While countless new cryptocurrencies are entering the market, a select few stand out as the hottest cryptocurrency to pick for 2024.

In this article, we’ll pinpoint the projects with the highest value potential and guide you on how to explore the world of cryptocurrency investments and discover the latest and most promising coins available today. 

Let’s take a closer look.

The Hottest Cryptos to Buy in 2024

Crypto lovers looking to invest should look no further, as the hot crypto coins listed below represent some of the best opportunities on the market. We’ll examine these coins, covering all the information needed to make an informed investment decision.

  1. Pepe Unchained — The hottest meme coin that provides double staking rewards thanks to its layer 2 technology
  2. WienerAI — AI-powered meme coin that offers staking rewards with 1951% annual returns
  3. PlayDoge — Hot new cryptocurrency, allowing players to earn and use $PLAY tokens within the broader crypto market
  4. Shiba Shootout – Hottest Crypto to Buy Right Now Announcing an Upcoming Play-To-Earn Game
  5. Base Dawgz — Seamless multi-chain functionality for adventurous crypto enthusiasts
  6. Mega Dice New hot crypto offering daily rewards based on casino performance with $DICE
  7. 99Bitcoins — Hot new learn-to-earn platform that rewards users for learning about crypto
  8. Sponge V2 — Enhanced meme coin with Stake-to-Bridge model, P2E game, rewards

A Closer Look at the Best Hot Cryptos

The best hot crypto projects mentioned above all have innovative use cases and exciting roadmaps – two factors vital to longevity.

Those looking to invest in cryptocurrency may consider these projects, as they will benefit from any crypto market rebound soon. 

With that in mind, let’s dive in and learn more about the hottest cryptos in 2024:

1. Pepe Unchained  

Token symbol: $PEPU

Current Price: $0.0083926

What’s the hottest cryptocurrency right now? Pepe Unchained is an upgraded version of Pepe the Frog meme. Its mission is to free Pepe from its chains via its ethereum Layer 2 blockchain. The $PEPU token will leverage Layer 2 technology, enabling 100x faster transactions than ETH.

Additionally, it will offer reduced fees, and its holders can earn double staking rewards. $PEPU’s staking rewards come with a massive APY that currently stands at 569%. 

This hot cryptocurrency raised more than $200K within minutes, which shows that the meme coin community is very interested in this project. 

Many crypto analysts believe that Pepe Unchained could be the most profitable alternative to Pepe due to its native L2 blockchain and low price, which is currently $0.0083926 per token. This token has a total supply of 8 billion, of which 20% and 30% will go towards the presale and staking rewards.

Hard cap N/A
Total tokens 8 billion
Tokens available in presale 1,600,000,000
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC20
Minimum purchase 1 $PEPE token
Purchase with ETH, BNB, USDT, card

2. WienerAI

Token symbol: $WAI

Current Price: ~ $0.00073

WienerAI is a hot crypto to buy and a unique product that combines cybernetic AI and blockchain technology. It is represented by a friendly-looking wiener dog and aims to attract investors with its innovative approach. WienerAI is similar to ScottyAI, another popular AI-powered meme coin that has already hit its $7.5 million hard cap.

This ERC20 token has a total supply of 69 billion, of which 30% (20.7 billion) is reserved for presale. Anyone can buy the token at a discounted price during the presale period, and early buyers have the opportunity to earn high staking rewards. As more coins are staked, the percentage of rewards will decrease.

WienerAI’s roadmap is divided into three steps. Step 3 marks the global launch of WienerAI on exchange platforms and the introduction of the WienerAI Trading Bot. This AI-powered trading partner is designed to give users an edge in the market, making WienerAI a hot crypto to buy.

Hard cap N/A
Total tokens 69 billion
Tokens available in presale 20,700,000,000
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum purchase None
Purchase with ETH, USDT, BNB, card

3. PlayDoge

Token symbol: $PLAY

Current Price: ~ $0.00518

For investors searching for the “hottest crypto to buy now,” PlayDoge offers a promising opportunity with its $PLAY token.

It is a P2E  mobile game that enables players to earn rewards by playing, and it features pixelated 2D graphics reminiscent of Tamagotchi devices.

The nostalgic mini-games will be available on all mobile devices through the PlayDoge app. Users can connect their wallet on their phone or through the website to earn $PLAY tokens within the PlayDoge mini-games. 

The $PLAY tokens are the main in-game currency for transactions and accessing special features. Staking is now available on both the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH). The token will be deployed on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, making it multichain with the option to bridge between each chain.

This new hot crypto has set aside $4.7 billion for a 40-stage presale that started on May 28th. It has already raised over $570K, showing potential profitability.  

Hard cap N/A
Total tokens $9.4 billion
Tokens available in presale $4.7 billion
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain 
Token type BEP-20
Minimum purchase None
Purchase with BNB, USDT, CARD

4. Shiba Shootout

Token symbol: $SHIBASHOOT

Current Price: ~ $0.0195

Shiba Shootout is all about navigating the unpredictable terrains of the crypto space with the wit and agility of a Shiba cowboy while participating in high-stake battles that promise rewarding ventures and exhilaration. 

This is one of the hot cryptos right now, offering the impressive ‘Token Governance Roundups’ feature,  in which users are allowed to cast votes and decide on important matters related to the Shiba Shootout. 

We should also mention the play-to-earn game set to launch soon, as well as the ‘Campfire Stories,’ which are groups in which users communicate and share experiences. 

Out of the total token supply of 2,200,000,000, 770 million are allocated to the presale and 110 million to the rootin’ tootin’ Shooter fund. Marketing and staking each get 440 million tokens, with liquidity and project funds getting 220 million each.  

Hard cap N/A
Total tokens 2.2 billion
Tokens available in presale 770 million
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum purchase N/A
Purchase with ETH, USDT, BNB, card

5. Base Dawgz

Token symbol: $DAWGZ

Current Price: ~ $0.0061

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is the newest coin on the Base network and the hottest crypto today. It has drawn many people’s attention, and not only because of its innovative web design. 

One of the project’s standout features is its unparalleled multi-chain functionality, allowing users to trade, store, and claim the token on BNB Chain, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche. 

The presale provides users an early access opportunity, with 20% of the tokens allocated to the presale. 

Base Dawgz is fortified with cutting-edge technologies and ensures strong security measures due to the rigorous audits of its smart contracts. Plus, its campaign, Be Social for Airdrop, provides users with the opportunity to earn real tokens if they share content about the project.

Hard cap $8 million 
Total tokens 8,453,000,000 
Tokens available in presale 1,690,600,000
Blockchain BNB Chain, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche
Token type N/A
Minimum purchase N/A
Purchase with SOL, BNB, ETH, MATIC, USDT,  AVAX, or USDC

6. Mega Dice

Token symbol: $DICE

Current Price: ~ $0.09093

When it comes to cryptocurrency casinos, Mega Dice leads the industry in growth potential and brand recognition.

And now, they’ve introduced their latest offering, $DICE, launched in April 2024. Built on the Solana blockchain, it ensures fast and cost-effective transactions, attracting potential investors and becoming the hottest crypto to buy right now. 

This Mega Dice token has a total token supply of $420 million, with only $147 million available for the presale. Due to its low circulating supply, it is attracting investors outside of its well-established casino community.  The roadmap consists of five steps, with the last one being the launch on DEX. 

Mega Dice offers unique rewards and incentives, including $2.2 million in airdrops. It has also introduced daily rewards for $DICE holders who have staked tokens based on Mega Dice Casino’s performance.

Within a few days of its launch, Mega Dice raised over $1,6 M, and its current price is $0.09093, making it a hot crypto right now. 

Hard cap 10 million
Total tokens 420 million
Tokens available in presale 147 million
Blockchain Solana
Token type N/A
Minimum purchase None
Purchase with Solana, ETH / USDT ERC20, BNB

7. 99Bitcoins

Token symbol: $99BTC

Current Price: ~ $0.00113

What crypto is hot right now if you’re into BTC? That would be 99Bitcoins. This project uses a learn-to-earn model to reward its token holders. This means that investors will be able to use their $99BTC tokens to earn rewards by participating in crypto quizzes and trading courses.

They’ll also be able to earn passive rewards by staking their tokens. Staking rewards will be distributed at a rate of 4143 99BTC per ETH block over 2 years. At the time of writing, the staking rewards come with an APY of 6921%. Moreover, early investors will be able to join its airdrop worth $99,999.

This project is currently in the presale phase, during which it raised over $2,3 M. The current price of the $99BTC token is $0.00113.

Once this project goes live, its ERC-20 token will transition to BRC-20, which will additionally increase its value. 

Hard cap $11 million
Total tokens 99 billion
Tokens available in presale 10,395,000,000
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20, BRC-20 integration
Minimum purchase None
Purchase with ETH, USDT, BNB, card

8. Sponge V2  

Token symbol: $SPONGEV2

Current Price: ~ $0.000086

$SPONGE V2 is the next hot crypto coin you should consider if you’re into meme coins. Sponge V2 is the successor of the Sponge V1 token that could repeat its success. That said, the V1 token managed to reach a $100 market cap and experience a 100x jump in price once it went live in 2023.

The V2 token is an upgraded version of the V1 token that will eventually replace it. How? Via a stake-to-bridge mechanism. V2 tokens can be obtained by staking V1 tokens. Once all V1 tokens get staked, they’ll cease to exist. The V2 token will enable investors to vote, conduct transactions, play P2E games, and access dApps.

They’ll also be able to earn staking rewards that will be distributed at a rate of 6149 $SPONGE per ETH block and 300 $SPONGE per POLY block. The $SPONGE V2 reward rate stands at 48% on Polygon.

At the time of writing, 1 $SPONGE V2 token trades at $0.000086.

Hard Cap N/A
Total Tokens 150 billion
Tokens available in presale No presale
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase None
Purchase with ETH, USDT, MATIC

How to Find the Hottest Cryptocurrencies

Now that we’ve discussed the hottest cryptocurrencies for 2024, it’s time to focus on the best ways to find these projects. Cryptocurrencies emerge regularly, and identifying the best can be challenging, especially given how saturated the market is.

To stay informed about the digital currencies that are capturing the most attention and interest in the crypto world today, check out the most searched cryptocurrencies. Remember that popularity doesn’t always equate to the highest price gains or hottest trends.

However, using the approaches discussed below, investors can find hot new cryptos with high-value potential whilst avoiding those with poor prospects.

Look for Crypto Presales

Crypto presales are facilitated by new crypto projects looking to raise capital for further expansion. Presales occur before the token has even been listed on a DEX or CEX, allowing engaged community members to purchase tokens early.

The best crypto presales will offer tokens at a discounted price, meaning that early investors can benefit hugely if the token achieves a listing on a major exchange.

Utilize Social Media

Another way to find hot new cryptos is to leverage the power of social media. More investors than ever are using social media channels like Reddit and Twitter to inform their trading decisions, meaning there’s often an abundance of information that can prove helpful.

Furthermore, the best crypto YouTube channels highlight hot new crypto projects, providing detailed explanations of what they are and how they work. 

However, it’s essential to remember that not all information on social media is accurate – so do additional research to add confluence.

Review the Project’s Whitepaper & Roadmap

Finding the hottest new cryptocurrency can also be achieved by completing an in-depth review of a project’s whitepaper and roadmap, as they provide essential insights into the project’s goals and future upgrades.

Crypto projects with a compelling whitepaper and detailed roadmap tend to have more long-term potential than those that don’t have these elements.

Identify Unique Use Cases

Unique use cases are also a great way to determine which new cryptos have high potential and which don’t. Many of the best crypto winter tokens offer use cases that users can’t find anywhere else to demonstrate their sustainability and utility during challenging market conditions.

When a project has a unique use case, it provides a clear reason for users to gravitate towards the project over others. Over the long term, this can help drive value.

Keep Tabs on Upcoming ICOs

Finally, many new cryptocurrencies can be found by monitoring upcoming ICOs. The best ICO cryptos are KYC-verified and audited by a blockchain security company, which helps guard investors from rug pulls.

Although investing in ICOs can be risky, they can often result in huge gains if the project gets listed on a major CEX.


Investors and enthusiasts are constantly seeking the hottest cryptocurrency to buy, and with new projects popping up regularly, staying updated is crucial. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of the projects that have shown the highest potential in 2024.

The cryptocurrencies mentioned in this list possess all the necessary attributes to achieve long-term success.


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