DumbleDAO’s token is one of the unknown meme coins in the market right now. The crypto asset is not popular, but there’s been some chatter on social networks concerning the asset’s ability to merge memes with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Meme coins are notable for providing opportunities for investors to earn profits. This review explains what the DumbleDAO token offers and the prospects for the future.

How to Buy DumbleDAO Token – Quick Steps

Investors looking to buy DumbleDAO token can follow these steps:

  • ✅Sign Up: The DumbleDAO token is available on a few decentralized exchanges. We recommend buying the coin on PancakeSwap.
  • Connect Your Wallet: Click on the “Connect Wallet” button to connect a decentralized wallet on PancakeSwap.
  • Enter Your Desired Amount: Investors need BNB to purchase the DumbleDAO token. After connecting a wallet, insert the number of BNB tokens to swap.
  • Swap For DumbledDAO Token: Complete the purchase by swapping BNB for DUMBLE.  

What Is DUMBLE Token? DumbleDAO Logo

DUMBLE is the native token of the Dumble decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO claims to be a community-owned NFT portfolio, looking to become one of the largest repositories of NFTs in the market.

DumbleDAO was inspired by Albus Dumbledore – the fictional head of Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter franchise. Dumbledore was a great wizard in the movie and a collector of art and rare artifacts.


In the same vein, the DumbleDAO is looking to acquire passive yields on NFT holdings and investments, driving value and profits for members of the DAO.

In the DumbleDAO, members own fractional shares of the NFTs in its portfolio. At the same time, they can vote on possible updates – including NFT acquisitions and sales – using the DUMBLE token.

The DumbleDAO has created several NFT collections. One of these collections is Magical Mutts – a collection of 4,444 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Magical Mutt is paired with a physical canvas, which comes to live with augmented reality.


There is also OG DumbleDoge – a collection of 100 NFTs that will be distributed after the completion of the Magical Mutts collection. When it comes to crypto projects that are tied to the NFT scene, there’s none greater than Lucky Block. For investors who don’t know, the Lucky Block ecosystem is a top NFT competitions and rewards platform. Compared to DumbleDAO’s NFT setup, investors would do well to buy the Lucky Block NFT.

LBLOCK NFTs are a clear winner with their transparent setup and social media presence. Lucky Block NFTs are one of the most exciting new NFT projects. We love the fact that only 10,000 Lucky Block NFTs would ever exist, and the platform has started rewarding participants.

It’s arguably the best NFT giveaway platform.

Is DumbleDAO Crypto a Good Investment?

Since the asset is new, investors might wonder whether they should buy DumbleDAO crypto. Here are some of the asset’s key points:

Fractional Ownership of NFTs

Currently, NFTs are one of the best investments in the crypto space. These assets are quite affordable and could deliver impressive profits to investors in the future. However, a lot of NFTs are also expensive, making them inaccessible to a lot of investors.

DumbleDAO NFTs With DumbleDAO, members can enjoy fractional ownership of NFTs. Essentially, they can pool their resources together to buy NFTs and earn profits based on their capital.

Voting Power for DAO Members

Holders of the DUMBLE token will also be able to make decisions based on the actions of the DAO. If investors believe that a specific collection is no longer valuable, they could vote that the DAO sells the NFTs and distributes the profits among members – and vice versa.

Get in Early on Something Potentially Big

The DumbleDAO is also looking to launch several new initiatives as they work on the expansion. According to their product roadmap, they intend to purchase more NFT collections and list DUMBLE on several centralized exchanges amongst other DeFi cryptos – and on aggregators like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. For now, the token is only available on the tiny DEX review site Poocoin and PancakeSwap.

DumbleDAO Increased exposure to more investors should bolster DUMBLE’s price prospects, thus delivering aims for holders. While this sounds interesting, there are no guarantees the platform would eventually list on any major centralized exchanges or data aggregators like Coinmarketcap. These platforms are great for building credibility and viability for any cryptocurrency project. These are two features that are missing from the DumbleDAO project.

But the best DeFi coins to buy contain both of those features.

DUMBLE Token Price

As investors learn how to buy DumbleDAO tokens, they would also want to know how the current performance of the asset in the market.

DUMBLE Price Chart

At press time, DUMBLE’s price is $0.03736. Although its price spiked by 2.63% in the past week, it has been in a macro bearish downtrend and unstable since its launch.

We expect the asset to continue to trade sideways for weeks. The coin has quite a significant drop from the start of July until mid-July 2022.

DUMBLE Coin Price Prediction

Admittedly, DUMBLE is launching amid what some believe to be a bear market, making it an ideal crypto winter token to buy. 2022 has proven to be a tough year for the crypto market, with strict monetary policies and fears of inflation hitting the traditional market and spilling over to crypto. This means that even coins focusing on the NFT space cannot deliver the types of returns that investors have grown to expect.

However, DUMBLE remains an attractive prospect for long-term investors. The DumbleDAO roadmap indicates many development and initiatives, including DUMBLE’s launch on centralized exchanges, aggregators, and more. The DumbleDAO is also looking to commence an aggressive marketing push to sell the token to prospective investors.

DumbleDAO Tokenomics

Considering that the DAO has managed to achieve so much with little buzz and marketing. This is why we believe that more investors will adopt and invest in DumbleDAO and DUMBLE in the future once the marketing push commences.

Also, market analysts and participants expect the crypto market to recover from this drawn-out crypto winter eventually. Its possible DUMBLE token hits $0.1 before the end of 2022, but DUMBLE is a high-risk investment. See our full DumbleDAO price prediction post.

DumbleDAO: Are There Any Better Alternatives?

While DumbleDAO coin might offer some potential, we advise investors to review other assets in the market that could deliver impressive gains. DUMBLE’s lack of transparency and sparse information on the internet makes it look scammy and a bit of a risky asset for investors. If you want to hop on a reputable and audited project that’s breaking grounds, we recommend purchasing Tamadoge (TAMA).

Tamadoge Tamadoge Logo

Tamadoge touts itself as the next “play-to-earn Dogecoin”. We consider the asset as one of the best crypto presales available.

The asset’s developers are looking to combine the quick gains associated with the best meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), with functional NFT and blockchain gaming modules, creating the perfect ecosystem for investors and gamers.

Tamadoge looks to address a specific need in the market. Meme coins are great because they provide sporadic gains for investors but also lack utility. Those who opted to buy SHIB or Dogecoin back in 2021 can relate to this issue.

Instead of just creating a meme coin that might not last, Tamadoge combines the meme model with blockchain gaming, ensuring a great use case for the coin and platform. Users can earn rewards through their gameplay while also minting and developing their NFTs and possibly selling them in the future. With Tamadoge, players have multiple avenues to earn – while doing what they love.

Named after the popular “Tamagotchi” game, Tamadoge is a gaming ecosystem that revolves around pet doges. NFTs represent these doges, and the game’s goal is for each player to purchase and breed their doge. Players can battle these doges against those of other players, earning the loser’s doges and the platform’s in-house TAMA token.

Like the best play-to-earn games, Tamadoge also features other mini-games and activities within its ecosystem that players could participate in and enjoy TAMA tokens as rewards. The platform has a monthly leaderboard that ranks players and community members based on their activities and winnings, fostering an environment where everyone can compete and win.

One of the key features of TAMA is the deflationary nature of the asset. Immediately after every TAMA purchase, 5% of the total amount is burned. This ensures that the asset maintains a constantly reducing supply, making it more attractive for long-term holders.

Another interesting feature is that TAMA has no transaction tax in its tokenomics. This makes it easy for investors to buy or sell the token, as they can hold on to most of their accrued profits. And since Tamadoge’s prize pool is only filled through purchases from its store, users’ rewards or overall experience isn’t affected.

There is a lot to expect with Tamadoge. One of the most significant features is the “Tamaverse” – a metaverse platform allowing participants to play games and engage in other activities seamlessly. The launch of this platform should be another bullish move from Tamadoge, which is already tipped to be the next big thing in blockchain gaming.

The platform’s developers have launched a presale for the TAMA token, expected to close in September 2022. Proceeds from the presale will go towards further developments and the launch of the Tamadoge gaming ecosystem later in the year.

Tamadoge’s team has been KYC-verified on CoinSniper, while SolidProof.io has audited the project’s code. Investors can join the project’s Telegram group to learn more about Tamadoge and keep tabs on the important announcement from the team.

How to Buy Tamadoge – Detailed Tutorial

Tamadoge is on course to become one of the best low cap crypto gems of 2024, given its unique tokenomics and stellar roadmap. You can follow these steps to buy Tamadoge:

Step 1: Download a Wallet

Visit MetaMask’s website and download a wallet. We recommend that they download the browser extension to ensure seamless connectivity for their device.

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Visit Tamadoge’s website and then click the “Connect Wallet” button.

Open the wallet extension on a web browser, and it should connect automatically.

Step 3: Fund Wallet

Investors need to acquire Ethereum or USDT coins to fund their TAMA purchase on eToro.

At the same time, the Tamadoge presale page allows investors to purchase ETH using their credit cards directly. Once they’ve purchased the asset, they must transfer it to their decentralized wallets.

Step 4: Swap ETH For TAMA

With a funded wallet, investors can enter their desired ETH purchase amount. Click on “Convert ETH”, and a popup requesting a review and confirmation of the transaction will appear.

The minimum amount to purchase is 1,000 TAMA tokens.

Step 5: Claim Tokens

Ideally, the purchased TAMA should be added to the investor’s wallet. However, since the presale isn’t concluded, investors cannot claim them now. When the presale ends, investors can click “Claim” on the Tamadoge homepage to get their coins.

Also, take note of these details when purchasing the asset:

  • Address: 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8
  • Decimals: 18
  • Token Symbol: TAMA


DUMBLE is an interesting token with the potential to make a splash on the NFT scene. The asset is backed by a formidable DAO that intends to provide returns on NFT holdings to its members and investors, ensuring that they earn money while maintaining voting power. That said, there are better alternatives for investors looking for crypto gems with a bright future.

We recommend Tamadoge, an upcoming P2E and metaverse project to invest in that employs meme coins to draw players into its expansive universe. TAMA is currently in its presale phase, and the tokens are available at a discounted price.

Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

Our Rating

  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Listed on Bybit, OKX, Bitmart, LBank, MEXC, Uniswap
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption


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