The cryptocurrency industry has grown at an extraordinary rate over the last few years. Coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have grown at astonishing rates over the last decade, rewarding early investors. A coin that has flown under the radar of many crypto analysts, and is currently in its infant stage – with a $36.7m market cap – is Pitbull Coin. It has experienced strong growth, rising over 600% since July 2021 – not a bad 1-year return!

If readers don’t want to miss out on this high-growth opportunity, then read on for our full article on how to buy Pitbull Coin today. We are going to cover all necessary information that investors would require, starting with digging deeper into what the crypto is and the best places to buy it, before concluding with a full guide on how to set up a account to buy Pitbull Coin.

How to Buy Pitbull Crypto – Quick Steps

Before we start our guide, we are going to take a quick-fire look at how users can set up a account and buy Pitbull coin. This process is super easy and is condensed into the four steps below. We will cover these steps in much more detail later in the article so don’t worry if this seems brief.

  • Step 1: Set up account – The first step is to visit the Bitstamp website and follow the onscreen instructions to set up an account. You will need an email and password here.
  • Step 2: Verify account – Once you have set up an account you must verify it before adding funds. This can be done by providing some valid forms of government ID.
  • Step 3: Add funds – Once you have verified your account you can add funds using a variety of payment methods. These funds will be used to buy Pitbull coin.
  • Step 4: Buy Pitbull Coin – Use the search bar to find Pitbull Coin. Click on the ‘Trade’ button and fill out an order form. Select how much Pitbull coin you wish to buy and then execute the transaction to add the coin to your portfolio.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

Where to Buy Pitbull Coin

With the cryptocurrency industry having over a $2 trillion market cap, there are a plethora of brokers out there, all offering unique services to customers. Due to the high amount of providers, it can be tough trying to choose the best crypto exchange to fit all investment needs. To save readers the time and hassle of researching themselves, we have come up with our top two best places for where to buy Pitbull Coin in 2023.

We will cover each broker in-depth, including fees, ease of use, user experience, and much more. We will also provide pros and cost list as well as a fee breakdown table for users’ convenience.

1. – Our number one broker pick to buy Pitbull coin. logoOur number one broker to buy PIT crypto at is It gives users access to a whopping 250 of the best new cryptocurrencies. This has made it one of the most popular crypto exchanges on the market, with over 50 million users globally. In addition to this, charges no deposit fee. While this is a great point, users should note that charges pretty hefty commission fees of 2.99%, which is much more expensive than other brokers. ExchangeF

The platform recently announced an NFT integration into the site, which has really enhanced the user experience. NFTs have exploded in value over the past 18 months, proving a prized asset for investors. The fact that offers one of the best NFT marketplaces alongside over 250 cryptos is great for those wishing to build heavily diversified portfolios. If readers are interested in NFTs then why not check out our page on how to buy NFTs. also offers a staking ability on some of its cryptos. What this means is that users can ‘lock away’ their crypto, usually for three to six months, while uses it to validate transactions. In return, users earn interest on cryptos starting anywhere from 5% to 15%, which can be a great passive income source for a portfolio. review

Users can also earn cashback on purchases by using a physical Visa card. These work at selected retailers and can generate up to 8% cashback on transactions. This cashback is added back to users’ portfolios in the form of cryptos.

Fee Breakdown:

Deposit fee Free
Commission 2.99%
Fee to buy $100 PIT $2.99


  • NFT availability on the same site
  • 250+ cryptos including Pitbull Coin
  • Free deposits
  • Earn interest on crypto by staking
  • Cashback using card


  • 99% trading commissions
  • Too basic for technical analysis

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

2. Binance – Trade over 600 cryptocurrencies with Binance.

binance logoOur second-best place to buy PIT coin at is Binance. Like, Binance offers a huge selection of coins – over 600 to be exact. This is one of the reasons why it has become one of the world’s most popular exchanges, with tens of millions of users. It also has an NFT integration feature where users can buy BNB coin to invest in NFTs. Therefore, it’s a great option for those wanting to trade a variety of digital assets all under one account.

Binance is great as it offers two account types based on users’ expertise levels. The first account is more basic and lets users check their wallets to see how their coins are performing. The second more advanced account does the same thing; however, it lets users trade with more technical indicators which can be great for predicting future price moves.

When it comes to fees, Binance is a better choice than as it charges only 0.5% commission. However, it charges much higher deposit fees of 4.5% on credit card deposits, which should be noted by users.

binance mobile app

Considering security, Binance is a great choice. It offers a number of high-end security protocols for its wallets, including two-factor authentication, private keys, and human verification upon account entry. There are also more advanced security measures embedded into the wallets. Therefore, users can rest assured that their funds will be safe when trading with Binance.

Deposit fee 4.5%
Commission 0.5%
Fee to buy $100 PIT $0.5


  • 500+ crypto pairs
  • NFT integration
  • Beginner and advanced options
  • 5% commission
  • High security


  • 5% credit card deposit fee
  • Not available worldwide

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

What is Pitbull Crypto?

Pitbull is a decentralised auto-staking token. Since the start of its creation, it had its ownership renounced and its LP burnt which means that there are no developer wallets, no control of contact, no control of liquidity, or any other centralised power. This makes it a truly decentralised asset.

The token’s roadmap is split into three stages: Phase 1,2 and 3. Currently, in stage one, the platform has undertaken its website branding and been audited by a credible company. It has also been listed on price indexing sites like CMC, FTX, and Coingecko. In addition to this, the platform has started to build relationships with crypto YouTubers and influencers to help grow the brand in the future. Finally, there is a multi-sig community crypto wallet, and donations to animal shelters have been made as part of the mission.

In the second phase, the platform plans to launch official Pitbull NFTs and collectible cards. In addition to this, it plans to become listed on the Coinbase asset tracker, which will help push the coin to a wider audience. As part of the second stage, the token will undertake listings on LunarCrush, IndoEx, CoinTiger, and WhiteBit. The final part of this second phase involves PitCharts and PitTracker launching beta editions, which will help holders track their Pitbull coin.

In phase three, it will undertake donations to major CEXs and launch the first edition of its whitepaper. There will also be a listing on the Hotbit Exchange. The platform also plans to list a second token called LA Token in this stage. There will be a number of other exchange listings but the most important development in stage three seems to be the start of interviews with major crypto media agencies. This should help push the coin to a much bigger market and could result in favorable growth.

There are also a host of other cool features on the way, including the launch of PitMag, a unique communication media platform with a unique concept. Further Tier 1 exchange listings will follow, alongside a series of marketing pushes and NFT collaborations.

Why Buy Pitbull Coin?

Before investors buy any asset, it is important that they conduct the necessary research beforehand, in order to make sure they are fully aware of the risks and potential downside of the investment. This can be pretty time-consuming, so to help readers avoid the hassle, we have comprised a list of five things we like about the Pitbull coin below:

Decentralised asset

Pitbull token is a decentralised asset. This means that there is no central controlling entity in charge of it. Rather, it is community-run and all transactions are stored on the blockchain. This makes it inherently safer and more secure than traditional payments architecture as all transactions are 100% traceable. This is a great perk for the coin and should enhance its utility.

Current market

Another perk about investing in Pitbull token now is that in the current market, it is down nearly 100% from its all-time high. This is the case for most coins across the board that have taken a hit in the current bear market. While this isn’t great for current investors, it does mark a great entry point for future investors who wish to enter the market at a good price. Therefore, now could be a great time to invest in Pitbull coin for future growth.

Pit Lottery

A cool feature built into the platform is Pit Lottery. It allows wallets to enter into a lottery in order to win Pit Tokens. There is a minimum of three entries required to start the lottery and entrants can buy unlimited amounts of tickets to increase their chances of winning. Upon winning, users gain 89% of the prize pool, with 4% being burned forever, 5% rolled over to the next game, 1% going to the Announcer Wallet, and the final 1% going to the Owner Wallet.

Other products

Pitbull has a number of other cool products too. These include Pit Tracker, Pit Charts, Pit Safe, Pit Farm, Pit Swap, and Pit Mag. Pit Tracker and Pit charts allow users to track the price movements of the coin, similar to a traditional charting tool. Pit Safe is a comprehensive BSC DeFi Asset Manager available for developers and investors. Pit Farm allows users to farm using their Pitbull Token and receive some NFT points to redeem NFTs in return. Pit Swap allows the swapping of other coins and currencies into Pitbull tokens, and Pit Mag is a crypto communication media site created by the token.

Crypto growth

A final reason why Pitbull coin may be a great investment is due to the future predicted growth of crypto. In the last decade, crypto has risen by thousands of percent. There are many analysts who predict this will be the case in the future too. As mentioned, the current bearish crypto market could prove a great entry point for future growth.

Pitbull Crypto Price

The current Pitbull coin price is £0.0000000008. This is down 0.6% over the last 30 days, but up a whopping 682% in the past 12 months. In addition to this, it is well below the all-time high of £0.48. At the current price, the coin has a market cap of £30.6m, with a consistent 24-hour trading volume of around £600,000. This highlights the coin’s infant stage, proving it could be a great investment for future growth.

How to buy Pitbull Coin


Pitbull Coin Price Prediction

It is very hard to predict the Pitbull crypto price. This is because the coins tend to fluctuate hugely on a daily basis. If not properly managed, this can lead to steep declines in portfolio value. Let’s look at the bull and bear case for Pitbull token in order to try and assess its future value:

Bull case:

If decentralised assets keep growing at the pace they currently are, then Pitbull token could be in for some great growth in the future. As Web 3 and NFTs grow, the cryptos powering them will also rise in value. In addition to this, the numerous new products which the platform plans to release could help generate additional interest in the token. This is the case in which Pitbull token could rise substantially, and even pass its all-time high of £0.47.

Bear case:

The bear case Pitbull crypto price prediction will occur if the current crypto market never recovers to its previous highs, due to a lack of interest from investors and poorly implemented new projects. There are many commentators out there who believe that the crypto industry is based on investor “hype” and that in the future, the real value of many assets will tend to zero. More specifically to Pitbull coin, if it cannot provide high-quality updates and continue its marketing push, it could lose investor interest and consequently see its value decline.

Both of these cases are possible. However, the best way to invest is to research the asset and industry and reach your own conclusion about the future of the industry.

Best Pitbull Crypto Wallet

As mentioned, with the crypto industry becoming global in size and scale, there are thousands of providers of crypto wallets out there. Each of them boasts unique functions and features to draw investors in, which can make the task of choosing a wallet pretty daunting.

Both and Binance are great choices for crypto wallets as they each provide high-level security and great functionality. In addition to this, both platforms offer users massive choices in terms of the cryptos they offer, so they are great for building diversified portfolios.

However, we believe that outperforms Binance sans the best crypto wallet for buying Pitbull tokens. A primary reason for this is that it offers an earn feature, where users can generate great returns with flexible terms. Users can also deposit NFTs into the DeFi wallet in which they trade crypto, which is a great point to consider. Finally, there is Secure Enclave, face biometrics, two-factor authentication, and unique private keys fitted with every wallet. Therefore, users can rest assured that their funds are in safe hands when trading with

How to Buy Pitbull Crypto -Tutorial

Now we have covered all of the necessary information regarding Pitbull coin, we are going to take readers through an in-depth guide on how they can set up a account and begin to purchase Pitbull coin for their wallets today.

Step 1: Set up a account

The first step is to set up a account. In order to do this, users should visit the website and click on the “sign-up” button. From here, users will have to provide a username and password, along with an email and phone number. This will create a account. sign up

Step 2: Verify the account

The next step is to verify your account. This must be done to prove users’ identities so they can add funds to their accounts. The process is simple and requires users to provide two forms of government ID, which will use to check against a picture of your face. The most common forms of ID include driver’s licenses and passports and will aim to have them verified within minutes.

Step 3: Deposit funds

Once users have verified their accounts, it is time to deposit funds. These funds are what will be used in order to buy Pitbull coin. To add funds users should navigate to the “deposit funds” section of their account (which will usually be highlighted to new users). From here users can use a variety of payment methods including bank transfers, credit, and debit cards, and e-wallets like PayPal to make a transfer. deposit

Step 4: Buy Pitbull coin

Once users have deposited funds in their accounts, they can successfully purchase Pitbull coin. This final step is easy to complete. Users just need to type in Pitbull coin into the search bar and select the correct asset once they find it in the drop-down menu. From here, simply fill in an order form, select how much of the coin users wish to buy, and then execute the transaction. Congratulations, you have successfully added a Pitbull coin position to your portfolio!


Overall, the crypto market has proved one of the most profitable investments of the last decade. With coins like Bitcoin rising thousands of percent, it has certainly outperformed traditional stock markets. What’s more, at current low prices, there seem to be many bargains floating around, which could lead to very high growth in the future.

One coin which has experienced huge growth is Pitbull Coin. It has risen over 600% in the last 12 months, creating a healthy return for early investors. What’s more, it is a truly decentralised asset and has a whole host of awesome feature plans in its up-and-coming roadmap, which could pique investor interest in the future and lead to even higher returns. To set up a wallet – one of the most secure and best rated in the industry, and our personal number one wallet pick – and buy Pitbull coin today, click on the link below: logo

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.


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