Cumrocket is a cryptocurrency that combines the benefits of meme coins with utility, making it an interesting option for investors.

In this article, we will discuss the Cumrocket price prediction for short- and long-term periods. We will closely examine the factors that influence the movement of the token’s price and the impact of market conditions on it in the future.

Cumrocket Price Prediction Summary

As with most meme coins, Cumrocket is highly volatile due to several factors. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend its unpredictable nature. In our analysis, we will explain the mitigating circumstances surrounding Cumrocket and present a prediction of its cryptocurrency price.

Below, we outline a summary of Cumrocket (CUMMIES) price prediction:

  • End of 2024: Although Cum rocket coin saw a lot of hype last year, its token value plummeted during crypto winter. As a result, we suspect the CUMMIES price will be around $0.0045 by the end of 2024.
  • End of 2025: By 2025, cryptocurrency may have achieved mainstream adoption. This would add value predominantly to Bitcoin and every other crypto. An optimistic Cumrocket price prediction for 2025 could be over $0.0067.
  • End of 2030: By 2030, the price of Cumrocket could soar to an all-time high of $0.0418. The platform is decentralizing the adult content industry and could boom in the coming years.
🌛 Coin Name CumRocket
💲 Price $0.0065220
🔆 Coin Symbol CUMMIES
⏳ Price Change 1h0.15%
🌕 Price Change 24h 10.1%
💵 Market Cap$8,611,862
🥇 Rank1170
🌐 24h Volume1170
🔄 Circulating Supply1,320,428,309
💰 Total Supply1,320,428,309

Cumrocket Coin Price History

Cumrocket price prediction

Cumrocket launched in April 2021 as a deflationary BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, just as Dogecoin was going to the moon and the sudden ecstasy around the best shitcoins was happening. Cumrocket was originally trading at modest levels and not spiking much.

However, it hit its all-time high in May 2021, increasing by 1200% in 5 days. Cumrocket experienced a significant increase in value of 350% after Elon Musk tweeted the cryptic message “Canada, USA, Mexico”. This message seemed to spell “CUM” using the first letters of each country. Following this tweet, Elon used rocket and droplets emojis, followed by a moon. Many on Twitter interpreted this as Elon’s endorsement of Cumrocket, and the coin’s value reached an all-time high of $0.2059.

However, as with most meme coins, the high price levels were unsustainable, and Cumrocket’s value decreased slowly over the months. Nevertheless, the coin experienced a small resurgence in June 2021, trading at $0.1466.

Later in the year, in October 2021, Cumrocket gained momentum, as this was when Shiba Inu was the latest meme coin to gain mainstream popularity. Cumrocket rallied behind this and went to a price of $0.08263, which is still nowhere near its all-time high earlier in April.

From the end of 2021 to August 2022, we have been in a downward spiral of negative market sentiment, which can be mainly attributed to the adverse macroeconomic environment globally, which, combined with geopolitical uncertainty, has led to a depressing economic outlook.

Cumrocket crypto All time price chart

Cumrocket Price Chart

 Cumrocket has lost over 90% of its value since its all-time high, and since its inception, its price has been stagnant.

The current circulating supply of CumRocket is $1.32 billion with a market capitalization of $3.86 million as of writing this article.

On January 30th, 2024, the price of CumRocket tokens was $0.00292 per token.

Below are the important dates concerning Cumrocket’s price history:

  • Cumrocket launched in April 2021
  • Cumrocket rallied by 350% thanks to Elon Musk
  • Cumrocket rebounded somewhat in October 2021 due to Shiba Inu
  • Cumrocket largely traded inside bearish zones in the latter half of 2022
  • The token’s performance in 2023 started the year at $0.0022, saw some gains, but ultimately dropped again.
  • On January 30th, 2024, CumRocket tokens were approximately $0.00292 per token.

Cumrocket Price Prediction 2024

While socio-economic conditions pushed the value of most tokens downward, people had hoped that tokens like Cumrocket would survive on the passive references made by the community and Elon Musk – but that didn’t come to pass.

After the massive retraces Cumrocket experienced in 2023, the token’s value dipped even further. It wasn’t able to capitalize on the rising interest in Bitcoin or even Elon Musk’s recent Twitter takeover.

The token opened in 2023 at $0.0022 before witnessing a mild upswing thanks to Bitcoin gaining more support. But that uptick was only marginal – not enough to make the crowd pay attention. As far as Cumrocket’s internet developments are concerned, developers have been very quiet about them. Despite this, the emergence of OnlyFans has provided some boost to Cumrocket’s value this year, but the impact has been minimal.

The lowest price ever paid for CUMMIES was $0.001425 on September 20, 2023.

Recent regulatory issues have pushed the value of CUMMIES further down. By the end of 2024, Cumrocker may reach a price of $0.0045 per token.

Cumrocket Price Prediction 2025

In this Cumrocket price prediction, we have assessed all of the permutations surrounding the Coin’s price. When we look at the highest-market-cap altcoins like Ethereum, for instance, 90% of DeFi is built on top of it, and over 80% of NFTs.

Cumrocket has integrated NFTs into their ecosystem, but they are now shifting their focus to their creator subscription site. Additionally, they are incorporating DeFi into their project, which allows investors to farm on Cumrocket and provide liquidity via PancakeSwap. This is a significant development for Cumrocket’s coin price.

Furthermore, DeFi is fast becoming one of the biggest players in crypto, as it aims to displace traditional finance. Cumrocket’s entry into the DeFi crypto space, as well as NFTs, is great foresight into the future.

When investors combine this with the fact that by 2025 onwards, crypto will be just about fully adopted into the mainstream and a part of our daily lives.

Cumrocket price prediction

With increased regulatory clarity, institutional investors are on board, and perhaps even more countries are adopting a Bitcoin standard, including El Salvador. Crypto, and all of the various segments of it, like NFTs and DeFi, will become the norm.

According to our analysis of Cumrocket price prediction, the coin could reach $0.0067 in 2025, which is greater than its current all-time high.

Cumrocket Price Prediction 2030

Cumrocket aims to provide a safe space for creators in the adult content industry. This enables creators to have full control of their work. This platform leverages its CUMMIES token, allowing fans to purchase adult content from their favorite actors. It is like a decentralized OnlyFans.

Furthermore, this led Cumrocket to have its own 18+ NFT marketplace, which allows for the decentralization of the pornography industry. This is significant for their goals and what they have set out to achieve.

CUMMIES’s utility and the success of a platform like OnlyFans make us believe that Cumrocket can achieve its mission to “champion, normalize, and democratize” adult content creation. By the decade’s end, we could see Cumrocket reach an all-time high of $0.0418.

What is Cumrocket Coin Used For?

Cumrocket has several use cases. Let’s explore the main reasons for using Cumrocket’s platform.

  • Cumrocket had a unique NFT marketplace where creators can monetize their adult content. The whole purpose of NFTs is to remove the middleman. Cumrocket leverages NFTs expertly to incentivise both the creator and fans to use Cumrocket NFTs to gain the full expertise of adult content. However, CumRocket is shifting its focus from NFTs to its creator subscription site.
  • DeFi is one of the largest segments of the greater crypto ecosystem. DeFi is a way in which many cryptocurrencies create demand for their token. DeFi is decentralised finance, which literally aims to democratise traditional finance, just as Cumrocket aims to democratise the adult entertainment industry. Investors can farm using Cumrocket by providing liquidity into the best DEX exchanges (decentralized exchanges), such as PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain, where CUMMIES is built.
  • Most, if not all,  lower-cap-market altcoins are used for speculation. Most people who stumble across Cumrocket will most likely think, “Get rich quick. ” Unfortunately, this is how most casual investors get burned in crypto. However, this is just what many people do when they dabble in meme coins, especially buying them, hoping for a pump and dump, generated via an Elon Musk tweet. Since it is down over 90% from its all-time highs, Cumrockket is trading at a discount, making it a potentially attractive proposition for investors.

What Drives the Price of Cumrocket?

Before investing in crypto, nas lean into any Cummies crypto price prediction, investors must know what drives the price of the chosen asset.


The meme coins economy, so to speak, is real, large, and powerful.

This is largely because many first-time investors, who perhaps have never heard about crypto but saw a tweet from Musk, led to purchase $10 worth of Dogecoin, for instance, just in case it blows up. Whether or not this is good for the overall health of the crypto ecosystem is another debate entirely, but it is important to understand that memes can impact the price of Cumrocket.

Read one of best meme coin Shiba Inu price forecast, to compare it with the prediction of this meme coin.

Market Sentiment

As we discussed earlier in the article, the current economic environment is unfavourable, which has a tremendous impact on the price of Cumrocket.

When we are in an economic drought, there is often a high sell-off, and unfortunately, small market-cap altcoins like Cumrocket face the brunt of this the worst. When there is an upward trend in the economy again and Bitcoin rises, due to the strong correlation between Bitcoin and altcoins, investors can rest assured that Cumrocket will go up.


Having a real-world use case behind an asset is a huge indicator of whether or not a particular project will succeed.

Cumrocket and its team have created a tokenomics statute that understands the premise of supply and demand. Through utility in DeFi, Cumrocket has created a real-world use case for its token.

Is Cumrocket Worth Investing in 2024?

While Cumrocket has a lot going for it, and its focus on adult content is something that many people would appreciate, many wouldn’t recommend it as the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2024. Adult content is a niche that can end up at the bad end of the hammer of regulation at any moment.

Our historical data shows that CumRocket has been profitable for the past 30 days, with 14 out of 30 days (47%) being green, indicating that it is a profitable investment option.

However, if you want a more family-friendly appeal, a better option could be Wall Street Memes, a meme coin that leverages the power of memes and community engagement to bring value to investors. The token bullishly states that it is a memecoin, a social token, and its only utility is as an investment asset.


In our Cumrocket price prediction, we’ve explored its use case and features. However, it may struggle to recover from its current bearish trend.

CumRocket’s historical range varies between its lowest point of $0.001425 on September 20, 2023, and its peak of $0.2885 on May 5, 2021, and any analysis of its future price considers its past range.

Please conduct your own research and be cautious when considering predictions.

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