric vehicle charging hubs, or EVSEs, to developing nations, primarily targeting city areas. Their goal? Make these stations as usual as gas stations. They’re also developing solar stations for sustainable and cost-effective charging.
  • eTukTuk EV: Their signature electric vehicle, the eTukTuk EV, is an eco-friendly counterpart to the gas-powered TukTuks, which emit more CO2 than some cars. It’s designed to be pocket-friendly for an easy switch.

Tech Integration

Additionally, technological progress in crypto often leads to platform expansion. Given future tech improvements, eTukTuk might attract a larger user base which could in turn boost its market value. For a more detailed price forecast check out our in-depth eTukTuk price prediction.

Beyond green vehicles, eTukTuk’s also banking on the Binance BNB Chain. Why? This blockchain promises greater scalability, robust security, and efficiency. Using this tech, eTukTuk plans to enhance its network’s capacity and offer digital IDs, unlocking financial possibilities.


Drivers can pay for charging via the eTukTuk Driver App using TUK tokens or chosen currencies. There’s also a potential app for passengers to pay drivers directly.

Also, since it operates on the BNB chain, any shifts in the usage, performance, or standing of the BNB Chain might affect $TUK’s value. Regulatory changes concerning the BNB Chain could also impact the price of $TUK.

Impact on Society

  • Environmental: By replacing gas TukTuks, eTukTuk directly reduces carbon emissions.
  • Social: They aim to enhance financial access, focusing on the 1.4 billion adults globally without traditional banking. Collaborating with Binance, eTukTuk wants to narrow this gap, offering digital IDs and letting drivers widen their earning options.


The platform highlights its key values: transparency, honesty, sustainability, and interest in economic shifts. These values, paired with its aim to improve lives, motivate it to educate its audience about CO2’s dangers and related challenges.

eTukTuk isn’t just another transport option. It’s a mission, pushing for a future where travel is green and inclusive. To stay updated on the latest updates, consider joining the eTukTuk Telegram channel.

Tokenomics and Presale

Let’s break down the $TUK token basics:

  • Type: $TUK is a BEP20 token on the BNB Smart Chain.
  • Supply Cap: 2 billion tokens.

ICO Overview

As per the eTuktuk whitepaper, it has designed its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to distribute 15% of the tokens. This is split into three stages:

  • Community Sale (0.5%): This sale is now live for early buyers. At $0.024 per token, it rewards and engages the community.
  • Presale (9.75%): Features multiple rounds. Each stage offers a slightly lesser discount on the token price.
  • Public Sale (5%): Set to happen post-presale. The token price will top out at $0.04 per $TUK.

Post-ICO Steps

Once the ICO wraps up, the Token Generation Event (TGE) will follow. Here, tokens are sent to eligible holders’ wallets, which is planned to occur about three months after the public sale starts.

How to Buy eTukTuk Tokens: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Reliability and trustworthiness are paramount to consider when buying crypto. Certik, a top-tier blockchain security firm, has audited the $TUK token.

Plus, it has the vote of confidence from notable backers like the Capital Maharaja Group, Asian Token Fund, and even industry giant Binance. Now, let’s break down the purchase process for beginners:

Step 1: Creating Your Wallet

Before buying, secure a digital wallet compatible with eTukTuk’s presale:

  • MetaMask: Popular and beginner-friendly. To get started, head to and follow their guide.
  • Trust Wallet: Trust Wallet is apt for mobile users. Simply download it from your App Store/Play Store.
  • Other Wallets? eTukTuk’s presale accepts other wallets, too, like Coinbase and Phantom.

Buy eTukTuk

Step 2: Selecting Your Purchase Amount & Linking Your Wallet

Next, Go to eTukTuk’s presale page. Click ‘Connect Wallet’ and choose MetaMask or any wallet you have. Decide on the crypto you want to exchange for $TUK.

Buy eTukTuk

Step 3: Buying $TUK Tokens

Decide how much crypto/amount of USD you wish to exchange for $TUK. Click ‘Buy $TUK Tokens’ and follow the prompts to confirm.

Step 4: Claiming Your Tokens

After buying:

  • Your tokens stay on eTukTuk’s platform until the presale ends.
  • To claim, revisit the site, click ‘Claim,’ and authorize the transaction (keep in mind there might be minor gas fees).
  • Your tokens will be transferred during the Token Generation Event (TGE) three months after the public sale starts. After the TGE, you can check your tokens on the dashboard. Double-check that your wallet is set to accept them smoothly.
  • For updates, especially about claiming, keep tabs on eTukTuk’s Twitter account.


eTukTuk combines eco-friendly transport with advanced blockchain, using the Binance BNB Chain for improved security, speed, and scalability. It aims to reduce carbon footprints while creating economic growth in developing countries.

Monitoring market movements and broader macroeconomic conditions before investing is vital. Given eTukTuk’s right timing in the market, early buyers can grab the tokens during the community sale for $0.024 at a 40% discount from its public sale price of $0.04.

To buy $TUK, Always verify your transactions carefully and only use trusted links. To purchase $TUK tokens before their exchange listings, visit only the official website.



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