Update – The Fight Out presale has now ended and FGHT is listed on BKEX, BitForex, Changelly, Digifinex, LBank, XT.com and Uniswap. The waiting list for its product launch is now open.

Fight Out is a new move-to-earn crypto project that blends on-demand fitness, metaverse-based training, and traditional gyms in an innovative way. The Fight Out crypto token FGHT is on presale now – so should investors buy it?

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Fight Out project and its FGHT crypto token. We’ll explain how the platform works, what it aims to achieve, and what its potential is to transform the world of fitness. Our ultimate goal is to help investors decide whether to buy Fight Out crypto during the presale.

What is Fight Out Crypto?

Fight Out is a move-to-earn crypto project with 3 key pillars:

  • An on-demand fitness app with move-to-earn rewards
  • A metaverse where users can train and compete
  • Physical gyms that serve as hubs for the Fight Out community and bridge the real world and metaverse

Fight Out Presale

The Fight Out Web 3.0 app is the first place most users will interact with this platform. It offers users a personalized training regimen complete with on-demand workouts and live classes.

As users complete workouts in the Fight Out app, they earn REPS, an in-app rewards currency. REPS can be redeemed in the app for rewards like one-on-one coaching sessions, at-home training equipment, accessories for a user’s avatar, or even a discount on a Fight Out subscription.

Every user receives a personalized NFT avatar when they join Fight Out. The avatar is designed to represent the user in the Fight Out metaverse and its fitness stats grow as the user completes workouts. For example, if an athlete completes a strength workout, their avatar’s strength rating will increase.

Another feature of the Fight Out metaverse is that it is home to virtual combat leagues and tournaments where users can compete. Avatars’ fitness stats determine how users perform in these virtual competitions.

Fight Out plans to purchase 20 physical gyms around its launch, with plans to open more gyms in the future. These gyms will serve as real-world hubs for the Fight Out community, enabling athletes to work out together in person. Live classes will be hosted at the gyms and they will have facilities for recording on-demand workout videos.

FightOut crypto investors

How Does Fight Out Work?

The Fight Out token FGHT is an ERC-20 token at the heart of this fitness platform. FGHT can be used to pay for a Fight Out subscription and offers a 20% discount relative to paying with fiat. That provides a strong incentive for Fight Out users to hold FGHT.

The Fight Out cryptocurrency is also required to pay for entry into combat leagues and tournaments in the metaverse.

FGHT can also be used to purchase additional REPS. This enables users to receive larger rewards, including steeper discounts on a Fight Out membership.

Note that the FGHT token does not provide an ownership stake in Fight Out gyms.

Users will be able to join Fight Out through the Web 3.0 app or by visiting a Fight Out gym. Users do not need to visit a gym in order to be a part of the Fight Out community and use the app or metaverse.

What Makes Fight Out Unique?

Fight Out is neither the first move-to-earn fitness platform nor the first on-demand fitness app. However, it brings together move-to-earn rewards, on-demand fitness, and virtual fitness in a completely new way.

The result is a fitness platform that could provide a significantly better user experience than existing on-demand fitness apps and move-to-earn projects. Let’s take a look at some of the unique aspects of Fight Out.

Focus on “Fighting Fit”

Fight Out’s focus is to make users “fighting fit.” The platform is built around combat sports like boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), and UFC fighting. These sports require a combination of cardio, endurance, strength, technique, and mental agility.

As a result, Fight Out isn’t just a cycling app like Peloton or just a strength training platform. It offers workouts ranging from high intensity interval training to yoga and meditation to boxing technique sessions.

All workouts are led by professional trainers who offer users tips and demonstrate the technique for getting the most out of a workout. Users can track their progress across categories including strength, cardio, muscular endurance, technique, and wellness in the Fight Out app.

FightOut App

REPS Move-to-earn Rewards

The REPS in-app currency is distributed as a reward to users for completing workouts. This incentivizes users to finish difficult workouts and stick with their training program. REPS can be redeemed for one-on-one coaching sessions, at-home fitness equipment, Fight Out merchandise, avatar accessories, and discounts on a Fight Out subscription.

What makes REPS distinct from other move-to-earn tokens is that it’s designed to enhance a user’s training program. There are soft caps on how much REPS a user can earn each week for each category of training in Fight Out (e.g. strength, cardio, or muscular endurance).

If a user only does strength workouts, they’ll earn diminishing REPS rewards after a certain point. So, to earn the most REPS, athletes are incentivized to take on a holistic training program that covers everything from strength to mental wellness to fighting technique. Athletes can also earn bonus REPS for completing occasional fitness challenges that push them to their limits.

We are not currently aware of another move-to-earn crypto project that utilizes rewards in this way.

Soulbound Avatar

Every user in Fight Out receives an avatar for their presence in the Fight Out metaverse. This avatar is soulbound to the athlete, meaning it cannot be traded or sold at an NFT marketplace.

FightOut Avatar

The avatar’s fitness stats mirror the user’s fitness and any gains they make. So, avatars in Fight Out are a direct virtual representation of how “fighting fit” a user has become. These fitness statistics are important when using an avatar to compete in metaverse-based fighting leagues and tournaments.

Athletes can customize their avatars with accessories purchased using REPS to help stand out in the Fight Out metaverse.

Bridging Physical Gyms and Virtual Fitness

Fight Out is not just a virtual platform. The project’s development team also plans to purchase 20 physical gyms to start, and more in the future.

These gyms will be hubs for the Fight Out community. They will offer workout spaces of course, but also co-working spaces and healthy food bars. The gyms will also have content creation spaces where trainers can record workout videos for the Fight Out app and stream live classes over the app.

One of the most unique aspects of these gyms is that they will serve as a bridge between the real world and the Fight Out metaverse. Fight Out plans to add digital “mirrors” that show an athlete’s avatar working out alongside them in the gym. The development team expects that greater visibility of avatars will also increase demand for avatar accessories purchased with REPS.

Fight Out Gyms

Metaverse-based Fitness Competitions

The Fight Out metaverse is a place where athletes can mingle with their avatars, but also a virtual space for fighting leagues, tournaments, and special competitions. The development team plans to enable users and sponsors to create their own leagues and competitions, each with their own cash prizes, titles, or other incentives.

Fight Out also plans to introduce AI-powered fighting avatars and avatars for legendary combat sport athletes. Users will be able to benchmark their fitness in fights against these avatars using their own avatar.

Social Incentives

The Fight Out app includes social features that allow users to share their completed workouts, updates to their avatars, and more.

Users can follow their friends and top athletes on Fight Out and see how their training is going. Athletes can also provide encouragement to each other, creating a more positive community and further incentivizing users to stick to their training goals.

Is Fight Out Token Worth Investing In?

The Fight Out ecosystem has a lot going on and holds a lot of promise for athletes. So, is the Fight Out token worth investing in during the presale?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why investors should consider buying FGHT during the Fight Out crypto presale.

Massive Market Potential

The on-demand fitness market is worth an estimated $16 billion today and analysts believe it could grow to $80 billion by 2026. That represents an enormous market opportunity for new entrants like Fight Out.

There are several unique aspects to Fight Out that could allow it to muscle out competitors for market share. First, it offers a wide variety of workouts, not just cardio or strength workouts. In addition, it combines on-demand fitness programs with access to physical gyms – an arrangement that many athletes are likely to prefer.

Fight Out is also ahead of the curve in incorporating fitness into the metaverse. Its soulbound avatars could become the new standard for how athletes track their fitness and interact in virtual environments.

Upcoming CEX Listings

Investors in the Fight Out crypto token FGHT can look forward to exchange listings at the end of the token presale. The Fight Out development team has already inked deals with major centralized exchanges like LBank.

That’s an extremely positive sign around investor demand for the Fight Out token. It also means that there will be liquidity in FGHT almost immediately following the end of the presale. If prior move-to-earn initial exchange offerings are any guide, the price of FGHT could skyrocket once it hits exchanges.

Consistent Demand for FGHT Token

Fight Out’s ecosystem is designed to ensure consistent demand for the Fight Out crypto token. Users can pay for a Fight Out subscription with fiat, which helps to attract non-crypto users. However, there’s a 20% discount for paying with FGHT, so most users will eventually turn to buying this token to pay for their Fight Out membership.

In addition, FGHT is required to pay for entries into virtual fighting competitions. These competitions are a major part of the Fight Out experience and should help to increase demand for FGHT tokens.

Finally, FGHT can be used to  buy additional REPS. REPS has several uses and it is required to purchase customizations for a user’s avatar. The social features within Fight Out make these customizations highly desirable, thus further increasing demand for the Fight Out crypto token.

Buy-in from Professional Athletes

Fight Out has made a significant effort to attract top combat athletes to its platform, both to serve as ambassadors for the launch and to produce content for the Fight Out app.

This effort has paid off, as Fight Out recently signed 4 professional fighters and fitness influencers to its platform. These athletes are MMA fighters Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, professional boxer Savannah Marshall, and fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch.

fightout ambassadors

The buy-in from top-tier athletes shows that the Fight Out platform is being taken seriously within the athletic community. It also bodes well for widespread adoption of Fight Out after its launch, since these athletes combined have millions of followers on social media.

Presale Bonuses

There’s another major benefit to buying Fight Out crypto tokens during the presale rather than waiting until the initial exchange offering: presale bonuses.

Throughout the presale, Fight Out is offering 2 types of bonuses.

Volume bonuses reward investors with extra FGHT tokens for larger investments. Bonus tiers start at 10% when investors buy at least $500 worth of Fight Out token. The maximum bonus is 25% for buying at least $50,000 worth of FGHT. Volume bonuses are paid in FGHT at the end of the presale.

Vesting bonuses reward investors for locking up their Fight Out crypto for several months. The minimum bonus is 10% for a 6-month lockup period and the maximum bonus is 25% for a 24-month lockup period. Tokens are released as they vest, so investors don’t have to wait the entire lockup period to begin using their FGHT.

In total, presale investors can get up to a 50% bonus on their Fight Out token purchase.

$250K Giveaway

The Fight Out team also announced an FGHT giveaway worth $250,000. Individuals must have at least $250 worth of Fight Out crypto at the time of the drawing on July 31, 2023 to qualify to win.

Fight Out investors can earn entries into the giveaway by following Fight Out on social media, sharing the project on their own social channels, and connecting their crypto wallet to the presale platform.

The Team Behind Fight Out

Fight Out is being developed by an experienced team of crypto developers, app designers, and fitness industry experts. The project’s CEO is Carl Jones, who has prior experience as a user experience consultant and as co-owner of a boxing gym.

Fight Out's team makes the coin a good altcoin to buy

Fight Out’s development team has been KYC verified by CoinSniper. In addition, the platform’s underlying technology has been audited by Certik.

Fight Out is backed by Transak, LBank Labs, Block Media Labs, and Cryptonews.

Fight Out Roadmap & Future Outlook

Fight Out’s presale is going on now, but there’s a lot happening behind the scenes. The Fight Out team is actively recruiting ambassadors from the ranks of professional athletes to represent the platform. The development team is also exploring locations for the first set of Fight Out gyms.

Fight Out expects to close its presale on March 31, 2023 and hold an initial exchange offering on April 5. The team plans to purchase the first Fight Out gym and run beta testing of the Fight Out app around the same time.

The Fight Out app is expected to launch publicly in Q2 2023. Users will be able to join Fight Out and create avatars at that time. The app will launch with an initial set of on-demand workouts, with more to come throughout the remainder of the year.

In the second half of 2023, Fight Out plans to roll out workout challenges, avatar accessories, in-app social features, and additional workout tracking tools. The project also plans to open its first gym by the end of the year and to launch the Fight Out metaverse.

Fight Out Presale Details

The Fight Out presale is going on now. Since launching in December 2022, the project has raised more than $2.8 million in Fight out crypto sales.

During the presale’s first stage, investors can purchase Fight Out tokens at a rate of 1 FGHT = 0.0166 USDT. The price will increase once the presale reaches $5 million in sales.

The Fight Out crypto presale will release up to 30% of the total token supply, or 3 billion FGHT. An additional 15% of the token supply is set aside to fund presale bonuses and 5% are being reserved to provide liquidity during the initial exchange offering.

The Fight Out presale will end on March 31, 2023. The project plans to list on LBank and other centralized exchanges on April 5 at a planned price of 0.0333 – double the price of FGHT during the presale’s first stage..

How to Buy Fight Out

Investors can buy Fight Out cryptocurrency during the presale until March 31 – or until the presale sells out, which could happen sooner. Here’s how to buy Fight Out today.

Step 1: Download Metamask

Investors will need an ERC-20-compatible crypto wallet in order to buy Fight Out tokens during the presale. We recommend Metamask because it’s free, easy to use, and highly secure.

Visit Metamask’s website to download and install the wallet. Make sure to write down the wallet key to access the wallet in the future.

metamask site

Step 2: Buy Ethereum or Tether

Investors can buy Fight Out cryptocurrency tokens with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or a credit or debit card. Buying ETH or USDT from an exchange and then exchanging them for FGHT can reduce fees compared to buying FGHT directly with a card.

Visit a crypto exchange like eToro to buy ETH or USDT. Simply sign up, deposit funds, and purchase the preferred crypto. Then transfer the tokens to the wallet. eToro accepts deposits by bank transfer, credit or debit card, or e-wallets like PayPal and has some of the lowest fees of any major crypto exchange.

eToro crypto


Step 3: Connect to Fight Out Presale

Visit the Fight Out presale site and click Connect Wallet. Choose MetaMask to connect the wallet to the presale platform.

Fight Out Presale

Step 4: Buy FGHT

Enter the amount of Fight Out tokens to purchase. Remember that Fight Out is offering volume bonuses for purchases of $500 and up during the presale. Then follow the prompts to transfer the corresponding amount in ETH or USDT from the crypto wallet.

fightout buy fght

Step 5: Claim Tokens

All purchased Fight Out cryptocurrency will be released at the end of the presale on March 31. At that time, return to the presale platform and reconnect the wallet to claim any purchased tokens.


Fight Out is a very promising move-to-earn crypto platform that’s bringing together traditional fitness, on-demand fitness, and virtual fitness in the metaverse. It incentivizes users with move-to-earn rewards, customizable avatars, and social fitness features. Plus, it’s achieved buy-in from professional athletes who can help promote Fight Out to new users.

The Fight Out presale is going on now and has already raised $2.8 million for the project. Join the presale today to buy Fight Out at the lowest prices and earn up to a 50% FGHT bonus.


What is Fight Out crypto?

Should I buy Fight Out crypto?