Quantum Trade Wave is a crypto trading platform that claims to leverage a combination of charting tools, analysis reports and advanced trading features to help traders navigate the volatile crypto market. It also promises to deliver educational tools that investors can use to trade better – but are these claims true?

This Quantum Trade Wave review assesses the different features that this platform claims it has on offer to determine if it is a scam or a legit trading tool.

Quantum Trade Wave Summary

With the official website stating that users will be given access to various high-powered tools that make trading simpler, Quantum Trade Wave has attracted a lot of interest in trading communities. Here is a breakdown of its features that we will assess through this review:

💠 Supported assetsOver 150 assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Tether, and Avalanche
💥 Claimed Success Rate No data on its win rate provided
ℹ FeesNot stated
💵 Minimum Deposit $250
📱 Mobile App No mobile application is available
🕘 Withdrawal SpeedUp to 24 hours
🏺 Customer SupportAccessible to registered users via email, live chat, and phone

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Quantum Trade Wave?

Quantum Trade Wave claims to be a new-age crypto and Bitcoin trading platform that uses reporting, analysis, and charting tools to make crypto trading simpler for veterans. It does so using a platform that has a simple UI apparently and supports over 150 cryptocurrencies.

In addition to crypto assets, Quantum Trade Wave also talks about financial instruments that it offers – but it hasn’t expanded on them. Although, when it comes to crypto assets available on the platform, it has listed the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Ripple, Avalanche, and more.

According to the website, users will get access to spot trading and leverage trading features for the listed assets. Experienced traders may also get access to derivatives and options trading facilities.

Quantum Trade Wave Review

To help users buy and sell these top digital assets, Quantum Trade Wave also states that it offers utilities like portfolio management and educational resources. With portfolio management, users can keep an eye on their past adn ongoing trades and through educational resources, Quantum Trade Wave apparently offers a collection of blogs, articles and insights that teach investors the nuances of crypto trading.

In order to make trading simpler for novices, Quantum Trade Wave also states that it offers social trading and copy trading facilities, which would allow users to share insights with more successful crypto investors.

There is no mention of fees, but investors are required to deposit $250 to start trading. It is the minimum capital required as well as the key to unlocking the features that Quantum Trade Wave has – including a practice mode where users can supposedly practice trading before committing real money into live markets.

Quantum Trade Wave Pros and Cons


  • Claims to offer a trading platform that has a UI
  • It claims to offer a host of charting tools, analysis tools, and other facilities to traders
  • Supports spot trading, leverage trading, and derivates and options trading – according to the claims
  • Offers a practice mode account to new traders
  • Offers 24/7 customer support


  • Does not provide many details about the tools available – most information on the website is fluff
  • Asks for a minimum deposit of $250
  • Has multiple copycats active online
  • Provides no information about the site’s developers

How Does Quantum Trade Wave Works?

Instead of taking the route of an algorithmic trading platform that offers autonomous trading features, Quantum Trade Wave focuses more on manual trading. It states that by using charting and analysis tools, as well as other trading features, users can make an informed investment decision – which means investors must actively trade.

To help traders deal with the complexity of these tools, Quantum Trade Wave claims to offer educational resources as well as news updates.

These manual trading features only become active after a user deposits the minimum amount. The deposited amount – $250 – is going to be used as the initial capital to buy and sell crypto assets. Quantum Trade Wave encourages traders to use the practice mode first before trading.

Also, while the platform has mentioned that social trading features are available, there is no clarity about the investors that are active on the platform.

Overall, Quantum Trade Wave seemingly work similarly to a conventional trading platform. It talks about charts, advanced trading features and analysis tools, and educational resources – which don’t separate it from standard crypto trading systems. That said, we found in some third-party reviews that the assigned account manager plays a key role during crypto trading by advising investors.

Quantum Trade Wave Key Features

Here is the overview of the features that Quantum Trade Wave claims to offer for users:

Educational Resources

Quantum Trade Wave states that it aims to keep traders knowledgeable about the current state of crypto, which is why it claims users are provided with educational resources in the form of blog posts and guides.

User-Friendly UI

According to Quantum Trade Wave, the UI is kept simple to ensure that users are busier with implementing strategies rather than facing difficulties trying to understand how the platform works.

Multiple Assets Supported

Quantum Trade Wave states that it allows users to trade more than 150 digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Tether, Avalanche, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and more.

Price Alerts

Users will be able to get notified through customized price alerts, the website writes. Quantum Trade Wave states that users can set customized alerts and get notifications when an asset reaches the preset price point.

Social Trading Features

Quantum Trade Wave states that it lets investors into a community through its social trading facilities. Through social trading, the site states, users will be able to buy and sell digital assets profitably by gaining insights into the investment strategies of other traders.

Portfolio Management

According to Quantum Trade Wave, users can use their portfolios to monitor their past trades. The platform claims that it provides interactive charts and graphics that allow investors to visualize market trends and analyze market data to gain valuable insights into the current market’s movements.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Quantum Trade Wave Account Fees

Quantum Trade Wave hasn’t provided any details about fees. And it would be wrong for us to assume that there is no fee associated with the platform since it doesn’t blatantly state that there is no fee charged for its services. Our recommendation would be to talk to the account manager during the sign-up process to learn about the fee-related details.

Quantum Trade Wave Minimum Deposit

Quantum Trade Wave requires investors to deposit a minimum of $250 in order to start trading. There are multiple ways to pay this fee, and once the account is funded, Quantum Trade Wave unlocks all the trading features – including the practice mode.

Is Quantum Trade Wave a Scam?

To discern whether Quantum Trade Wave is a scam or a legit platform, we have to look at the facts and the information that is available and the details that are not.

First, the site itself looks simple. It has a conventional look to it, and from what we can tell, it is easy to navigate. We didn’t come across any issue when we opened the site on other devices either. Although the overblown image of the logo does make the site looks a bit weird, it is not uncommon for such platforms.

However, checking the details of this website is where we start to see things that are missing out. Only the upper half of the website gives any details about the tools that it offers – and even that is incomplete. Merely hinting that it provides “top-notch” charting tools isn’t enough. We should have been provided with a lot more details. Although it has covered a lot of features, it hasn’t discussed that in detail – which we would have forgiven if not for the content on this platform that is mostly fluff.

The bottom half of the platform discusses key details about major cryptocurrencies and terminologies that are common in the crypto space. It discusses Avalanche and Pancakeswap – which wasn’t necessary since it does not add to the value that this platform may bring to investors.

Also, since the site has locked all of its features behind the mandatory deposit requirement, there is no way to assess them – which made it crucial for us to find third-party reviews or first-hand accounts from other customers.

While we didn’t find any third-party reviews, we did come across some customer reviews on Sitejabber. The site has a cumulative score of 4.4 out of five stars from 22 reviews. Most reviews, although bullish, have the same tone, and they talk about the same things. Some negative reviews are overly negative. We did come across some balanced ones that talked about how nominal the ROI of this platform is.

In light of this, we cannot say for certain whether this platform is a scam or legit. We recommend conducting independent testing of the site before investing.

Quantum Trade Wave Customer Support

Customer support is available on this platform, but only for those who register. While it has not been clearly stated on the website, some customers have said that the support team can be reached by phone, live chat, or email.

How to Use Quantum Trade Wave?

The following steps will allow one to trade on Quantum Trade Wave:

Step 1 – Go to Quantum Trade Wave

Visit the official website of Quantum Trade Wave and enter your name, address and phone number. We recommend that users only provide a burner number if they are concerned about their privacy.

Create an Account on Quantum Trade Wave

Step 2 – Make the Minimum Deposit

An account manager will reach out, explaining the remaining steps to sign-up, which includes depositing the minimum amount required to trade on this platform – $250. Try to withdraw your deposit as soon as possible to test out the withdrawal times.

Step 3 – Try the Practice Mode of the Account

After funding the account, explore the practice mode to test out the tools that Quantum Trade Wave claims to offer. Only proceed if all the features that the site advertises are available.

Step 4 – Start Trading on Quantum Trade Wave

Once the account is funded, start trading on the platform. Monitor the trading portfolio and only proceed to invest more money if the Quantum Trade Wave yields results.

Are Celebrities Endorsing Quantum Trade Wave?

Despite there being claims by many that Quantum Trade Wave has been endorsed by celebrities, there is no proof to attest to those claims. Post 2022, such claims have little weight since people have now grown wiser than to trust a platform that has celebrity backing. However, we recommend judging the platform based on its own utilities and not focusing on such rumours.

Who are the Founders of Quantum Trade Wave?

Quantum Trade Wave has provided no information about the founders of the platform. “Quantum Trade Wave’s team comprises experienced and savvy professionals who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and online assets and the potential they hold”, the site says, without providing us with any information or the names of the members involved.

It is one reason to stay cautious when using this platform for trading crypto.

Quantum Trade Wave Payment Methods

Investors can make a deposit on Quantum Trave Wave in a variety of ways. These options include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and eWallets. There are some rumours that crypto payments are also accepted – but those feel like speculation at this point.

The Verdict

While Quantum Trade Wave makes a lot of claims, it doesn’t expressly give any answer about the types of tools it offers. Although the website itself is responsive, allowing users to sign up from multiple devices, assessing the features requires making the minimum deposit, which can be steep for novice traders

That said, there are some third-party reviews that have spoken positively about this platform. But since they say the same thing, take them with a grain of salt.

Alternatively, you can check out our other crypto trading bots that are more well-established in the market.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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