Update – The Fight Out presale has now ended and FGHT is listed on BKEX, BitForex, Changelly, Digifinex, LBank, XT.com and Uniswap. The waiting list for its product launch is now open.

Fight Out is a revolutionary Web3 project that has crossed train-to-earn with play-to-earn and aims to incentivize its users to level up their health, earn rewards, and gamify these experiences in the metaverse.

Investors with solid foresight should consider the untapped potential of the fitness industry that can be leveraged via the blockchain, with Fight Out looking like one of the best crypto projects of 2023.

Users wondering ‘how to buy Fight Out tokens?’ can refer to this guide to expand their investment portfolio. We’ll also take a comprehensive look at what Fight Out has to offer to its users and its growth potential in the coming times.

Key Points on the Fight Out Crypto Project

Here are some key points for investors to gauge the project’s prospects:

  • Fight Out has proved to be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies after effectively targeting the gaps in the play-to-earn and train-to-earn sectors to provide a customer-driven approach.
  • The project leverages exciting rewards to induce positive changes in the users’ life. By gamifying the health and fitness process and making it even more thrilling by introducing users to the metaverse, Fight Out has devised a constructive mechanism for users to maintain a healthy lifestyle and earn rewards.
  • The $FGHT token is at the center of Fight Out’s ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum’s network. A second, off-chain token – REPS – is used as the in-app currency.
  • Users customize and upgrade their soulbound digital avatars – a digital fitness profile that reflects real-life training and cannot be sold or traded.
  • Rewards are earned through training, competing against others in the metaverse, playing games and wagering on real-life MMA fights.
  • Users have the potential to earn rewards in the form of FGHT and REPS with the Fight Out app. Users can redeem these in exchange for digital assets or stake FGHT to generate a passive income.
  • Fight Out’s crypto presale is now heading towards its closing date, with the project witnessing impressive traction from users and the investor community.
  • Investors are able to earn up to 67% in additional bonus tokens during the presale, depending on the purchase amount and vesting period chosen.
  • There is also a 5% USDT affiliate program to take advantage of.
  • More than $5.7 million has now been raised with the price of FGHT tokens increasing every week to a max of $0.0333 on March 31.
  • Listings on Uniswap, BKEX, LBank and BitForex are among those already confirmed, with the FGHT IEO to take place on April 5.

How to Buy Fight Out Token ($FGHT) Tutorial

Investors on the hunt for new cryptos to invest in have an excellent opportunity to minimize their risk by including the $FGHT tokens and diversifying their portfolio. By enabling its users to make an additional income while performing positive tasks, Fight Out has set the stage for inducing increasing amounts of people to practically make lifestyle changes.

Buyers thinking about how to buy $FGHT can do so via the project’s ongoing presale stage on its official website. How to invest in FGHT? Let’s look at some simple steps that investors could take to grab these tokens while they still have a chance.

Fight Out

Step 1 – Setting Up the Wallet

At the outset, the buyers should check if they have a crypto wallet ready. Trust Wallet (mobile app) and MetaMask (desktop browser extension) are two top picks, while there is also one-click wallet creation available through Fight Out partner Web3Auth.

To download and install the wallet, investors must go to Metamask’s official website and follow the instructions.

Step 2 – Connect the Wallet

After ensuring that the wallet is installed, buyers can directly go to Fight Out’s presale page. Now, the buyers can click on the “BUY FGHT NOW” button.

In this step, buyers can go ahead and select the wallet they have installed.

Step 3 – Using ETH/BNB/USDT to buy $FGHT

Investors need to add either ETH, BNB or USDT to their wallet for them to buy $FGHT. These can be purchased via a wallet or trusted broker or crypto exchanges and then transferred – if the buyer chooses USDT, then they must ensure they also have enough ETH (0.015) or BNB (0.0025) held in the wallet to cover transaction fees.

fight out buy options

Alternatively, Fight Out has partnered with Wert to allow users to buy $FGHT directly with a debit/credit card.

Step 4 – Buy $FGHT tokens and Confirm

Once buyers have enough ETH/BNB/USDT in their wallet, they should click on the relevant choice (pictured above).

After making their selection, the buyers can go ahead and enter the amount of tokens they would want to convert. Correspondingly, they will see the amount of $FGHT tokens they will receive.

fight out purchase

Additionally, buyers also have the option to choose a bonus while the vesting period will change accordingly – the minimum vesting period is 0 months but selecting longer vesting periods will trigger bonus clauses up to 42% for 36 months.

Similarly, certain purchase amounts trigger bonus FGHT tokens, with $500 adding 10% and $50,000 adding another 25%. Investors can, therefore, earn an extra 67% in FGHT by selecting the maximum (more info below).

Buyers can go ahead and click on the “BUY NOW” button.

Finally, the wallet provider will ask the buyers to authorize. After this, investors can confirm the transaction after checking the gas fees.

Once FGHT is held in their wallet, investors are able to generate an affiliate link and earn 5% USDT by inviting others to buy into the project.

While connected to the website, press the ‘5% Referral Link’ button and get the unique URL, then share it on.

Step 6 – Claim Tokens

Once confirmed, investors can claim the tokens as per their selected vesting period. The Token Generation Event (TGE) will take place on April 5, with those who selected a zero-month vesting period able to claim then.

What is Fight Out?

Now that we’ve covered the steps to purchase the $FGHT tokens, let’s dive deeper to understand how the project work and what it does.

Over the past decade, the health and fitness industry has undergone considerable change with the advent of newer technologies. Despite these developments, the traditional ‘machines and weights’ gyms alongside the boutique gym studios haven’t been completely effective at solving key problems in the industry.

While these traditional and new-age gym studios offer training flexibility, they involve an element of cost that poses barriers to sustained adoption at a mass level.

Cost-effective boutique fitness alternatives have attempted to solve this problem but that requires users to take part in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ workout plan. Thus, it becomes crucial to solve this problem to pave the way for long-term adherence to a healthy lifestyle.

Fight Out is a trailblazing project that crosses play-to-earn (P2E) with train-to-earn (T2E) and allows users to incorporate their real-life selves into the metaverse.

Fight Out’s ethos is ‘Train Hard. Fight Easy. Win Big.’ and the goal of the project is to incentivize its users to train more and lead healthier lifestyles while enhancing their gaming enjoyment by providing financial rewards.

In essence, Fight Out users will receive rewards and badges for completing in-app challenges and workouts, as well as by taking part in player-vs-player challenges and games and wagering on real-life MMA fights.

Instead of needing pricey NFTs to play, Fight Out provides players with their own individual avatar that represents them in game – the avatar can then be upgraded based on their real-life training, while NFT assets can be purchased to tally customize and stylize it.

Following are some of the prominent features of the platform:

  • Users get a soulbound NFT avatar – meaning it cannot be sold or traded – that represents a real-life fitness profile.
  • They can be levelled up based on strength, endurance, cardio, technique and mobility, as well as through a marketplace with customizable and upgradeable assets.
  • Real-life performance impacts success in the P2E metaverse games, with rewards then converted back to IRL currency.
  • Users earn rewards for completing classes and challenges, taking part in player-vs-player games or wagering on real-life MMA fights.
  • Fight Out has partnered with a group of world-class athletes to act as project ambassadors – providing unique and exclusive content and access.
  • FGHT tokens are earned in the metaverse in a variety of ways and can then be staked, used to pay for app subscription and more.
  • A second token, REPS, is the in-app currency used to upgrade the avatar.
  • Appealing to Web2 users both through its fitness and gaming mission and through its simple mobile app that offers a high-quality UI.

As the broader market sentiment continues to deteriorate, buyers strive to find promising cryptos to buy during the bear market.

Given Fight Out’s leading-edge features, it demonstrated strong potential to uphold and increase its value in the coming times.

Fight Out ($FGHT) Crypto Token

The Ethereum-based ERC-20 token $FGHT is the powerhouse of Fight Out’s metaverse – users can use $FGHT to compete in leagues, tournaments, wager on real-life MMA fights and more.

Moreover, $FGHT can use used to buy REPS that could aid users in making several in-app purchases, such as buying NFT assets to upgrade and customize their soulbound avatar with clothes, hair or shoes.

Furthermore, staking the token allows users to get free membership to the Fight Out app.

Investors looking to tap into Fight Out’s potential should consider buying the $FGHT tokens while they still have an opportunity to take part in its presale.

The price of $FGHT started at $0.0166 in stage 1 but, now increases every week up to a maximum of $0.0333 on March 31.

Investors can also secure up to 67% in bonus tokens depending on their purchase amount and vesting period they choose – with different figures and lengths of time triggering different clauses (see full chart further down the page).

fight out membership

That is a maximum up to 25% extra for a purchase over $50,000 and up to an additional 42% for choosing a 36-month vesting period.

Fight Out also offers four membership tiers (above) – contender, champion, world champion and undisputed champion – that grant additional perks such as discounted app subscriptions and signed merchandise.

FGHT tokens are already have confirmed listings on more than half a dozen leading centralized exchanges – Uniswap, DigiFinex, BKEX, LBank, Changelly Pro, XT.com and BitForex – with the price expected to surge once the IEO takes place on April 5.

Why Buy Fight Out ($FGHT) Token?

While being central to the app’s functionality, the $FGHT tokens pave the way for users to access the project’s useful solutions. Let’s glimpse into why investors should consider buying the $FGHT token. 

Driving Web2 Users to Web3

One of Fight Out’s leading areas of focus has been to build a gaming ecosystem that is accessible and appealing to Web2 natives, having seen a number of Web3 projects struggle as they only appeal to a small niche.

Fight Out has partnerships with Web3Auth for easy wallet creation and Wert to buy tokens with credit card to make the presale process as simple as possible, while the app will not require token usage initially. That marks three huge barriers of entry removed for those who are not familiar with Web3 tech.

Furthermore, unlike many other P2E and M2E projects, Fight Out does not require expensive and off-putting NFTs to gain access to the ecosystem, again removing a huge barrier to Web2 adoption.

Strong M2E Elements

Fight Out has an innovative approach of integrating real-life training achievements into their games and metaverse platform by having the player’s fitness and lifestyle impact their in-game stats and attributes.

This system – dubbed Train-to-Earn – means players can earn REPS by real-world exercises and then exchange then for rewards in the Fight Out metaverse.

Their soulbound avatars – effectively the digital fitness version of the user – is fully customizable with shoes, clothes, hair tattoos and other accessories available to make them unique, while they grow and are upgraded as the user’s fitness journey continues.

Thriving and Supportive Community

The Fight Out community will be moulded as a caring and supportive community that is encouraged to help other members.

In fact, users earn rewards not only for training, competing, winning games and picking up achievements but for supporting other users, encouraging them and pushing them further in their fitness goals.

Fight Out’s first mover advantage means that the project will quickly become the go-to space for gamers who want to lead a more active lifestyle and already active people who want to earn rewards for their physicality.

Huge Utility of FGHT

FGHT has a wide range of utility that should see it become one of the best low cap crypto gems of 2023. FGHT can be used to purchase REPS which is then used to customize the user’s avatar as well as upgrade its attributes and unlock other in-app rewards.

The token can also be staked to allow users to pay for the training app’s monthly subscription instead of with fiat currency – depending on the amount staked for 12 months, Fight Out users will also earn other exclusive perks and rewards.

The stake-for-membership model also means a huge amount of FGHT will be removed from the circulating supply, driving up the value of the FGHT token on the market.

Most significantly, FGHT is used as the currency in the Fight Out ecosystem and is used for all transactions on the platform – gamers will be rewarded with tokens if they win, rank higher in leagues or beat rivals in player-vs-player battles.

They can also earn FGHT for wagering on real-life MMA and digital ‘dream fights’ between combat sport legends.

As mentioned above, FGHT is given to users as a reward for sharing knowledge and encouragement in the community, as well as helping it grow on social media.

Fight Out Tokenomics & Staking

With plans to get in the list of the best IEO cryptos, Fight Out has launched its presale website while aiming to complete its institutional round and merchandise launch in Q4 of 2022 itself.

The ERC-20 standard $FGHT tokens have an upper supply cap of 10 billion tokens. Out of these, 9% (900 million) will be sold in the presale with a further 4.5% (450 million) used for the bonus/rewards pool and 10% then allocated for exchange liquidity.

fight out tokenomics

The remaining tokens (76.5%) will be vested over 5 years and used for the ongoing development of the fitness app and other project costs, including marketing.

Those tokens will be used to develop the platform over the long-term and to fund the real-world Fight Out content studio – a space to amplify the brand and develop additional content for the app and ecosystem.

As mentioned above, Investors looking to buy the tokens during the presale stage will also have the opportunity to gain up to 67% additional $FGHT tokens as rewards. Those who chose not to vest will receive no bonus, with a maximum of 42% extra available for locking over 36 months.

Purchase amount bonuses are triggered with an investment of $500 – which grants an additional 10% – with purchases over $50,000 triggering the maximum 25%.

There is also a 5% USDT referral program available, while those who purchased while the minimum vesting period was set at three months will be airdropped an additional 10%.

fight out bonuses new

Investors searching for promising crypto winter tokens should also consider the potential and effective features of $FGHT.

Additionally, users also have an opportunity to have membership rewards when they stake more tokens or stake them for a longer period.

The longer the investor stakes the $FGHT tokens, the higher the membership tier they would be entitled to. There are four tiers – contender, champion, world champion, undisputed champion – which each offer additional perks such as app discounts and signed merch.

If the project continues to glide through its presale stages in this quarter, it could set a solid foundation for its plans to get listed with several exchanges in the coming months.

Fight Out has been developed by a totally doxxed team that is KYC-verifed by CoinSniper, while the FGHT token smart contract has been audited by Certik.

Presale Started December 14
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Fight Out ($FGHT) Price Prediction

Wondering what most crypto analysts are forecasting for the Fight Out price prediction? The project’s roadmap clearly stated Fight Out’s plans to start with its listing drive in early 2023 and that has been done with seven major exchanges already agreeing to listings.

$FGHT’s eventual listing on best decentralized exchanges alongside well-known CEXs can set the stage for exceptional growth in the coming times – so far, Uniswap, DigiFinex, BKEX, LBank, Changelly Pro, XT.com and BitForex are all confirmed.

While it is impossible to accurately predict the future, ,ore often than not, promising crypto presales with a customer-centric approach end up exploding in the longer run. Fight Out’s advanced features can induce mass adoption and thereby trigger exponential returns.

Especially during the bear market when buying cryptocurrencies can be a perplexing task, it becomes important for investors to include tokens with market-beating returns in their portfolio.

Successful completion of events on its roadmap can carve a pathway for FGHT to become a high-ROI crypto in the coming years.

Investors should consider buying $FGHT while they have a chance to grab them before the maximum price of $0.0333 on March 31 and while the bonus programs are still available.

The FGHT token IEO is set for April 5.

For more updates, users can see the project’s whitepaper and enter its Telegram group.

How to Buy Fight Out ($FGHT) – Conclusion

This detailed guide has covered the step-by-step process of purchasing the $FGHT tokens in a simple yet effective way. In addition to this, we understood Fight Out’s one-of-a-kind features that could help the project in sustaining a competitive edge. We also saw how the project redefined the Train-to-Earn space while leveraging the potential of its groundbreaking features. In addition to this, the bright future of NFTs and metaverse further reaffirmed the project capability.

The presale has already seen more than $5.7 million in investment with the price increasing every week to a maximum of $0.0333 on March 31, with the IEO to take place on April 5. As discussed previously, investors can also receive up to 67% in bonus FGHT tokens during the presale depending on how much they purchase and how long they chose to vest them for, as well as take advantage of a 5% USDT referral program.

Fight Out - Next Big Train-to-Earn Crypto

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