With Web3 now an exciting future prospect, many crypto-hungry investors are looking for the next best cryptocurrency that will power a blockchain-based version of the internet. With that said, most avid crypto enthusiasts are looking to buy Basic Attention Token before the hype. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of adding BAT to your investment portfolio, as well as revealing the best crypto broker with the lowest fees in 2022. 

How to Buy Basic Attention Token – Quick Steps

Buying Basic Attention Token has never been easier, simply follow these quick steps:

  • Step 1 – Open an account – Visit the broker of your choice. Click the sign-up button, and enter your details.
  • Step 2 – Verification Upload copies of your I.D. and address for account verification.
  • Step 3 – Deposit – Deposit the preferred amount you want to invest into Basic Attention Token. You can deposit using a credit/debit card, PayPal, or alternative digital payment methods.
  • Step 4 – Search for Basic Attention Token – In the main search bar, type Basic Attention Token and click on “Trade.”
  • Step 5 – Buy BAT – Enter how much you want to invest in Basic Attention Token and click on “Open Position”.

Where to Buy Basic Attention Token

The value Basic Attention Token brings to the global digital network has been understood by global exchange platforms. Therefore, investors who want to buy Basic Attention Token have more than one option of getting their hands on BAT tokens.

Since 2017, Basic Attention Token has improved its Brave browser by adding new features, enticing users to switch to a decentralized browser. As a result, Brave browser users have doubled since 2021, increasing from 24.1 million to 50.2 monthly users.

As Basic Attention Token gains more market share, users can buy BAT crypto from every major crypto exchange. To combat decision fatigue and cut down on transaction fee costs, we’ve compiled a list of the best exchanges where you can buy Basic Attention Token.

1. Crypto.com – The most accessible platform to stake, earn, and multiply your Basic Attention Token

crypto.com logoAs the name suggests, Crypto.com is a one-stop-shop for every cryptocurrency product. Investors who buy Basic Attention Token can divert into other blockchain products and amplify their cryptocurrency experience.

Crypto.com offers over 150 crypto assets for trade while offering rewards and additional benefits for investors who choose to use more platform products. The exchange partnered with Visa to launch the Crypto.com card, which provides users with 8% cash back on purchases made using the Crypto.com card. While the cash back reward varies, users who pay with crypto receive their rewards in CRO token – the platform’s native token.

The platform makes it easier for users to transact on the exchange and enforces a 9 tier system where transaction fees depend on the accounts traded volume. For example, traders with a 30-day trading volume of over $200 million only pay a 0.04% fee for the maker. Alternatively, the standard level is 0.4% for both maker and taker. The platform also offers several deposit methods but charges a standard deposit fee between 2.99% -3.99% for credit card deposits.


  • Cash back as high as 8%
  • Access to more blockchain products
  • Transaction fees adjust based on 30 day trading volume


  • Rewards are paid in CRO token
  • 8% cash back reward only for top tier card holders

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. Coinbase – Beginner-friendly way of buying Basic Attention Token

coinbase logo

Coinbase is the most widely accepted cryptocurrency exchange with an easy-to-understand U.I., making for an ideal platform for beginners to get crypto exposure. Between being regulated by the SEC in the U.S. and going public, Coinbase has gained general acceptance as a safe and secure exchange.

The platform serves as a custodian for Grayscale, a cryptocurrency-oriented trust fund that focuses on institutional crypto investments. Coinbase conveys trust in the market by being an intermediary for institutions to get crypto exposure safely and legally.

The platform has focused on educating users on the advantages and risks of cryptocurrencies to facilitate responsible trading and comply with regulators’ demands. Coinbase allows users to deposit using credit or debit card, wire transfer, and even allows Apple or Google Pay deposits by complying with regulations.

Users can open an account with as little as $2; however, this affects the afferent transaction fee. Coinbase uses a flat fee for regular deposits, ranging between $0.99 to $2.99. Coinbase charges a transaction fee of 3.99% for credit and debit card deposits, and users can drop transaction fees by opting for Coinbase Pro.


  • Minimum deposits as low as $2
  • Crypto withdraws available
  • Highly regulated exchange


  • Complicated deposit fees structure
  • Limited trading options

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

3. Binance – Global exchange with advanced trading features to trade Basic Attention Token

Binancebinance logo has established market dominance by creating a trading interface that services novice and experienced traders. Compared to previously reviewed exchanges, Binance holds the upper by offering financial products like derivatives, futures, or margin trading, making trading more dynamic.

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange by daily traded volume. Since Binance is not thoroughly regulated in every jurisdiction, the exchange presents some risks. Not every product is available globally, and Binance tries to comply with individual country regulations. Yet Binance is still the number one ranked exchange by daily trading volume.

However, Binance has the largest selection of cryptocurrencies with over 300 assets and the widest variety of trading pairs. Users can deposit and withdraw after they’ve completed a KYC. Credit/debit deposit options are available but are subject to transactions fees. The platform heavily favors crypto, which means users can deposit and withdraw crypto through multiple blockchains.


  • Focused on advanced trading
  • Allows direct crypto deposits
  • Supports multiple chains


  • Presents risks due to to lack of regulation

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

What is Basic Attention Token?

Basic Attention Token is the token powering Brave, a decentralized web browser that’s reshaping how users and advertisers interact with each other. Developed on the Ethereum protocol, Basic Attention Token uses BAT, the platform’s utility token, which acts as a unit of exchange between platform users.

Basic Attention Token is a digital advertising platform that leverages privacy and selective attention to ensure users are engaged in the ad experience. The default version of the Brave browser is to restrict ads and user tracking.

Because users can opt-out of being exposed to advertising campaigns, advertising needs to pay a premium to those users who agree to have advertising campaigns enabled on Brave. Therefore, users can opt-in to the Brave Rewards program and share the ad revenue profits in BAT in exchange for their attention.

Brave has empowered its users to also rewards platform content creators through a similar system. Users can hold exchange BAT tokens, but they can also reward content creators in BAT as a token of their appreciation. This new dynamic for browsers binds users and creators together and builds infrastructure for the creator economy, which has previously been neglected in Web 2.0.

The final piece is how Brave provides value for advertisers. BAT token allows advertisers to purchase advertising space. Because financial rewards incentivize users, advertisers are ensured that those who watch their ads are more attentive than ads being forced upon users. In 2021, over 8 million users wanted to see ads on Brave.

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While Basic Attention Token is developing a privacy-focused browser, they are also developing new platform features to connect the benefits of Brave with other blockchain products. Brave released a mobile version of the browser to improve user experience and open a new rewards market for privacy-oriented users. In addition, Basic Attention Token has also released a search query called Brave Search, which doesn’t track search queries.

Developed by Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozila Firefox and the original creators of Javascript programming language, Basic Attention Token has gained more market share. However, as global consensus shifts to Web3, Brave is in a prime position to be recognized as the browser that conforms with the new digital economy requirements.

Is Basic Attention Token a Good Investment?

The value Basic Attention Token brings to the digital market is unparalleled because it challenges current market standards where only advertisers benefit from the ads without attributing any rewards for the message receiver. Below we present the five reasons why you should buy Basic Attention Token.

Adds value to the digital economy

The global economy is going digital. Regardless of whether we want to accept it, businesses spend more time and resources on their digital presence. By creating a decentralized method where users have the option to accept or reject advertising campaigns, it creates a market where attention becomes an asset that can be monetized. In that regard, users’ time and attention are no longer taken for granted and can yield new financial opportunities while maximizing marketers’ ad performance.

Developed by the best in the industry

Basic Attention Token is developed by the brightest people in the tech development space. Brendan Eich, the original creator of the Javascript programming language and the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox, developed Brave, which adds a level of trust to the entire ecosystem. Since Brave launched in 2017, platform users have increased exponentially.

There is a finite supply

The value of BAT has remained constant with few price deviations, which have been attributed to a high volatility period in the crypto market. Furthermore, there are 1,5 billion BAT tokens available, and all the tokens have already been generated and are currently circulating in the market. Thus, investors who want to buy Basic Attention Token are not at risk of price dumps because there are no more asset inflows that can influence the market.

Increases marketing performance

Digital marketing is becoming more challenging because the current platforms are not efficient in targeting users, which leads to higher costs. However, the Brave browsers increased the ad revenue share by four times compared to 2020. Even though Brave’s default state is to block ads, the rewards program generates results for both users and marketers.

Extending the Brave operations

Basic Attention Token is continuously developing its ecosystem. Following the same ethos of ensuring user privacy, Brave has is creating new products that follow the same vision and can be easily integrated with our outside the Brave infrastructure. Therefore, Basic Attention Token created Brave Search, which does not track or store any search queries. In addition, Brave has provided DeFi and NFT access for Brave users to allow decentralized assets to be easily integrated and used through Brave.

Another interesting Web3 coin those investing in BAT might be interested in is Biconomy (BICO).

Basic Attention Token Price

BAT Price

Although Basic Attention Token creates unique rewards opportunities for users and creators, BAT token has not shown significant strength in relation to the main market denominator, Bitcoin. Investors that want to know how to buy Basic Attention Token should know that BAT has remained relatively consistent throughout market turmoil and is currently trading at $0.8589, up by 7.00% in the past 24 hours.

Basic Attention Token reached an all-time high of $1.92, and despite losing more than 50% since its all-time high, BAT is recovering well. In the past 30 days, BAT has been up by 6.6%, whereas Bitcoin is down by 3.9%. A brief technical analysis shows that the price of BAT broke the trend. BAT broke the sideways trend after a triple bottom pattern as it traded above the support level of $0.67 between January 24 and March 15.

While this could lead to a price increase, investors who want to buy Basic Attention Token should know that according to analysts, the next resistance level is at $0.95.

Basic Attention Token Price Prediction

Predicting the future of a price is almost impossible because crypto and especially Bitcoin act on social indicators which could dump or pump the market without much notice.

Crypto does not follow typical technical analysis because the price of BAT does not correlate entirely with the value it adds to the network. Instead, price in the market is decided by hype and narratives. That is why price predictions are not always relevant in crypto.

Instead, investors should support Basic Attention Token if they genuinely believe in Brave’s ability to challenge current market platforms. And that applies to every position users take, whether it’s crypto or any other asset.

Ways of Buying Basic Attention Token

Users can now get exposure to cryptocurrencies with ease as most platforms have embraced crypto. So if you want to buy BAT crypto, here is a breakdown of the most popular payment options.

Buy Basic Attention Token with PayPal

PayPal is a payment platform alternative used by millions of users across the globe. Thankfully the platform now allows users to buy crypto, but options are limited as you can’t simply buy Basic Attention Token from PayPal. Instead, you can use PayPal deposits on a few exchanges that accept PayPal deposits, such as Coinbase.

Buy Basic Attention Token with credit debit card

Cards, whether they are credit or debit, are reliable payment options, especially when users want to invest in cryptocurrency. Both payment options are regularly available for most exchanges; however, platforms that accept credit cards often add extra fees, making funding more costly.

Best Basic Attention Token Wallet

Whether you’ve just started your crypto journey or you’re a veteran crypto trader, the first thing you need to consider is crypto storage. Your investment will be in vain without a safe and secure way of storing your BAT crypto assets, as hackers will try to take advantage of every platform weakness.

So before you pick a perfect wallet for your crypto assets, you first need to understand the difference between hot and cold wallets. Hot wallets are software wallets (apps, websites) and are always connected to the internet. They are riskier because hackers can hack their way into the wallet and withdraw the funds.

Cold wallets are physical wallets that are not always connected to the internet and come in a USB form. You can only access your funds when connecting your wallet to the internet. While they might seem less risky, you can still lose your funds if you misplace or lose your USB stick.

How to Sell Basic Attention Token

When you want to close your current BAT position, select your portfolio, click on your open position for Basic Attention Token and select the red x market at the end of the row. To finalize the selling process, tap on “Close Trade,” and the platform will close your position and fund your account with the equivalent amount.


The goal of this guide was to present Basic Attention Token so that every investor can make a calculated investment decision. We detailed the platform’s use cases, how it fits into the global market and which exchange is suited for beginner traders.

If you are convinced about Basic Attention Token’s value and are ready to invest in BAT crypto, you can sign up to Crypto.com and make use of the option to copytrade professional traders while investing in Basic Attention Token.



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