In a similar way to dividend stocks, Bitcoin allows you to generate returns on two fronts.

In addition to making money when Bitcoin increases in value, you can also earn an attractive yield on your investment via an interest account.

In this guide, we compare the best platforms to earn interest on Bitcoin, in terms of yields, withdrawal terms, fees, safety, and more.

Where to Earn Interest on Bitcoin – Top Platforms

The best platforms that allow you to earn interest on Bitcoin right now are listed below:

  1. Aqru – Overall Best Place to Earn Interest on Bitcoin in 2024
  2. Nexo – Earn up to 8% Interest on Bitcoin When Staking NEXO
  3. – Earn Interest on Bitcoin Across Various Terms and APYs    
  4. BinanceTop Bitcoin Interest Account for Flexible Withdrawals
  5. BlockFi – Flexible Accounts Offering up to 4% APY on Bitcoin

If you’re still not sure where to earn interest on Bitcoin – we review the above platforms in the following sections.

Best Bitcoin Interest Rates Compared

Here’s an overview of what interest rates you can earn when you deposit Bitcoin into a leading crypto savings account.

BTC Interest Account BTC Interest Rate Terms & Conditions to get the Best Bitcoin Interest Rates
Aqru 7% No terms – BTC interest accounts are flexible
Nexo Up to 8% Stake NEXO, otherwise APY is lowered to 6% Up to 6% Stake CRO and 3-month term, otherwise APY is lowered
Binance Up to 5% Only the first 0.01 BTC is paid at 5%, then lowered to 0.8%
BlockFi Up to 4% Only the first 0.01 BTC is paid at 5%, then lowered to 1%

As well as earning interest on Bitcoin, have you ever wondered how to earn free Bitcoin in 2024?

Best Bitcoin Interest Accounts Reviewed

When choosing the best place to earn interest on Bitcoin, there are many things to consider.

In addition to the APY on offer, you’ll also need to look at what lock-up terms are stipulated by the platform. You’ll also want to assess the fees charged by the platform and how secure your Bitcoin deposit is.

In the sections below, you will find comprehensive reviews of the best platforms that allow you to earn interest on Bitcoin right now.

1. Aqru – Overall Best Place to Earn Interest on Bitcoin for 2024

In virtually all departments, the overall best place to earn interest on Bitcoin in 2024 is Aqru. This online platform allows you to earn an attractive APY of 7% simply by depositing your Bitcoin tokens. Your interest will be paid each and every day – which is great for compound growth.

Moreover, and perhaps most attractively, you can earn interest on Bitcoin at Aqru without needing to agree to a minimum lock-up term. This is because all of the provider’s crypto interest accounts are flexible. As such, if you spot a good opportunity to sell your Bitcoin investment back to cash, you can withdraw your tokens out of Aqru at any given time.

In fact, there is no need to transfer funds out of Aqru for this purpose, as the platform allows you to swap your Bitcoin tokens into cash. When it comes to fees, the APY of 7% that you see is yours to keep. This means that Aqru makes money by lending your tokens to high-grade borrowers and thus – it charges a higher interest rate behind the scenes.

Another reason that we like Aqru is that you can earn interest on Bitcoin even if you do not currently have access to any BTC tokens. This is because the platform enables you to deposit funds in GBP, USD, or EUR with a debit/credit card or bank wire. You can then swap your fiat money deposit into Bitcoin to start earning interest straightaway.

When it comes to safety, Aqru is authorized and licensed by authorities in Lithuania, which is a member of the European Union. Another point to note about Aqru is that the platform interface itself is very easy to use. This is the case across its main website and mobile app for iOS and Android. As such, you can earn interest on Bitcoin even if you are a complete novice.

With that said, if there does come a time where you need assistance on your account, Aqru offers customer support via a live chat feature. In addition to Bitcoin, you can also earn 7% on Ethereum and 12% on stablecoins like USD Coin and Tether. All in all, Aqru is the best place to earn interest on Bitcoin right now.


  • 7% compound interest rate, paid daily
  • No lock-up period or tier limits
  • Low minimum balance ($100)
  • Free fiat cash withdrawals
  • One of the best alternatives to crypto banks


  • Relatively new to the industry
  • $20 fee on crypto withdrawals

2. Nexo – Earn up to 8% Interest on Bitcoin When Staking NEXO

nexo reviewNexo is another top-rated platform that allows you to earn interest on Bitcoin. All of the crypto savings accounts offered by this platform are flexible – which means that you are never locked into a minimum redemption period. Moreover, APYs are very competitive at Nexo.

For example, once you deposit your tokens into Nexo, you can earn interest on Bitcoin at an APY of 6%. Moreover, if you are happy to stake the platform’s native token – NEXO, then your APY is boosted to 8%. Nexo is also a good option if you hold a variety of altcoins that you wish to generate interest on.

Nexo review

For example, stablecoins like UST attract an APY of 17% while DAI and USDT pay 12%. Since Nexo was launched, the platform has facilitated accounts for over 4 million users across 200 countries. This translates into over $200 million worth of interest payments that have been distributed.


  • Earn up to 8% in Bitcoin interest
  • Stablecoins attract a yield of up to 17%
  • Flexible accounts


  • You need to stake NEXO to get the maximum APY
  • APYs seem to change regularly

3. – Earn Interest on Bitcoin Across Various Terms and APYs logo is one of the most popular digital asset ecosystems in this space. On top of exchange and brokerage services, the platform offers crypto loans and credit cards, a solid DeFi wallet, and even a fully-fledged NFT marketplace. Moreover, offers one of the best Bitcoin interest accounts in the market.

Although APYs at go up to 14.5%, if you are looking to earn interest on Bitcoin, the maximum rate on offer is 6%. In order to get an APY of 6%, you will need to lock your BTC tokens away for a period of three months. Moreover, you will need to stake CRO tokens to get this rate.

CRO or Cronos is the native token of and not only does it allow you to maximize your APRs when earning interest on Bitcoin, but you’ll also get reduced trading commissions. If you are looking to earn interest on Bitcoin but you don’t want to lock your tokens away, then also offers flexible accounts that do not require any staking of CRO. review

However, you will only get a yield of 0.5%. On the other hand, you can earn an APY of 3% on a 3-month lock-up term without staking CRO. In addition to Bitcoin, allows you to earn interest on dozens of other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. In order to get started with this platform, opening an account takes a matter of minutes.

Once you are set up with an account, you might also consider applying for a crypto credit card. This will allow you to spend your Bitcoin tokens in the real world online or in-store, and even at an ATM. Essentially, you can use the credit card anywhere that Visa is accepted.


  • Earn up to 6% on Bitcoin
  • Wide range of lock-up terms including flexible accounts
  • Great reputation
  • Also offers crypto exchange services and loans
  • Spend your interest payments via the credit card


  • Higher APYs on Bitcoin available elsewhere
  • Need to stake CRO to get the highest yields

4. Binance – Top Bitcoin Interest account for Flexible Withdrawals

binance logo

Binance is well known in the cryptocurrency trading scene for its support for hundreds of digital currencies at industry-leading commissions. Moreover, Binance attracts the largest amount of daily trading volume in this space. With that said, Binance also offers crypto savings accounts that allow you to earn interest on Bitcoin.

At first glance, we were impressed to see that Binance offers an attractive APY of 5% on flexible terms – which means that you can withdraw your tokens at any given point. However, we were somewhat disappointed to see that only the first 0.01 BTC is paid at a rate of 5%. Anything above this and below 0.5 BTC is paid at just 0.8%.

Then, anything above 0.5 BTC attracts a yield of just 0.10%. As such, and in a similar nature to BlockFi, Binance will only be suitable if you are looking to earn on Bitcoin with a small amount of funds. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to generate a yield of other cryptocurrencies, Binance offers much higher rates on altcoins.

For example, if you were to lock BNB tokens up for a total duration of four months – which is the native token of the Binance platform, you can earn an APY of nearly 13%. Similarly, you can earn just over 13% when locking Solana away for three months. There is no requirement to stake any tokens to get the best yields at Binance.


  • Flexible Bitcoin interest accounts
  • Earn an APY of up to 5%


  • Only the first 0.01 BTC is paid at 5%
  • Bitcoin yields are somewhat misleading
  • Yields can change at any time

5. BlockFi – Flexible Accounts Offering up to 4% APY on Bitcoin

blockfi review

BlockFi is a popular online platform that offers both crypto interest accounts and loans via a single hub. This platform is perhaps best suited for those of you that wish to earn interest on Bitcoin in a flexible manner – and you’re only holding a valuation of tokens.

This is because BlockFi Bitcoin interest rates of 4% are on offer, but – only on the first 0.01 BTC that you deposit. As of writing, this amounts to the equivalent of approximately $400. If you deposit more than 0.01 BTC, then anything above this figure will attract an APY of just 1%. And, if you deposit more than 0.35 BTC, your interest will be paid at a rate of just 0.10%.

blockfi review

As such, you should only consider using BlockFi if you are looking to invest small amounts. Nonetheless, BlockFi has a great reputation in this space and the platform offers a range of safeguards to keep your Bitcoin tokens secure. For instance, BlockFi is licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority and it is currently going through the regulatory process with the SEC.

Moreover, BlockFi has partnered with BitGo for the purpose of obtaining insurance on client deposits. On top of Bitcoin, BlockFi also enables you to earn interest on a range of other leading digital currencies. As of writing, the most competitive APY on offer is 11% – which can be claimed when depositing MATIC tokens.


  • APY of up to 4% on Bitcoin
  • Good selection of altcoins supported


  • Only the first 0.01 BTC is paid at 4%
  • Deposits over 0.35% are paid at just 0.10%
  • Fees on crypto exchanges are not clear when placing orders

How to Earn Interest on Bitcoin Tutorial

So now that we have compared the best platforms in this space, we can now walk you through the process of how to earn interest on Bitcoin.

This tutorial will walk you through the required process with Aqru – which we found to be the overall best place to earn interest right now for its attractive APYs of 7% and flexible withdrawal terms.

Step 1: Register an Account

Aqru is a legitimate crypto interest provider that requires all clients to open an account before getting started. Initially, this will require you to enter your email address and a chosen password.

best crypto interest account

You will also need to select your preferred currency so that Aqru can display your estimated interest payments in terms of fiat money.

Step 2: Verify Identity 

Before you can start earning interest on Bitcoin, you will need to verify your account. For this, you will need to upload a clear copy of your government-issued ID. Once Aqru has validated the document – you will be notified via email.

Step 3: Deposit Bitcoin 

The next step is to deposit Bitcoin into your newly created Aqru account. This process is no different from transferring Bitcoin from one wallet to another. Only in this case, you will be transferring BTC tokens to your unique Aqru wallet address.

highest cryptocurrency interest rates

Copy your Aqru address and paste it into your private wallet before confirming the transfer. You should find that the BTC tokens arrive in your Aqru account in 10-20 minutes.

Step 4: Earn Interest on Bitcoin 

Once the BTC tokens land in your Aqru wallet, you will start earning interest straightaway. This is why Aqru is so popular, as everything is automated. Moreover, as all accounts at Aqru are flexible, you can withdraw your Bitcoin whenever you wish.

Is Earning Interest on Bitcoin a Good Investment?

In a nutshell, if you already own Bitcoin, then it is a no-brainer to deposit your tokens into an interest-bearing account. After all, you will still benefit financially if the value of Bitcoin increases in the open marketplace.

However, in addition to capital gains, you will also earn income via your interest payments. As such, you are amplifying the amount of money that you can make from your Bitcoin investment.

Plus, when you receive your Bitcoin interest payments, you can reinvest the funds back into the crypto markets.

This will enable you to benefit from compound interest and thus – you will give yourself the best chance possible of growing your wealth in the fastest time.

  • On the other hand, it is important to remember that some interest-bearing accounts require you to lock your Bitcoin tokens away for a minimum amount of time.
  • In this scenario, you won’t be able to withdraw your tokens until the agreed timeframe has concluded.
  • During which, you might want to cash your Bitcoin out because you need access to funds or you have met a predetermined profit target.

This is why we found that Aqru is by far the best place to earn interest on Bitcoin – not least because all accounts come with flexible terms alongside an attractive APY of 7%.


When you earn interest on Bitcoin, you are increasing your long-term yield. This is because you will earn income in addition to any token price increases that Bitcoin generates.

When choosing the best place to earn interest on Bitcoin, be sure to keep an eye out for the minimum lock-up period and of course – the yield on offer.

To start earning 7% per year on your Bitcoin tokens via a flexible account right now – it takes less than five minutes to get set up with Aqru.

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