Dogs of Elon (DOE) is a meme cryptocurrency loosely based on tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It draws on Elon Musk’s support for Dogecoin as inspiration and includes a collection of 10,000 unique doge NFTs. Dogs of Elon has built a new decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and has plans to launch its own NFT marketplace.

So, is Dogs of Elon a worthy investment? In our Dogs of Elon price prediction, we’ll examine this coin’s potential and analyze what the value of DOE could be in 2022, 2025, and beyond.

Dogs of Elon Price Prediction Summary

Dogs of Elon was launched in 2021 and quickly reached an all-time high of $0.741 per coin. The coin has fallen sharply and is currently priced at $0.017 per token.

Our Dogs of Elon crypto price prediction suggests that this coin could reach the following prices between 2022 and 2025:

  • End 2022: Positive development within the Dogs of Elon ecosystem has taken place such as the launch of its decentralized autonomous organization. That benefits blockchain users and the coin because it’s less likely to be deemed a security. Because of those factors, we see the Dogs of Elon token at $0.020 for 2022.
  • End 2023: Further developments to this platform should take place during 2023 such as progress on two play to earn crypto games and possibly an NFT marketplace, which can be used in the game. Those two developments could result in a higher demand for the Dogs of Elon crypto and make it spike up to $0.030.
  • End 2025: By 2025, the Dogs of Elon should be a fully expanded platform with all of the work-in-progress complete and up and running. Having a fully functioning platform consisting of DAO, an NFT marketplace and two crypto games may see the price of DOE pump to $0.055.

Dogs of Elon Coin Price History

Dogs of Elon LogoDogs of Elon held its crypto ICO in November 2021, launching on several decentralized exchanges at a price of $0.15 per DOE token. The coin’s launch was highly anticipated and DOE quickly gained traction. Within a week of launching, the DOE coin reached its all-time high of $0.741 – a gain of more than 4,000% for investors who bought this token during the ICO.

Unfortunately for Dogs of Elon, the coin’s launch coincided with the high tide of the crypto market. Dogs of Elon dropped sharply in the weeks after its all-time high, falling to $0.10 per DOE by December 1, 2021. As the crypto winter set in, Dogs of Elon has increasingly been avoided by investors as too high risk.

Dogs of Elon Price Chart 

The coin’s value has continued to slide throughout 2022. As of mid-August, DOE is valued at $0.017. This is just above the coin’s all-time low of $0.016, which was reached in July 2022.

Dogs of Elon Price Prediction 2022

Dogs of Elon had a difficult 2022. DOE has been dropping in value since the coin launched last November, and the slide in prices has continued unabated. Although the crypto winter seems to be easing its grip on the crypto market as a whole, Dogs of Elon has not yet seen any recovery in its coin price.

Part of the reason for this is that, as a new coin, the supply of DOE remains quite large relative to demand. The maximum supply of DOE is 1 billion tokens, but there are only 192 million coins currently in circulation. Around 300 million tokens are available as a reward through Dogs of Elon’s crypto staking pools and could be released into circulation. So, there is not much upward price pressure on the tokens, and demand may not keep up with supply for a long time to come.

Dogs of Elon

Still, there have been some positive developments for Dogs of Elon. The project recently launched its DAO, decentralizing control over the Dogs of Elon community and the DOE governance token. This is a major step for Dogs of Elon as it reduces the likelihood that DOE could be labeled a security and increases stakeholder participation in the project. The price of DOE didn’t immediately respond to the launch of the DAO, but we think this will be significant in the future.

With all of this in mind, we expect the DOE coin price to remain around the levels it is at now for the remainder of 2022. Our Dogs of Elon forecast for 2022 is $0.020 by the end of the year, assuming that the recovery from the crypto winter continues and that DOE is able to benefit from this macro trend. DOE may not reach this price level, but we do not think it will drop below its all-time low of $0.016.

Dogs of Elon Crypto Price Prediction 2023

Going into 2023, things are looking a little brighter for Dogs of Elon. The project is planning to launch its own NFT marketplace, which would allow Dogs of Elon NFTs to be bought and sold in DOE without fees. Such a marketplace could significantly increase demand for $DOE, although the massive outstanding supply of the coin will likely prevent the price from shooting up as much as it otherwise might.

Dogs of Elon is also working on 2 play-to-earn crypto games. These games will presumably offer DOE as a rewards token, increasing the utility of DOE and further decentralizing ownership over the DAO. Play-to-earn crypto games could also drive demand for Dogs of Elon NFTs, since players will be able to use these NFTs as avatars within the games. If Dogs of Elon’s NFT marketplace is up and running, this additional demand will be funneled through DOE tokens.

While these developments are promising for the value of DOE, we think they will take time to have a significant effect on the coin’s price. There may be large spikes in price as the marketplace and games are released, but we expect these to be short-lived.

So, our Dogs of Elon crypto price prediction for 2023 is $0.030 on average. There may potentially be short periods of high volatility that could test the coin’s all-time high.

Dogs of Elon Coin Price Prediction 2025-30 Prediction

Looking over the long term, we’re more optimistic about the Dogs of Elon project. By 2025, Dogs of Elon should have a highly decentralized crypto DAO project, 2 or more play-to-earn crypto games, and an NFT marketplace. The team behind Dogs of Elon has also hinted at creating a metaverse for the project, which could help the community continue to grow and evolve over time.

The biggest uncertainty around Dogs of Elon in a few years’ time is how popular the doge meme – and Elon Musk’s involvement in promoting it – will be. Meme coins can go out of style for years at a time, and there is a strong risk that crypto investors simply lose interest in Dogs of Elon and move on to the next big thing.

Because of this, we have a wide range of uncertainty in our Dogs of Elon price prediction for 2025. We suggest an average price of $0.055 per token, but it is possible that DOE will drop back to its current price levels below $0.020 per token. It is also possible that Dogs of Elon’s crypto games and metaverse become lasting hits and that the coin is worth significantly more.

It’s even more difficult to make a DOE price prediction for 2030 or beyond. The project’s existing plans may take until 2023-2025 to complete, but there are no concrete plans from the community for how the coin will be developed beyond that time. It is also unclear whether the NFT market will keep the same shape it has now, or whether a new class of digital assets might supplant NFTs by 2030.

Given this, we suggest a Dogs of Elon price of $0.075 for 2030. However, this prediction comes with a very high level of uncertainty and should be approached with caution.

We’ve also written an in-depth guide about another meme coin, Wownero. Read all the details in our Wownero price prediction for 2022 to 2025 guide.

Potential Highs & Lows of Dogs of Elon Coin

We believe that Dogs of Elon is likely to experience a large degree of volatility in the years ahead and possibly become the most volatile crypto to buy. The coin could see significant spikes in price around the release of its play-to-earn crypto games, NFT marketplace, and metaverse platform. These spikes could be followed by steep corrections as coins from the available supply flood into the platform and speculative investors run for the exits.

So, investors should be aware not only of our average price predictions for DOE, but also the potential highs and lows the coin may reach. We think that DOE has already tested its low in 2022 and our Dogs of Elon coin price prediction of $0.020 represents the potential high for this year. In 2023, our prediction of $0.030 represents the average price of the coin – the high following the release of a P2E game may be up to $0.070 and the low in the ensuing crash may reach as low as $0.015.

There is a lot more uncertainty in our price predictions for 2024 and 2025. Accordingly, the potential high and low are spread much more widely around our average price predictions. Approach these lows and highs with caution, as major changes in the market for NFTs or play-to-earn crypto games could have a significant impact on DOE’s value.

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2022 $0.016 $0.018 $0.020
2023 $0.016 $0.030 $0.070
2024 $0.020 $0.043 $0.085
2025 $0.010 $0.055 $0.115

What is the Dogs of Elon Coin Used For?

The Dogs of Elon coin has a wide variety of current and planned uses. Let’s take a closer look at what investors can do with DOE.


Right now, the primary purpose of the Dogs of Elon coin is as a governance token for the project. Dogs of Elon recently launched its DAO, putting control over the future of the project in the hands of the DOE stakeholder community.

Dogs of Elon isn’t fully decentralized yet since the development team still holds the lion’s share of coins. However, this is a major step in the direction of decentralization. Token holders will eventually be in control of all of Dogs of Elon’s smart contracts and will have the ability to make new proposals and vote on them.

NFT Marketplace

One of the most exciting developments that Dogs of Elon is working on is an NFT marketplace. This marketplace will serve as the official home of the Dogs of Elon NFT collection, which includes 10,000 unique NFTs.

Dogs of Elon NFTs

Right now, investors need to buy these NFTs on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, and NFT Explorer. Once Dogs of Elon’s marketplace is launched, users will be able to buy and sell their Dogs of Elon NFTs within the community with no fees. Importantly, they will also be able to use DOE for payments in this marketplace.

Play-to-earn Gaming

Dogs of Elon is currently working on 2 play-to-earn crypto games that will have doge characters at their center. Eventually, players will also be able to use any Dogs of Elon NFTs they own as avatars within the games.

There are still few details about the gameplay and how the rewards system will work. However, it is likely that rewards will be paid out in DOE tokens and there may be an in-game marketplace where players can spend DOE.

Dogs of Elon Game

The Dogs of Elon team has also discussed creating a metaverse where players and investors can get together. There are very few details on this metaverse for now and it appears that no development has begun on this project.


Dogs of Elon is an ERC20 token and can be used for crypto staking. Token holders who stake their DOE or Dogs of Elon NFTs can earn crypto interest in DOE. Note that Dogs of Elon warns that interest rates may drop over time as more token holders join the staking pools. The project currently has a total value locked of $2,007,028.34.

What Drives the Price of Dogs of Elon?

The price of Dogs of Elon is largely driven by the interest in this coin. Right now, DOE is just a governance token for a brand new DAO. So, investors are mostly getting in on this cryptocurrency because of a belief that the project is worthwhile and that having a stake in it will be valuable in the future.

The price of Dogs of Elon has been kept low by the fact that the outstanding supply of DOE tokens is so large. That problem should begin to dissipate with more ways to use DOE – like play-to-earn games and the NFT marketplace – are released. In addition, once token holders have full control over the DAO, they could potentially elect to burn some of the existing supply of DOE tokens to support the coin’s price.

Is Dogs of Elon the Best Coin to Buy in 2022?

Dogs of Elon has some promise, especially if the project’s play-to-earn games and NFT marketplace develop as planned. However, we don’t think it’s the best coin to buy in 2022.

Instead, investors may want to check out Tamadoge, a new play-to-earn cryptocurrency also designed around the doge meme. It’s one of the best blockchain games that enables players to purchase NFT pets and grow them to adulthood. Each pet has its own stats, strengths, and weaknesses, but players can augment their pet’s stats by taking care of them well.

Tamadoge coin

Once pets reach adulthood, players can battle pets against one another in the Tamadoge virtual arena. Winners climb the game’s leaderboards and earn TAMA tokens, the native cryptocurrency of Tamadoge. TAMA can then be used to purchase more NFT pets or to purchase in-game upgrades for their pets.

The reason why TAMA is potentially one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today is that this coin is deflationary. Five percent of the TAMA used for every NFT or marketplace purchase is removed from circulation and burned. So, as more players join Tamadoge and buy NFT pets, the supply of TAMA declines more quickly. That means the price could begin to climb rapidly in response to continued demand for the coin.

Investors have a chance to get in on TAMA early right now. The team behind Tamadoge is holding one of the best crypto presales of 2022 and investors can buy TAMA with a credit card, Ethereum, or Tether. The sale is only available for a limited time and the price of TAMA increases with each funding milestone the team reaches.

So, investors should check out the TAMA presale today! The presale has already raised more than $5 million and may sell out well before its Q4 deadline.


Dogs of Elon is a meme cryptocurrency that’s in the process of building a DAO, NFT marketplace, play-to-earn crypto games and more. Our Dogs of Elon price prediction suggests this coin could see growth in the years ahead, although there’s a lot of uncertainty around whether DOE has staying power.

We think Tamadoge is a better project for investors to check out. Tamadoge has already raised millions during its TAMA presale and the token’s deflationary tokenomics make it ideal for investment. Check out the Tamadoge presale to buy TAMA today!

Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

Our Rating

  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Listed on OKX
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption


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