Launched in 2009, Bitcoin has fostered a whole new financial order. Now, the premier digital asset controls more than 40% of the crypto market with more institutional investments flowing in. Retail investors have not been left out, and several enthusiasts are looking to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia. While buying Bitcoin is not a new concept, several Slovenian investors remain in the dark on how to go about this.

This guide explores how traders can easily invest in Bitcoin in Slovenia. We will also analyse some of the top platforms that allow users to buy BTC in Slovenia.

How to Buy Bitcoin Slovenia – Quick Guide

Looking for quick steps on how to Buy Bitcoin instantly? We recommend using the social trading platform, eToro. Get started in as little as 10 minutes with these easy steps:

  • Step 1✅  Open an account with eToro: Sign up on the platform by providing an email address, mobile number, full name, and a password.
  • Step 2  Deposit: Fund account with $50. eToro supports several payment methods for ease of payment.
  • Step 3  Search for Bitcoin: Type ‘BTC’ into the search box and click on the first pop-up result.
  • Step 4  Buy: Click on ‘Trade’ to open up the order page. Insert an amount and click on ‘Open Trade’ to complete the transaction.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

Where to Buy Bitcoin in Slovenia

Many crypto trading platforms have launched following the Bitcoin boom of the last decade. This availability of numerous options can make it confusing for new investors to select the places to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia. We have selected a number of high profile and secure cryptocurrency exchanges that users of all kinds can use:

1. eToro – Overall Best Platform to Invest in Bitcoin in Slovenia

best crypto exchange in OmaneToro is our top pick for where to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia. This choice is based on several key attributes of the platform. eToro is a multi-asset broker that offers investors access to different financial instruments, including commodities, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and cryptocurrencies. Looking for a comprehensive and integrated investment provider? eToro definitely ticks the box.

The platform is renowned for its social trading capabilities, which allow users to interact and learn from one another. eToro supports over 70 top-ranking cryptocurrencies. Traders can buy Bitcoin, Solana, and the best meme coins from the platform. The platform also allows users to trade these assets as contract for differences (CFDs) and currently supports 200+ trades.

eToro has a minimum investment bar of $50 for users in Europe, with 1% in fees charged for using its services. Users can easily fund their accounts using bank transfers, cards, and e-wallet solutions.

buy crypto on etoro platformeToro is user-friendly and intuitive. It allows users to complete trades in three easy steps. Additionally, the platform features CopyTrader and CopyPortfolio tools. CopyTrader allows new users to mirror the trades of more advanced investors. This way, they can easily copy their winning strategies and profit when they do.

CopyPortfolio is useful for diversifying users’ funds across the top-performing industries and sectors. Users’ funds are automatically rebalanced based on the highest yield investment vehicle at the time.

eToro is a regulated entity, with operational licenses from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and Australia Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). The platform also has oversight from the European Monetary Authority (EMA).

Security is a top priority for the social trading giant. Funds are protected with two-factor authentication (2FA) and kept in segregated accounts.


  • Low Bitcoin trading fees
  • Multiple payment options
  • Powerful trading tools
  • Social trading platform


  • Withdrawal fee of $5
Supported Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Buying Fees Deposit Fee Trading Fees Payment Channels
71+ Nil Free 1% Bank transfer, cards, e-wallet solutions

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

2. – Top Platform to Buy Bitcoin for Cashback Rewards logo is another exchange investors can use to buy Bitcoin instantly. This pure-play crypto trading platform allows users to buy, sell, and exchange 250+ digital assets. The platform has quickly grown into one of the best altcoin exchanges following its slew of impressive services and features.

One of these is its cashback reward system, which allows investors to spend their digital assets using their Cards – widely regarded as one of the best crypto credit cards around.

Carried out in a tiered system, users stand a chance to earn as high as 8% back for spending their crypto using the debit card. Other useful services include a passive income generating service called Earn which allows users to pocket as high as 14.5% in passive revenue. Exchange offers a low barrier of entry and users can start trading with as little as$20. Supported payment channels include crypto transfers, bank wire transfers, cards and e-wallet payment modes. Deposits are mostly fee-less, but withdrawals are charged based on the underlying digital asset. Trading fees start from 0.4% and holders of its native token, CRO, are eligible for a 10% slash. is regulated by top-tier financial watchdogs in the regions it operates, and the platform has one of the most impressive arrays of security measures. 98% of users’ funds are kept in cold wallet storage. Additionally, features multi-factor authentication (MFA) and address whitelisting.


  • 8% cashback reward
  • Handsome library of assets
  • Cold wallet storage support


  • Variable withdrawal method
Supported Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Buying Fees Deposit Fee Trading Fees Payment Channels
250+ Nil Free Starts from 0.4% Bank transfer, crypto transfer, cards, e-wallet solutions

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

3. Coinbase – Best Place to Buy Bitcoin in Slovenia for Beginners coinbase logo

The second-largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Coinbase, is a major force for traders who want to invest in Bitcoin. This platform has carved a strong identity as a beginner’s platform, but does also have advanced trading tools, on its Coinbase Pro platform and recently more were added to Coinbase as well.

Coinbase offers a rich library of learning resources for crypto newbies struggling with how to trade crypto. The platform comes with deep liquidity, as it supports over 10,000 cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is pegged at $2 worth of crypto assets. Supported payment methods include bank transfers, cards, and e-wallet solutions.

Coinbase review

Coinbase charges between 0.5% to 5% depending on the underlying asset, trading size, and network fees. The platform is regulated by the FCA and the Financial Crimes and Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Funds are secured using 2FA and address whitelisting.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Large array of digital assets
  • Low minimum deposit


  • Fees are relatively high
Supported Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Buying Fees Deposit Fee Trading Fees Payment Channels
10,000+ Nil 3.99% for debit cards 0.5% to 5% Bank transfer, crypto transfers, cards, e-wallet solutions

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

4. Binance – Global Bitcoin Exchange with Low Fees binance logo

Currently, Binance ranks as the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume. The platform, launched in 2017, has since transitioned to a floating entity with no physical location. This has not negatively impacted it. The platform continues to offer support for 600+ crypto assets.

Binance home

While there are some similarities as could be gleaned from our Binance vs Coinbase guide, Binance seems to have the advantage when it comes to fees. The top crypto exchange charges 0.10% for trading while holders of its utility token BNB are eligible for a 25% fee slash.

The minimum deposit is pegged at $10 and supported deposit methods include crypto transfers, bank wire transfers, and e-wallet solutions like PayPal. Investors can also buy BTC with credit card on Binance.

Binance is regulated in most regions it operates in, and the Bitcoin exchange offers 2FA and address whitelisting.


  • Global crypto brand
  • Low trading fees
  • Deep liquidity


  • More suited for advanced users
Supported Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Buying Fees Deposit Fee Trading Fees Payment Channels
600+ Nil Free 0.1% Bank transfer, cards, crypto transfer, e-wallet solutions

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

5. Spectrocoin – Local Bitcoin Exchange with Crypto Loan Support Spectrocoin Logo

Spectrocoin has carved a strong market share for itself in the Slovenian crypto space. The platform supports 40+ digital assets, including record names like Bitcoin and Ethereum and several chart-breaking altcoins. The minimum deposit is pegged at 1 Euro while trading fees are free for market makers.

Users can easily fund their accounts using their credit or debit cards and bank transfers. Deposit charges are dependent on the selected payment methods.


Spectrocoin operates as an integrated crypto solution and offers one of the highest loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, starting from 25% to 75%. While this may be termed risky, the platform allows users to get the highest loan amount for their collateral. Users can also take a loan for as low as 25 Euros.

Spectrocoin is a regulated entity under the EMA threshold. The platform offers 2FA and address whitelisting.


  • High LTV ratio
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Low loan value


  • Variable fees for deposits and withdrawals
Supported Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Buying Fees Deposit Fee Trading Fees Payment Channels
40+ Nil Variable Free for makers Bank transfer, cards

6. LocalBitcoins – Top Platform for P2P Trading Local Bitcoins Logo

Rounding up our list of best places to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia is LocalBitcoins. The platform operates as a trustless and peer-to-peer network that allows users to buy and sell digital assets.

Local BitcoinsLaunched in 2012, LocalBitcoins allows users to engage in over-the-counter (OTC) trading. Users can post exchange rates and supported payment methods with buyers accepting the most favourable ones.

LocalBitcoins supports only Bitcoin exchange and offers over 40 payment methods. Deposits are free while withdrawals are charged based on a frequently updated value.

The platform is not a regulated entity.


  • P2P network
  • Zero deposit fee
  • Multiple payment methods


  • Supports only BTC
Supported Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Buying Fees Deposit Fee Trading Fees Payment Channels
1 Variable Free Variable Bank transfers, crypto transfers, cards, e-wallet

Should I Buy Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin network was born out of a growing number of issues surrounding global financial health. According to its anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is out to return back financial decision-making powers to the masses. Continued poor fiscal policies and bad financial decisions by governments and financial agencies caused a major recession in 2008. This led to the launch of Bitcoin in 2009.

Bitcoin allows individuals to participate in the trustless transfer of electronic value without the oversight of any central authority. Given the financial mess, central authorities like the world governments have done in the past, the Bitcoin network aims to improve the purchasing power of the masses through its deflationary design. Also, a decentralised means of transferring value comes with a lot of perks, including, but not limited to, sanctionless value transfer, low cost for transfers, and ultimately, privacy.

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin

While there are over 19,700 alternative currencies (altcoins), Bitcoin still remains the top dog among both institutional and retail investors. Here are a few benefits users can enjoy when they buy Bitcoin in Slovenia.

Sanctionless Value Transfer

As we noted earlier, the Bitcoin network does not operate with a centralised framework. In fact, Bitcoin is the most decentralised network in the blockchain space with over 15,000 nodes spread across the globe. This makes it difficult for one entity or individual to call the shots on how the network should operate.

Bitcoin Nodes Available

The end product of this is that users can easily send electronic cash in a peer-to-peer (P2P) without worrying about sanctions from their banks or national governments. This ability has seen several nations on the global sanction list turn to the crypto bellwether as a means to fund their international financial activities. An instance is Iran which has legalised the use of BTC to make payments for imports.

Retain More Value in the Long Run

Bitcoin is programmed to be deflationary by design. As principal founder Nakamoto pointed out, the proof-of-work (PoW) network will only mine or create 21 million coins, and it has been predicted that 2140 is when the last coins will be mined.

How to Buy Bitcoin - BTC Deflationary Nature
Source: Coinmarketcap

The upside to this is that a supply crunch for the foremost digital asset will likely drive up its price. This way, investors who swap fiat currencies for BTC would see their value rise with time as demand exceeds supply. This hard cap limit has seen several investors look to the PoW consensus network as a better store of value than even the gold standard.

Users who store their wealth in BTC would likely retain their value better and will also make more in funds with the expected upside surge.

More Countries Are Adopting BTC

The tides are changing rapidly in the crypto market and mass adoption is increasing worldwide. This is due to the growing number of countries that are adopting Bitcoin as a legal means of value exchange or tender.

The first was the North American nation, El Salvador, which added BTC as its second legal tender. The country has become a prominent backer of the controversial PoW digital asset despite resistance from a number of global financial bodies like the International Monetary Firm (IMF).

Recently, the Central African Republic followed suit and adopted BTC as its legal tender. This points to a growing network of countries that see the intrinsic benefits the digital asset presents.

Institutional Investment is on the Rise

Institutional investors are also publicly backing the digital asset. According to recent data from the Bitcoin-focused indexing website Bitcoin Treasuries, over 7.29% of Bitcoin is owned by publicly listed companies.

bitcoin treasuries ownership

Private corporations follow with 5.54% and world governments have so far added 3.29% of the circulating amount of BTC into their financial sheets. This points to a growing wave of mainstream use cases.

Bitcoin is Crypto’s Gold Standard

The crypto market is a highly competitive landscape and the 19,700 digital assets point to this. While a number of prominent altcoins have lost their place to others, Bitcoin has remained top of the most valuable crypto asset by market cap since launching in 2009. The digital asset currently commands 44.4% of the digital asset which equates to $600 billion-plus in fiat value.

The reasons are not far-fetched. For one, BTC is the poster child and the most recognised crypto brand in the space. While Ethereum follows second, a report by Gemini crypto exchange points out that 95% of Americans equate all cryptocurrencies with BTC.

Another is the fact that Bitcoin enjoys a first-mover advantage (FMA). It launched in 2009 while its strong rival, Ether, came a few years later. This makes it easy for BTC to entrench itself in the consciousness of investors.

Ways of Buying Bitcoin

These are some of the best ways investors are using to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia.

1. Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

PayPal is a payment processing company that services over 400 million customers worldwide. The fintech solution is pro-crypto and now provides users with the means to buy Bitcoin with PayPal funds directly on the platform. However, for users looking at a more pocket-friendly solution, using a platform that supports PayPal may be the way to go.

With zero fees, they can easily buy BTC with PayPal on our recommended platform eToro. This gives them more purchasing power and allows them to hit their financial target faster.

2. Buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card

Another popular option to buy Bitcoin instantly is to use a credit or debit card. Both payment solutions are hugely popular for the security and convenience they provide for users. Several Bitcoin exchanges allow users to buy Bitcoin with credit card or debit card.

However, we recommend taking into consideration that this option comes with a charge. Credit card users may need to consult their credit card issuing provider to learn what charges they may incur for loans. Meanwhile, we suggest using only a platform that charges low or zero fees for funding accounts through this means.

2. Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer

Although not as popular as the other two, several users still turn to established financial bodies to fund their crypto purchases. This is because they offer more fund flexibility than the other solutions. A bank transfer might be slower in comparison to a debit card purchase but users can easily fund their crypto account with as high as $1 million in one deposit session. This is a bit difficult with other payment windows.

Bitcoin Price

At press time, Bitcoin is trading at $29,660, down 12.83% in the past month. The crypto bellwether is gradually making a comeback after a slow start to the year.The crypto bellwether is gradually making a comeback after a slow start to the year. Bitcoin’s price reversal is largely due to the indirect weight of the global financial landscape. Although the blockchain-based asset was meant to be immune to these circumstances, inflation figures have forced investors to consider more traditional wealth stores.

However, Bitcoin is known for comebacks and we expect the premier digital asset to shoot back into the $30k price peg in the coming days.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Wondering when to buy Bitcoin? Now might be a great time. The digital asset is currently trading at a discount in comparison to its stellar year in 2021. The premier digital asset shot up to $69,004 in a record-breaking November 2021, and advocates believe it could revisit this price peg in a sustained bullish market.

While making a Bitcoin price prediction can be a difficult exercise, the principal network token’s framework speaks loudly for its continued upside rise. For one, there is the concept of Bitcoin halving.

Bitcoin price since inception

Operating on the PoW consensus mechanism, miners or nodes are rewarded with the network token for solving complex mathematical puzzles. Now, these rewards have continued to be halved every four years. The first block reward saw miners generate 50 BTC when it initially launched. This was split to 25 BTC in reward in 2013, 12.5 BTC in 2017, and the current value is 6.25 BTC. The next Bitcoin halving event is expected in 2024, and this will see miners earn 3.125 BTC in rewards.

While it seems like the rewards are getting smaller, the value of each coin has continued to increase following these halving events. Coupled with the transaction fees, miners stand a chance to earn sizable chunks in BTC.

Another main driver is its PoW design. BTC would lead the last frontier of the PoW consensus framework once the smart contract layer-1 network, Ethereum, fully transitions to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm later this year. This will force miners to move to the Bitcoin network to get both block rewards and fees: a concept which is alien to the updated PoS mechanism.

Given growing global adoption, Bitcoin could close the year on a positive footing, and we can see the foremost cryptocurrency surge to $50k per coin. A continued interest in cryptocurrencies could see it reclaim its previous all-time high (ATH) value of $69,004 in the following year.

How to Buy Bitcoin Safely

Wondering how to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia safely? We recommend using our recommended platform. The multi-asset broker is known to uphold the highest standard of both platform security and users’ safety. Additionally, eToro is regulated by the top brackets of the financial regulatory landscape and has no history of being hacked.

This means users can securely and safely buy BTC in Slovenia using the platform.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Slovenia – Tutorial

Ready to learn how to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia? Let’s get started. The entire process can easily be completed within a 10 minutes window on our chosen platform, eToro.

Here is how to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia and any other crypto asset on the eToro crypto exchange:

1. Sign up on eToro

The first step is to register for a new account. Users should visit the official website of the eToro platform and creating a free account takes just a few minutes.

Signup on eToro

eToro will redirect the user to a registration page where they will need to supply their email address, password, full name, and mobile number. eToro also allows users to cut through these form-filling processes by connecting either their Facebook, Google, or Apple account to create a new account.

2. Verify ID

As we mentioned earlier in our how to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia guide, eToro is a heavily regulated crypto broker. This means all new users are required to complete the know-your-customer (KYC) in order to access the full features of the broker. Not to worry, the process is also seamless. Users just have to upload a clear copy of their driver’s license or official passport.


They will also need to upload a copy of their utility bill or financial statement for proof of residence. Once these documents are uploaded, the eToro team will verify them within minutes.

3. Deposit

The next step will be to fund the account, and eToro offers multiple payment methods here. To do this, click on the action tab and locate the ‘Deposit Funds’ button. Click on this to access the deposit page and select a preferred payment method. Insert how much to fund the account with.

Click on ‘Deposit’ to complete the process.

4. Buy BTC

Once the deposit is complete, users can now proceed to invest in Bitcoin in Slovenia. To do this, type ‘BTC’ as the ticker symbol into the search bar and click on the first popup result. Then click on the ‘Trade’ button to open up the order page.

Insert how much BTC to buy and click on ‘Open Trade’ to complete the transaction.

How to Sell Bitcoin

After making a profit from a Bitcoin position, users can easily sell it and cash in their gains. To do this, they can follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the ‘Portfolio’ tab
  • Select ‘BTC’ as the digital asset to sell
  • Click on the ‘X’ sign to close the position
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the process

The funds will automatically be credited to their eToro main accounts from where they can withdraw to their bank accounts.


Bitcoin has grown 9 million per cent since its first launch at $0.10. The premier digital asset began to assert its influence in 2017 and has since continued to gain traction five years later. This has led many investors to add Bitcoin to their portfolios.

Keen on investing in Bitcoin? Our how to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia guide should help in charting the unknown landscape. We have also pointed out where to buy Bitcoin in Slovenia, and our top pick is – a social trading platform that allows users to interact and communicate with one another. An added bonus is its slew of unique features which allows investors to mirror the trades of more advanced investors and also diversify their portfolios. This is coupled with competitive fees for users.

best crypto exchange in Oman

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


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