99Bitcoins is a prominent educational platform that offers crypto-related tutorials and guides. Its developers recently started the presale of their native token, $99BTC, to increase their community and attract investors. This project managed to raise over $932K so far due to its innovative learn-to-earn model.

With that in mind, we created a guide in which we’ll show you how to buy 99Bitcoins, step-by-step. We’ll also explain what makes this project lucrative to investors, so you can make an informed decision.

How to Buy $99BTC – Quick Guide

  • Visit the official website and tap the Connect wallet button located on the presale widget
  • Create a crypto wallet, like Wallet Connect, Best Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Metamask
  • Fund your wallet with ETH, USDT, or BNB
  • Enter the desired amount and tap the Buy and Stake for Rewards button
  • Claim your tokens once the presale ends

What is 99Bitcoins?

Before we show you how to buy $99Bitcoins, let’s first explain what makes this platform unique. As mentioned above, 99Bitcoins is an educational platform that was founded in 2013.  Its mission is to become a go-to place for crypto education. This means that its members will be able to access multiple interactive learning modules and crypto courses. 

This is also a user-centric platform that uses a learn-to-earn mechanism to reward its members for participating in their learning modules. Those who partake in their courses will earn $99BTC tokens. These tokens can be staked, traded, or redeemed for rewards. This token will first be built on the ERC-20 standard, after which it will be bridged to the BEP-20 standard. 

Why People Buy 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins Staking 

Anyone who buys $99BTC tokens will be able to stake them to earn passive income. Staking rewards will be distributed over two years, from April 2024 to March 2026, at a rate of 4143 $99BTC per ETH block. At the time of writing, the annual returns amount to 1932%, and more than 563 million tokens have been staked so far. 

As much as 14% of the total token supply, which is 13,860,000,000 tokens, will be allocated towards staking.

Stakeholders will also receive exclusive access to advanced educational modules, exclusive trading webinars, and curated trading signals. Once the presale ends, which should happen in Q3 2024, investors will be able to claim their $99BTC tokens.

The Community

99Bitcoins is a community-focused platform. It fosters engagement through discussion forums and live AMAs, led by crypto experts and developers. It also provides community challenges and competitions. Moreover, its users will be able to earn bonus $99BTC tokens by making their contribution to the platform. This can be done in many ways, such as participating in community-driven projects and content creation.

Likewise, this platform offers VIP community groups. $99BTC holders can join these groups to share their opinions with other crypto enthusiasts and crypto experts. Due to its user-centric approach, this project managed to raise over $932K so far. This shows that the $99BTC token had one of the best crypto private sales.

Courses / Trainings  

99Bitcoins offers multiple interactive learning courses, tutorials, and quizzes. All courses are designed to make crypto education simple and engaging.

The courses are tailored for both newbies and professional investors. I.e., they cover everything, from blockchain basis to advanced trading strategies. On top of that, 99Bitcoins’s library contains up to 79 hours of learning, and over 2 million users attend its courses

Its members will also be able to benefit from its free courses that they’ll receive via email on a daily basis. And finally, all $99BTC token holders will get to participate in exclusive events. Plus, they’ll get access to 99Bitcoins’s exclusive content.

Interactive Rewards

What makes 99Bitcoins stand out from the crowd are its interactive rewards. With that in mind, its users will earn $99BTC tokens by progressing through its interactive tutorials and courses. These tokens will allow them to obtain additional perks, such as getting discounts and access to exclusive content. A larger number of completed courses equals a larger number of received tokens.

Early investors will be able to participate in its airdrop by creating an account on the platform, following 99Bitcoins on social media, and submitting their wallet addresses. However, only 99 community members will get $99,999 worth of bitcoin. 

The Ongoing Presale

99Bitcoins launched its token presale in mid-April 2024. The presale will take place in 14 stages, and each stage will last 7 days. In each subsequent stage, the price of the $99BTC token will gradually increase. The initial 99Bitcoins cost will be set to $0.00101, while its price during the final phase will be $0.00113 per token. At the time of writing, 1 $99BTC token trades at $0.00103.

This token has a maximum supply of 99 billion and a hard cap of $11 million. 10.50% or 10,395,000,000 tokens will be allocated towards the presale. Once the presale ends, the $99BTC token will get listed on DEXs and CEXs, which will automatically increase its price. On that note, its listing price could range between $0.001 and $0.004.


As already mentioned in our 99Bitcoins presale review, the $99BTC token has a total supply of 99 billion. Here is how its developers decided to allocate their tokens:

  • 10.50% or 10,395,000,000 tokens will be distributed towards the presale
  • 14% or 13,860,000,000 tokens will be allocated towards staking
  • 27.50% or 27,225,000,000 tokens will go towards project funds
  • 17% or 16,830,000,000 tokens will be used for community rewards
  • 8% or 7,920,000,000 tokens will go toward liquidity
  • 23% or 22,770,000,000 tokens will go towards marketing

99Bitcoins Roadmap 

99Bitcoins has divided its roadmap into 4 stages. The first stage includes presale launch, staking functionality, and laying the foundations for the learn-to-earn model. This stage will take place during Q2 2024. The second stage will begin in Q3 2024. During this stage, investors will be able to claim their tokens right before they launch on DEXs.

The third stage will start in Q4 2024 and will include the release of the beta version of the 99Bitcoins platform. During this stage, users will be able to leave their feedback to help its developers optimize their learn-to-earn mechanism. This phase will also mark the start of the BRC-20 bridge development. Moreover, the $99BTC token will get listed on CEXs.

During the last phase, the BRC-20 migration will be completed and the full version of the 99Bitcoins platform will be released.

How to Buy $99Bitcoins Token 

Here’s how and where to buy 99Bitcoins:

Step 1 – Visit the Official Website

Visit the official website, find the presale widget (upper right corner), and click on the Connect Wallet button.

Step 2 – Creating Your Wallet

Create a crypto wallet or connect your existing wallet. 99Bitcoins accepts Wallet Connect, Best Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Metamask.

buy 99bitcoins connect wallet

Step 3 – Get ETH, USDT, or BNB into your Wallet

Fund your wallet with ETH, USDT, or BNB. Make sure to leave enough funds to cover the gas fees.

Step 4– Selecting Your Purchase Amount 99Bitcoins and Stake it

Enter the amount you wish to buy and tap the Buy and Stake for Rewards button. This will automatically start the staking process.

Step 5: Claiming Your Tokens

You’ll be able to claim your $99BTC tokens once the presale ends.


Now that you know how to buy 99Bitcoins and what makes this project lucrative, you can start investing in this educational platform. This project is currently in its presale phase. This means that you’ll be able to buy $99BTC tokens for a discounted price, which, at the time of writing, is $0.00103.

Early investors will also be able to stake their tokens for annual rewards, which currently amount to 1932%, as well as join its $99K BTC airdrop. Once the $99BTC token gets listed on DEXs and CEXs, its price could reach a potential high of $0.004.


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