Over the years, players have shown a willingness to invest their money and time into crypto games that they find enjoyable. Meta Masters Guild (MMG) aims to establish a gaming environment that fosters an open in-game economy while building top-quality web 3.0 games.

Investors wondering “how to buy $MEMAG Tokens?” can use this guide to diversify their portfolios with MMG tokens. This article also closely examines MMG, its features, and upside potential.

Key Points on Meta Masters Guild

Below are a few critical points for buyers to consider when evaluating the platform’s potential:

  • MMG has established itself as a standout player in the crypto gaming space thanks to its innovative solutions that address critical issues in the Play-to-Earn industry and its focus on delivering value to its users.
  • The platform has already lined up three game titles to provide exciting rewards to the players.
  • Players can receive in-game rewards known as ‘Gems’ while participating in Meta Masters Guild’s gaming ecosystem. Users can then exchange them for $MEMAG.
  • The project also offers playable NFTs on its online store. Players can connect their wallets to the platform’s games to use these NFTs while playing.
  • $MEMAG is an ERC-20-based token with a finite supply of 1 billion tokens. From its total supply, the project seeks to only make 350 million tokens available through its seven presale stages.
  • The Meta Masters Guild crypto presale has seen huge interest and has raced past the $2.5 million barrier – more than 50% of the hard cap – in just three weeks.

Meta Masters Guild - Next Big Crypto Game

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MEMAG token
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MEMAG token

How to Buy Meta Masters Guild Token ($MEMAG) Tutorial

The following section provides a guide on how to invest in $MEMAG throughout its presale stages:

Step 1: Create a Wallet

The first step is to verify that you have a compatible crypto wallet, such as MetaMask. You can download and install the wallet by visiting the official website of Metamask. On the other hand, mobile users can download the TrustWallet.

MetaMask Homepage

Step 2: Connect the Wallet

After downloading MetaMask, you will have to create a new wallet. Now, you’ll need to set up a secure password and store a 12-word backup phrase displayed on the screen. Buyers should keep this backup phrase in a safe location and use it to recover the wallet in case of loss or damage.

Meta Masters Guild Select Wallet

Once you have set up the wallet, you can proceed to $MEMAG’s presale page and click on the “Connect Wallet” button. After you’ve connected your wallet, you’ll need to select either the MetaMask or the TrustWallet before proceeding. Then, you’ll get a few options to buy $MEMAG.

Step 3: Fund the Wallet

Once you’ve connected the wallet to the platform’s presale page, you must ensure adequate balance in their wallets. Buyers will get a few purchase options.

Meta Masters Guild Token Buying Options

To purchase $MEMAG, you must add either ETH or USDT to your wallet. If you don’t have enough ETH, you can use Transak to buy the ETH you need to purchase the presale tokens. Transak has a simple KYC process wherein users must select their preferred payment method before purchasing directly from its widget.

Also, you can buy ETH/USDT from several crypto exchanges and transfer it to your wallet. Be sure to have enough funds to cover the purchase and the gas fees (0.005 ETH).

Step 4: Buy $MEMAG Tokens

Once you have sufficient funds in your wallet, you can click on the “Buy with ETH” or “Buy with USDT” button. You will then be able to enter the amount you wish to convert and see the corresponding amount of $MEMAG tokens you will receive.

Step 5: Claiming $MEMAG

Once you’ve reviewed and approved the gas fees, the wallet provider will request authorization from you to complete the transaction. Once the presale phase has concluded, you can retrieve your tokens on the Meta Masters Guild claim page.

What is Meta Masters Guild?

With an understanding of how to buy $MEMAG tokens, let’s now delve into the project’s offerings and functionality.

The gaming industry has been plagued by several issues in recent years, including the dominance of large corporations that control the rights to popular titles and often prioritize profits over the quality of the games. 

Monetization tactics, in particular, have been heavily criticized for taking advantage of players. This system leaves the dedicated player base, the gaming industry’s backbone, without a share of the financial success.

It’s worth noticing that despite being the backbone of great games, their feedback is often ignored by these corporations. Meta Masters Guild aims to address these issues and build a fairer ecosystem for all players.

Meta Masters Guild’s goal is to create a gaming environment where players truly enjoy their experience and are motivated to invest in it. In doing so, the platform has designed an open and fair in-game economy where players can trade all their in-game assets and currencies with each other as they see fit. 

The project believes that this transparency in the economy can drive more investment into games, and web 3.0-based games will surpass traditional games in terms of trading volume.

At its core, Meta Masters Guild is an upcoming project focused on developing cutting-edge web 3.0 games. With an industry-leading gaming guild, it aims to build an immersive gaming universe utilizing blockchain technology and providing top-notch games. Below are some of the critical features of the platform:

  • Emphasis on mobile gaming.
  • Players can earn real money through the platform’s exciting gameplay.
  • Meta Masters Guild’s gaming house feature enables collaboration with multiple game developers to build games on the platform using $MEMAG.
  • Focus on redistribution of wealth to players, unlike traditional gaming platforms.
  • The platform offers playable NFTs that can be upgraded using experience points within the game. 
  • Players can enjoy actual ownership of in-game assets, in contrast to traditional gaming.

As market conditions continue to be uncertain and volatile, investors actively search for cryptos to buy during the bear market. Given its use cases and capabilities, Meta Masters Guild has shown could maintain and grow its value in the coming years.

Meta Masters Guild ($MEMAG) Crypto Token

$MEMAG is the exclusive currency used on MMG’s marketplace, specifically for NFT trading. Investors can use the tokens for staking, minting, and trading in-game assets.

Additionally, buyers can use $MEMAG to buy the platform’s in-game coins, called ‘Gems.’ Also, they can convert this in-game currency to $MEMAG tokens via the project’s marketplace. Moreover, users can stake $MEMAG through the platform’s marketplace.

Investors seeking to capitalize on the potential of MMG should consider purchasing $MEMAG tokens during the presale stage while they still have the chance.

Why Buy Meta Masters Guild ($MEMAG) Token?

As the primary currency of the platform, the $MEMAG tokens provide access to all the features and solutions offered by the project. It’s worth exploring why investing in $MEMAG may be a good idea.

Revolutionizing the Play-to-Earn Industry

Meta Masters Guild is an industry-leading venture that specializes in developing web 3.0 games. As a pioneering mobile-centric gaming guild, it aspires to build a thriving gaming ecosystem that utilizes blockchain to offer players top-notch gaming experiences and P2E Rewards.

One of the main challenges in the gaming world has been the control of large corporations over the rights of well-known games. These companies often prioritize profits over creating top-quality, fun-filled games. Also, the monetization tactics used by such companies have resulted in players losing their money and time.

Meta Masters Guild has identified the gaps in this industry and is working towards resolving these issues and creating a more equitable ecosystem for all gamers.

Exciting Games and P2E Rewards

The platform is on the path to delivering top-quality blockchain games. At press time, Meta Masters Guild already has three titles in its arsenal. The project has Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFT, and Meta Masters World underway to offer exciting rewards to players.

Meta Kart Racers is the furthest along in its development with beta testing expected in Q2 and the full release of the game set for late 2023.

MMG has a vision of providing an engaging and sustainable gaming environment for all players. In doing so, the platform has implemented a system where players can earn in-game rewards known as ‘Gems.’ Players will store these coins in their internal wallets and then convert these Gems to $MEMAG.

The primary coins for all earnings, rewards, and bounties within the game is $GEMS, which players can acquire through gameplay and participating in races in the game modules. Players can use these Gems to buy in-game NFTs, swap them for other cryptos, etc.

Also, these tokens can be exchanged for cash or used to further invest in the gaming ecosystem. This approach incentivizes players to invest their resources in the project’s gameplay, promoting an active and thriving community.

Playable NFTs

The Meta Masters Guild platform allows players to acquire exclusive, premium NFTs from its online NFT marketplace. These NFTs can be used within the games by linking them to the player’s wallet. Moreover, players can also earn NFTs, tokens, and other rewards by actively engaging in the platform’s social community.

The project is also expanding its partnerships with various game developers. As part of this initiative, it has invited many game developers to build games using $MEMAG. Investors can find more detailed information about the project in MMG’s whitepaper, which is available on its official website.

MMG is set to integrate a host of features into the NFT Marketplace for all assets minted through interaction on the platform. These features include:

  • An economy built around NFTs.
  • A marketplace for users to trade and transact their NFTs.
  • A community-building chat group.
  • An internal game/metaverse token.
  • Staking mechanics for tokens and NFTs.
  • The platform will generate revenue through transaction fees on all assets listed on the marketplace.

Meta Masters Guild Tokenomics & Presale Stages

This upcoming crypto gaming project, is pushing to become one of the market’s top Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO). The project has launched its presale website and is observing an uptick in investor interest. 

The $MEMAG token has been created as an ERC-20 standard and has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. 35% of these tokens will be available during the platform’s seven presale stages. Through these stages, MMG seeks to raise a total of $4,970,000. MMG aims to conclude its token launch and presale alongside its NFT store launch by the end of Q1 2023.

MEMAG Tokenomics

With 10% of the coins reserved for exchange listings, the platform has also made provisions for adequate liquidity for $MEMAG. 

At the time of writing, the platform has just raced past the $2.5 million mark meaning the presale is now more than 50% complete – currently in stage 4 and priced at $0.016, each new stage sees a new release of tokens and an increase in price. 

By the seventh and final stage, $MEMAG will cost $0.023 each, an increase of 43.75% from the current price and 228% from stage 1.

Buyers looking for tokens during the crypto winter might consider adding $MEMAG to their portfolios, given the platform’s leading-edge features. Gaming related tokens have also proven to be resilient despite the macro crypto market correction, according to DappRadar.

As the MEMAG presale continues, the team is working to secure partnerships with reputable exchanges to increase the token’s liquidity and accessibility. Additionally, as the presale progresses, the token’s value is projected to increase, providing early investors with the potential for significant gains.

Presale Start Date January 11
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 $MEMAG
Max Investment None

Meta Masters Guild ($MEMAG) Price Prediction

As the market fluctuates, many investors seek new crypto opportunities to diversify their portfolios.

One such opportunity is $MEMAG tokens, which offer a unique chance to earn money through its exciting gameplay and participation in the platform’s social community. So let’s take a look at the MEMAG price predictions for the foreseeable future.

The project’s roadmap outlines plans for listing on various decentralized exchanges and CEXs by Q2 of 2023, which could lead to significant growth in the value of the $MEMAG tokens in the coming months. Additionally, the token’s utility as an exclusive currency on the platform’s internal marketplace and for staking and trading assets further adds to its potential value.

Buyers are on the lookout for projects that display the potential to provide strong returns in the long run. The Play-to-Eearn space, in particular, has gained traction among users as it allows them to earn money through gameplay. Meta Masters Guild, with its innovative features, has the potential to attract a large user base, which in turn can lead to significant returns for investors.

Buying cryptocurrencies to invest in a bear market can be a challenging task. However, by carefully selecting projects with solid fundamentals, buyers can mitigate risk and position themselves to get high returns. Investing in the native token $MEMAG during its presale stage can be profitable as the prices may rise after the exchange listings.

Buyers looking to take advantage of this opportunity can buy $MEMAG tokens during the ongoing presale at a relatively low price of $0.016 USDT per token.

Investors can join the Meta Masters Guild Telegram group for more information on the project’s features.

How to Buy Meta Masters Guild ($MEMAG) – Conclusion

This comprehensive guide has outlined the process of purchasing $MEMAG tokens efficiently. We have also highlighted the unique features of Meta Masters Guild that give it a competitive edge in the market. The project aims to revolutionize the Play-to-Earn space by leveraging its cutting-edge technology and features. The growing popularity of NFTs and gaming further support the prospects of this project.

During the presale, investors can acquire $MEMAG at a discounted rate of $0.016 USDT per token at the time of writing – with tokens to cost $0.023 in the final presale stage.

Additionally, players can receive giveaways for being part of the platform’s community. As the presale continues, $MEMAG’s price could continue surging. This presents a valuable opportunity for investors to acquire these tokens at a low cost and get high returns.

Meta Masters Guild - Next Big Crypto Game

Our Rating

MEMAG token
  • Backed by Leading Game Studios
  • Early Round Presale Live Now
  • Low Hard Cap, No Vesting
  • Playable NFTs, Rewards, Staking
  • Solid Proof & CoinSniper Audited
MEMAG token


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