The ‘meme coin’ niche has exploded in popularity over the past two years, driven by the remarkable success of projects like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. These projects have paved the way for new coins to emerge within the meme coin space – with Dogelon Mars being one of the most talked-about.

This article presents our comprehensive Dogelon Mars price prediction, covering what the coin is and its use cases, before diving into ELON’s price prospects for the years ahead.

Dogelon Mars Coin Price Prediction

We’ll present an in-depth Dogelon Mars price prediction throughout this article; however, detailed below is a brief overview of our ELON crypto price forecast for the years ahead:

  • End of 2023: Like all of the best meme coins, ELON’s community will play a pivotal role in the coin’s future. That expectation, however, hasn’t helped till now. ELON couldn’t bank on the recent memecoin mania to grow in value, and the token’s value dipped even further after SEC’s battle against Coinbase and Binance. Current trends are showing no signs of a bounce, and it is likely that ELON may end on a low note by the end of 2023. We predict that it may be valued at $0.00000040 by the end of this year.
  • End of 2024: If the Dogelon Mars community keeps propagating ELON while developers work alongside to bring more improvements and developments to the overall ecosystem, then it may be possible to see the ELON token trade within the $0.0000016 range by the end of 2024. This is mainly because the Dogelon Mars project, despite having a huge fanbase, has a very small market cap. Such a token could be exposed to massive price volatility even if a smaller sum of funds are injected in the form of investments.
  • End of 2025: For Dogelon Mars to have a long-term future, we’d need to see some valuable use cases added to the ecosystem. If this occurs, there’s certainly scope for ELON’s price to return to the $0.0000023 level by the end of 2025.

Dogelon Mars Coin Price History

Dogelon Mars logoBefore diving into our Dogelon Mars price prediction, it’s essential to provide some context. ELON coin launched in April 2021, looking to capitalize on the success of the Dogecoin project. The founders of Dogelon Mars opted to remain anonymous – and remain so to this day.

The initial supply of ELON tokens was one quadrillion, which is a considerable amount, even for new cryptocurrency projects. Upon launch, the team gave half of these tokens to Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. This publicity stunt was also pulled by the creators of Shiba Inu, designed to raise awareness for the project right off the bat.

Dogelon Mars

Buterin ended up donating his ELON coins to various projects, with around 43% of his holdings going to the Methuselah Foundation. The remaining 50% of the coin’s supply that the team did not give to Buterin was locked into a liquidity pool on the Uniswap protocol. This kickstarted the trading process and allowed investors to acquire ELON by swapping it for other ERC-20 tokens.

Dogelon Mars was then picked up by some of the best altcoin exchanges, which dramatically increased its accessibility. This led to a substantial bullish surge, as the ELON price rocketed by 3,500% in October 2021. There were various reasons for this, although the momentum was mainly due to a contagion effect from Shiba Inu’s bull run.

However, these highs were short-lived, and the price of Dogelon Mars gradually decreased over the following ten months. Although there were several bullish rallies throughout this period, the price chart above clearly shows the consistent downtrend that ELON experienced. At the time of writing, the ELON coin is trading at just $0.00000015 – 94% lower than compared to its October 2022 high.

The $44 billion takeover of Twitter by the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, briefly saw ELON pump by nearly 85% in late October 2022, but the gains were short-lived.

Let’s briefly recap the key points in ELON’s history before we dive into our Dogelon Mars price prediction:

  • Dogelon Mars was launched in April 2021
  • Half of the total supply was given to Vitalik Buterin, whilst the other half was placed in a Uniswap liquidity pool.
  • The coin’s price surged by 3,500% in October 2021, following Shiba Inu’s success.
  • After hitting these highs, ELON has now lost 88% of its value.
  • ELON pumps by 83% after Elon Musk purchased Twitter, but the price quickly regresses with no clarity on if any meme coins will be used on the platform.
  • Since the start of 2023, ELON picked pace, but this growth, too, was stunted as the token faced rejection at the $0.0000005 range, from where it plunged down. And despite some signs of reprieve from the recent memecoin mania, ELON failed to move up. Also, the token’s value has been pushed further down to around $0.0000015 due to Bitcoin’s recent pullback to the $25k zone.

ELON Coin Price Prediction 2023

Our Dogelon Mars price prediction for the long term is influenced more by utility than any other factor  – this is because ELON coin’s use cases are minimal at the time of writing. Much like Dogecoin, ELON can be used as a store of value and to transfer funds – and that’s about it.

Investors who opted to buy Shiba Inu found that their SHIB tokens could be used for liquidity, staking, and even purchasing NFTs. This isn’t the case for ELON, as the project doesn’t even have a whitepaper or a roadmap. Thus, nobody knows what the coin is for and whether there will be any upgrades in the future.

However, Dogelon Mars’ community has proved its charitable nature through its partnership with the Methuselah Foundation. Thanks to a large donation of ELON coins, the Foundation was able to send a vascular tissue experiment to the International Space Station. This was seen as a huge step toward space travel and will help determine whether organs can be grown in space.

Dogelon Mars All Time Price Chart Till August 2023

Despite these bullish assumptions, Dogelon Mars has failed to perform this year. After opening in 2023 at $0.00000023, it moved up to reach its yearly high at $0.0000004. But it failed to sustain at this level like other memecoins. And Bitcoin’s failure to sustain at the $30k mark and the recent pullback resulting from SEC suing Coinbase and Binance, the ELON price has suffered more. As of Q3-2023, it is trading around the $0.00000013 mark, and it will be too hopeful to suggest that it might reach even $0.0000004 by the end of 2023.

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ELON Coin Price Prediction 2024

If the number of partnerships as well as the community size, does increase in the upcoming years, then it can be possible for ELON to shoot up in price, even above our prediction of $0.0000016. However, if the market conditions are stable, and the growth around the project isn’t affected solely by hype, then an organically realistic estimate would put the token around the aforementioned price range.

ELON Coin Price Prediction 2025-30 Prediction

Finally, our Dogelon Mars price prediction for 2025 is based on the broader community and the token’s accessibility. The project’s subreddit has over 46,000 members, whilst the official Dogelon Mars Twitter page features more than 527,000 followers.

This community backing is vital to ELON, which has become one of the most volatile cryptocurrency projects in the meme coin space over the past year. Since most (if not all) of Dogelon Mars’ marketing is handled by the community, having strong engagement is crucial to the token’s success.

This solid community backing will also help get ELON listed on more CEXs and DEXs. Interestingly, ELON has already been listed on some of the best crypto exchanges, including Gemini, KuCoin, LBank, and If other listings are added, it’ll boost accessibility and help raise demand.

Based on our research and analysis, we estimate that ELON could hit $0.0000023 by the end of 2025. Regarding our Dogelon Mars price prediction 2030, there’s scope for the coin to rise even higher than this – although we’d need to see further utility before making any logical forecast.

Potential Highs & Lows of Dogelon Mars Coin

Now that we’ve presented our Dogelon Mars crypto price prediction for the years ahead, let’s briefly recap the key price points to be aware of. The table below highlights the likely highs and lows that ELON could meet, which is helpful to bear in mind for those looking to buy the dog crypto.

Year Potential High Potential Low
2023 $0.0000004 $0.0000001
2024 $0.0000016 $0.0000011
2025 $0.0000023 $0.0000017

What is ELON Coin Used For?

In this section of our Elon coin price prediction, we’ll look closely at three of the token’s primary use cases, providing the information needed to make an informed investment decision. 

Transferring Funds

ELON coin’s primary use case is as a method of transferring funds. Most people opt to buy Bitcoin if they wish to send funds in a decentralized manner, yet Dogelon Mars offers a similar service. Since ELON is an ERC-20 token, traders can easily access it through most top DeFi protocols.

In addition, most of the best crypto wallets will be able to store ELON, meaning it’s quick and easy to send tokens to other people. Although ELON can’t be used to purchase goods and services, it can still be used for money transfers and as an alternative to FIAT when storing value.

NFT Comic Books

Dogelon Mars’ community also released a cheap NFT project based on the character shown on the token’s logo. The first NFT was released in April 2021, titled ‘Dogelon Mars Comic #00’, and acts as an appealing piece of digital art that holders can display in an NFT gallery.

Dogelon Mars NFTs

A total of five ‘Dogelon Mars Comics’ have been released, all available to purchase through OpenSea. Although these NFTs cannot be bought with ELON (only ETH), they do help raise awareness for the Dogelon Mars project. 


Finally, Dogelon Mars’ team are in the process of creating another token, called ‘xELON’, that will be used for governance and staking. Although no release date has been announced, this token will add much-needed utility to the project.

However, ELON holders can still stake their tokens through various DeFi protocols. These include Popsicle Finance, ShibaSwap, and VVS Finance, according to the official Dogelon Mars Telegram group.

What Drives the Price of Dogelon Mars Coin?

Like with all of the best altcoins on the market, various factors can influence Dogelon Mars’ price. Let’s take a closer look at three of the most prominent ones: 

As noted earlier in this Dogelon Mars coin price prediction, ELON coins are intrinsically linked to Elon Musk. Musk has been one of the celebrities who have become synonymous with the crypto market, thanks to his support for Dogecoin. Many retail traders on social media also follow Musk closely, which will see them naturally gravitate towards Dogelon Mars.

Huge Community Backing

The token’s colossal community backing is a critical factor in the forecasts made throughout this Dogelon price prediction. The project’s Twitter page and subreddit both feature regular discussions regarding the token and its future. Most of Dogelon Mars’ plans are based on what the community wants (e.g. a governance token), so this backing is crucial to price momentum.

Dogelon Mars Twitter

Listing on Major Exchanges

Finally, Dogelon Mars’ price is greatly affected by how accessible the token is. Naturally, if investors can quickly obtain the token through the best DeFi exchanges, it helps increase demand and liquidity. Assuming more listings can be achieved, this should see a ‘snowball effect’ take place, enabling ELON to generate traction in the market. 

Dogelon Mars Video Analysis

Is ELON the Best Coin to Buy in 2023?

As discussed throughout this Dogelon Mars price prediction, ELON remains a highly sought-after cryptocurrency, even after its dramatic fall from grace over the past year. However, can Dogelon Mars still be considered one of the best coins to buy in 2023?

Our answer is sure it is, but you may still want to consider other options that may be newer, and better in terms of utility. Here is one alternative that has a better chance of experiencing a surge this year:

Wall Street Memes – A Memecoin Inspired By Wall Street Bets

Wall Street Bets became a viral name in 2021 when this Reddit group of traders came together to “fight the man” and engineered a Gamestop short squeeze which pumped the price of the Gamestop stocks by more than 400 times.

Wall Street Memes aim to have the same “hold the line” attitude, but towards memecoins. Just like Wall Street Bets changed the stock market game. Wall Street Memes aims to create a community that can come together and mobilizes to bolster a value of a “useless” asset such as memecoin to create wealth for those who participate.

Wall Street Memes

The native token that is driving this ecosystem – WSM – has gathered a lot of followers within a relatively short period of time. Wall Street Memes’s official Twitter page has even had Elon Musk interact with it.

That interaction and the unique community drive to bring all memes together has bolstered the pace of Wall Street Meme’s presale. It has already raised more than $6 million to date.

Dogelon Mars Price Prediction – Conclusion

In summary, this article has presented our detailed Dogelon Mars price prediction, covering the token, how it works, and why it has generated so much traction in the market. Although the ELON crypto price is well below October 2021’s highs, the coin’s huge community backing provides a foundation for a potential future rebound.

On the other hand, investors may want to look into other options that feature both memecoin status and a pre-established community, like the project we mentioned above- Wall Street Memes. If you think that now is a good time to start investing in such a token, then check out the website and start stocking up on WSM tokens now.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) - Newest Meme Coin

Our Rating

Wall Street Memes
  • Community of 1 Million Followers
  • Experienced NFT Project Founders
  • Listed On OKX
  • Staking Rewards
Wall Street Memes


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