There are many memecoins to have emerged since the last crypto bull run – all trying to capitalize on the success of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. However, not most of them have been able to get any traction in the market or create a buzz on social media. One such meme token is DumbleDAO (DUMBLE). It is an altcoin that gained some recognition when it landed due to its ability to merge memecoins with NFTs.

Historically, memecoins have yielded high profits for early movers. In this guide, we speculate on a potential DumbleDAO price prediction, where the price of this token may go in 2023, its growth drivers, and whether it is a good investment this year.

DUMBLE Price Prediction 2023 – 2025

This guide reviews a possible DumbleDAO price prediction but as with any long term investment do your own research – we also recommend a potentially better investment further on in this guide.

  • End of 2023: DumbleDAO was a project that gained traction right after launch, which caused the price to fluctuate where several investors made a lot of profits. However, due to poor product developments and other factors, the token didn’t perform well and has been on a continuous downtrend since August 2022. We predict a bearish movement for DUMBLE in 2023 with it being priced at around $0.002 by the end of Q4.
  • End of 2024: The DumbleDAO project is on the verge of launching many initiatives. In its roadmap, the project has mentioned being listed on several centralized and decentralized exchanges. All these factors may have the potential to somehow revive the token, and help it rise in price to an extent, while this may not be by a lot, we can still expect to see DUMBLE within the $0.0049 level by the end of 2024.
  • End of 2025: Several developments could potentially happen by the end of 2025 for DUMBLE if the community keeps supporting it as a promising initiative. Furthermore, marketing efforts being pushed by the developers under the right market conditions could also help the token increase in price. By the end of 2024, we predict DUMBLE to be worth around $0.008.

DumbleDAO Pricing History

Before diving into the predictions about this cryptocurrency, where did DumbleDAO – and DUMBLE token – get started? The project was launched in January 2022 without much fanfare. That said, the team have been fairly active on social media. It was able to gather enough push during the early days to pump up to $0.1.

Then the entire crypto market entered the bear market – leading to a drop in the price of even the best altcoins – DumbleDAO included. And at the time of writing, this cryptocurrency is trading at $0.004.


The reason that this asset was able to do as well as it did during its initial days is because of the following reasons:

  1. Doge aesthetics: As we mentioned earlier, DumbleDAO is another dog crypto that uses the Doge aesthetics to gain initial steam from the market
  2. Harry Potter Franchise: The token was inspired by another wildly popular franchise – Harry Potter. The name DumbleDAO takes inspiration from Dumbledore, head of Hogwarts, the fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry.
  3. Passive yields of NFT: The entire motif of DumbleDAO has been to create a community-backed NFT portfolio that users can have fractional ownership off. It allows the project holders to gain access to passive gains.
  4. A wide array of NFT collections: DumbleDAO has many NFT collections. The biggest among them is the Magical Mutts and the OG DumbleDoges.

The initial traction that this cryptocurrency received during the initial days was dissolved during the crypto winter. However, other projects, like Love Hate Inu, have emerged as better crypto alternatives during this time. It is a good choice if you’re looking for a cryptocurrency focusing on utility with high returns. We shall talk further about this alternative towards the end of the article.

DumbleDAO Price Prediction 2023

DumbleDAO made some profits for its early investors before crashing. While we mentioned that the current social media traction is non-existent, the token is slowly trying to find stability. Altcoin enthusiasts looking to buy cryptos under $1 may be interested in this cryptocurrency.

DUMBLE Live Chart

DumbleDAO price history

Added to that, there are many initiatives in the roadmap of this token – even though the roadmap itself is quite bare bones. These developments indicate potential launch on many centralized crypto exchanges and DEX. If the project can get ahead on its roadmap and does get listed on CEXes (it is currently on PancakeSwap DEX), then there is a chance that by the end of the year, the value of DUMBLE could increase by a bit. If not, then we predict the token price to crash further towards the $0.002 range.

DumbleDAO Price Prediction 2024

If the project builds upon its roadmap, DUMBLE coin could gain more traction next year. DumbleDAO is a community-backed, relatively new NFT project that aims to be truly transparent and provide all the power to the community members. If the performance of DUMBLE isn’t great in 2023, it is likely that the devs will get more hands-on when it comes to the development of the project.

And if they can also get this project’s marketing down, investors are likely to show interest. It will help build the project’s credibility since not being present on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko right now may make some investors apprehensive about this cryptocurrency.

After the project gets to these centralized aggregators and exchanges, it is possible the DUMBLE price will recover as more traders buy DumbleDAO. Therefore, by our conservative estimate, we imagine that the cost of this cryptocurrency will rise to $0.0049 by the end of 2024.

We are conservative about our estimates because of the rise of competitors – many NFT and cryptocurrency projects are coming next year, and all of them are already active on social media and even have the backing of VCs. That is why unless DumbleDAO does something more drastic, we don’t see Dumble’s price getting a massive increase.

DumbleDAO Price Prediction 2025

Crypto experts postulate that many developments will have happened by the end of 2025, from Ethereum’s merge upgrade to NFTs having more utilities, integrated with exciting metaverse platforms. Those developments may result in Ethereum experiencing a massive uptick in price. And like always, it will lift the value of many altcoins with it – DumbleDAO included.

Additionally, the passive income attribute of the DumbleDAO ecosystem will motivate the long-term holders. That would tip the scales on the side of demand – increasing the DumbleDAO price.

Due to these factors, the price of DumbleDAO will likely increase to $0.008 by the end of 2025. That said, if the developers make further headways into the project and integrate with metaverse in some form, our DumbleDAO price prediction 2030 estimates say that the price can go even higher.

Potential Highs and Lows of DumbleDAO

Below is the overview of our estimates of potential highs and lows that DumbleDAO price will reach throughout the next few years. If you’re a long-term holder, knowing these details will help you.

Year Potential High Potential Low
2023 $0.002 $0.0009
2024 $0.0049 $0.0031
2025 $0.008 $0.006

What is the use of the DumbleDAO coin?

Memecoins no longer are cryptocurrencies that can ride the wave of marketing novelty and get traction. They need the right use cases. In the case of DumbleDAO, the following are its uses.

Becoming a DAO member

DumbleDAO, at its core, is a decentralized autonomous organization that focuses on creating an NFT portfolio consisting of projects that can provide high yields to the members. And when there is a DAO, there is governance. Thus, the primary use of the Dumble coin is as a governance token.

Members of the community can use the tokens to vote on the future of the community, the price of the tokens, and new NFT projects. Furthermore, it is through voting that DumbleDAO decides which NFTs to purchase and which ones to sell for the treasury.


Fractional Ownership of the NFTs

The NFT projects have always been expensive – alienating many who want to engage with the market. DumbleDAO bypasses this issue through fractional ownership. Members of the DumbleDAO can own a portion of the NFTs. Fractional ownership allows the holders to earn fractional but regular gains depending on market conditions. While the concept of fractional ownership of NFT is definitely not novel, it will be curious to see how far the value of OG DumbleDoges and Magical Mutts rise.

Pooled Resources

The official website says that the pooled resources from the community can help increase the yields. While no explanation has been given about the details of “pooled” resources, we can estimate that it means the community jointly owns an NFT and marketing it to increase its floor price. In that case, the marketing efforts can pour more value into the NFTs and, as a result, the DumbleDAO.

Locked Liquidity

According to the website, the liquidity is locked for four years to ensure that there are no rug pulls regarding this project. The four-year locking period also provides that the stakers can make high percentage gains after the tokens become available to withdraw. The project’s tokenomics say that there are 7,777,777 total tokens available and the market capitalization during the launch was $115,000.

An advantage to early movers

Since the social media buzz about this cryptocurrency is relatively low while the ambitions of these projects are high, it may be the right time for early movers to choose DumbleDAO. Being an early mover will give you access to high percentage gains after the project lands on major cryptocurrency exchanges. The official website hints that the token will appear on Coinbase soon. If that’s true, you can expect Coinbase pumping effect to take hold and increase the price of DumbleDAO token.

However, these advantages would only surface if the project gets traction in the market. And that would require the developers to upscale their marketing efforts and provide more non-vague details. Because as of now, the information available about this memecoin is limited, and we can’t see use cases beyond NFTs.

What Are the Growth Drivers for DumbleDAO?

DumbleDAO Logo

DumbleDAO has the following growth drivers:

Doge Aesthetics

Firstly, DumbleDAO is banking upon the doge aesthetics to add more flare to its NFTs. It achieved significant growth shortly after its initial release in 2022 because of this factor. And because it combined with the harry potter phenomenon, fictional story lovers started to give this project attention. If both these factors sustain, this token might momentarily see high percentage gains.

Fractional Ownership of NFTs

Another factor that will likely drive the growth of this project is fractional NFTs. Many of the best NFTs have taken this route to become more accessible and inclusive. If the floor price of these NFTs increase, the fractional owners will gain benefit. It will then help bolster the project further.

Being Listed on CEX and Aggregators

DumbleDAO is not present on CEX, and no information about this cryptocurrency can be found on major aggregators such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. If the project lands on those platforms in the future, it will be visible to a larger crowd. It will add legitimacy to the project and will, in turn, help it gain more followers.

Is DumbleDAO the Best Crypto to Buy in 2023?

Let us now round off this guide by answering this most important question- is DumbleDAO the best cryptocurrency to invest in this year?

While the project has strong fundamentals within the NFT niche, it doesn’t have much traction in the market. And considering that only limited info is available about this cryptocurrency, you’re better off investing in a memecoin that is:

  1. Transparent
  2. Has all the information readily available
  3. Getting large social media traction
  4. And gives you an early mover advantage

Love Hate Inu

Well, Love Hate Inu is a cryptocurrency that meets all those requirements. It is a recently introduced Vote-to-Earn crypto which is currently in the presale phase. The project features a platform that is set to host multiple polls comprising various topics like entertainment, social issues politics etc. The growing community already considers Love Hate Inu to potentially become a disruptor within the online survey industry.

The native token of Love Hate Inu is called LHINU, and it is an important part of the platform. Users are required to stake their LHINU tokens on the platform in order to receive votes that can be used.

These votes depend on the time and amount of tokens staked on the platform. Investors can then use these votes to potentially win rewards in the form of more LHINU tokens. The initiative is going viral on social media platforms too, with several crypto YouTubers mentioning the project in their videos as a great investment option.

As mentioned above, the ongoing presale has been seeing a drastic surge in demand for the LHINU tokens, thanks to the high utility and potential of the project. So, if you as an investor are looking for an alternative to DUMBLE, then LHINU is an option to consider.


Some investors consider DumbleDAO a promising project with many possibilities. However, it has not yet been listed on any CEX or aggregator websites – leading to there being little information or data to make DUMBLE price predictions.

For an early mover advantage, investors are often better off picking up a cryptocurrency with huge upsides – either at presale or ICO. Love Hate Inu is one of the most talked about crypto presales of this year, sporting a highly unique and innovative product as its main offering. Do your research and invest in this project if you think that it could indeed become a top gainer in the coming weeks and months.

Love Hate Inu - Next Big Meme Coin

Our Rating

Love Hate Inu
  • First Web3 Vote to Earn Platform
  • Vote on Current Topics and Earn $LHINU Tokens
  • Secure, Reliable and Anonymous Voting
  • Rug Pull Proof - 90% of Tokens Available in Presale
  • Accumulate Voting Power by Staking $LHINU Tokens
Love Hate Inu

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