eTukTuk is a new green crypto that promotes eco-friendly transport and aims to reduce economic gaps in developing countries by leveraging blockchains. The global push for green options has placed eTukTuk on investors’ radars. What is the platform’s goal? To create a game-changing ‘rEVolution’ in mobility.

With rising interest in eco-friendly investments, many buyers seek an eTukTuk price prediction. This article offers a $TUK price prediction from 2024 to 2030.

eTukTuk Price Prediction Summary

  • 2024: eTukTuk leverages blockchain for eco-friendly transport, targeting reduced carbon footprints, especially in emerging economies. After achieving global reach, showcasing a prototype, and collaborating with entities like Capital Maharaja Group of Sri Lanka, the $TUK token can gain more traction. With listings on top exchanges, it could hit about $0.072 by year-end.
  • 2025: The platform’s roadmap includes launching Power Staking rewards, Layer 2 Sidechain integration for speedier transactions, and charity initiatives. With its first eco-conscious EV charging station, $TUK may resonate with tech and green trends. Assuming successful implementation and a supportive market, $TUK’s price might climb to around $0.177 by 2025.
  • 2030: The EV charge domain is set to touch $111.90 billion by 2028. eTukTuk, by then, could have numerous global stations aided by governmental backing and app launches. Their focus on global eco-goals draws ESG investors. With a potential tie-up with Binance Chain, they might shape green transit’s future, potentially boosting $TUK to about $0.95.

eTukTuk Price History

eTukTuk aims to lead the green transport ‘rEVolution’ to cut carbon emissions, tackle related health issues, and increase financial inclusivity, especially in developing countries. 


Their strategy includes creating advanced electric vehicle charging infrastructures in these countries while using blockchains to achieve this mission, making it one of the top cryptos to watch.

Once the public sale initiates, there will be a three-month gap before the Token Generation Event (TGE), when tokens will be distributed to eligible holders.

As per the eTukTuk whitepaper, here’s what you need to know about its digital token:

  • Token name: $TUK
  • Built on: BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Total Supply: 2 billion tokens

Initial Coin Offering Breakdown:

  • Community Sale: Targeting early buyers of the eTukTuk, 0.5% of the total token pool is currently offered at $0.024 per $TUK. This phase is designed to reward early eTukTuk supporters.
  • Presale: Covers 9.75% of tokens with a tiered discount system that decreases after every round. This approach ensures the highest discounts for early buyers.
  • Public Sale: By this phase, the token price is set to climb to $0.04. Five percent of the total tokens will be up for grabs, making it accessible to a broader audience.

eTukTuk Price Prediction 2024

Currently, eTukTuk’s token, $TUK, is priced at $0.024 and is in the ‘community sale’ phase of its ICO. Its value could rise by year-end, especially with its expected listing on major exchanges boosting visibility.

More often than not, the best altcoins have an outlined roadmap with clear goals and solid plans. eTukTuk has proven itself by achieving key milestones from its roadmap. 

  • The project has revealed a prototype and shared its Power Staking Paper. They’ve also expanded globally with new offices in Sri Lanka and Singapore.
  • Also, teaming with Sri Lanka’s Capital Maharaja Group has improved eTukTuk’s market trust. Plus, an upcoming line of branded merchandise is set to strengthen brand awareness.
  • They’re developing their Driver App, which is central to their digital strategy. Also, there’s a buzz about the $TUK Token launching on top-tier exchanges alongside the support of Sri Lanka’s government.

The platform aims to reduce carbon emissions and address economic gaps, focusing on emerging markets. Their transport solution, backed by blockchain tech, can attract more users.

Considering all these factors, a $TUK price hike to around $0.072 by 2023’s end seems plausible.

eTukTuk Price Prediction 2025

eTukTuk aims to implement Power Staking as a user reward mechanism. 

They’re also integrating a Layer 2 Sidechain, speeding up transactions and improving scalability—crucial for drawing new users. Moreover, eTukTuk will launch charity projects for local communities to improve their living conditions.

On the environmental front, eTukTuk is set to develop its first EV charging station, emphasizing its vision of an eco-friendly future with multiple charging points. These moves might push $TUK’s market value up. eTukTuk’s focus on sustainability, tech, and community bodes well with ongoing market trends, leading to steady growth.

Moreover, Tech advancements in crypto typically boost platform growth. With such tech updates ahead, eTukTuk could see more users. If these goals materialize and the broader market conditions remain conducive, $TUK can hover around $0.177 by the end of 2025.

eTukTuk Price Forecast 2030

The EV charging market is booming. By 2028, it’s expected to hit $111.90 billion, growing annually by over 30%. This uptrend is good news for companies like eTukTuk and its token, $TUK.

Looking at 2030, eTukTuk would’ve achieved some significant milestones. After setting up its first charging stations in Sri Lanka and gaining government support, it would’ve set up multiple stations across the country and possibly globally.

Plus, the rollout of their Driver App and upgrades to the Passenger App could boost $TUK’s market presence and user base.


eTukTuk merges eco-responsibility with financial goals. Their aim to reduce carbon emissions and promote financial access aligns with global sustainability and equality goals, attracting ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)-focused investors.

A bonus for $TUK is its tie-up with Binance Chain, benefiting from Binance’s security and adaptability. This partnership and eTukTuk’s mission hint at a bright future for $TUK.

Eco-friendly transport isn’t just a trend; it’s our future. eTukTuk, with its green approach, might become a key player by 2030, pushing $TUK’s value.

Given these factors, $TUK could reach around $0.95 by 2030’s end. When searching for the best long-term investment, it’s crucial to consider the overall mood around Bitcoin and major economic changes.

Potential Highs and Lows of eTukTuk

Here’s a quick overview of the eTukTuk price prediction until 2030;

Year Potential High Potential Low
2023 $0.072 $0.02
2025 $0.177 $0.08
2030 $0.95 $0.2

What is eTukTuk?

eTukTuk is at the forefront of green transportation, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and CO2-induced health issues, mainly in developing regions. So, how will it reshape the future of travel?

Central to eTukTuk’s mission is establishing advanced electric vehicle charging stations, focusing on urban and suburban areas in developing nations. Their goal? To make charging EVs, especially their signature eTukTuks, both simple and widespread.

The company’s unique electric vehicle provides an economical option for drivers, replacing traditional, high-emission TukTuks. To put it simply, regular TukTuks pollute more than cars. With eTukTuk, we see a cleaner transport mode, boosted by blockchain, to offer financial benefits.


Backed by the Binance BNB Chain, eTukTuk ensures its operations are scalable, safe, and efficient. Their guiding principles include transparency, sustainability, and innovation.

eTukTuk goes beyond transport; it educates. They inform a broad audience about the critical effects of CO2 on health, environment, and society through their media channels.

Looking ahead, eTukTuk imagines a system driven by the sharing economy. Drivers will use TUK tokens for charging, bridging crypto to everyday life. Through strategic partnerships, eTukTuk aims to position EV charging points conveniently and operate sustainably.

eTukTuk isn’t merely a transportation solution; it’s a movement. It advocates for cleaner air, a sustainable planet, improved financial access, and a promising future. 

Interested users can enter the eTukTuk Telegram channel to get the latest updates.

What Influences the eTukTuk Price?

Various internal and external elements can impact the eTukTuk price. Here’s a quick overview of some important points:

  • EV Charging Development: eTukTuk is creating EV charging stations in cities of emerging nations. Any updates on their setup, efficiency, or user uptake can shift $TUK’s value. Their collaborations with local energy firms for green charging are also crucial.
  • eTukTuk EV Demand: If drivers widely adopt eTukTuk’s electric vehicles as a greener, cheaper alternative to regular combustion engine TukTuks, $TUK’s price can continue rising.
  • TUK Token Usage: The $TUK token has various utilities within the ecosystem, from paying station charges to integrating the driver and passenger apps. As its use grows, so can its price.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Its collaborations, especially with Territory Partners and other stakeholders like Binance, can be vital. Successful partnerships can streamline operations, from deploying charging stations to introducing more digital identities to the network.
  • Eco Trends and Policies: eTukTuk’s goal is green transport. So, global moves or regulatory changes supporting clean energy and transport can indirectly affect the token’s demand and price.

How to Buy eTukTuk?

The $TUK token boasts top-tier security due to thorough audits by Certik, a leading blockchain security expert. Plus, with the support of big players like Capital Maharaja Group, Asian Token Fund, and Binance, eTukTuk’s sustainable transportation vision is powerfully backed.

Here’s a quick overview of the three simple steps to buy the $TUK tokens;

1. Create Your Wallet

To start with, get a digital wallet. MetaMask is great for both app and PC use. On eTukTuk’s platform, the WalletConnect Widget offers other options, including Ledger and Trust Wallet.

Navigate to eTukTuk’s presale page. Click ‘Connect wallet,’ pick MetaMask (or another wallet), and connect. Next, decide how much crypto you want to swap for $TUK.

buy $TUK

Indicate your crypto amount and press ‘Buy $TUK Tokens’. Follow any prompts to approve the transaction.

3. Claim Your $TUK Tokens

After buying, your $TUK stays on the presale site. To collect them, visit the platform, click ‘Claim,’ and acknowledge (remember, gas fees may apply). 

Three months after the public sale begins, tokens will be sent to eligible wallets. Access them on the token dashboard post-Token Generation Event (TGE). For timely claim updates, keep an eye on eTukTuk’s Twitter.


eTukTuk’s future looks promising, especially with its eco-friendly goals and emphasis on financial accessibility. As the world leans into electric vehicles, eTukTuk’s plans for an accessible EV charging network align with market trends.

At press time, the $TUK token is in a community sale which offers the tokens at $0.024. This is 40% lower than its expected public sale rate of $0.04 – a potential upside for early-bird buyers.


What is the eTukTuk token?

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