Volatility and speculation are two metrics are that synonymous with crypto trading. With that said, even during the current bear market, there are still opportunities to make notable gains.

In this guide, we discuss crypto that will make you rich, according to industry analysts.

The Crypto That Could Make You Rich This Year

According to sell-side analysts in the blockchain arena, the list below offers insight into cryptos that might make you rich:

  1. Wall Street Memes — Hugely popular and exciting meme coin that has raised over $17.5 million in presale funding in just eight weeks. This milestone and WSM’s massive following distinguish it as a crypto that will make you rich.
  2. yPredict — Innovative crypto that could make you rich through its AI- and machine learning-powered financial predictions. More than $3.1 million has been raised in the $YPRED presale.
  3. Launchpad XYZ — Top crypto that could make you rich through specialized, user-friendly access to Web3 space. The presale has now raised around $1.2 million
  4. AiDoge – Real utility crypto with the most potential to make you rich. Besides meme voting, it offers rewards to both voters and meme makers and staking options for additional earnings and taking part in platform governance. Now available on exchanges.
  5. DeeLance – Advanced presale crypto focused on creating an intermediary-free freelance sector. Low fees and commissions placed it in the ranks of leading Web2 digital recruiters – more than $1.6 million has been raised in the presale so far.
  6. Lucky Block – Crypto-Centric Casino and Sportsbook with 200% Matched First Deposit
  7. Tamadoge – Virtual Pet NFTs With Real-World Rewards for Gaming
  8. Bitcoin – Leading Crypto to Hold and Accumulate Over the Course of Time
  9. Stellar – Undervalued Crypto Asset With Huge Upside Potential
  10. Ethereum – Huge Potential for the World’s Leading Smart Contract Ecosystem

A Closer Look at the Cryptos That Will Make You Rich

When assessing the best crypto that will make you rich, it is important to remember that the digital asset market offers no guarantees of profit. On the contrary, many cryptocurrencies lose value and will ultimately never recover. 

Therefore, in this section, we analyze the cryptocurrency that will make you rich, according to a range of experts in this field.

1. Wall Street Memes – Top Meme Coin That Could Make Your Rich

Securing the leading position on our list of top cryptos that could make you rich, Wall Street Memes is one of the newest meme coins in the market. Riding the momentum cryptocurrencies of this type have enjoyed recently, it has swiftly skyrocketed to popularity.

The project raised around $100,000 minutes after its presale launch and has shown no signs of stopping, with more than $17.5 million now raised in eight weeks.

Once it officially launches, the total supply of Wall Street Memes tokens will be available to the public, making it a more attractive investment.

The reasons behind Wall Street Memes’ success are many. Firstly, the project comes from an established brand known as Wall St Memes. Its creators gained fame after launching an NFT collection that triggered an unprecedented bull run in 2021. Thanks to the retail investors’ frenzied interest in blockchain assets, over 10,000 original non-fungible tokens sold out in just over half an hour.

Wall St Bulls developers took advantage of this wave of popularity, creating a brand with a broad reach on social media. Their online presence and anti-capitalist mission quickly drew supporters worldwide. The following grew at a rapid pace, counting more than a million followers by the time the team decided to launch another project.

While the entire community contributed to WSM’s publicity, one of its members played a vital role in promoting the network. We’re referring to Elon Musk, the figure behind other prevalent meme price surges, like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. The billionaire tech mogul tweeted about Wall Street Memes less than a week into its presale, helping the project to raise even more money.

Its whitepaper reveals an elaborate roadmap of future developments, check WSM’s Telegram and other socials for the latest news.

Presale started May 26, 2023
Purchase methods ETH, USDT, BNB, card
Chain Ethereum
Hard cap  $30,577,000
Min investment 100 $WSM
Max investment N/A

2. yPredict – AI-Powered Predictions Crypto That Could Make You Rich

yPredict, the self-proclaimed all-in-one AI-powered ecosystem, makes another strong showing on our list. Experts attribute the sudden surge in popularity to the problem yPredict addresses — financial market unpredictability.

The project, which provides a range of tools and data to help traders and investors maximize their profitability, has now raised more than $3.1 million in its presale.

yPredict PhD-level AI developers offer solutions that deliver consistent ROI

Namely, algorithms and bots that enable modern trading constantly change the price structure of cryptocurrencies. They’ve grown so sophisticated and complex that even financial experts have trouble keeping up with their behavior and predicting changes in the market. These circumstances force modern traders to rely on news, social media, and other unreliable sources for their investments.

yPredict creators address this issue through a blockchain-based platform with AI-driven prediction tools. According to its whitepaper, this crypto project leverages the patent-pending pattern recognition algorithm to identify bearish and bullish movements in the market. They collect data and send trading signals to users on the platform. When combined with the platform’s sentiment and technical analyses, these statistics provide all the insight one needs to make profitable investments at any time.

Besides its financial research, yPredict also offers tokenized value. Its native coin, YPRED, is Polygon Matic chain-based token with utility and staking capabilities. Holders get free access to the platform’s unique metrics, and stakers earn APYs. This investment potential, combined with yPredict’s lack of fixed liquidity, made it an obvious choice for our crypto that could make you rich

If you’re sold, you can join yPredict’s community today. Its Telegram channel can help you stay in the loop.

Presale Started February 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, Card
Chain Polygon
Hard Cap $6,507,511
Min Investment 200 $YPRED
Max Investment None

3. Launchpad XYZ – Crypto That Could Make You Rich Through Web3-Based Capital Allocation

Launchpad XYZ is a newly-established Ethereum-based project. Its creator, Terence Ribaudo, intended to make the complex Web3 universe accessible to broad audiences. This idea sparked so much interest among crypto enthusiasts that the platform raised over $100,000 in presale in the first three minutes of going live.

The project has now raised around $1.2 million with interest and investment in the project remaining high.

Launchpad XYZ’s dashboard will help you explore Web 3.0 from every angle

The reason many seem to agree this crypto could make you rich stems from the value of Web3. The next-gen internet will be a decentralized space with far wider capabilities than its predecessors. It’ll offer a secure, permissionless environment for launching projects across diverse verticals. Until now, the technical know-how and skills have been a barrier for many participants. However, Launchpad XYZ strives to change that with the help of distributed ledger technology.

Its whitepaper claims it will be the only solution in the “battleground of protocols and platforms” to provide access to all parts of Web3. Its user-oriented dashboard will offer all the tools and materials necessary for traders, investors, analysts, and other crypto aficionados to explore and leverage the internet of the future. 

On top of that, users will be able to unlock a series of in-house features by purchasing, holding, and staking Launchpad’s official ERC-20 token, LPX. They’ll have access to new presales, the latest NFT and cryptocurrency analytics and trends, an exchange system, a Web3 wallet, a trading terminal, a P2E hub, and so on.

The only major obstacle standing in their way will be the long roadmap that comes with this system. If that’s not an issue for you, hop over to Launchpad’s Telegram and explore all this project has in store.

Presale Started April 2023
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, Transak
Chain Polygon
Hard Cap $12.5 million
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

4. AiDoge – Innovative Crypto That Combines AI With Meme Generation Technology

AiDoge has great potential to explode in the near future, and the main reason for that is its unique combination of AI and memes. Other coins have taken a similar route and boomed, including Pepe Coin, SingularityNET, and Conflux. However, these are either meme coins with little to no utility or serious platforms with AI capabilities. 

AiDoge combines both niches, giving it more chances to skyrocket for the sheer innovativeness of the platform. It covers both by allowing holders to create memes using AI. The technology behind it is based on written prompts, meaning you only need to write what you want the AI to develop, and it will. 

AiDoge Crypto

The platform gives you an incentive to use the system as much as possible and to master written prompts, as the best monthly memes get more rewards in the form of $AI tokens, the AiDoge’s native token. 

The voting system is embedded into the platform, and other holders also have an incentive to vote, which leads to small rewards. As the project’s whitepaper shows, the Public Wall allows everyone to view and sort AI-generated memes and vote on them. 

All of this makes AiDoge one-of-a-kind since other similar coins, for instance, Arb Doge AI, don’t have a real utility that can be both exciting and rewarding for token holders. 

If this utility is not enough, AiDoge’s road map includes staking. In other words, the founders plan to add staking capabilities to allow holders to stake part of their portfolio and earn additional tokens. Staking also unlocks premium features, like special contests and new templates. 

The project sold out its $14.9 million presale hard cap in just four weeks before pumping on exchanges, where it is now available.

AiDoge’s founders are unknown, but as this is the case with almost all meme coins and many other successful cryptocurrencies, it shouldn’t be an issue. Even the founder of the king of crypto is unknown, and as we all know, Bitcoin was created some 15 years ago – join the Telegram community to get the latest scoop. 

Presale Started April 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB, credit card
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $14,900,000
Min Investment 38,461 $Ai
Max Investment None

5. DeeLance – Exciting New Presale Revolutionizing the Freelance Economy

deelance logoDeeLance is set to revolutionize the world of recruitment and freelancing, making it one of the cryptos that could make you rich in 2023.

The project, which has just launched its presale, will utilize blockchain technology to make the recruiting process quicker, more efficient and more transparent for employers and potential employees.

deelance key features

DeeLance will have a visible feedback system so that recruiters can easily find high quality and reliable candidates and freelancers can avoid bad actors.

The project will also cut out the need for intermediaries, which stunts the earning potential of freelancers, as well as offer lower fees and commissions than its leading Web2 rivals.

Payments will be held in secure escrows and released when work is completed to the agreed brief, guaranteeing fast and secure payment and meaning the need to chase funds is over.

With payment in DLANCE tokens, remuneration will also be near-instant and not subject to currency exchange fees or commissions.

To further ensure security and avoid any other potential issues – such as payment fraud or copyright violations – all completed work will be turned into NFTs and housed on the blockchain.

DeeLance will go a step further than traditional recruiting firms by also operating its own metaverse. Users can find job opportunities, network and collaborate in the metaverse, as well as buy virtual plots of land and build offices to hold meetings or advertise their services on billboards.

The DLANCE presale is one of the best crypto ICOs and is now available for $0.048, with 30% of the 1 billion max supply available with no vesting period and a hard cap of $6.8 million.

The price of tokens will rise to $0.05 in the sixth and final stage – more than $1.6 million has been raised so far with a referral program also available.

DeeLance has been developed by a doxxed and KYC-verified team, with more info available in the whitepaper or on the Telegram group.

Presale Started March 30
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Purchase $10
Max Purchase N/A

6. Lucky Block – Crypto-Centric Casino and Sportsbook with 200% Matched First Deposit

Blockchain-based gambling is another high-growth area to focus on when exploring the best crypto that will make you rich.

Lucky Block stands out in this regard, with the platform offering a crypto-centric casino and sportsbook via a single platform.

Lucky Block Neosurf Casino Online

Unlike traditional gambling sites, Lucky Block supports anonymous accounts that do not require any KYC.

Moreover, instead of waiting days on end for withdrawals to process, Lucky Block is revolutionizing the space by offering instant payouts.

Not only that, but Lucky Block offers access to thousands of classic casino games across multiple variations, from roulette, blackjack, and craps to slots, live dealers, and crypto dice.

New players also get a 200% matched first deposit (up to 10,000 EUR) and 50 free spins on leading slots game Dead or a Wild.

To invest in the broader Lucky Block project, it is possible to purchase its native token – LBLOCK, from both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Some market analysts argue that LBLOCK is the most undervalued crypto to buy right now, considering that the digital asset is trading at a 90% discount from its pre-bear market heights.

7. Tamadoge – Virtual Pet NFTs with Real-World Rewards for Gaming

Tamadoge had one of the most successful crypto presales of 2022, raising nearly $20 million in just two months of campaign funding.

Its underlying token – TAMA, then went on to generate post-presale gains of nearly 20x after being listed on exchanges.


Fortunately for those that missed out, the price of TAMA is now available at a major discount, as per the bear market, although it has shown huge signs of potential in the early part of 2023.

TAMA tokens have skyrocketed in the last week, up 120%, after the project revealed  they would be listed on a tier one CEX from April 27.

For those new to Tamadoge, the project is building a play-to-earn gaming arena that is loosely similar to Tamagotchi. This is because Tamadoge players are required to create, breed, train, and care for their virtual pets.

But unlike Tamagotchi, Tamadoge is built on the blockchain and as such, players are rewarded in crypto. Rewards can be earned in a number of different ways, such as entering battles with other players.

Each pet within the Tamadoge gaming ecosystem is owned by the player and backed by an NFT. This means that each pet – based on its strengths, can be traded on the open marketplace.

Tamadoge has also recently released five Tamadoge Arcade games and appointed a new CEO and Head of Gaming.

With market conditions expected to improve and its main game on the way, TAMA is expected to be one of the top coins in the next bull run.

8. Bitcoin – Leading Crypto to Hold and Accumulate Over the Course of Time

Not only is Bitcoin the best-performing crypto asset of all time, but it remains the most valuable in terms of market capitalization. Some industry analysts will argue that the upside potential of Bitcoin is somewhat limited when compared to some of the best altcoins discussed today.

However, all crypto portfolio allocations need some solidity to ensure that the investment risk is reduced in the long run. As of writing, Bitcoin is trading in the $22-23,000 region, which many would argue offers an attractive long-term upside. This is because, at current pricing points, Bitcoin is trading at almost 70% below its prior all-time high.

bitcoin price chart

This means that by loading up on Bitcoin right now – investors could be looking at an upside of over 200%, should the world’s leading crypto asset return to its former peak of $69,000. Moreover, when the next crypto bull market eventually returns, some analysts believe that Bitcoin could surpass the $100,000 level.

9. Stellar – Undervalued Crypto Asset With Huge Upside Potential 

Launched in 2014, not only is Stellar one of the most established crypto assets in this space, but it already commands a market capitalization of over $2 billion, as of writing. With that being said, even at its current valuation, many would argue that Stellar is one of the best cryptos to invest in today.

The reason for three-fold. First and foremost, the underlying technology that backs Stellar is super-efficient. Its blockchain can handle over 1,500 transactions per second, with fees usually costing a tiny fraction of a cent. Transactions rarely take more than 4-5 seconds to process, too.

stellar lumens price chart

Stellar is also a notable crypto asset to consider based on the partnerships it has already formed. To name just two, this includes global multinationals like IBM and MoneyGram. Moreover, Stellar is trading well below its prior all-time highs, which means that during the next bull market, this cryptocurrency could see sizable growth.

10. Ethereum – Huge Potential for the World’s Leading Smart Contract Ecosystem 

Ethereum is the final project to consider on this list of the best crypto that will make you rich. Ethereum is also an established project – founded in 2015. It has its own native digital currency – ETH, which remains the second-largest in terms of market capitalization.

ETH has unprecedented use cases in this marketplace, considering the sheer number of other crypto projects that are built on top of the Ethereum framework. Notable examples include Tether, USD Coin, Shiba Inu, Uniswap, Chainlink, ApeCoin, and thousands of others.

ethereum price chart

Crucially, whenever a transaction takes place via a project built on top of Ethereum, this must be paid in ETH. This is why ETH is all but certain to remain in demand over the course of time. Right now, ETH can be purchased at a huge discount, considering broader bear market conditions. Compared to its prior all-time high, ETH is trading at nearly a 70% discount.

How to Find the Cryptos That Could Make You Rich

Still asking yourself “What crypto will make me rich”? Some crypto enthusiasts have started using the best crypto courses to learn how to pinpoint cryptos with the most upside potential in 2023.

The most challenging aspect of the digital asset investment scene is knowing which crypto projects have the best chance possible of exploding. By this, we mean witnessing a sizable upside in value in a short period of time.

In this section, we help clear the mist by exploring the most effective ways to evaluate the best crypto that will make you rich.

Roadmap and Long-Term Potential 

We would argue that the best way to find crypto projects that could make you rich is to initially focus on the product itself. By this, we mean assessing the key objectives of the project and what solutions it has to existing problems.

  • For example, Wall Street Memes wants to revolutionize the meme world by creating a network that aims to fight capitalist tendencies to manipulate the market. 
  • WSM boasts a growing one-million-strong community of crypto enthusiasts that is instrumental in advertising the project and attracting investors.
  • Wall Street Memes’ rewarding system promises a multitude of NFT airdrops, exclusive content, and interactive events, offering users the potential to generate passive income with ease.

Token Utility  

Another hugely important step to take when exploring crypto that will make you rich is whether or not the underlying token has actual real-world utility.

In many cases, new crypto projects enter the market without any utility at all. This is why so many projects are labeled as meme coins.

This isn’t, however, the case with the 11 best utility tokens that we discussed on this page. Ultimately, if the chosen crypto token has real-world utility, this gives it the best chance possible of remaining in demand over the course of time. If it does, then there is every chance that the value of the token will continue to rise indefinitely.

Entry Price  

Getting in on a new crypto project early offers a hugely effective way to secure notable gains. This is no different from buying a stock during the IPO stage.

In the case of crypto, early investments can be secured via a presale campaign, such as the ones currently being offered by Wall Street Memes, AiDoge, yPredict, and DeeLance.

The aforementioned projects all have one common denominator – investors can buy the underlying token at the best price possible. After all, once the chosen crypto finishes its presale, it will likely list on an exchange at a higher price.

$WSM, for instance, increases in price until it reaches $0.0337 at the end of the presale.

Market Capitalization   

Another core metric to evaluate when searching for the best crypto that will make you rich is market capitalization.

At one end of the scale, projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum already command a market capitalization of many billions of dollars. And thus the upside will be limited when compared to smaller projects.

In comparison, some of the crypto presales discussed today — such as Wall Street Memes, AiDoge, yPredict, and DeeLance — will eventually list on exchanges with a modest market capitalization of several million dollars.

This means that the respective projects have every chance of generating unprecedented growth in the coming years.


After searching the market for crypto that will make you rich, we found that there are some notable projects to consider. Rather than going all-in on a single project, it makes sense to diversify across multiple crypto assets to ensure that long-term risk is reduced.

With that said, we found that overall, Wall Street Memes and its $WSM token potentially offer the most lucrative opportunity in today’s market.

It raised more than $17.5 million in just eight weeks since its presale started.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) - Newest Meme Coin

Our Rating

Wall Street Memes
  • Community of 1 Million Followers
  • Experienced NFT Project Founders
  • Listed On OKX
  • Staking Rewards
Wall Street Memes


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