Many investors in Asia have diversified their portfolios by holding crypto. Since Bitcoin is the most popular one, investors are seeking the easiest way to invest in it. We searched the market and found the best way to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan.

Our search led us to discover several brokers that enable investors to buy Bitcoin instantly. We’ll review each broker in-depth and also analyze Bitcoin’s price chart and make a price prediction. To help investors buy Bitcoin (BTC) in Pakistan easily, we’ve included a step-by-step guide.

How to Buy Bitcoin Pakistan – Quick Guide

  • ✅ 1. Open an account with – The best place we found to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan was Not only has it made opening an account easy, but the platform offers 0% commissions and low spreads. 
  • 2. Deposit – Investors in Pakistan can deposit funds into their accounts with a debit/credit card or e-wallet. The minimum deposit is $20. Transferring funds with a bank wire requires a minimum deposit of $250.
  • 3. Search for Bitcoin – Use the search function to type in ‘BTC’. Investors might want to start with the most popular trading pair, BTC/USD.
  • 4. Buy – If investors believe that Bitcoin’s price will rise, they’ll choose ‘buy’ and enter the amount of US dollars to buy Bitcoin. 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

Where to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan

Investors in Pakistan can buy Bitcoin at several top cryptocurrency exchanges. We found five exchanges that allow investors to buy Bitcoin for low fees.

1. – The Best Platform to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan has proven to be the best crypto exchange in Pakistan for several reasons. Firstly, it allows investors to trade cryptocurrencies without owning or storing them. The platform provides more than 400 cryptocurrencies with USD and digital asset pairing to trade. The broad range of cryptocurrencies on this platform enables a trader to diversify a portfolio easily. 

The minimum deposit is $20, and withdrawal and deposit fees don’t apply. The investing minimum amount is $1. A bank wire deposit minimum is $250. 

The reason that doesn’t require investors to own or store Bitcoin is that it’s a CFD trading platform. Buying Bitcoin on this platform doesn’t mean investors own it. What investors are doing is speculating on Bitcoin’s future value via a financial derivative. enables traders to trade using leverage—borrowed funds to increase their trading position beyond the available cash. That significantly increases potential profits, but traders should note that it’s risky because it also increases losses.

The platform doesn’t charge commissions on trades, and it offers competitive spreads—the difference between the quoted buy(bid) and sell(ask) prices. However, charges an overnight fee for a long position at -0.05% and a 0.014% short position for an overnight fee. The margin available on BTC/USD trade is 50%.

Another great benefit of trading on is that users can trade numerous assets such as stocks, forex, commodities and indices. If investors are beginners at trading, this platform has compiled several free courses that traders can access on its site to educate themselves about the markets.

Trading is even easier on a mobile thanks to’s app, available on iOS and Android. is regulated by the FCA, CySEC, ASIC and NBRB.

Fee to Trade Bitcoin  Debit Card fee Minimum Deposit
Commission-free (variable spreads) No fee $20 on cards and $250 for bank wires



  • Broad of cryptocurrencies
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Heavily regulated
  • Offers free courses


  • Charges overnight trading fee

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

2. Binance – Offers More Than 600 Cryptocurrencies

Besides offering Bitcoin trading, Binance enables investors to access 600 other cryptocurrencies. It’s regarded as one of the most popular crypto exchanges globally because of its offerings. One of them is staking cryptos.

If the crypto market’s volatility during day trading is too overwhelming, investors can opt for staking BTC—earning interest by locking-in Bitcoin. Binance enables BTC stakers to earn 8.19% for locking the coin in for 60 days. A flexible lock option is also available, but it earns only 1.2%. Some coins offered for staking on the platform provide triple-digit returns.

The fees for the different trading options vary. But the regular spot trading fee is 0.10%. No deposit and withdrawal fee applies if investors use Signet for bank transfers. But a $15 SWIFT is applicable for withdrawals.


Investors need only $15 to buy Bitcoin. Some of the different payment options for funding an account are debit/credit card, bank transfer and Paypal. Binance enables investors to transfer cryptos from cold storage onto Binance so they can trade digital asset pairs. 

Whether an investor is a beginner or an advanced trader, the platform is suitable. It’s easy enough for beginners to use without being overwhelmed, but the platform also contains advanced tools for pro traders to optimize their strategies.

Investors looking to store their cryptos can do it via Binance’s Trust Wallet, which is a decentralized app enabling investors to control private keys. Binance offers Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU), emergency insurance to protect users’ funds.    

Fee to Trade Bitcoin  Debit Card fee Minimum Deposit
0.10% Determined by P2P market $15


  • Triple-digit returns for some staking coins
  • Low fees
  • Numerous assets
  • Flexible lock-in option for staking


  • Lacks regulation

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

3. BitOasis – A Sign-Up Bonus Platform

Opening an account with BitOasis means that they will grant a sign-up bonus of 150 AED. Investors can buy Bitcoin in Pakistan on this platform and 40 other cryptocurrencies. Other investing options include DeFi, Metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Beginners will love this platform. BitOasis specifically designed it for investors starting in crypto by making the platform easy to use. The simple steps require investors to choose the crypto they want to buy, the amount and then confirm the order. 

BitOasis has also designed a platform specifically for advanced traders, known as BitOasis Pro Platform. It features advanced charting and tools to help pro traders increase their chances of being profitable.

bitoasis platform

Trading fees for using BitOasis vary between the taker and the maker. The taker pays 0.48% and the maker’s fees are 0.24%. The fees are lower once traders exceed certain trading volumes. Digital asset pairing is also tradable.

The minimum deposit is 300 AED, and BitOasis charges a 3.99% fee for card deposits.

Another great offering by this platform is over-the-counter (OTC) transactions. Investors wanting to buy a large number of cryptocurrencies can do it OTC. This transaction offers competitive pricing and no additional transaction fees. The minimum OTC amount is $100,000.

Fee to Trade Bitcoin  Debit Card fee Minimum Deposit
0.48% 3.99% 300 AED


  • Offers a sign-up bonus
  • Beginner and pro platforms
  • Enables OTC
  • Provides NFT coins


  • Charges deposit fees

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

4. Paxful – Most Convenient Platform for Buying Bitcoin

Paxful LogoPaxful enables investors to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan conveniently. Its platform is perfect for beginners to start Bitcoin trading. Paxful provides the easiest way to deposit funds out of most platforms because it enables 350 payment methods. Apart from traditional methods such as cards and bank wire, investors can use gift cards, e-wallets and Paypal. Even cash payments are allowed.

If investors want to invest in Bitcoin via Paxful, select BTC, the preferred method of payment and then the amount to spend. The minimum deposit to purchase BTC on this platform is $10. 

paxful platform

Paxful designed its platform specifically for beginners, so the platform is structured more for investing than trading. It’s a slightly different platform from most exchanges in that it provides several offers from international traders.

The great news for buyers is that they don’t pay a fee for trading on Paxful. It’s the sellers who incur costs. Using a bank transfer to sell means incurring a 0.5% fee and credit cards have a 1% fee. When buying cryptos, buyers receive rates based on their verification status, payment methods and currency pairs. No fees apply for sending and receiving Bitcoin on this platform.

Fee to Trade Bitcoin  Debit Card fee Minimum Deposit
0% 1% $10


  • Provides many payment options
  • Buyers don’t pay fees
  • Low minimum deposit
  • No receiving/sending BTC fees


  • Card fees are high

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

5. Remitano – User-friendly Platform in Pakistan

Reminato logoAnother exchange where investors can buy Bitcoin in Pakistan easily is Remitano. Users need to input the amount of PKR they wish to invest in Bitcoin. Remitano’s converter will display how much BTC value the investor wishes to invest, and it will also show the USD equivalent. Then, investors select if they wish to buy or sell BTC. The platform enables investors to choose from 10 altcoins and to complete transactions via bank transfers and Remitano’s PKR fiat wallet.

remitano platform

Remitano guarantees fast transactions, or it will offer a 50% discount fee for delayed trades. Swap fees range from 0.07% to 0.5%, depending on the currency pair traded. To buy Bitcoin, investors will pay a 1%. Remitano doesn’t charge fees for deposits or withdrawals. Depositing cryptocurrencies is free, but coin withdrawals are charged at various rates.

This platform also enables users to mine RENEC, its native token.

Fee to Trade Bitcoin  Debit Card fee Minimum Deposit
1% 0% 0


  • Specifically for the Pakistan market
  • Offers a discount for delayed trades
  • No deposit/withdrawal fees
  • Users can pay with PKR


  • Fees for coin withdrawal

Should I Buy Bitcoin?

Investing in Bitcoin depends on each investor’s goal. Cryptocurrency’s popularity is growing across the world, and investors can buy Bitcoin in Pakistan to hold the biggest crypto. Investors who seek something different from the stock market can diversify their portfolios in Bitcoin.

Each investor has different goals and should compare them to the crypto market’s offering. Investors should ask themselves if they can weather high volatility in prices and fear narratives that usually surround Bitcoin such as it being banned in China.

If an investor’s goals align with what Bitcoin offers, it may be an interesting investment opportunity.

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin

We’ve compiled several key benefits that may help investors decide if to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan.

Potentially High Returns

Investing in the stock market may seem like a great investment because a market index such as the S&P 500 offers consistent returns and low price volatility. It’s different from the crypto market, which sees high price swings and severe crashes.

While the stock market’s history has proven to return an average of 10% annually, Bitcoin and some altcoins have returned profits of more than 1,000% in certain years. The stock market’s growth has been gradual and consistent for many years. Bitcoin’s price is highly volatile and can consolidate for several years at bottoms.

But when the price pumps and Bitcoin goes on a massive bull run, it’s common for it to return investors 1,500% in 18 months. Investors who bought Bitcoin for $4,600 in March 2020 during global lockdowns watched the coin surge to $69,000 by November 2021.

That’s not the only time Bitcoin has gone on huge rallies. In March 2017, Bitcoin was $900. A bull run followed in the subsequent months, and Bitcoin topped out at $19,000 in January 2018.

bitcoin rally

Those weren’t the only two times that Bitcoin produced great returns for investors. Bitcoin’s price was $67 in July 2013. By November 2013, Bitcoin had rallied to $1167, a 1,700% return.

A Finite Supply

At its inception, Bitcoin was available to a minority of investors who knew about it. Eventually, Bitcoin became available to most of the world. But one of the key attractions of Bitcoin is the finite supply. When Bitcoin’s whitepaper was released in 2008, only 21 million Bitcoins were available.

At the time of publishing this piece, only 19 million Bitcoins were in circulation. One of the ways that Bitcoin’s circulation is reduced is halving—occurs when rewards are given to Bitcoin miners for processing transactions are reduced by half.

The fewer Bitcoins are in circulation, the higher their value can be. Investing in Bitcoin means buying an asset that is scarce and its supply will reduce throughout the years. 

Limited Government Control

One of the reasons many people invest in Bitcoin is that it’s a decentralized currency. It’s situated on the blockchain network, which doesn’t belong to any entity or government. Because its decentralized, Bitcoin lacks regularity.

Governments have stepped in the last few years and placed certain regulations on Bitcoin. But for the most part, Bitcoin has enabled peer-to-peer transactions without involving governments or a third party such as an exchange.

The one area governments have increased cryptocurrency regulation is tax. That’s mostly applicable to North America and some parts of Europe. As for the rest of the world, many Bitcoin investors are not obligated to pay taxes. 

Transcends Borders

Consider Bitcoin as a global currency. The reason that’s true is that no particular government controls it. Another reason is that Bitcoins holders can send or spend the coin anywhere in the world where it’s accepted.

Sending Bitcoin to someone across the world is as easy as a few clicks from the comfort of one’s home. No need to fill out forms, incur high transaction fees or wait for days for the transaction to clear. Bitcoin takes only a few minutes to send across the globe for much cheaper rates than a local bank or a forex outlet would charge.

Another reason that Bitcoin is a global currency is that investors don’t have to convert local currency to a foreign one to buy goods internationally. That saves time and money on conversion fees. If investors need to send money internationally efficiently, they can send them Bitcoins, which they can sell on an exchange and receive local currency.


Anytime investors put money into an asset, it was because they trusted a particular broker or exchange. People keep their money in banks because they trust the banks and believe it’s a safe place. But how many times have banks been bankrupted and exchanges been hacked, leaving investors without funds?

Investing in Bitcoin allows investors to keep investments in cold storage. That means assets are safely kept in a digital wallet and offline. No entity has control over it, and only people with passwords can access it. That prevents institutions such as banks from freezing accounts or hackers from breaking into an exchange and stealing assets.

The safest way to protect assets is by having sole control over them. Bitcoin enables investors to do that. 

Ways of Buying Bitcoin

The most popular exchanges allow investors to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan with several payment options. Remitano enables investors to pay for Bitcoin with 350 methods. But the most common methods of investing in Bitcoin are with Paypal and cards.

Buying Bitcoin with PayPal

Investors can buy Bitcoin with PayPal accounts. Exchanges such as have integrated PayPal into their system, enabling users to transfer money from their PayPal account into Withdrawals are also available via PayPal.

The transfer is instantaneous, but may need a few hours to allocate payment.  

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card

Another convenient way to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan is by using credit card or debit card. Most exchanges enable users to buy crypto with cards. The best part about using cards on to deposit money is that the exchange doesn’t charge fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Moreover, is one of the few exchanges that doesn’t charge for credit card deposits. Some exchanges have 1% or higher for card deposits.

Bitcoin Price

Much like most of the assets in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin’s price has experienced severe volatility. Although volatility can be scary for most investors, especially beginners, the benefit is that investors may earn above-market average returns.

bitcoin price

Most of the exchanges in Pakistan support USD and digital asset pairing with BTC. An exchange such as Remitano enables Pakistani investors to buy Bitcoin in local currency. 

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin is currently hovering around $30,000, key support that’s held since January 2021. The price reached that level in May 2021 after crashing from $65,000. It stayed on that support until July 2021, then went on another rally to reach an all-time high (ATH) of $69,000 in November 2021.

After reaching its ATH, Bitcoin crashed and lost 63% of its value. The crypto market has shown us that a retracement has followed after every rally or crash. We haven’t seen a significant retracement since the latest price plummet. Since a retracement is due, we can expect Bitcoin’s price to regain some of the lost ground. But how much can it recover, and is it possible for Bitcoin to set a new ATH?

bitcoin suppoprt

Usually in the crypto market when an asset had a significant retracement, it was at the .702 Fibonacci level. If we use the highs and the lows of Bitcoin’s price to determine that level, we should expect a retrace to $56,000. That may seem unlikely because most of the market is in extreme fear, but Bitcoin has surged much higher than that.

It’s also possible for Bitcoin to set a new ATH. If it was to do that, the price will most likely dip slightly below the support level at the $30,000 region to make investors believe that price is going to $20,000. Many investors will panic-sell, but that move might just be a shakeout.

After the quick dip, Bitcoin will reverse and reach around $100,000. If Bitcoin doesn’t set a new ATH, the least we should see from the market is a retrace to $56,000.

How to Buy Bitcoin Safely

As a beginner, it’s normal to be jittery about investing in an asset that’s been around for only 13 years. Some investors also worry about buying Bitcoin considering all the hacks that have happened on exchanges.

That’s the reason it’s important to ensure the exchange is safe. An exchange proves its security by seeking regulations. is regulated by the FCA, CySEC, ASIC and NBRB. Most exchanges prompt users to activate 2-factor authentication. If it doesn’t, set one. It’s an extra layer of security to ensure no one can access an investor’s funds.

If investors choose to leave crypto assets on the exchange’s wallet, they need to ensure to keep assets offline such as cold storage. That provides a certain level of security if the exchange is hacked.

Investors wanting control over their assets can choose to store them on a private wallet.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan – Tutorial

We wanted to make buying Bitcoin on easy for investors, so we included a step-by-step guide. Our tutorial also contains screenshots to follow the process easily.

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

Go to, and fill out the quick registration process.

capital platform

Enter an email and desired password. Then, click ‘Continue’. The next step requires users to input personal information such as an identity number and home address. To verify users, prompts them to upload a government-issued ID. The platform usually needs less than two minutes for verification.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

A minimum deposit is necessary before investors can buy Bitcoin. 

  • $20 for a debit/credit card deposit
  • $250 for a bank wire deposit

The best part about using is that it doesn’t charge fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Step 3: Select Bitcoin

Since offers more than 400 cryptocurrencies, investors might struggle to find the one they’re looking for. Trading Bitcoin is easier if investors use the search function. In the search function, type ‘BTC/USD’. It will be the first option, so click on it.

capital platform

Choosing that currency pair means that investors need dollars in their accounts since they’re trading the future value of Bitcoin against the US dollar.

Step 4: Trade Bitcoin

A chart of BTC/USD will pop up. Click ‘Sell’ or ‘Buy’, depending on how a user thinks the Bitcoin price will move. The right side of the chart may help decide because it shows the percentage of buyers and sellers. Other data available are the margin and overnight fees for both positions. 

capital 3

After selecting buy or sell, input the US dollar amount of the position. Then, confirm the order.

How to Sell Bitcoin 

Analyzing charts will help investors decide when to buy Bitcoin and when to sell it. Selling Bitcoin on is the exact same process as the step-by-step guide we provided above. After searching for BTC/USD, click ‘Sell’. The platform would prompt users to input the dollar amount to sell.

Then, confirm the order. 


Our guide has gone into detail about how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. We reviewed the different exchanges where investors can buy Bitcoin and their benefits. Moreover, we explored most aspects of Bitcoin that investors want to know, such as how to secure assets, possible Bitcoin price movements and the different ways to invest in Bitcoin. 

The aim of this guide was to make buying Bitcoin simple, so we provided a step-by-step process of how to open an account with We found that offers investors more than 400 coins to trade. It requires a low minimum deposit and doesn’t charge fees for deposits or withdrawals. enables investors to use leverage when trading, and it’s transparent about the overnight fees it charges for open trades. The security of funds is important to investors, so we were glad to see that several financial bodies such as FCA, CySEC, ASIC and NBRB regulated

The platform caters to beginner and advanced traders. It’s simple to use, but it also provides advanced tools so that pro traders can optimize their strategies. If investors prefer to trade on a mobile app, has provided one that mimics the features offered on its site but in a format convenient to use on a mobile screen. logo

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


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