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Green Bitcoin is a new project that launched its presale at the end of 2023, raising over $250k in the first 24 hours, and almost a million $GTBC tokens are already staked in the staking module, earning early rewards for presale participants.

With Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market gaining momentum, price prediction games like Green Bitcoin could see a rise in popularity as more people choose to speculate on the price of Bitcoin.

With all this in mind we look into Green Bitcoin, what the project is offering, and make a Green Bitcoin price prediction for the near and distant future.

Green Bitcoin Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030

  • Green Bitcoin launched its presale in early December, 2023 with a starting price of $0.3.
  • Green Bitcoin will launch on exchanges in 2024, with a price of $0.6.
  • With the crypto winter thawing at the end of 2023, we expect Green Bitcoin and its price prediction game to get a good reception in 2024, with $GBTC hitting a high of $0.98 and a low of $0.22.
  • If a strong developmental roadmap is laid out for Green Bitcoin, we predict it could hit highs of $1.28. If not, we see lows of $0.01.
  • By 2030, the landscape will be very different, and many advanced gamified predictions are likely to have emerged, leaving Green Bitcoin struggling to keep pace. That’s why our prediction for 2030 has a high of $0.4 and a low of $0.00
Year Potential Low Potential High
2024 $0.22 $0.98
2025 $0.01 $1.28
2030 $0.00 $0.40

Green Bitcoin Price History

The Green Bitcoin token ($GBTC) has just launched, yet we have already ranked it as one of our best play-to-earn games. Whitelisted addresses in the Elder Presale for Green Bitcoin could buy the tokens for as little as $0.188.

The presale then opened to public on December 6th, with a token price of $0.3, which steadily rises to $0.455 by the end of the presale—meaning the earlier one participates, the less they will pay per GBTC token.

The exchange launch price for Green Bitcoin’s $GBTC token will be $0.6.

Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type ERC20
Total Supply 21 million
Token Distribution
  • 40% Presale
  • 27.5% Staking Rewards
  • 17.5% Marketing
  • 10% Liquidity
  • 5% Community Rewards
Presale Payment Methods ETH, USDT, Debit/Credit Card
Presale Starting Price $0.3
Presale Closing Price $0.455
Exchange Listing Price $0.6
Presale Length 1 month from December 6th, 2023

Green Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024

The Green Bitcoin presale, without any unforeseen extensions, will conclude at the beginning of 2024, and presale participants will already be in possession of their tokens when this happens.

It is expected that the majority of these participants will be taking advantage of the 100% APY offered to those who took part in the presale and staking their tokens to the staking module on the Green Bitcoin website.

The second stage of the roadmap, after the presale concludes, is listing the $GBTC token on exchanges. Here it will debut at $0.6, meaning that all presale participants will be in profit, and we can expect some of these to take profit. However, we don’t expect the price to go far below the public presale starting price, and, as a result, our Green Bitcoin price forecast for 2024 has a low of $0.22.

The Green Bitcoin whitepaper states that the Bitcoin price prediction game will be launched once the presale has concluded, giving GBTC its full utility. Releasing this is a positive development for the token and leads us to expect interest in the token to spike to an all-time high.

As a result, our Green Bitcoin price prediction for 2024 is a high of $0.98, an average price of $0.55, and a low of $0.22.

2024 Price Prediction
Low $0.22
Average $0.55
High $0.98

Green Bitcoin Price Forecast Long Term Outlook – 2025-2030 Predictions

At the time of writing, Bitcoin and the crypto market have been on a tear since mid-October 2023, gaining 61% in less than 2 months. This is widely expected to continue through 2024, with the expected approval of numerous Bitcoin ETFs and improving economic situation in 2024 resulting in reduced interest rates, both positively impacting the price of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market. This could all drive interest and participation in the Green Bitcoin price prediction game.

The Bitcoin Halving is also happening in the first half of 2024, and its price impact is expected to occur in 2025—with the potential for new all-time highs on the cards.

The Green Bitcoin crypto price prediction game is expected to be fully released before 2024 is over, and the price of GBTC in 2025 will largely depend upon the strength of the community and the continued development of the platform by the team—all of which is yet to be known.

The final GBTC token rewards will be issued at the end of 2025, and, with the roadmap yet to offer any further insight into the project’s future, it seems like 2025 might be the end of the road for GBTC.

However, taking all this into account, we can make a Green Bitcoin price prediction for 2025. Should the game gain an extreme amount of popularity and positive additions be made by the team, we can predict a high price of $1.28—helped, also, by the growth of the wider crypto market. If, however, $GBTC and the associated game has flopped by this point, we could see token prices descend below Elder Presale prices, and hit a potential low of $0.01 or below.

Green Bitcoin Roadmap

Green Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2030

2030 is very far away, and making any predictions out this far can be difficult. However, there are a few factors we can look at to make an informed Green Bitcoin coin forecast.

The first of those is the Green Bitcoin roadmap. After 2025, there are no rewards remaining for participants, leaving no incentive to play and, therefore, no incentive to hold GBTC. If, however, in the unlikely event that the game keeps pace with the development of the much more sophisticated predictions markets that are expected to emerge, and a roadmap is developed that helps to build a community and keep them interested, then Green Bitcoins could still be going.

As a result our Green Bitcoin price prediction for 2030 features a low of $0.00 and a highly optimistic high of $0.40.

Potential Highs & Lows of Green Bitcoin Coin Price

The table below summarizes our Green Bitcoin price predictions for the years to come.

Year Potential Low Potential High
2024 $0.22 $0.98
2025 $0.01 $1.28
2030 $0.00 $0.40

What is Green Bitcoin Coin and What is it Used For?

The Green Bitcoin project launched at the end of 2023, opening its presale to the public on December 6th. Green Bitcoin is a stake-to-predict, predict-to-earn protocol that allows users to stake their Green Bitcoin tokens, $GBTC, on a daily cryptocurrency price prediction and earn rewards in $GBTC relative to how long their prediction was correct for on the day in question.

Why “Green”, and Why “Bitcoin”?

To explain the nomenclature of this coin, we should dissect its name backwards.

Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency. There are many coins that tie their name to the poster boy of the cryptocurrency movement—typically because it attracts significant attention. Green Bitcoin has chosen to have a total token supply of 21 million tokens, the same as Bitcoin. The gamified daily price predictions will also be based on Bitcoin’s price, with reward periods divided into 10 minute “mining increments”—mirroring the Bitcoin block time.

Green, in the vocabulary of the modern world, signifies an environmentally friendliness, and the Green element of Green Bitcoin comes from its position as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain switched from an energy intense Proof-of-Work model, which Bitcoin uses, to a much more (over 99% more) energy efficient Proof-of-Stake model in 2022 with the Merge. The zone where your prediction earns rewards is also called the “green zone.”

These loose mathematical similarities, and its existence on a blockchain that is, while entirely different from Bitcoin, much greener than Bitcoin, are the only reasons that Green Bitcoin can claim any association with the world’s largest and most decentralized cryptocurrency and the color green.

Green Bitcoin Explainer

Once the presale has finished and the $GBTC token has launched on exchanges, the first price prediction market will launch. It will be a daily Bitcoin price prediction market. Here’s how it will work:

  • A user stakes their $GBTC token and makes a prediction for tomorrow’s Bitcoin price.
  • That day is split into 10-minute Mining Intervals.
  • For each Mining Interval a price prediction falls in a “green zone” around the actual Bitcoin price the user earns rewards.
  • Rewards are calculated at the end of the day.
  • Rewards are distributed the next day.
  • Repeat

Rewards are distributed pro rata, relevant to the amount of tokens a user has staked and how long their price prediction was in the “green zone.” These rewards are distributed in the $GBTC token to encourage engagement amongst holders.

27.5%, 5,770,000 GBTC, of the token supply has been set aside for staking rewards and, as stated in the whitepaper, these will all be distributed by December 31st, 2025—with no word as to where rewards will come from after this supply has run out.

Future Prediction Markets and Gamification

The Green Bitcoin Green Map, a.k.a. roadmap, is split into 4 parts. The fourth and final part is entitled Predict to Earn 2.0 and reads: “revolutionizing Staking Predictions with Enhanced Fun and Gamification Features – More Exciting Details Coming Soon!”

It is not clear what this entails, however, we can expect any more price prediction markets on the Green Bitcoin platform to be of a similar format to what is described above—with potential extra gamification.

Staking Bonuses

There are bonuses available to those who stake their $GBTC tokens for extended periods. These are:

  • Stake for 1 Week+: 5% Rewards Bonus
  • Stake for 1 Month+: 10% Rewards Bonus
  • Stake for 6 Months+: 15% Rewards Bonus

These are applicable to the rewards received for predicting the correct Bitcoin price on any given day.

Presale and Staking Prior to the Launch of Gamified Price Predictions

40%, 8.4 million, of the total supply of Green Bitcoin’s token have been earmarked for sale in the presale, which started on December 6th. The initial presale price is $0.3 per $GBTC, steadily rising to $0.455 by the end of the presale.

Those who partake in the presale can immediately begin staking their tokens to earn an APY of 100% on their staked tokens, and begin to build time toward their staking bonus for when the gamified price predictions launch.

Green Bitcoin Functionality Banner

What Can the Green Bitcoin Token be Used For?

The Green Bitcoin token can be staked on the Green Bitcoin platform to allow the staker to participate in the daily and weekly gamified price predictions where they can earn rewards in $GBTC for how correct they are. This is a closed ecosystem to be built around the $GBTC token.

Green Bitcoin Coin Overview

The table below outlines the key stats for the Green Bitcoin token: $GBTC.

Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type ERC20
Total Supply 21 million
Token Distribution
  • 40% Presale
  • 27.5% Staking Rewards
  • 17.5% Marketing
  • 10% Liquidity
  • 5% Community Rewards
Presale Payment Methods ETH, USDT, Debit/Credit Card
Presale Starting Price $0.3
Presale Closing Price $0.455
Exchange Listing Price $0.6
Presale Date 1 month from December 6th, 2023

What Influences the Price of Green Bitcoin?

With the Green Bitcoin ecosystem being a closed one, there are few influences on Green Bitcoin token price. We’ve listed these below.

Reward Distribution: As time goes on the available supply of $GBTC increases, increasing token liquidity and reducing the value of those available to the market. If the following three factors do not continue to bring positive momentum to Green Bitcoin, then an increase in tokens on the market will negatively affect the token price.

Community Growth and Participation: As with any cryptocurrency, growing a community of dedicated followers who use a protocol is essential to its survival and to ensuring its longevity.

As the community and participation in the protocol grows, so will demand for the token, adding upward pressure to the price. If community growth slows or participation stagnates, then there is likely to be sell pressure on the price of $GBTC.

Marketing Efforts: 17.5% (3,675,000 GBTC) of the token supply is allocated to “impactful campaigns … enhancing global visibility and keeping $GBTC prominent.” If these marketing campaigns don’t have the desired impact, then tokens will be released into the market without having a positive impact and will hurt the price of $GBTC.

On the other hand, if these marketing campaigns hit the target, they could increase the demand for $GBTC and create upward pressure on the price.

Project Growth: The final stage of the roadmap is very vague about what comes after the release of Bitcoin price prediction game. Communities in web3 can be very fickle, and if growth is not forthcoming—often at an expedited pace—then community members can be quick to leave and dump their coin.

Conversely, if the team delivers a good project and reveals a promising roadmap for the future then community members could stick around and not put this downward pressure on the price.

Price of Bitcoin: All tokens are affected by the price of Bitcoin, and those with Bitcoin in the name can experience momentary boosts due to the name association. Once a token has spiked in this way, as a result of its name association to Bitcoin, an equal, sometimes larger, dump is also expected.

How to Buy Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin is currently at the presale stage and, as a result, is not yet available on exchanges. It can be purchased through the Green Bitcoin website using ETH, USDT, and debit/credit cards. Here’s a quick guide for buying Green Bitcoin in the presale using ETH or USDT:

  • Step 1 – Download Crypto Wallet: A crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet is needed to store and stake the tokens. Follow our guide for creating and using a crypto wallet.
  • Step 2 – Buy Crypto Tokens: When buying GBTC with ETH or USDT you’ll need to get hold of these tokens first. They can be purchased on an exchange and then transferred to your new wallet (remember, if you’re using USDT, you need ETH to pay gas fees).
  • Step 3 – Connect Wallet: Head to the Green Bitcoin Token website and select “Connect Wallet” then follow the steps.
  • Step 4 – Purchase $GBTC: After connecting, enter the amount you want to spend or buy and select “Buy and Stake” (to immediately start earning staking rewards) or just “Buy Now” to store them in your wallet. Follow the steps in your wallet.

Your tokens are now either in your wallet or locked in the staking platform, and you can see them and the rewards earned by connecting your wallet to the staking platform.

If you want to use a credit/debit card to buy Green Bitcoin, you can do so by simply following step 4 (and step 1 if you don’t have a crypto wallet already).


It might be planned, or it might just be chance, but Green Bitcoin and their gamified Bitcoin price predictions are launching just as the crypto markets emerge for the depths of a crypto winter and interest in Bitcoin and crypto are on the rise.

The presale for the Green Bitcoin project might have just launched, but it got off to a terrific start, raising over $250K in the first 24 hours. 40% of the total supply of GBTC has been set aside for the presale, set to last for one month, and the token price is going to rise steadily from $0.3 to $0.455 throughout the presale.

With an exchange price of $0.6 on debut, we expect Green Bitcoin to climb to $0.98 in its first year and hit highs of $1.28 in 2025.



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