Trading on the crypto market requires a fair bit of insight and quite a bit of keeping a close on the price movements. But there are those who want don’t want to take this complex route but rather want a hands-free approach to trading crypto – which is why Quantum System aims to deliver a simplified way to trade crypto. 

The crypto trading software claims that can it can help people trade leading cryptocurrencies hands-free and offers a success rate that exceeds 80%. But how many of these claims are true? This Quantum System review looks into the claims made by this crypto trading platform to answer once and for all if it is a scam or a legit trading software.

Quantum System Summary

Before we begin, here is a peek at the fundamentals of the Quantum System that will serve as the foundation of our Quantum System review.

💠 Supported cryptosBitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin, ZCash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, EOS, and more
💥 Claimed Success Rate Claims 80% (not verified)
ℹ Fees and Commissions No commission
💵 Minimum Deposit $250
📱 Mobile App No app is available for mobile, but the site is responsive.
🕘 Withdrawal Speed 24 hours
🏺 Type of Trading Spot trading and CFDs
📞 Customer SupportAvailable but only accessible to those who sign up

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Quantum System?

Quantum System is a Bitcoin robot that claims to simplify the process of trading top-tier digital assets like Bitcoin as well as Ethereum and major altcoins while making the whole experience profitable. What is Quantum System

Bitcoin and other altcoins went through a major retrace in 2022, thanks to the double impact of the FTX and LUNA crash, before showing signs of an upsurge in 2023. But the volatility of the crypto market remains, and to many investors, beating this volatility is only possible through automated trading tools that use a machine-learning approach to make split decisions to trade cryptos and generate profits for the clients.

Visit Quantum System

Thinking along the same lines, Quantum System appears to be a platform that makes it simple for people to trade on volatile crypto grounds while helping them make market-beating returns. It claims to have a success rate of 80%, which we have been unable to confirm. 

Accessing the many claimed facilities of a Quantum System is only possible by depositing an initial amount of $250. The official website says that doing so will open the trading dashboard for those who sign up. Also, Quantum System says that investors require that initial deposit to trade on the markets, and the application itself doesn’t ask for any fees. 

The site also advertises that it supports leading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, and more. 

Added to that, the site also claims that many celebs back its underlying technology. However, since we didn’t find any social indicators or data supporting this fact – we don’t think that is the case.

Investors must heed these factors when they start trading on Quantum System. Access the risks of crypto trade and the volatility that comes with it before getting started. 

Quantum System Pros and Cons

The underlying functionality and the trading mechanics that are used by most algorithmic trading platforms also are available on Quantum System, according to the site’s claims. But listed below are the pros and cons associated with this website’s offerings.


  • It claims that users can get access to demo accounts
  • The platform supports multiple assets
  • Multiple fiat methods can be used to pay through the platform.
  • Integrations such as Web Trader and Meta Trader 4
  • Allows a hands-free approach to trading
  • Claims to charge no commission to those using the website


  • No details are available about the development team.
  • Success rate claims can’t be verified
  • High minimum deposit requirement – $250

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Quantum System Work?

The operations on Quantum System begin right after a user signs up to use the platform – which is an easy process. There are not many hoops to jump through as the requirements to create an account only require name, email ID, and phone number. The on-call support reaches out later to help with the account creation process. 

The big part of that procedure is depositing $250 in the trading account, which, the site says, is the only way to access all the analytical and trading tools that let users customize the trading mechanics. However, our reviews couldn’t verify this information because of the hefty paywall requirements. Furthermore, there is no mention of charting tools on the website’s homepage. 

That said, once a user has customized the trading robot, it scans the entire market to find cryptocurrencies that are currently facing downturns but has the potential to move up soon. In other words, it looks for opportunities to buy the dip. When buying the asset, it waits for the token to experience an upswing, and when it (the token) reaches the target price, Quantum System closes the client’s position on the asset  – sells the tokens. 

These complex trading mechanics take some getting used to, which is why Quantum System claims that it offers a demo trading account. A demo trading account offers a way to test in-app mechanics before testing them in real market conditions. But we couldn’t find these features, which is likely because it has been locked behind the deposit feature. 

On the plus side, however, all the features that Quantum System claims to offer are available on all devices. We are inclined to believe that since we could open the website across all of our devices. 

Quantum System Key Features

Here is the list of features that Quantum System claims to support. 

Demo Trading 

A Demo trading account has become a crucial tool to prepare before tackling volatile market conditions. That allows users to do a test run of the trading strategies before implementing them under real market conditions. That’s one reason that the best crypto trading bots offer this facility to all users. 

Quantum System claims to offer the same utility. However, we couldn’t verify whether it is true or not since many of those details are hidden behind the $250 deposit requirement. And the official homepage isn’t completely transparent in regards to the facilities it delivers. 

Absence of hidden fees

Quantum System says that it doesn’t charge any hidden fees – or any fees for that matter – to those who use the platform. It says that using the site has only one requirement – a deposit of $250. Other than that, the Quantum system claims that it has done away with the requirement of a commission fee, trading fee, or withdrawal or deposit fee. 

Simple Sign-Up Process

Quantum System has opted for a simplified sign-up process that doesn’t have any KYC requirements. Users can just use the referral link given below to go to the official website, click on the signup button and provide their user names, email IDs, and phone numbers to initiate the registration process. This simple approach will likely entice many traders looking for simplicity, but details about the rest of the process are not available on the official website.

Instant Withdrawals Are Available for All Methods 

According to Quantum System, users won’t suffer from the bottleneck caused by a sub-par withdrawal system as instant withdrawals are available. Most methods of deposits and withdrawals have a maximum time cap, which is 24 hours. It means that whatever transaction you want to conduct will finish within 24 hours.

Supports Major Cryptocurrencies

It appears that support for most major league cryptos is available on Quantum System. On the official website, we could find information that this crypto trading platform supports crypto assets such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. ZCash, MIOTA, NEO, EOS, MIOTA, and Binance Coin.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Quantum System Account fees

Quantum System claims not to charge anything from any of its users other than the initial deposit requirement, which is necessary to conduct crypto trades on the platform. Below is the breakdown of all the charges that Quantum System says it doesn’t ask for from traders.

Trading Fee None
Account Fee None
Commission None
Withdrawal/Deposit Fee None

Quantum System Minimum Deposit 

According to our research, all the tools that Quantum System claims to provide only become accessible after a user has deposited $250 in their Quantum System Trading account.

Quantum System Compatible Devices

Following are the devices on which the Quantum system is compatible.

Quantum System Compatible Devices

Users need only a good internet connection, and they may be able to use Quantum System’s facilities on the following devices.

  1. Desktop
  2. Laptop
  3. Android Phones
  4. Apple Phones
  5. Tablets

Is Quantum System a Scam?

As we went through Quantum System’s offerings, we noted that there is a severe lack of information available on the platform. Details about the team behind Quantum System are not available – and we couldn’t even find a small passing reference to them on any of the third-party websites that we researched. 

Furthermore, Quantum System has also not been featured in any popular customer-review websites, like Trustpilot. And since this website has a generic name, the traditional approach to research didn’t pan out, which caused us to ask around Reddit. And on Reddit, we didn’t find many mentions of this platform. 

What we can comment positively on, however, is the website’s sign-up process. It is simple and doesn’t involve much complexity. And from what we can see, the platform’s UI might be equally simple. 

With these factors in mind, we suggest that people only use this website if it meets their trading requirements. Readers looking for a Quantum System alternative might also look into AI crypto projects and their applications.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Quantum System Customer Support

Those who don’t sign up cannot reach out to the official website’s support team to inquire about its offerings. In order to get the call, they must at least start the registration process. Furthermore, the site says that the team can be reached via email, the details of which were not available on the platform, unfortunately. We guess that the chat support systems only open up after a user makes the required deposit. 

How to use Quantum System

If you do decide to proceed, here are the steps to sign up for the Quantum System software:

Step 1 – Visit the Quantum System Website

The first step is to go to the official website of Quantum System and start the account creation process. It is a simple procedure that only requires you to enter your full name, email, and phone number. 

Create An Account on Quantum System

Step 2 – Make the Minimum Deposit

Entering the details will prompt the customer support team to reach out to you, at which point you will be asked to make the initial deposit. You can use any method of deposit, including debit cards, credit cards, or e-wallets.

Step 3 – Start Trading on Quantum System

After you make the deposit, the site claims that all the trading features will become open for you to use. Those include customization options to trade in a more informed manner.

Start Trading on Quantum System

How to Delete a Quantum System Account?

Our researchers found some references to suggest that to close an account on Quantum System, one needs to go to the official website, log in, and click on the “Delete Account” option available on the menu settings. No further details were available in that regard. 

Does Jeff Bezos Use Quantum System?

People say that Jeff Bezos, for his technocratic mindset, which involves focusing on taking risks on tech-related projects, would include using platforms like Quantum systems that simplify crypto trades. However, we couldn’t find any evidence to substantiate Bezos using Quantum System for his crypto trades.

Does Elon Musk Use Quantum System?

Elon Musk is referred to as one of the only billionaires who is visionary enough to see the value of the cryptocurrency market. That has been made evident by his support for Dogecoin, the world’s leading memecoin, whose price has moved parabolically on the price charts according to the comments made by Elon Musk. 

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Elon Musk uses Quantum System.

Does Martin Lewis Use Quantum System?

Martin Lewis is a finance journalist that has earned renown in the financial ecosystem and the crypto niche for his nuanced takes on financial freedom and socioeconomic conditions. However, we didn’t find anything that would suggest that he uses Quantum System.

Who is the Founder of Quantum System?

Our search for the people behind Quantum System took us to different platforms, social media pages, as well as third-party websites. However, we didn’t anything about those who are running Quantum System. There is no About Us page available on the website and the policy document doesn’t make even a passing remark about who the founders of Quantum System are. 

Quantum System Payment Methods

Listed below are the different methods through which people can transact on Quantum System. 

  1. Debit cards
  2. Credit cards
  3. PayPal

The Verdict

We have gone through the different features of Quantum System and have assessed its claimed features, the cryptocurrencies it supports, and its fees. And what we could draw from the limited information it delivers is that we can’t say for certain whether this platform is legitimate or not. 

On the plus side, the signup process is simple. And it hints at what the trading module of this platform could be. The same positive we can give to this website’s support for fiat payment methods. 

But since it requires a deposit of $250, we couldn’t access the features. The same goes for its demo trading feature. While there is evidence to suggest that the paper trading feature is available, we couldn’t verify much of it. The bottom line is – it is difficult for us to comment on the legitimacy of this website thanks to the limited information it provides. 

In light of that, we implore our readers to go through the terms and conditions themselves and assess the website’s capabilities only after assessing the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. 

What is Quantum System

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Quantum System FAQs

What is Quantum System?

Does Jeff Bezos use Quantum System?

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