Amp is a token running on the Solana blockchain created to make improve transaction speeds on crypto networks, along with several other use cases. The Amp crypto asset started off the year 2022 at around $0.042 and is currently trading just under $0.01.

In this guide we review where to buy Amp token, its potential future price forecast and a background of the Amp cryptocurrency project.

How to Buy Amp Token in 2023 – Quick Steps

  1. ✅ Step 1: Create an Account: To open a free account on eToro which has listed Amp, visit the official eToro website. Enter your personal details and verify the account with ID documents.
  2. Step 2: Deposit: To buy crypto including Amp and 70+ other coins, eToro lets users deposit in many currencies through credit/debit card, PayPal, eWallet, bank transfer and more methods.
  3.  Step 3: Search for Amp: In the eToro search bar, type Amp and it will emerge in the results – select it, and you can check the Amp price chart. Click on Trade when you want to buy.
  4. Step 4: Buy Amp: On the pop-up box, enter a USD amount of your choice to invest in Amp, and confirm the buy order by clicking the ‘Open trade’ button.

Where to Buy Amp Token – Best Crypto Platforms

In case you don’t know where to buy Amp online, here we have listed some of the best and most reliable crypto exchanges. All these platforms have Amp listed in the crypto trading list and are controlled by a reputed financial body.

1. eToro – Buy Amp via an FCA Regulated Platformetoro logo

eToro is a well-known investment platform, launched in 2007 and now operates with over 27 million customers. It listed Amp along with ALICE and SRM in June, 2022.

The platform is regulated by the SEC, FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. It also is registered with FINRA. You can open an account easily in a few minutes and can deposit the US dollars with a debit/credit card, PayPal, or with other methods provided. All these features make eToro a popular and relatively inexpensive option to buy AMP.

should I buy amp

After your deposit, you can purchase any cryptocurrency on a spread-only basis. But it’s not just limited to cryptocurrencies, eToro also allows users to invest in the best stocks, coins, tokens and more on the market.

As of now, eToro supports over 70 cryptos and keeps on adding more tokens almost every month. Investment can also be done in a Smart Portfolio – a handpicked-selection of crypto assets such as DeFi coins or cryptos related to DAO projects – their most recent type of portfolio offering.

You can deposit a minimum amount of $10 as a US client. $10 is also the minimum trading amount of Amp that you can buy.

See our recent eToro review which covers this platform’s features in detail.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

2. Bitstamp – Trade Amp On The Exchange with Best UIBitstamp review - Logo

Bitstamp is another exchange that offers Amp crypto. It not only has all the functions that a normal exchange has but also offers other tools such as a Twitter sentiment chart, an on-chain volume chart, a best-buying offer as well a best-selling offer chart among other things.

The fee section on the website displays everything a trader wishes to know such as what is the ‘staking fee’, how much would a user have to pay while purchasing from a card and so on.

Should I buy amp crypto

While the deposit is free of charge on Bitstamp, for withdrawing Amp, the user will have to pay the charge of up to 340 Amp coins.

Just like eToro, the minimum trading amount is $10 and there are no charges levied on ACH. You can buy Amp along with 150+ other cryptos.

Also see our full Bitstamp review updated for 2022.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

3. – Do Margin Trading Through the Platform presents both types of trading for advanced day traders, spot trading and perpetual futures trading pairs. Amp got a place on on June 17, 2021. has more than 250 tokens/cryptos on the platform to trade with high trading volume pairs. However, AMP/USDT gives up to 10x leverage. Various features such as setting limit order, market order, stop loss, and others are available on the platform, all these make trading easy for the user. provides users with a digital dollar-cost averaging bot that users could use to buy AMP. This is an in-house trading bot. It comes in two modes – ‘Auto’ and ‘advanced’.

AMP crypto dot com

In the ‘auto’ mode, a trader can use options such as Duration, and Amount, among others. In the ‘Advanced’ mode, additional features are added such as ‘Buy every x day’, max number of orders, among others. We suggest checking out the feature on their platform to get a better idea. is also known for being a Defi lending platform. This platform offers a Defi wallet with the chance to gain interest in crypto and Defi tokens.

At last, it also has its own NFT Marketplace where users could buy and sell NFTs. Considering all these, we believe is an apt place to Buy Amp token.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

4. Binance – Buy or Sell Amp with a 0.10% Trading Feebinance logo

Just like, Binance also offers both margin and spot trading, with both cross leverage and isolated leverage. But on the flipside, the prices of crypto can be higher than on Amp got listed on Binance on July 29, 2021.

As Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, it offers more than 600 altcoins. To compare with other exchanges, eToro currently has 73 cryptos, while Coinbase has over 100. The platform isn’t regulated like eToro and our US investors can only invest in around 60 cryptocurrencies on Binance.US.

Amp binance

Before investing in Amp, the investors can understand the market through the Binance Academy which has all the resources required to start investing in cryptocurrencies. The learning portal of Binance is indeed used even by experienced investors to learn the intricacies of the market.

The users could also day trade Amp as the 0.1 percent maker/taker fee is competitive and helps the user in cashing out significant profits, without incurring much brokerage charges.

Also see our full review of Binance exchange.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

5. Coinbase – Buy Amp with USD, EURcoinbase logo

If you’re a beginner and confused about where to invest in Amp token, Coinbase is a platform perfect for beginners and provides one of the best exchanges open to the US. The exchange listed Amp in June 2021.

You can open your account in Coinbase with the help of its user-friendly official website. When you buy crypto through the platform, you will have to pay the maker/taker fee depending upon your transaction amount.

While Coinbase is good for beginners, the fee on Coinbase is a bit complex to understand as many factors such as order size, country of investor, payment method, etc are accounted for. But if you wish to trade with a simple fee structure, you can opt for Coinbase Pro.

Amp coinbase

It is to be kept in mind that the deposit charges are free for traders depositing money through ACH, while a fee of $10 is paid if a Wire transfer is done. However, this platform allows you to buy Amp along with many other cryptocurrencies.

Like many exchange platforms, Coinbase also supports staking crypto. The rewards are distributed after cutting a 25% commission, which may be considered a bit high by many investors.

Overall, Coinbase is a good place to begin investing, as it offers top-notch security and a large number of cryptos to invest in, including Amp. See our complete Coinbase review.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

What is Amp?

Running on Solana, AMP is a token specially designed to speed up transaction times on crypto networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. To make it work, Amp lets users equip AMP tokens as collateral for transactions on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks can be slow. As they are globally distributed systems, it takes time for the whole system to conclude whether a transaction is valid. In addition, limited space is available on blockchain networks to make transactions. For a fast transaction speed, investors often need to pay extra fees.

what is Amp crypto

Here comes Amp. It attempts to address the problem by collateralizing fees so that the transaction has an easy and fast way of getting through. Rather than spending the required transaction fee, users can invest in AMP as a backup plan to pay for the commission of a transaction or as a smart contract. Innovations such as collateral managers and token partitions make Amp a ‘unique’ proposition in the crypto world.

It is designed with the help of the second-largest cryptocurrency and the largest blockchain tech in the world, Ethereum. The Amp token can be staked to protect the Amp network and gain some extra money for the owner of the token. As the cryptocurrency is open-source for anyone who wants to view it or use it to propose changes, the development of Amp is possible publicly on Amp GitHub.

If in case, the transactions take too long to process or are unsuccessful, AMP tokens get dissolved to cover up the costs. In this way, the party still gets payment.

Amp Team:

Flexa, a cryptocurrency enterprise, designed the Amp token for its payment network. Flexa suggests the SPEDN digital wallet for investors to receive cryptocurrency payments.

Amp, was launched in September 2020, and in that December, Flexa raised $6 million from Robot Ventures, with the total amount of funds extended to $20 million.

Is Amp a Good Investment?

Amp can be a good investment as it holds a bona fide use — assuring asset transfers, thereby securing against scam and insolvency. A third party does not need to confirm or implement the contract. Anyone can use the Amp network, according to It needs a compatible digital wallet to make everything work.

Amp has appropriate widespread use. There are over 40,000 U.S. dealers now operating the Flexa platform to process digital transactions. All the transactions are strongly collateralized by Amp. As per the official whitepaper, there are several use cases of Amp such as being used for collateral for payment networks, collateral for individuals, and finally collateral for DeFi platforms.

The official whitepaper proposes several use cases in the future too, so it might be a good investment if the plans are executed successfully in the near future.

Amp Price

Half a year has passed since the year’s beginning, and the Amp price is trading at around $0.0092 to $0.0094.

stats about Amp

The token has witnessed a high of around 1 year ago, reaching $0.109, then it saw a steep decline, and since then has been witnessing a bearish trend in the year 2022.

Amp Coin Price Prediction and Analysis

As already mentioned, since June 2021, the Amp token is witnessing a bearish trend. According to the charts, the crypto reached its all-time low a few days back and since then it has tried to break the bearish state multiple times.

The downfall of Amp could be a consequence of wider sentiments around cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum which saw huge discount and a downfall in the past few months.

Amp price prediction

Overall, it is expected that the bearish sentiments may be recovered in the near future, and the Amp token may see a rise in its price moving forward.

With the high use cases that it offers and a strong foundation, we believe it might be a good time to buy the dip, though we strongly suggest doing your own research (DYOR) and investing only a small part of your capital in such cryptos.

While Amp has a strong foundation, you can go with Bitcoin and ETH too, along with investing in Amp.

Also see our recent technical Amp analysis article.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

Best Ways to Buy Amp

Listed below are the three most common ways to buy Amp:

Buy Amp with Debit or Credit Card

A debit card used for transactions can charge high fees of around 2.99% on online platforms like and Coinbase. This is a common method to buy Amp instantly with convenience. The bank transfer option is also available but will take more time to process on some platforms.

Buy Amp with PayPal

eToro is a crypto platform that completely supports PayPal to buy Amp and other crypto tokens.

Coinbase, and Binance also support payments via PayPal. Whether the method is available on not in your country of residence should be checked on the specific crypto platform you wish to buy from.

Buy Amp Without ID

Apart from the platforms we’ve mentioned above, Bybit is a crypto platform that you could look up to as well. It doesn’t require ID to buy a cryptocurrency and has also listed Amp on its platform. It also has an easy procedure for KYC verification.

Amp withdrawals are still possible without ID, it just has a lower maximum daily withdrawal limit, which is sometimes still more for some investors.

Changelly is another platform that offers trading crypto without ID, and you can exchange your BTC, ETH or any other crypto for Amp.

Best Wallet for Amp

A crypto wallet is essential as it helps in storing your holdings safely.

You can also go for a more secure ‘Hardware wallet’ as cryptos can be stored there too. But if you wish to go with software wallet, we suggest going with the eToro Wallet.

eToro wallet

eToro has tried to bring a one-stop solution for the crypto traders by bringing a crypto trading platform and wallet at one place.

Also see our guide to the best crypto wallets.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

How to Buy Amp – Full Guide

Below is a step by step guide to buying Amp:

Step 1: Make a Crypto Account on eToro

Visit and click on the sign-up links to start the process. New users will see the form below.

eToro signup form

Fill in the personal details, set a username, and password, type your email address and verify it. Accept the terms and conditions after reading them.

Step 2: Submit and Verify KYC Documents

As eToro is a regulated platform, it complies with the anti-money laundering laws (AML). This is why to make an account, you have to complete the KYC formalities.

Storj Account Verification

The documents should get approved within some time and then you can proceed with the next steps.

Step 3: Deposit

Invest in your new eToro account with money to purchase cryptocurrencies like Amp or any other assets you want to invest in.

eToro deposit

You can invest money in eToro by bank cards, Paypal, bank transfers etc.

Step 4: Search for AMP

Enter Amp in the search bar at the top of the eToro homepage after you log in.

Amp crypto buy

The portal also displays Amp price chart, the latest market cap, circulating supply and other AMP tokenomics and statistics.

You can read the latest news for AMP information and read eToro’s market analysis info on AMP.

Step 5: Buy AMP

Select ‘Trade’ in the top right corner or on the search result given above when you want to purchase AMP.

Should I invest in AMP

On eToro, you can trade with a minimum investment of $10. Select ‘Open Trade’ to confirm your order.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

How to Sell Amp

You can also sell your Amp holdings on eToro or any other exchange you choose.

You can also transfer your holdings to other exchanges such as or Binance to use the features they offer.


Overall Amp has been witnessing a bearish price movement from the start of the year. But the strong fundamentals and unique use cases make it an investment-worthy crypto.

You can choose FCA regulated eToro to invest in Amp with the above-mentioned steps easily.

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