Update – FTT crashed to near zero when it emerged FTX exchange was insolvent and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. See our list of the best altcoins for some safer assets following the FTX collapse.

The native coin of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, which offers spot trading, futures trading, OTC trades and staking, is known as FTX token (ticker symbol FTT).

The token started off this year with a price of around $40 and went up to a high of $51, before seeing a low of around $22. This article will explain where to buy FTX coin, chart its price movement, and make an attempt to predict its potential future value. It will also cover the background of FTT and its tokenomics.

How to Buy FTX Token in 2024 – Quick Guide

Below is a quick guide on how to buy FTT on a regulated crypto exchange open to the US:

  • ✅ Step 1: Set up an Account: It only takes a couple of minutes to create a free account on the official website of your chosen broker. Provide some personal info and ID documents to verify the account.
  • Step 2: Deposit Money: Platforms offers a variety of ways for customers to deposit fiat money, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, eWallets, bank transfers, and a lot more.
  • Step 3: Find FTX Token: Start typing “FTX” or “FTT” into the platform’s search bar to bring up the listing; tap it to view the latest FTX price chart. Click “Trade” top right when ready to buy.
  • Step 4: Buy FTX token: Specify a USD amount to buy FTX with on the pop-up window, and then click the “Open trade” icon to complete the buy order.

Where to Buy FTX Token – Best Crypto Platforms

FTX token is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges, one of which is FTX exchange itself. However in terms of more regulated crypto platforms operating for longer, investors may prefer these places to buy FTX token:

1. Bitstamp – Get FTX Token from a Secured Crypto Exchange

Bitstamp posted a blog about the listing of FTT token in June 2021. A reputable crypto trading Bitstamp review - Logosite with over 70 coins, Bitstamp, was founded in 2011.

Even if this selection may be less extensive than that of certain exchanges, it is still more than sufficient for the majority of amateurs, and the streamlined pricing scheme makes it a simpler (though relatively expensive) point of entry for newcomers.

The Bitstamp platform is one of the finest crypto exchanges when it comes to customer experience. Although not overly showy, the layout is warm and simple enough to use. However, more experienced users could choose cheaper transaction fees or exposure to more coins.

is FTT token worth buying

All traders utilizing critical account services are now required to use two-factor verification, and Bitstamp states that 98 percent of its crypto assets are kept offline in cold storage and are all protected.

It can be a great choice for those who are just getting started in the cryptocurrency world because of its simple payment structure and the potential to buy crypto with fiat currency directly from a savings account, credit card, or debit card.

See our full Bitstamp review.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

2. Binance – Trade FTX Token with a 0.10% Trading Fee

Binance listed the FTT token in December 2019. By providing people with the most cryptocurrency binance logotrading pairs of any reputable trading platform, Binance Exchange has remained one of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, it has its own coin named Binance Coin. Customers of Binance have the option to buy crypto assets immediately with fiat money or a credit card. Through its website, desktop browser, or mobile app, one can visit Binance.

The fees on this cryptocurrency exchange are reasonable, and transfers happen very quickly. While taking the classes for free, users can especially enjoy understanding cryptocurrencies and earning some as prizes.

Should I buy FTT token on binance

The variety of payment options and the option to pay Binance directly for your mining are big benefits because you avoid paying twice the fees for the same service.

With limited features and coins, Binance has a different platform in the United States. With no futures markets or leveraged tokens, Binance.US has listed around 60 cryptocurrencies compared to 600+ on the international platform, which includes many new crypto coins.

Binance provides a variety of low-risk passive income opportunities. In its staking program, users may earn up to 30% APR on some cryptocurrencies, or they can deposit funds for lower but much more reliable rates into a customizable savings account.

In recent times, Binance has been following a very aggressive promotional and marketing strategy, with aggressive investment in sports teams, most prominently as a sponsor and partner of the Alpine F1 Team, as part of a renewed interest in crypto platforms in F1 sponsoring.

Overall, Binance may be the right choice to start your FTT token investment, considering all the above factors.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

What is an FTX token?

The native cryptocurrency of FTX, a spot and futures cryptocurrency trading platform developed by Sam Bankman-Fried, is called FTX token. The coin that operates under the ticker FTT lowers trading costs and offers advantages to FTX exchange users.

what is FTT token

The FTT Token had a 350 million initial supply when it was privately released on July 27, 2019. According to their FTT investments, users receive tier-based OTC reimbursements and transaction charge reductions. FTX token can be staked on the platform and be used to earn free withdrawals of ERC20 and ETH daily, along with other benefits.

FTX exchange is one of the few exchanges that are profitable for the past many quarters and the founder has been acquiring many companies to revive them too. Investing in FTT can be a good way to enter the FTX ecosystem and play the long-term game in the crypto market.

Is FTX a Good Investment?

All traders who purchase and trade FTX Token have numerous benefits that allow them to view it as a worthwhile option for investment. Investing in FTX, also known as FTT coin, gives investors the assurance that they will gain value for their money. FTX Token not only provides scalability and efficiency but is also regarded as trustable and dependable.

In the past few months, many exchanges such as Coinbase have fired staff or stopped hiring altogether, due to the adverse macroeconomic conditions affecting both cryptocurrency and stocks.

FTX however started investing in crypto companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy to help stop the spread of ‘contagion’ as it was referred to in media, during the ‘crypto winter‘ of 2022. This points toward the strong financial fundamentals the company possesses.

Due to the competent management group that supports its FTX network under Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX Token may also be a strong asset. The coin can also be staked on the FTX Platform and the trading fee decrease offered by FTX Token is the benefit that experienced cryptocurrency traders will find utility in.

The FTT / BTC pair is also in a strong uptrend, similar to BNB / BTC (Binance Coin). Native coins of crypto exchanges are performing well despite the bear market.

Analogous to ‘betting on the house’ by owning shares in a casino rather than gambling on the table games within it, holding CEX coins has outperformed many other altcoin projects.

FTX Token Price

FTT, i.e., FTX Token, is the native coin on the FTX platform for cryptocurrency trading. At the time of writing this article, the exchange rate of the FTT (FTX token) stood around $25 for an FTT (FTX Token).

The exchange rate between FTT and Bitcoin, the informal gold standard when considering cryptocurrencies stood around 0.001 BTC for an FTT, and the exchange rate between Ethereum (ETH) and FTT stood at around 0.022ETH for FTT.

FTT Token price

This price information should, however, be taken with a pinch of salt as the crypto exchange market is very volatile, and the exchange rates could change drastically and either balloon or slump in a matter of hours or even minutes.

The FTT (FTX Token) in the 24-hour period preceding the writing of this article had a trading volume of $89 million, and the token showed an upwards trend of a 4.20% increase.

FTT circulation has been capped at 135 million FTT coins with an upper limit of a maximum supply of 352 million FTT coins possible.

FTX Token Price Prediction

Before getting into the FTT price prediction and analysis, it is important to look at the historical data of financial and exchange price trends of FTT (FTX Token). Even since its inception, FTT has provided a return on investment (ROI) of 2251%.

The all-time low of the cryptocurrency token stood at $0.83 on 7 September 2019 and had an all-time high of $79.87 on 9 September 2021. The token has had a relatively sustained rise in the exchange rate since December 2020 and had a bull ran for the first three quarters of 2021 with only a slight fall in May – June 2021.

Although the token has not been able to replicate this bull run since and has been on a slightly downward trajectory since its high in September 2021, the token has been a relatively stable investment holding its price and exchange value with no significant drops or falls.

FTX token price prediction

FTX token saw a downward price movement, following the wider crypto sentiment, now on a rise

As of now, the token has bounced back from its yearly low that it witnessed in the month of June. The price saw a uptick of around 40% after the FTT token reach its yearly low. As of now, the price is hovering between $25 to $28 as per tradingview chart.

The parent crypto exchange of FTT, FTX, has been on an aggressive marketing campaign since 2021, most prominently sponsoring and creating three one-off NFTs with the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team.

The token has a very respectable #21 rank on Coin Market Cap. With the demand for CEXs and DEXs rapidly increasing on a day-to-day basis, the future outlook for tokens with significant exchange value, such as FTX, looks good in the long-term, despite the short-term trends suggesting otherwise.

Below is a video by Crypto Youtuber Jacob Crypto Bury where he cover some FTT technical analysis and reviews the project background then makes a FTX crypto price prediction:

Best Ways to Buy FTX Token

The following are some of the methods most frequently used to purchase FTX:

Buy FTX with a Debit Card or Credit Card

Using debit or credit cards to rapidly and easily purchase FTX is a frequent practice. Crypto.com offers a special debit card for purchasing Crypto, though FTT is currently not available on the platform. Another option is bank transfers, though some sites may take way more time to them.

Buy FTT Token without ID

There are some exchanges such as Changelly and ByBit that provide the option of buying crypto without an ID. While FTT isn’t available on Changelly, you can go to ByBit for buying an FTX token without ID.


FTX is one of the few profitable crypto exchanges with strong leadership onboard. FTT token could be a good gateway to invest in the FTX ecosystem and you could buy FTT token via platforms such Bitstamp and others.

FAQs on Buying FTX Token

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