The API3 project aims to link conventional APIs with the blockchain environment, powered by the Ethereum token API3. API3 was recently listed on one of the top which crypto exchanges we’ll review in this guide.

This guide reviews how to buy API3 token step by step at that regulated exchange platform, as well as other options, then covers some potential API price predictions for future years.

How to Buy API3 – Quick Guide

Follow the steps below to start investing in API3:

  • Step 1: Create an eToro account – Fill in your name and address to sign up for a free account on the eToro official website. Upload supporting ID documents.
  • 💳 Step 2: Deposit Funds – US and UK traders can start trading with a 10 USD or GBP minimum deposit. Bank transfers, PayPal, and debit/credit cards are accepted as deposit options.
  • 🔎 Step 3: Find API3 – You can do this by putting “API3” into the search bar and selecting “Trade.” This will take you directly to the appropriate investment page.
  • 🛒 Step 4: Buy API3 – Choose how much API3 you wish to purchase and click “Open Trade” to complete the buying process.

Where To Buy API3 Token – Best Crypto Platforms

Here are some of the best crypto exchanges to buy API3 in 2023:

1. eToro – Overall Best Platform to Buy API3

etoro logoOur list of the top locations to buy API3 is eToro, a crypto platform established in 2007. API3 was listed very recently in eToro and was available for trading on this platform since 3rd May 2022.

With the eToro platform, one can buy API3 on a minimal spread-only basis, meaning that in place of a standard fee like others, you will only be paid the price variance between the order’s selling and buying prices. As well as there’s a flat fee of 1% to buy cryptocurrency.

Along with API3, eToro offers over 70 digital assets. The top coins on eToro include Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Dogecoin, Litecoin, XRP and Cardano.

You can trade in more traditional asset classes on eToro, including US and foreign stocks, ETFs, currency, indices, etc. If you wish to invest in other digital assets while also owning API3, the eToro Crypto Portfolio is a great option.

should I invest in Api3

A passive financial instrument called the eToro Crypto Portfolio enables you to invest a single sum of money to purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies at various weights. Due to the fact that eToro looks after the portfolio, you won’t need to worry about research or maintenance.

eToro is compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate in the US and regulated by the FCA, ASIC and CySEC internationally.

We usually suggest eToro to our readers because it comes with reasonable fees and offers robust security protocols. For instance, the user will be requested to provide an email code every time they log in from a different and new device or a new IP address. Each account user must enable two-factor authentication. Digital client tokens are also 98% of the time stored offline in cold storage.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

2. Coinbase – One of the Most Trusted Exchanges

If you are looking for a user-friendly interface cryptocurrency platform that makes purchasing API3 coinbase logocoins straightforward, Coinbase might be the right marketplace for you. API3 was listed and available for trading in Coinbase since 8th December 2021.

New users can earn a Coinbase sign up bonus.

Coinbase API3

This well-known platform, established in 2012, is currently a firm listed on the NASDAQ. With tens and millions of consumers and crypto users, Coinbase enjoys a strong reputation in the market.

Before buying API3 tokens on Coinbase, you must first register an account and provide identification documentation. You can then use a Visa or even a MasterCard deposit to immediately pay for your digital tokens.

Users interested in API3 token might also be interested in Biconomy, also with a Web3 use case and listed on Coinbase.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

3. Binance – Most Renowned and Well Known Exchange Worldwide

If you want to trade API3 crypto as well as buy and hold it, Binance is another alternative.binance logo

Over 100 million traders already use this top-tier exchange due to its exceptionally low fees. API3 was listed and available for trading on Binance from 20th January 2022.

When you exchange API3 for a supported digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, or USDT, Binance will only charge you a 0.1% fee.

API3 binance

To benefit from the reduced fee structure, you must be able to deposit payments in Bitcoin, though. This is due to the circumstance that using a debit or credit card to deposit funds incurs a 4.5% fee, and purchasing API3 with USD entails an extra 0.5% fee.

Binance is one of the most popular margin trading platforms.

More than 60 other digital currencies are available through the Binance US website. The list includes both highly liquid ERC-20 tokens and significant blockchain assets like Bitcoin, Cardano and Ethereum.

Whatever method you choose to use to pay for your API3 investment, Binance has a number of storage choices. Included in this is its own Trust Wallet app, which grants users access to the well-known decentralised exchange PancakeSwap.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

4. – Use the Platform’s Debit Card to Buy API3 is one of the most known cryptocurrency trading platforms in the digital world nowadays. The exchange aims to provide users with a straightforward, affordable method of investing in digital assets. API3 has been listed on since December 2021.

After creating your account and verifying your identity, you can purchase API3 using a debit card. A commission of 2.99 per cent is applied when purchasing API3 from

Conversely, the platform covers the cost for the first 30 days after signing up. In addition to API3, offers more than 250 different digital currencies.

API3 crypto dot com offers various digital asset products, and also provides the usual investing and trading services. The platform, for instance, provides a pre-paid debit card supported by Visa and can be used to make offline and online purchases and ATM withdrawals.

The Earn feature allows you to receive interest on your dormant Bitcoin holdings. also offers a personalised mobile wallet that works with more than a hundred virtual currencies.

Users can sell and buy NFTs on the site, which also functions as an NFT Marketplace, using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. It’s also known for cheap NFT projects, that are not found elsewhere on sites like OpenSea.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

What is API3?

The API3 project, which intends to link conventional APIs with the blockchain environment, is powered by the Ethereum token API3. To control the API3 DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and cast votes for project updates, users must own the API3 token.

Since its debut in December 2020, API3 has experienced ups and downs. This Ethereum blockchain-based token, which maps its charts with numerous peaks, promises to link conventional APIs with the blockchain ecosystem by enabling API providers to run their own nodes at minimal cost and without centralized oracle supervision.

Decentralized application programming interfaces (APIs) for the creation of Web3 infrastructure are available on the platform known as API3.

what is Api3

In its whitepaper, API3 proposes a cooperative initiative to develop a new class of decentralized application programming (dAPIs) interfaces that would solve the API connectivity issue.

These decentralized application programming interfaces will be run by API providers made up of first-party oracles, making them more cost-effective and safer. Because there is currently no method for smart contracts to link directly to APIs, the use of predictors, a type of middleware that sits between APIs and smart contracts, has skyrocketed in popularity.

These oracles prevent API providers from running their own nodes, which not only drives up expenses and centralization but also increases costs. With API3, however, data will be dispersed among several sources and will also be available to smart contracts.

Decentralized APIs can offer “better data transparency” to the level of real data sources, claims Heikki Vänttinen, founder of API3. A lightweight and reliable middleware called Airnode powers API3. It can be implemented quickly, provides improved transparency, and sharply lowers transaction fees all at the same time.

What is the API3 Coin?

The governance token for the decentralized autonomous organization and the value capture, security, and governance mechanics are all based on the API3 token or coin (DAO).

By staking API3 token, users are given complete control over the API3 DAO and the chance to win prizes.

Also see our guide to the best Web3 crypto coins.

How is API3 Used?

According to API3, first-party oracles provide “greater security, efficiency, and data-source transparency” compared to troublesome third-party oracles of the past.

The API3 website describes beacons as first-party data feeds that allow developers to link cryptographic applications to continuously updating streams of off-chain data.

Who Founded API3?

In order to make API3 a reality, three people came together. Heikki Vänttinen is the first who has written extensively about the project and its goals. At CLC Group, a blockchain lab “creating real-world connected smart contract solutions for a more trustless, efficient, and secure future,” he previously served as the company’s founder and CEO. Vänttinen also held the position of chief marketing officer at Zippie, a mobile operating system designed to promote the use of blockchain technology.

Burak Benligiray has joined Vänttinen. He was the CTO of CLC Group as well. The benefits of ChainAPI, the integration platform for API3, have been emphasized in posts by Benligiray.

One of the ideas that CLC Group had been pursuing was Honeycomb, which has been referred to as its “spiritual successor.”

Saa Mili is API3’s third co-founder, though by no means the least. Mili has worked as a CS engineer for Facebook (Now Meta), a simulation data scientist at Gauntlet, and a sessional professor at the University of Toronto, where she taught core curriculum courses to computer science students.

API3 Price

Since its launch, the API3 coin has been subject to substantial volatility. Following its release, the currency increased from 2.1143 USD on the 28th December 2020 to 7.2727 USD on the 13th February 2021.

API3 price

On the 19th of April this year, the token reached 4.23 USD. However, by 12th May, it had dropped to 1.24 USD.

However, since then, the token has increased marginally, and as of 6th July, it is now worth slightly more than 2 USD.

According to CoinMarkepCap, the current price of API3 is 2.10 – 2.50 USD, which is a rise of about 1.5 per cent in the last 24hr. The market cap of API3 is 77 million USD and 24h volume at 36 million USD which is 41 per cent down. The current rating of API3, according to CoinMarkepCap, is #277. APi3 has a circulating supply today of 36 million API3 coins.

API3 Coin Price Prediction and Analysis

API3 is now ranked #277, almost 32 ranks above what it was ranked in the third week of June on Coinmarketcap.

API3 with a market capitalization of 65.7 million USD. A market cap this low can present a high-risk, high-reward opportunity for investors. For instance, increasing market capitalization from present levels is far simpler than increasing it from a $10 billion valuation.

Api3 price prediction

As can be seen from the chart, the token saw a bearish sentiment which was seen in major cryptos including Bitcoin. But as the crypto market begin recovering, the API3 also saw a steep uptick in its price.

Two straight weekly analyses of API3 crypto indicate bullish momentum. Around the current price levels, there has also been a sizable amount of accumulation and volume. This may indicate that investor interest is high around these price levels because the risk of even more decline is low.

As of now, the charts indicate that API3 is gaining a bullish outlook and may reach the $3 mark within this year. We expect a price uptick to 3.26 USD in 2023, which seems like a strong reason to take API3 into account as an investment opportunity. You can read our detailed price prediction of API3 here.

Crypto Youtuber Jacob Crypto Bury has also posted a video ‘What is API3’ reviewing the API3 project background as well as making an API3 price prediction.

Is API3 a Good Investment?

The question of whether the API3 is a wise investment lacks a clear answer. Some people could think API3 to be a wise investment, while others might find it less desirable. Given that its current price is $2 per API3 and that there are only 36 million API3s in circulation at this time, it might be considered a good entry point for investing in API3.

The state of the market today, the anticipated API3 return rate, charges and additional expenses and individual investment objectives and risk appetite are what decide whether it is a good investment or not. So always do your research before investing.

In general, those who are risk-tolerant and have a long investing horizon may find that API3 is a decent investment, as it comes with strong fundamentals and many use cases.

Best Ways to Purchase API3

The payment method you choose will decide the best way to purchase API3. When you pick one of the best marketplaces listed under the “Where to Buy” section in the article, you may select from the following deposit options:

Use a Debit or Credit Card to Buy API3

After creating an account with a licenced online platform like eToro, you can purchase API3 with a credit or debit card.

By using this payment option, your broker of choice will debit your card and add the digital assets to your portfolio, allowing you to buy API3 tokens right now.

However, some brokers have exorbitant fees for using debit and credit cards. While Coinbase charges 3.99 per cent, only charges 2.99 per cent. Credit and debit card deposits made with USD-backed security are supported by eToro without any fees.

Buy API3 with PayPal

One another good options available to you if you want to purchase API3 coins is using PayPal.

For instance, after validating your Coinbase account, you can complete the transaction. Similar to credit/debit card transactions, fees are 3.99 per cent of the transaction amount.

If you use a platform like eToro, you can buy API3 using PayPal without paying any deposit fees.

Buy API3 Without KYC Verification

Exchanges such as ByBit and Changelly allow traders to Buy crypto without ID. While API3 isn’t available on Changelly, the investors could use ByBit instead.

When purchasing API3 with fiat money using a credit/debit card or PayPal, you will almost always be prompted to upload identification as part of the anti-money laundering process.

Best API3 Wallet

Crypto wallets, which may be downloaded as desktop programmes or mobile apps, are where API3 tokens are stored.

Among the top businesses in this market are eToro, Sollet, Phantom and Solflare Wallets.

eToro wallet

These wallets provide you total control over your API3 cash, and you alone have access to your private keys.

Then, in order to prevent remote hacking of your API3 tokens, you must implement a variety of security measures. With that in mind, one might want to have a look at the eToro Crypto Wallet if you are seeking a more user-friendly choice.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

How to Buy API3 Crypto – Step by Step

Now we’ve covered where to buy API3, below is how to do so on eToro:

Step 1: Create an Account on eToro

Visit the eToro website and register for an account to start buying API3 tokens. A form will appear when you click any of the sign up buttons. Complete the full form with your name and contact information.

eToro signup form

When you select the “Create Account” option, you will be asked for other details such as your home address, birthday, and social security number.

Step 2: Submit ID

You must first confirm your identity before using US money to buy API3 cryptocurrency on eToro. Since eToro handles this automatically, you shouldn’t have to wait more than a few minutes after uploading the necessary paperwork.

Storj Account Verification

To authenticate your identity, you should first upload a copy of your state identification card, passport, or driver’s licence, any of these to be uploaded along with proof of your residency. Residency proof may be either in the form of a bank account statement or an electricity/utility bill.

Step 3 Make a Deposit

You must make a minimum 10 USD deposit into your eToro account before you can purchase the API3 coin. eToro allows a number of different payment options, including ACH, Visa, and MasterCard, to mention a few.

eToro deposit

Among the list of recognized e-wallets are PayPal and Neteller. You will not be weighed any fees if you select a payment option that is valued in US dollars.

Step 4: Look for API3 in The List

Locate the search bar in the eToro website dashboard at the top.

Is API3 worth investing etoro

You may now start to type “API3.” The next step is for eToro to choose API3 from a list of suitable markets. When you see API3, click “Trade.”

Step 5: Buy API3

The only thing left is not to tell eToro how much money you want to invest in API3 coins and start trading.

Is API3 worth investing

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.


Due to the recent price volatility of API3 relative to volume changes, the cryptocurrency has a low-risk score, giving traders the cause to be optimistic about the token’s current manipulability.

Investors are of the opinion that it may be just the right time to buy and invest in API3. Using the listed places where you can buy API3, it is your choice to with the cheapest one, the one with strong security or the all-rounder eToro.

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