Immediate Connect is a trading platform for crypto, stocks, forex, and more. According to the platform’s website, it offers fully automated trading algorithms that are capable of turning a profit without any human intervention.

Immediate Connect says it is designed for everyone from beginner traders to experienced veterans. In addition, the platform claims to be completely free to use with no hidden fees. So, is Immediate Connect legit? In our Immediate Connect review, we’ll take a closer look at what this platform can do and help traders decide if it’s as good as it claims.

Immediate Connect Summary

Let’s begin our Immediate Connect review with a rundown of everything traders need to know about this platform.

Minimum Deposit $250
Claimed Success Rate Not stated
Supported Assets BTC, Forex, Stocks, CFDs
Mobile App? No
Withdrawal or Deposit Fees None
Customer Service Email
Accepts Fiat Currencies? USD
Withdrawal Period Instant
Supports Automated Trading? Yes
Offers Leverage? Not stated

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Connect?

Immediate Connect LogoImmediate Connect is a trading platform that claims to offer fully automated trading algorithms. According to the platform’s website, its algorithms can trade a wide range of assets including Bitcoin, major forex pairs, stocks, and contracts for difference (CFDs).

Immediate Connect says that its algorithms are user-friendly and can help traders earn money with little to no intervention. That means that traders may be able to make money from the trading simply by letting Immediate Connect run on its own.

Immediate Connect

According to Immediate Connect’s website, this trading platform is completely free to use and doesn’t charge any hidden fees. There are no commissions on profits, so traders keep everything they earn while using the platform.

Immediate Connect doesn’t provide any details about the accuracy of its algorithms or its past performance. However, it does provide a free demo account that traders can use to test out the platform for themselves. Immediate Connect says that it is available to traders in all countries except for the US.

Immediate Connect Pros & Cons


  • Trading algorithm works for Bitcoin, forex, stocks, and CFDs
  • Claims to trade automatically with no oversight required
  • No account fees, trading fees, or commissions
  • Includes demo account
  • Designed to be accessible for beginners


  • Very little information about accuracy or win rate
  • Requires a $250 deposit to open account

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Immediate Connect Work?

Immediate Connect’s website does not provide much information about how the platform works. It says only that Immediate Connect uses a series of trading algorithms, without further detail.

However, we can make some guesses about how Immediate Connect works based on how other algorithmic trading platforms function.

It is likely that this software has an algorithm that is trained on price data from the crypto, forex, stock, and CFD markets. The algorithm could use this data to find price patterns that lead to predictable outcomes, such as a short-term gain or drop in price. If this outcome occurs repeatedly, the algorithm can be relatively confident that it will occur again the next time the preceding pattern occurs.

Immediate Connect says that its trading platform functions with little or no oversight. Instead, the trading algorithm works on its own, placing trades whenever it identifies patterns that it recognizes. The platform can automatically close trades whenever a stop loss or profit target is reached.

We cannot verify that this is exactly how Immediate Connect works. It is simply how most automated forex trading software works. The platform’s website also does not reveal how accurate its algorithm has been, what its historical win rate is, or how much return on investment the algorithm has produced for traders.

The best way for traders to evaluate Immediate Connect for themselves may be to try out the platform’s demo account. This is a paper trading account that should enable traders to see how Immediate Connect places trades and how it performs under current market conditions.

Key Features of Immediate Connect

Our Immediate Connect review identified several key features of this trading platform.

Multi-asset Trading

Immediate Connect’s website states that traders can use the platform to trade multiple assets. These include Bitcoin, forex pairs, stocks, and CFDs. Immediate Connect does not specify what forex pairs, stocks, or CFDs can be traded, or whether the platform enables trading with leverage.

Immediate Connect Assets

Having the ability to trade multiple assets can be important for traders, especially for uncorrelated assets. Traders may find that the market for stocks is moving sideways one day, while the forex market offers many opportunities for day trading.

Beginner-friendly Platform

Immediate Connect is designed to be accessible to traders of all experience levels. This includes beginners who do not have prior trading experience.

Beginners may be able to rely more heavily on Immediate Connect’s automated trading platform. According to the website, more experienced traders can adjust the algorithmic trading parameters or use Immediate Connect for manual trading.

Demo Account

Immediate Connect states that all users receive access to a demo trading account. Traders can use the demo account to learn how to use the Immediate Connect platform and evaluate its other features.

The demo account also provides an opportunity to see how Immediate Connect’s algorithm performs under current market conditions. Experienced traders can modify the algorithm parameters and monitor how that impacts trade performance without risking money on live trades.

Mobile Support

Immediate Connect does not have a mobile app, but the platform can be used across all devices on the web. According to the Immediate Connect website, the platform is accessible on a trader’s computer, smartphone, or tablet. The platform is available anywhere in the world – except for the US – as long as traders have an internet connection.

Enhanced Security

According to the Immediate Connect website, the platform uses military-grade encryption to keep users’ data and trade information safe. Immediate Connect does not specify how it stores funds in users’ accounts.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Immediate Connect Fees

The Immediate Connect website states that there are no fees for using this platform. Immediate Connect users don’t need to pay an account or subscription fee, trade commissions, or commissions on profits earned while using the platform.

The website also says there are no deposit, withdrawal, or other hidden fees.

Here’s the full fee structure for Immediate Connect.

Transaction Fees None
Trading Commissions None
Account Maintenance Fees None
Hidden charges None

Is Immediate Connect a Scam?

Immediate Connect makes a lot of claims about what it can do, so traders may want to have some healthy skepticism about whether this platform is legit.

According to the Immediate Connect website, this trading platform is able to trade Bitcoin, forex, stocks, and CFDs. There are many other trading platforms that can also trade these assets, so this claim in itself is not exceptional.

What is unique about Immediate Connect is its trading algorithm, which the website claims is able to trade with no oversight or manual intervention. This would put Immediate Connect in the ranks of Bitcoin robots and other automated trading platforms.

We were not able to confirm how Immediate Connect’s algorithm works as part of our review, nor could we determine the algorithm’s performance or historical win rate. Immediate Connect doesn’t have testimonials from traders on its website and existing Immediate Connect reviews say little about the platform’s performance.

The Immediate Connect website says that there is a free demo account for traders to use. This may offer a way for traders to evaluate the algorithm for themselves. It’s also noteworthy that Immediate Connect has no hidden fees, so there should be little financial risk in trying out the platform in demo mode.

Immediate Connect Minimum Deposit

Immediate Connect requires a $250 minimum deposit to register a new trading account, similar to its competitors such as Immediate Fortune and Immediate Experience. Opening an account and making an initial deposit is required to access the paper trading features.

According to the Immediate Connect website, this deposit can be withdrawn at any time with no fees. So, traders won’t lose any money if they decide this platform isn’t right for them.

Immediate Connect Customer Service

Immediate Connect has a contact form on its website where traders and prospective users can get in touch. There is no phone or live chat support at this time.

How to Get Started with Immediate Connect

Ready to start trading with Immediate Connect? Here’s how to create an account and activate the platform’s trading algorithm.

Step 1: Register for Immediate Connect

Head to Immediate Connect’s official website and find the registration form at the top of the homepage. Traders must enter their name, email address, and phone number, then click Register.

Register for Immediate Connect

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Immediate Connect requires new traders to make a $250 initial deposit. This is the money that the platform will use to begin trading in a user’s account. Immediate Connect accepts PayPal, wire transfers, and credit cards with no deposit fees.

Step 3: Demo Trading

New traders may want to start using Immediate Connect in demo mode before activating live algorithmic trading. The demo account gives traders an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the platform. Traders can also monitor how the Immediate Connect algorithm performs under current market conditions.

Step 4: Live Trading

Once traders are comfortable with Immediate Connect, they can activate live trading. Once activated, the platform’s algorithm will automatically begin placing live trades using the money in a trader’s account.

Step 5: Withdraw

Traders are free to withdraw funds from Immediate Connect at any time. Traders may want to withdraw money in increments as the platform makes profits to realize their gains. According to the Immediate Connect website, withdrawals are free.

How to Delete an Immediate Connect Account

Immediate Connect does not provide information about how to delete an account on its website. Traders can use the contact form to ask for help from the platform’s support team.

Is Immediate Connect Endorsed by Celebrities and Brands?

There are rumors that Immediate Connect is used by major celebrities like Elon Musk, who is known to be a major proponent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There is also discussion that Immediate Connect is endorsed by major companies both inside and outside the crypto space.

We could not confirm any of these rumors during our Immediate Connect review. We found no evidence that Elon Musk or other celebrities are involved with the platform. We also didn’t find any companies that have endorsed this trading platform.

The Verdict

Immediate Connect is a trading platform for Bitcoin, forex, stocks, and CFDs. What makes this platform unique is its algorithmic trading capabilities, which it claims can help traders profit with limited to no oversight. We could not verify the performance of the platform’s algorithm during our Immediate Connect review.

According to the Immediate Connect website, this trading system is completely free to use. In addition, it offers a demo trading account so traders can test out the platform for themselves. Sign up today to give Immediate Connect a try.

Immediate Connect Logo

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

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