Buying a home with cash is difficult enough, but can you buy a house with crypto? That used to be impossible just a few short years ago. Today, you can now use BTC to buy your dream house or invest in another country’s real estate market. But before you make such a large purchase, you need to know your options. 

In this guide, we will show you how to buy real estate using Bitcoin and list five of the best online platforms we recommend. We’ll also discuss the benefits of using BTC for buying real estate, what you need to be aware of, and a full tutorial to get you started.

How to Buy a House with Bitcoin in 2023

Digital currencies make it easier than ever to buy property with crypto. Here’s an overview of how to buy a house with Bitcoin:

  • Step 1 – Create a Crypto Wallet: Download and set up a crypto wallet (e.g., MetaMask) that supports Bitcoin.
  • Step 2 – Put BTC in Your Crypto Wallet: Buy Bitcoin from a reputable exchange/broker like eToro. Transfer your BTC holdings to the wallet. 
  • Step 3 – Create an Account on Crypto Emporium: Visit Crypto Emporium’s website and register for an account. You’ll need a valid email for this.
  • Step 4 – Browse Their Available Properties: Go to the ‘Property’ section of Crypto Emporium to see their real estate listings. When you find one that fits your needs, click “Add To Cart”.  
  • Step 5 – Pay for the Property Using BTC: Go to “Checkout”, select “Cryptocurrency” as your payment method, then send the funds to the wallet address provided by Crypto Emporium. Wait until payment is verified and confirmed before exiting the site. 

From there, Crypto Emporium will start processing all the necessary paperwork and correspond with you until the sale is finalized.

Where Can You Buy Real Estate with Crypto?

Buying a house with Bitcoin may seem like a novel idea, but it’s been gaining traction for quite a while now. In 2022, a Miami home was sold for $22.5 million paid out in Bitcoin.

In the USA, the National Association of REALTORS® has established the Cryptocurrency Presidential Advisory Group, tasked with studying the impact of crypto on the real estate market. Similar developments are happening throughout the world.

So if you’re wondering, “Can I buy a house with Bitcoin?” The answer is yes, absolutely, and the following platforms make it a breeze:

1. Crypto Emporium – 2023‘s Top Platform to Buy Property with Bitcoin

Crypto Emporium is an online marketplace that enables shoppers to purchase luxury items such as watches, cars, and real estate with cryptocurrency. Established in 2018, Crypto Emporium works like Amazon – except all transactions are done through crypto payments. 

As one of the best stores that accept Bitcoin as payment, you can buy everything from a PS5 to Rolexes and Lambos on Crypto Emporium – and yes, real estate properties from across the globe. 

Crypto Emporium property page

Crypto Emporium has listings from North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia, and more. 

Name the property type, and they have it – studio-type condos, multi-bedroom houses, villas, sprawling resorts, parcels of land, commercial properties – even islands.

Buying a house on Crypto Emporium is as easy as shopping on Amazon, and we mean it:

  • Go to the “Property” section of their site and start browsing the available properties. 
  • You can filter by continent, country, property type, number of bedrooms, and price range to quickly find what you’re looking for. 
  • Each listing comes with a detailed description of the property along with amenities like swimming pools and parking spaces. 
  • You can also browse through photo galleries for each property and read reviews from other customers about vendors before committing to buying anything. 
  • Once you’ve found what you want, simply click “Add to Cart” and then check out. 

You can literally shop for a beachfront property in Spain or an ancient Ryokan in Japan right from your phone!


Crypto Emporium property listings

The hard part will be handled by Crypto Emporium’s team, which has over 20 years of experience in international real estate. 

On your behalf, Crypto Emporium will arrange local legal support and surveyors in order to assist with the purchase within that country. They will handle all sales negotiations and paperwork such as purchase agreements, deeds of sale, and planning permissions.

The team will coordinate with you as needed, such as when you need to sign a document or to confirm the local property fees you’ll need to pay. You’ll also receive regular updates about the progress of your crypto real estate purchase.

We recommend checking in on the site regularly – Crypto Emporium often runs unbelievable deals on items like Tesla Model 3s, luxury cars, and vacation properties!

For a full breakdown of everything you need to know about the site, here’s our in-depth review of Crypto Emporium.

2. – Secure Platform with KYC & AML Checks has 1,700+ listings from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Africa. Once you find a property you like, CryptoRealEstate will connect you with one of its partner real estate agencies so you can view the listing and explore it further. 

CryptoRealEstate also has in-house legal consultants with experience helping people buy real estate with crypto. All users – both sellers and buyers – must pass KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) processes at some point during the procedure, which helps ensure that only legitimate transactions take place on the site.

CryptoRealEstate homepage

When it comes time to make the payment for your real estate purchase, CryptoRealEstate offers several options. You can pay the total using Bitcoin or combine BTC with any other supported crypto coins. 

They can also facilitate an exchange of your crypto for fiat currency if required by the owner/country – allowing you to choose when and at what exchange rate you work at.

Want to list your own property for sale? You can also do that on, provided you’re willing to undergo their verification process for sellers.

3. RealOpen – Make an All-Cash Offer Using Bitcoin

Ever thought, “Can you buy a house with Bitcoin but transact on a cash basis?” 

You’ll find the answer in RealOpen, an innovative service that works differently from wallet-to-wallet crypto transactions. 

When you buy a property through RealOpen, your cryptocurrency will be converted into cash for the seller. This amount is then held in escrow until the sale goes through. You can then use this money to negotiate the price of a property as if you were buying it in cash — except you’ll be using your crypto via RealOpen.

To do this, the first step is to connect your crypto wallet to RealOpen. After that, they’ll evaluate your buying power with their proprietary RealScore™ technology, which looks at factors like the volatility of your coins and market predictions.

RealOpen homepage

Then, you can work with either a RealOpen partner agent or your own agent to find the ideal property for you. Once you find the right property, you can negotiate and execute a cash purchase contract using your RealScore™ report as proof of funds. 

You can then present an all-cash offer — or something even stronger — to secure the home of your dreams. Thanks to this ability to leverage crypto while negotiating with cash, RealOpen buyers can save up to 5% on their purchase prices.

Finally, there are nearly 10,000 listings from all over the world available at any time on RealOpen’s website, ranging from small condos all the way up to large mansions and estates. Take your time exploring your options – it won’t be long before you find your dream property on RealOpen.

4. Bithome – Buy Real Estate with Crypto Across the Globe

Bithome’s tagline is “Connecting realtors to crypto holders all over the world”, and it certainly lives up to this promise. Every single property listed on the platform can be purchased using Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.

The number of properties on Bithome isn’t as comprehensive as that on Crypto Emporium, but it’s still an impressive selection. As we were exploring the site, we spotted a lake-view apartment in Switzerland, a 1BR in Milan, and an entire coastal resort for sale in Ukraine.

The creative listing titles are a nice touch, too. A 6-bedroom villa in South Africa was listed as “Digital Nomad’s Dream Home for Family with Income,” while a family home located in Indiana USA was described as a “Cozy Get Away Home In Quiet Neighborhood”.

We love how this encourages buyers to imagine themselves in the property and see if it fits the vision they have in mind.

Bithome properties

When browsing through listings, you’ll find detailed information about each property, including details like size, location, price (both BTC and USD), and a Google Map pin marking its location.

Finally – if you are a realtor looking to list a property on Bithome – you will need to subscribe first. This subscription comes with a free 3-day trial so that you can check out all the features before deciding whether it’s the right listing platform for you. 

5. 221 Luxury Network – High-End Properties and Decor Sold in BTC

221 Luxury Network specializes in high-end, luxury properties around the world, any of which you can buy using Bitcoin. Ready to guide you through the process is their team of agents and brokers in over 15 countries.

On the site, you’ll find an array of beautiful homes and land for sale, such as luxury country homes, hotels and resorts, waterfront properties, mountain homes, condos, urban homes, and parcels of land. 

221 Luxury Network also holds exclusive rights on several new real estate developments before they go live to the public – so if you’re quick enough you can get first dibs!

221 Luxury Network properties

Aside from its real estate services, 221 Luxury Network offers home staging, interior design, and lighting design, all payable with crypto. You can also take advantage of their partners, including global movers and mortgage companies for relocating and financing support.

Looking for equally luxurious accents for your new home? Use your Bitcoin to buy antiques, fine art pieces, and other decor, all within the 221 Luxury Network website – maybe even pick up a top-spec car or a yacht if you’re in the mood to splurge!

Potential Benefits of Buying a House with Crypto

Can you buy real estate with Bitcoin?” That’s a question that most crypto-savvy investors have asked themselves at least once. But the ability to buy real estate with crypto is more than just a novelty – it offers financial and practical advantages you won’t find in traditional property sales:

Turn a Volatile Asset into a Stable One

Bitcoin is an insanely volatile asset. It can turn you into a millionaire overnight and wipe out your bank account the next morning.

Buying real estate with Bitcoin lets you channel that volatility into a more stable, long-term investment. 

Faster and Simpler Real Estate Transactions

When you buy property with Bitcoin, you bypass many of the traditional intermediaries in real estate, such as banks and other financial institutions. This minimizes red tape along with all the fees that come with it.

And since blockchain transactions can be completed in seconds, this expedites the whole process even further. You can get the keys to your new house in weeks, not months or years!

Buy Any Home, from Anywhere in the World

Want a country villa in Italy with a view of the ocean? A swanky condo in Singapore? With Bitcoin, you can search, find, and buy those real estate gems without ever setting foot in the country or knowing anyone there.

Companies like Crypto Emporium will tap their connections on your behalf, from local realtors to lawyers and surveyors, to handle the sale. You don’t need to do anything but transfer your BTC and wait for the virtual “Sold” sign on your new property.

Skip Paying for Property Transfer Taxes

Some countries like the US treat Bitcoin as taxable property, so you’ll still need to pay capital gains taxes on any income from that crypto activity.

However, since you’ll be using wallet-to-wallet to pay with crypto, you may be able to forego the usual property transfer taxes associated with real estate sales.

To see if you can take advantage of this, we recommend consulting with a real estate lawyer.

Is it Safe to Buy Real Estate with Crypto?

Yes, it’s safe to buy real estate with crypto, as long as you do your research and choose reputable platforms like Crypto Emporium. 

Look for certain green flags like a proven track record and positive user reviews. Check the presence of KYC and AML systems to make sure they verify the sellers behind the listings.

You’ll want to make sure they have experience in crypto real estate as well. For instance, Crypto Emporium’s property team has 20+ years of experience handling sales all over the world. As a result, they’ve built a strong network of local property experts – another indicator that it’s a safe option.

What Cryptocurrencies Can You Use to Buy Real Estate?

While there’s no shortage of homes you can buy with Bitcoin, you can only do so with select digital currencies.

For instance, Crypto Emporium allows you to buy real estate with crypto like Bitcoin and the best altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, XRP, Dash, and Tether as payment for real estate properties. 

Crypto Emporium cryptocurrencies

We understand that this can be disappointing, but there are important reasons for this:

  • They’re trusted by more people: BTC, ETH, and other top coins have a large market value, which means more people trust and use them for transactions, including real estate purchases.
  • They’re easier to use: It’s easier to sell, buy, and liquidate mainstream coins versus unknowns. More places accept payments in ETH and other coins so everyone will have a smoother transaction process. 
  • They’re more stable: Although cryptocurrencies are volatile in general, some are more stable than others. Leading digital currencies like BTC hold their value better, making them a safer choice for big transactions like buying property.

As the real estate sector adapts, we expect more digital currencies to be accepted in the future. But for now, you’ll have to use BTC and other mainstream coins to buy real estate using crypto.

Things to be Aware of When Buying Property with Bitcoin

It’s certainly simpler to buy a house with Bitcoin than cash, but it’s still a massive purchase. You don’t want to end up with an empty crypto wallet and no property to your name.

Buying property on trusted sites like Crypto Emporium is an excellent first step, but there are more factors you need to keep in mind:

Volatility Can Force You to Close Faster Than Expected

How volatile is Bitcoin? It can hit an all-time price high and lose thousands in value within a single day. 

So if you find a listing you’re serious about buying, be ready to negotiate and finalize the price ASAP. This will minimize the impact of fluctuations on your transaction. 

You might also want to consider using a stablecoin like Tether. It’s pegged to traditional currencies like the Euro and USD, making it less vulnerable to crypto volatility.

This is especially true if you’re buying property with Bitcoin overseas. Each country and jurisdiction has its own laws regarding crypto transactions, including real estate sales. 

A reliable platform will help you navigate those issues as part of their buying services. 

It still wouldn’t hurt to put in some effort on your part – consult with a tax advisor or attorney familiar with cryptocurrency regulations to make sure you’re compliant in every way.

Do Your Due Diligence

Before using crypto to buy a house, verify the seller’s identity, check if the property has a clear title, and inspect the property for any undisclosed issues. 

Again, top platforms like Crypto Emporium will have local professionals who will be your boots in the ground, so to speak. But if you can swing it, it’s a smart idea to visit the property yourself.

Secure Your Crypto Wallet at all Times

This applies to any type of crypto holdings, but more so when you’re holding large amounts of Bitcoin to buy real estate.

Only use trusted crypto wallet providers like MetaMask and be cautious when handling your private keys.

How to Buy a House with Bitcoin Tutorial

Earlier, we shared an overview of how to buy a house with crypto. Now, let’s dive deeper into the process:

Step 1 – Create a Crypto Wallet 

Before you can buy real estate with Bitcoin, you’ll need a secure crypto wallet to store your BTC. Go for storage providers like MetaMask, Binance, and ZenGo – they have a solid reputation, and it’s free to create a crypto wallet on these platforms.

Metamask download

They also support multiple digital currencies, which is nice if you want to transact using ETH, XRP, and other coins accepted by Crypto Emporium.

Step 2 – Fund Your Crypto Wallet with BTC

Buy enough BTC for the property you want to purchase, plus extra for the network fees (e.g., Crypto Emporium charges 0.039197 BTC for their property-buying service).

You can do this from brokers/exchanges like eToro. Once you’ve purchased your BTC, transfer them to your crypto wallet. 

Step 3 – Create a Crypto Emporium Account 

Go to the Crypto Emporium homepage, find the “Account” tab on the top right side, and click “Register”. Follow the instructions to create an account.

Crypto Emporium Sign Up Page

You’ll need a valid email address and strong password, plus basic information like your name and address. Once you’re done setting up your account, you can start browsing for real estate listings on the site.  

Step 4 – Explore Available Properties & Add to Cart 

On the left side of the Crypto Emporium homepage, you’ll see the “Categories” tab.

Click that, then scroll down until you see “Property”. After you click, you’ll be directed to their real estate page and all the listings available on the site.

Use the filter tools on the left side of your screen to narrow down your selection according to location, price range, type of property (apartment/house/etc.), and other preferences. 

Click on any listing that interests you to pull up more details like the property description, address, amenities, vendor reviews, and more.

Crypto Emporium property listing

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s as simple as clicking “Add to Cart”.

Continue shopping if you like, or move on to the next step.   

Step 5 – Finalize Your Purchase Using Crypto

Ready to buy your new property with Bitcoin? Hit “Checkout”, which will direct you to the checkout page. 

Here, you can see the total amount (including the service and shipping fee, if you were buying shippable goods), and you’ll need to confirm your complete name, contact details, and full address.

CryptoEmporium checkout

Follow the payment instructions from this point forward. You’ll be asked to transfer the requested amount to Crypto Emporium’s wallet. 

Finish the payment, which should trigger a confirmation message from Crypto Emporium confirming receipt of the transfer request.

This kickstarts the buying process– expect a message from Crypto Emporium for the next steps (e.g., ownership documents, virtual meetings with local realtors and surveyors, where you need to sign, etc.)

Step 6 – Enjoy Your New Home!

Once the sale is done, expect delivery of your documents confirming ownership of the property. And that’s it – welcome to an elite club of people who bought a house with Bitcoin!


Since Satoshi Nakamoto published his original whitepaper, Bitcoin hasn’t stopped disrupting industries around the world. And now, BTC has also made buying a house as easy as ordering pizza on your phone!

Of all the platforms where you can buy real estate with crypto, Crypto Emporium stands out with its trusted reputation, a network of international property experts, and seamless property buying experience from account creation to signing the closing papers.

Their selection of properties also has something for every budget. You can buy a simple one-bedroom apartment, a family home, a whole luxury resort, or an exclusive island.

They have listings from all over the world, too, which means you can invest in any real estate market or find your new home ahead of your relocation.

All in all, Crypto Emporium is an exceptional choice for every type of buyer, from Bitcoin first-timers to seasoned investors looking to expand their portfolio.


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