Interested in investing in a cryptocurrency that offers real value along with strong community backing? Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) is a new vote-to-earn cryptocurrency platform that allows members to earn token rewards for voting on different matters and hosting new polls. 

$LHINU, an ERC-20 token, is the native cryptocurrency of this platform and is available to buy on presale right now. This guide will show users how to buy Love Hate Inu and share everything about the platform’s benefits, features, and more. 

Key Points on the Love Hate Inu Crypto Project

Before taking a closer look at this vote-to-earn crypto platform, we have mentioned some of the key pointers of the Love Hate Inu cryptocurrency below: 

  • Love Hate Inu is the world’s first blockchain-based online voting platform. 
  • Platform members can leverage cryptocurrency to share their thoughts and opinions on polls about entertainment, politics, sports, and important social issues. 
  • Built on the Ethereum chain, $LHINU is the native cryptocurrency of this project. Investors are required to stake $LHINU tokens before participating in the voting process. 
  • Love Hate Inu members can earn rewards by voting on polls through the user interface. They can also make new polls by accessing the vote submission platform. 
  • All members are required to stake $LHINU for a minimum of 30 days. The platform uses a real-time staking mechanism to ensure there is no fraudulent activity in the voting process. The votes also remain completely anonymous. 
  • $LHINU has a maximum supply of 100 billion tokens. 90% of the supply has been allocated equally across eight presale rounds. The remaining 10% has been set aside for future exchange listings. 
  • Now in stage five of its presale, $LHINU is priced at $0.000115 per token. The price will rise across every presale round, each of which will last for 7.5 days. 
  • More than $5 million has been raised in just six weeks since the start of the presale – Love Hate Inu has set a total presale hard cap of $10.068 million. 

Love Hate Inu - Next Big Meme Coin

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Love Hate Inu
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Love Hate Inu

How to Buy Love Hate Inu Token ($LHINU) Tutorial

Looking to buy new cryptocurrency assets  in 2023? One good way to diversify your portfolio is by purchasing tokens at the earliest possible time. This can be done by investing in crypto presales. 

While crypto presales are considered high-risk investments, they offer high growth potential. For instance, Tamadoge, a new meme token, rose 300% during its presale. Similarly, Love Hate Inu’s $LHINU token is currently available to buy during the first round of its presale. 

The sections below will show users a detailed step-by-step analysis of how to buy Love Hate Inu on presale right now: 

Step 1 – Get a New Cryptocurrency Wallet

Before joining the Love Hate Inu presale, users will need to create a cryptocurrency wallet. The $LHINU presale platform can be connected with MetaMask or Wallet Connect, two of the most popular crypto wallets in the space. 

LHINU connect wallet

Choose the crypto wallet you wish to connect with and download the extension. 

Step 2: Buy Ethereum/USDT

An ERC-20 token, $LHINU, can be swapped with other ERC-compatible tokens, such as Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). One can purchase these tokens from a suitable cryptocurrency exchange of their choice.

After this is done, you can send the tokens to your respective crypto wallet. 

Step 3: Connect your Wallet with the Presale

The next step is visiting the Love Hate Inu presale website and picking your crypto wallet – MetaMask or Wallet Connect. Select the wallet option and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process. 

Step 4: Buy $LHINU Tokens 

Once the wallet has been connected, investors can choose to purchase $LHINU with either ETH or USDT. Click on ‘Buy $LHINU with ETH’ or ‘Buy $LHINU with USDT’ to continue. Currently, the token is priced at $0.000085 per token. Investors must purchase at least 10 $LHINU tokens to continue. 

After entering the purchase amount, select ‘Convert’ to complete the transaction. 

Step 5: Claim $LHINU Tokens

Presale investors will be able to claim their $LHINU tokens from the presale website after the presale comes to an end.

LHINU convert

What is Love Hate Inu? 

Love Hate Inu LogoWhile some of the top meme tokens have offered huge returns in the past, they often lack any real utility. Love Hate Inu positions itself as a meme cryptocurrency that offers actual use cases and rewards to its users. 

This is the world’s first Web3 vote-to-earn cryptocurrency platform, where members can vote on engaging polls. Buyers can use LHINU meme coins to cast their votes on topics such as politics, entertainment, sports, and social issues.  

According to the Love Hate Inu whitepaper, this voting platform will have three key elements. The first is the user interface, from which one can vote on the available polls. The platform roadmap states that the development of the voting algorithm will begin by Q2 2023. 

Love Hate Inu Polls

Love Hate Inu will also host a vote submission platform allowing users to share ideas and create their own polls. Users will be able to create their own polls by Q4 2023. The final platform is the management dashboard, which ensures that all votes are conducted in a safe and secure manner. 

With this online voting platform, Love Hate Inu aims to cash in on a growing market. The global online survey software market size has witnessed tremendous growth, increasing from $2.79 billion in 2022 to $3.2 billion in 2023. 

The Business Research Company mentions that the market is expected to grow to $5.69 billion by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.5%. As Love Hate Inu is the only cryptocurrency platform in this space, it may offer high returns in the long term.  

Presale Started 8 March 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $10,068,750
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) Crypto Token

To begin participating in this voting platform, a user needs to purchase $LHINU, the native cryptocurrency. The token has been built on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the most used networks for creating dApps (decentralized applications) and deploying smart contracts. 

After conducting several auditing and testing processes, the platform has taken the time to properly test its smart contracts. 

To participate in this vote-to-earn ecosystem, users must stake their $LHINU tokens to cast votes. Notably, each user is rewarded with tokens after casting votes on the available polls. New polls are funded by the creators, who distribute the tokens to the voters. Since crypto is being staked to vote, Love Hate Inu ensures the entire voting process is anonymous. 

LHINU voting

The more one person stakes $LHINU, the higher their contribution is to the votes. Love Hate Inu has mentioned that each user has to stake tokens for a minimum period of 30 days. Therefore, this crypto platform gives voting power to only those truly invested in the concept. 

The platform also uses a real-time staking mechanism to prevent any spam in the voting process. Currently, investors can buy $LHINU through the ongoing presale. The token is now available to buy in the fifth presale phase for just $0.000115, but will subsequently increase in price throughout each of the eight rounds, with the final stage offering them for $0.000145.

Why Buy Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) Token? 

Before purchasing this new crypto on presale, users should properly familiarize themselves with the available features and learn why this token may be a good investment. Therefore, the sections below discuss the reasons why one may wish to invest in Love Hate Inu. 

Enter the Market at a Low Price 

By the end of 2021, the crypto markets peaked after popular tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) made all-time highs (ATHs). However, the crypto and overall economic markets collapsed in 2022 after worsening market conditions and global repercussions from the Ukraine-Russia conflict. 

While the top cryptos have corrected, we have witnessed a growing number of investors diversify into new cryptocurrency presales. Popular tokens such as Tamadoge (TAMA) have returned investors nearly a 20x return from their presale. 

Similarly, Love Hate Inu’s presale has already managed to raise over $3.9 million in just a month since it launched. Boasting the potential to be the next crypto that will make you rich, $LHINU is priced at just $0.000115 per token. After the token increases in price through the presale, it will gear for new exchange listings in the coming months. 

The initial exchange offering could see the token increase in price as the trading volume goes up and interest heightens. 

First Mover Advantage

While the meme token market has saturated in the past year, Love Hate Inu’s platform offers a unique use case and is the first of its kind. This is the first-ever blockchain-powered voting platform that will leverage distributed ledger technology to record immutable results. 

Furthermore, it sticks to the core basics of decentralization by ensuring that each voter’s identity remains anonymous. Thus, one can engage in the community, purchase tokens, stake $LHINU and vote on a range of topics. A top utility token, $LHINU, will look to increase in price as the online survey software market is expected to grow by 77% in the next four years. 

The Love Hate Inu Roadmap

The Love Hate Inu development team has already laid out the blueprint for the project’s future. Love Hate Inu has achieved all the goals for Q1 2023, including the release of the presale, setting up social media accounts, and making the whitepaper public. 

LHINU roadmap

For Q2 2023, the plans are to develop the voting algorithm and release a demo version of the voting platform. After the presale ends, Love Hate Inu will also look to sign new partnership agreements and conduct the initial exchange offering of $LHINU. 

In the medium term, the project is expected to release the staking platform, introduce new poll creation options, and monetize the platform through a series of brand deals. 

Crypto Rewards

This voting platform rewards those that are willing to stake tokens and contribute to the community. On Love Hate Inu, users can vote on the user interface platform after staking $LHINU tokens. 

Voters are rewarded with LHINU tokens by the poll creator. Thus, you can earn cryptocurrency for sharing your opinions with the Love Hate Inu community. 

Anti-Rug Pull Tokenomics

To gain the investors’ trust, Love Hate Inu has allocated 90% of the total 100 billion token supply for the presale. Thus, those looking to engage in the community can be the earliest investors in the platform. 

Furthermore, Love Hate Inu has implemented a 30-day staking minimum to ensure that participants aren’t trading tokens daily to create sudden price movements. 

Love Hate Inu Tokenomics and Presale

One of the best ICO cryptos in 2023, Love Hate Inu’s $LHINU token has been soaring since the presale went live. As per the tokenomics of the Love Hate Inu project, there is a total supply of 100 billion tokens. 

This deflationary cryptocurrency will not add more tokens to the mix, and has decided to set aside 900 million tokens for the presale. This represents 90% of the total supply. The total supply is far lesser than popular meme tokens such as Shiba Inu, which has a circulating supply of more than 500 trillion tokens. 

A lesser token supply may help increase the demand, pushing the price upwards – the token presale will consist of eight rounds, each distributing 11.25 billion tokens. Each presale round will last 7.5 days, with the entire presale phase expected to last for two months (60 days). 

Love Hate Inu voting

Currently, $LHINU is available to buy for just $0.000115 per token – with a minimum purchase requirement of just 10 LHINU tokens for the presale.

However, the price of $LHINU will eventually hike to $0.000145 by the eighth presale round, representing a 26% price increase at the time of writing. Love Hate Inu has already raised more than $3.9 million since launching just a month ago, as investors continue to purchase at a rapid pace.

Interested readers can join the Love Hate Inu Telegram channel to keep track of the presale and all of the project updates. 

Presale Stage Token Price Amount of Tokens Token Percent Total Price Stage End Date
1 $0.000085 11,250,000,000 12.5% $956,250 (Soft launch) + 7.5 days
2 $0.000090 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,012,500 7.5 days
3 $0.000095 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,068,750 7.5 days
4 $0.000105 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,181,250 7.5 days
5 $0.000115 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,293,750 7.5 days
6 $0.000125 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,406,250 7.5 days
7 $0.000135 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,518,750 7.5 days
8 $0.000145 11,250,000,000 12.5% $1,631,250 7.5 days
Total   90,000,000,000 100% $10,068,750  

Love Hate Inu Price Prediction

In this section, we will explore the latest Love Hate Inu price predictions based on its successful ongoing presale that’s already raised over $5 million. Love Hate Inu has made $LHINU available through an eight-round presale (currently in stage 5). Over the course of this presale, the token price will rise from $0.000115 to $0.000145 – thus, those who invested in stage 5 will benefit by entering the presale at a 26% lower price. 

The project roadmap states that Love Hate Inu is looking to list the token on cryptocurrency exchanges by Q2 2023. While the token has no price history to base its future price on, we can look at other recent presales. 

Tamadoge (TAMA) rose from $0.01 to $0.03 in its presale before reaching a high of nearly $0.20. Love Hate Inu has the potential to reach similar highs due to the use cases it offers. 

Once the voting platform goes live, it is likely that the interest for $LHINU will rise. While 90% of the tokens are set aside for the presale, 10% of the remaining supply will be made available once $LHINU gets listed. While we cannot guarantee that $LHINU will move upwards, many presales tend to offer a high return on investment after they go live on exchanges. 

Already conducting one of the best crypto presales, Love Hate Inu will look to capitalize on its current popularity after it goes live on centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

Love Hate Inu Video Analysis

Love Hate Inu has already garnered a strong following in just a few days since its launch. According to crypto analysts such as Jacob Crypto Bury, this token can potentially deliver huge returns in the future. 

The video below analyzes Love Hate Inu’s project and potential future performance. 


In this guide, we have explained the top features of this vote-to-earn crypto platform and shown users how to buy Love Hate Inu through the ongoing presale. With the $LHINU token, users can vote on polls anonymously. 

Moreover, you can get tokens for participating in the polls. This token is currently available to buy in stage 5 of its presale for just $0.000115 but will rise by 26% to $0.000145 by the final presale round.

Love Hate Inu has already managed to raise almost $5 million since the start of its token presale just six weeks ago – the hard cap target is set at $10.06 million. 

Love Hate Inu - Next Big Meme Coin

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Love Hate Inu
  • First Web3 Vote to Earn Platform
  • Latest Meme Coin to List on OKX
  • Staking Rewards
  • Vote on Current Topics and Earn $LHINU Tokens
Love Hate Inu


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