Quantum Hancock is a crypto trading platform that claims to provide “all-in-one” trading and charting facilities and a range of professional trading tools designed for traders of every skill level. The platform also promises to provide a robust and secure trading system for both novice and veteran investors while offering them timely updates.

Is Quantum Hancock safe to use though, and are its claims genuine? This 2023 Quantum Hancock review checks these features and sees if they match the requirements of the crypto traders of today.

Quantum Hancock Summary

Before we dive deep into the review and access the platform’s features, here are the key elements to note about the Quantum Hancock app.

💠 Supported assetsBitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, and DeFi coins
💥 Claimed WinrateNot specified
ℹ FeesNot specified
💵 Minimum Deposit $250
📱 Mobile App Not available
🕘 Withdrawal SpeedUp to 24 hours
🏺 Customer Support24/7 for registered users

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Quantum Hancock?

Quantum Hancock is a relatively unknown crypto trading platform that claims to offer advanced tools that traders of all levels of expertise can engage with. The platform promises to provide a host of professional trading tools and features that are not only easy to use but are also backed by a high-end security system.

These tools supposedly consist of features that provide complete information about the market data while keeping the users updated about an asset’s price and performance. Quantum Hancock says that these tools would help users trade in a variety of crypto assets, including Bitcoin Ripple. Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The site also claims to support smaller DeFi tokens like UniCoin.


This automated trading platform portrays itself as having a security-first mindset, implementing technologies like 256-bit encryption, HSTS protocol, and rate limits to provide a high level of security. Also, the website claims that it continuously upgrades its ecosystem but only does so after rigorously testing every element.

The website says that users get tutorials on how to trade manually after considering all the market data, technical indicators, and news events. And when it comes to technical indicators, Quantum Hancock seemingly supports Bollinger Bands and Multi-level RSI as well.

For those looking for hands-free trading, the Bitcoin robot that Quantum Hancock reportedly employs scans the market to look for the best trading conditions before executing transactions.

A demo mode is available, according to the website’s claims – allowing users to make paper trade using virtual funds.

While the trading facilities that the site claims to have are many, we can’t say the same about the effectiveness of these utilities, as there is no data available to verify them. Therefore, we recommend that users take the volatile nature of crypto trading into consideration before using this platform.

Quantum Hancock Pros and Cons

The following are some of the advantage and disadvantages of using the Quantum Hancock platform:


  • Multiple cryptocurrencies supported
  • Claims to provide daily price alerts
  • Provides access to advanced trading tools
  • Simple-to-use platform that both veterans and novice traders can use
  • Offers both active and passive trading facilities
  • Multiple security measures implemented
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • The site doesn’t go deep enough into the type of tools it offers
  • There is no information to audit the effectiveness of Quantum Hancock’s trading features
  • A mandatory deposit of $250 is required to start trading

How Does Quantum Hancock Work?

According to the Quantum Hancock website, Once a user creates an account and funds it, they get an option to choose between manual trading and autonomous trading.

With manual trading, users supposedly get access to hands-on trading facilities. These consist of advanced trading tools that can help investors keep an eye on the changing market to make investment decisions. The site states that users get access to news updates, social media posts, and technical indicators that they can then leverage to estimate where the price of an asset might go. The FAQ section of Quantum Hancock says that this manual trading utility allows users to get a holistic picture of their asset holdings.

The other option is autonomous trading. With autonomous trading, users can leverage Quantum Hancock’s self-executing systems to trade cryptocurrencies hands-free – reportedly it assesses the market conditions and trades on behalf of the user. However, Quantum Hancock hasn’t provided us with any detail about how capable this system is; the win rate hasn’t been specified.

If this auto trading platform operates as advertised, it can be an asset to any discerning crypto investor. However, there is currently no proof available that could verify the effectiveness of the trading utilities we mentioned. Thus, we recommend invest wisely and only after testing the facilities available.

Quantum Hancock Key Features

Here are the key features that Quantum Hancock states are the main reasons to choose it over other trading sites.

Simplified Trading Process

According to the Quantum Hancock site, the platform’s goal is to educate cryptocurrency traders and help them compete with professional traders and institutions. It says that it has simplified and streamlined the verification and trading processes so that users can have a hassle-free trading experience.

Multiple Technical Indicators

Quantum Hancock claims to offer multiple technical indicators, including Bollinger Bands and Multi-level RSI. The former allows users to capitalize on the price swings, and with the latter, users can combine RSI’s momentum signals with DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) to manage price risks.

Access to Price Alerts

Quantum Hancock states that users are constantly updated about the price of crypto assets. According to the website, customized notifications and price alerts are sent to users’ email IDs directly.

Demo Trading Account

According to the official website, users can engage in paper trading via the demo trading account. A demo trading account provides investors with an idea about the autonomous and manual trading features available on the platform.

Multiple Assets Supported

Along with Bitcoin, Quantum Hancock mentions that it supports other assets, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dogecoin. DeFi Coins like Unicoin are also listed on the platform if the claims are to be believed.

Quantum Hancock

Quantum Hancock has not mentioned anything about its fee model. However, from the looks of it, it has the same features as the other crypto trading bots we have covered in the past. And if that is the case, the platform might follow the following fee structure.

Trading Fee Varies by exchange, typically 0.1%
Account Fee None
Commission 0 – 1% on profits
Withdrawal/Deposit Fee None

Quantum Hancock Minimum Deposit

In order to start trading on Quantum Hancock, you need to deposit at least $250. All the features, including customer support and the demo trading account, are locked behind this deposit requirement. And as for the payment method to make this deposit, users can supposedly pick between standard fiat or crypto payments.

Quantum Hancock Compatible Devices

While the actual trading tools weren’t available to us, we did open the website on multiple devices and found that the site is visible and interactable on all fronts. Here are the devices we assessed Quantum Hancock on.

  1. Desktop
  2. Laptop
  3. Apple and Android smartphones
  4. Tablets

Is Quantum Hancock a Scam?

Quantum Hancock has provided more information than other platforms we have covered in the past. It has been clear about the security features it offers and has given us a bit more clarity in regard to the types of trading it supports. When it comes to security, Quantum Hancock claims to enforce best practices, including rate limits, HSTS, protocols, and 256-bit encryption.

That said, while it has provided us with more details, they are still a bit vague. For instance, the site states that it has a single, fast, secure, and intuitive trading interface. But because of the deposit requirement, we weren’t able to test this claim. We have the same sentiment about this platform’s educational resources – which are only accessible after a deposit is made.

And when it comes to reviews, we didn’t come across any customer insights for this platform. And the third-party sites we were able to check out weren’t that thorough about Quantum Hancock. Due to these factors, we can’t say for certain whether it is a scam or a legitimate trading software. Our recommendation would be to do your own research, and if you are inclined to check out this platform, invest only the minimum amount.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Quantum Hancock Customer Support

There is customer support available on Quantum Hancock, but it is only available for registered users. Review sites have reported that Quantum Hancock’s support team is available 24/7 and can be reached out to using live chat or email.

How to Use Quantum Hancock?

Here are the steps that you can take to start trading on Quantum Hancock.

Step 1 – Visit Quantum Hancock

Go to the official Quantum Hancock website. Fill out the form on the right of the screen. You will likely receive a call from an account manager soon after, which will initiate the account verification process. You can take this time to inquire about the different facilities that Quantum Hancock offers.


If you’d prefer to communicate via email, enter a burner number in the telephone number field.

Step 2 – Deposit the Amount

After you have created your account, you must fund it to gain access to the website’s facilities. Use the methods available to deposit $250.

Step 3 – Try Demo Mode and Start Trading

After funding your account, go to demo mode and try out the features that the site claims to offer. We recommend that you test the manual and autonomous trading features before switching to live trading.

How to Delete a Quantum Hancock Account?

There is no information available anywhere about how one can delete their Quantum Hancock trading account. We estimate that reaching out to the customer support team and submitting a request should complete this task. That said, we recommend that users check their settings first to look for an “Account Termination” option.

Are Celebrities Endorsing Quantum Hancock Account?

Quantum Hancock is another trading app whose name has been linked with celebrities. Some review sites say that the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are backing Quantum Hancock. However, there is no proof to verify these claims.

Who are the Founders of Quantum Hancock?

On the About Us page of Quantum Hancock, the website has stated that the platform’s team has always been focused on creating an intuitive platform that’s easy to use and can help traders with tracking and portfolio management. However, the page hasn’t discussed anything about the team itself.

So, we tried to find that information on social media sites and other platforms and came up with nothing. It is likely that the founders have not revealed their identities. This aspect is not new in crypto trading, but more transparency is preferred in the current market.

While writing this review, we also came across several other platforms with similar names, such as Quantum Prime Profit.

Quantum Hancock Payment Methods

Here are the methods that can be reportedly used to conduct transactions on Quantum Hancock.

  1. Debit card
  2. Credit card
  3. Bank transfer
  4. E-Wallets

The Verdict

Quantum Hancock promises to deliver a lot of facilities to crypto traders of all levels of expertise, but not all of them have been verified. The site is content-heavy – which makes it more substantial than the platforms we have reviewed in the past. However, as we read the content more, we found that the platform hasn’t discussed the types of trading tools available. And when it comes to the technical indicators offered, it has only touched upon Bollinger bands and Multi-level RSI.

And as we looked for third-party reviews, there were only a few to be found. Customer reviews aren’t available online; not even Trustpilot has mentioned it. With so many points that can question the site’s credibility, we recommend our readers do their own research before using this platform.

Quantum Hancock Logo

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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