In this guide, we list and review the cryptos with the most upside based on current trends. This will include a variety of digital currencies — from established large-cap projects to up-and-coming presales.

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Top Cryptos With the Biggest Upside

  1. Pepe Unchained — Layer 2 meme coin whose value could jump by 220% by the end of the year
  2. The Meme Games – Crypto with the most upside potential and excellent bonuses
  3. WienerAI — Promising meme token with AI technology and big upside for investors
  4. PlayDoge — Mobile-based play-to-earn (P2E) game offers staking opportunities and rewards
  5. Shiba Shootout – Crypto with the most upside potential and outstanding staking rewards
  6. Base Dawgz — A game-changing meme coin combining the latest technology with social rewards
  7. Mega Dice — Crypto with big upside, offers rewards token holders, including $2.2M Airdrops in three seasons
  8. 99Bitcoins — Popular learn-to-earn token with the most upside for investors
  9. Sponge V2 — An upgraded meme coin offers more utility and rewards through staking and a P2E game
  10. Bitcoin — Rock-solid and the most active crypto project
  11. Ethereum — De-facto smart contract blockchain for thousands of ERC-20 tokens

A Closer Look at the High-Risk High-Reward Crypto

To select a handful of projects from the many thousands on offer, we focused on a variety of risk profiles and upswings to ensure that crypto investors have a diversified and balanced portfolio.

Our top pick for the crypto with most upside is one currently on presale, not yet listed on exchanges — offering the most future upside.

1. Pepe Unchained — Layer 2 Meme Coin Whose Value Could Jump by 220%

Pepe Unchained is a meme coin that pays homage to one of the most popular memes – Pepe the Frog. However, this coin differs from Pepe as it uses layer-2 technology. This technology enables it to provide 100x faster transactions than Ethereum, lower fees, and double staking rewards. On that note, $PEPU holders will be able to earn staking rewards that come with a large APY, which currently stands at 15,770%.

During the presale, its developers will try to raise enough funds to develop a native Layer-2 network that will be bridged with ETH. Once this network goes live, it could revolutionize the meme coin space, which is why Pepe Unchained found its place on our cryptos with the most upside list.

Its total supply stands at eight billion tokens, of which 20% will go towards the presale, 30% towards staking, and 10% towards project development and its L2 network. $PEPU token currently trades at $0.0083926, while its value could jump by 220% once it gets listed.

2. The Meme Games – Crypto With the Most Upside Potential and Excellent Bonuses

cryptos with the most upside - The Meme Games

If you are trying to find the best upside crypto, check out The Meme Games. The project offers the opportunity to compete, engage, and win bonuses during one of this year’s most entertaining presales. 

Participants choose one of the five popular meme coin characters (Pepe, Brett, Dogecoin, DogWifHat, and Turbo) to compete, and the winner receives a 25% token bonus. So far, Pepe has won 16 times, Dogecoin 10, DogWifHat and Brett 5 times each, and Turbo 4 times. 

Buying the token is easy, and the payment methods include BNB, ETH, USDT, and bank cards. The current price of $MGMES is $0.009, but the price is set to increase. 

The total token supply is 2,024,000,000. 38% of it is allocated to the presale, 17.70% to project funds, 15% to marketing, and 9.30% to game winnings. Liquidity and staking each receive 10%. The project has raised more than $161,000 so far. 

3. WienerAI — Promising Meme Token With AI Technology and Big Upside for Investors

cryptos with the most upside - wienerai

WienerAI ($WAI) is an innovative AI token merging AI, crypto trading, and community loyalty. It offers a user-friendly interface and predictive technology, which is massively helpful for beginner traders.

WienerAI’s technology includes AI-enhanced trading, seamless swaps, and protection against front-running bots, all with zero fees. It operates on the Ethereum Network and is centered around the $WAI token.

You can invest in the token for only $0.00073, and the project has raised over $7.3 million so far.

4. PlayDoge — Mobile-Based Play-to-Earn Game Offers Staking Opportunities and Rewards

crypto with most upside - playdoge

PlayDoge is a mobile game in which players can earn $Play tokens while playing. They need to take care of their Doge and complete mini-games.

With the rapid growth of the global video game market and the increasing popularity of play-to-earn games, PlayDoge can become crypto with biggest upside, or the highest upside cryptocurrency offering bonus $PLAY tokens with high returns for investors.

Players can enjoy a variety of mini-games within the PlayDoge app, featuring 2D 8-bit graphics similar to the classic Tamagotchi. These games evoke a sense of 90s nostalgia.

Out of the total token supply of $9.4 billion, $4.7 billion is allocated to the presale. The presale debuted successfully, raising $380k in the first two days and $5.6 million in total to this day.

Staking is now available on both the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH). The token will be deployed on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, making it multichain with the option to bridge between each chain.

You can stay updated with the latest news by visiting PlayDoge on Twitter and Telegram.

5. Shiba Shootout – Crypto With the Most Upside Potential And Outstanding Staking Rewards

cryptos with most upside - shiba shootout

Shiba Shootout is the biggest upside crypto that combines strategy, creativity, and cowboy style. It focuses on community engagement through features like meme battles, storytelling sessions, and government roundups.

The ongoing presale has been successful so far, raising over $628k out of its goal of $1,244,987. Early investors may take advantage of the low price of $0.0195 and buy tokens now, as this is one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies currently.

Out of the 2.2 billion token supply, 20%, or 440 million tokens, is allocated to staking. Staking rewards will be distributed over two years at a rate of 2,268%, with 125.5 $SHIBASHOOT tokens awarded per ETH block.

The project has become immensely popular due to its many exciting features. Namely, users can win many crypto prizes by participating in the ‘Lucky Lasso Lottery’ system and some additional tokens by referring a friend through the project’s referral program.

Crypto enthusiasts can join the’ Campfire Stories’ groups to share their experiences and interact with each other.

6. Base Dawgz — A Game-Changing Meme Coin Combining the Latest Technology With Social Rewards

cryptos with most upside - base dawgz

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is a project inspired by the Shiba Inu phenomenon and the adventure of extreme sports. It became extremely popular immediately after the presale launch, and there’s a reason why.

It can be traded, stored, and claimed in five different blockchains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Solana. This functionality of the project leads to its very broad community.

Base Dawgz uses cutting-edge technology and prioritizes strong security. It also offers social rewards. Specifically, it rewards users who create and share content about Base Dawgz with points that can be replaced for real tokens.

Based on the project’s tokenomics, the token is focused on long-term growth. In fact, it has proportionally distributed all 8,453,000,000 tokens to stabilize the $DAWGZ economy. Staking is another possibility, allowing investors to increase their passive income.

Base Dawgz’s roadmap is clear and includes achievable milestones. Thus, the project shows great potential as a high-risk, high-reward crypto investment.

7. Mega Dice — Crypto With Big Upside, Offers Rewards Token Holders, Including $2.2M Airdrops

cryptos with most upside - mega dice

Mega Dice is one of the top brands in the crypto casino space and a cryptocurrency with most upside.

With the introduction of $DICE, this Solana-based token utilizes the blockchain’s high-speed and low-cost features to offer perfect gaming and gambling experience. It has a total supply of 420 million, and 35% is for presale.

There is already an established casino community for this token. is a popular web casino, and Telegram Casino has a strong following of players. The casino ecosystem offers exclusive rewards and incentives, and with $2.2 million in airdrops, this token is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies today.

Mega Dice introduces daily rewards for $DICE holders with staked tokens based on Mega Dice Casino’s performance. Moreover, $DICE holders can also enjoy a 25% rev-share through the Mega Dice Referral Program, a potential avenue for significant growth and profitability.

Up to this day, Mega Dice has raised over $1.6 million, and its current price is $0.09093.

cryptos with most upside - 99bitcoins

99Bitcoins, a cryptocurrency platform with over 700,000 members, recently launched the $99BTC coin, quickly becoming a popular crypto with the most upside potential.

Reasons for that are the innovative learn-to-earn model that rewards individuals for learning about cryptocurrency, interacting with educational resources, finishing quizzes, and engaging in interactive learning modules, making learning about cryptocurrency informative and rewarding.

There is growing interest in a particular token, thanks to a guide provided by 99Bitcoins, which helps newcomers navigate the world of BRC-20. They are bridging the token with plate number 99BTC onto BRC-20, unlocking new possibilities as Bitcoin becomes more widely adopted.

Users can earn $99BTC tokens, which offer a passive income opportunity through its staking mechanism. Additionally, it supports multichain capability through Ethereum and BSC, providing increased flexibility for staking.

Read the 99Bitcoins whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for more information.

9. Sponge V2 — An Upgraded Meme Coin Offers More Utility and Rewards Through Staking and a P2E Game

cryptos with most upside - sponge v2

Sponge V2 is an upgraded version of the Sponge meme coin that offers more utility and rewards. It’s based on the Stake-to-Bridge model, which allows users to transition from Sponge V1 to V2 by staking their original tokens. One of the most significant upgrades in Sponge V2 is the addition of a play-to-earn (P2E) game. This new gaming platform provides an engaging environment for players to use their V2 tokens, earn more tokens, and enhance their interaction with the Sponge ecosystem.

SPONGE V2 has set its total token supply at 150 billion. A huge portion of the supply will go towards staking rewards and the P2E gaming ecosystem, encouraging active participation and improving the utility of tokens.

Investors can capitalize on SPONGE V2 by purchasing and staking V1 tokens or swapping them for V2 tokens. More than $19,2 billion in SPONGEV2 tokens have already been staked on the V2 smart contract.

If the original $SPONGE experienced 100x growth in 2023, SPONGE V2 could surpass this milestone, becoming the crypto with the biggest upside over the long run, attracting bigger investments.

10. Bitcoin — Rock-Solid and the Most Active Crypto Project

cryptos with most upside - bitcoin

It will likely come as no surprise to see Bitcoin on our list of the crypto with the most upside. Although Bitcoin already carries a large market capitalization, it’s important that this digital currency has seen a valuation decline in line with the rest of the industry.

After all, the crypto market moves in prolonged bear and bull cycles, which, for seasoned investors, offers the opportunity to buy the dip when prices are down. For instance, those who bought Bitcoin at its previous all-time high of just under $71,000 will, at the time of writing, be looking at a 70% loss — were they to cash out.

However, those looking to buy Bitcoin right now are essentially looking at a 70% discount. Should Bitcoin eventually return to its previous all-time high, there is a medium-term upside of over 240% at current pricing levels. Moreover, due to its large-cap valuation and status as the de-facto cryptocurrency of choice, Bitcoin offers some much-needed volatility.

That is to say, while up-and-coming projects like Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, Lucky Block, and DeFi Coin potentially offer huge upside swings, these digital currencies carry a lot more risk than Bitcoin. This is because they still have small valuations, and similar to conventional growth stocks, it might take time for these projects to truly blossom.

11. Ethereum — De-Facto Smart Contract Blockchain for Thousands of ERC-20 Tokens

cryptos with most upside - ethereum

While Ethereum doesn’t get the same global attention as Bitcoin, this crypto project has held its own since its launch in 2015. Other than a very slight moment when the digital currency was overtaken by XRP, Ethereum has remained the second-largest crypto token by market capitalization—and for good reason.

Some of the most successful projects that have opted for the Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 framework include Maker, Shiba Inu, Chainlink, Decentraland, Basic Attention Token, and Sandbox.

After all, ERC-20 token transactions require the sender to pay fees in ETH. This means that ETH has a real-world use case, and thus — the token continues to increase in demand. Investing in ETH at current pricing levels also offers the opportunity to enter the market at an attractive discount.

As of writing, Ethereum appears to have solidified in a consolidation period at around the $1,500-1,600 level. Compared to its previous all-time high of nearly $5,000, this offers a discount of approximately 70%. Just like Bitcoin, this offers a notable upside in the medium term, with a return to its former peak requiring an upswing of over 220%.

How to Find Crypto With the Highest Upside

Did you know that the best crypto VC firms try to find the top cryptos with the most upside? Still looking for the cryptos with the highest upside? If so, consider the tips below in selecting a cryptocurrency with the most upside swing.

Market Capitalization

If the overarching aim is to invest in crypto with the biggest upside, then it might be worth exploring projects that carry a small market capitalization. In doing so, this will offer the opportunity to target sizable growth.


Crypto presales are highly sought-after in this space, as projects offer their native token at a discounted price for early investors. The idea is that once the token launches on a public exchange, an immediate upside is on offer.

Buy the Dip

Another way to choose the best high-risk cryptocurrency is to consider entering the market once a bear cycle has ended.

For example, in the current bear market, Bitcoin and Ethereum are available to purchase at a huge 70% discount compared to their prior all-time highs.


In conclusion, seasoned traders will argue that crypto bear markets offer an excellent opportunity to build a portfolio of tokens on the cheap. This market insight ranked each crypto with the most upside, considering a variety of factors and risk-reward profiles.


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