BitVestment is one of the latest automated trading apps to help traders navigate the Bitcoin and crypto markets – is it genuine though?

With Bitcoin currently trading sideways with volatile low timeframe price action – referred to as ‘chop’ – automated trading platforms can be a profitable alternative to attempting to day trade the swings.

Many crypto trading bot platforms or ‘robo advisors’ are scams however, as the trading robot industry is unregulated. In our BitVestment review we examine the claims made on the BitVestment website and whether this crypto bot is a scam or legitimate software.

BitVestment Summary

Not much information is available on the BitVestment website prior to registering however there appears to be no minimum deposit or commission fees to use the software:

💵 Minimum Deposit No minimum
💥 Claimed Success Rate Not stated
💠 Supported Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and big cap altcoins
📱 Mobile App? Yes
📉 Fees Not stated

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is BitVestment?

Rather than simply choosing to buy cryptocurrency and passively hold it as a long term investment, BitVestment claims to have created an easy to use trading app for those investors to also profit from the short term swings in Bitcoin and other top crypto coins.

The tagline on the BitVestment website is ‘change your perspective’ – and also states ‘many traders spend months looking for the right app to help them in their investment process.’

The frequently asked sections section of the site states:

‘Trading apps like BitVestment can provide you with a different perspective. You don’t have to do everything alone anymore. A few years ago, trading apps did not exist. Therefore, traders needed to rely only on their skills to make good trades. Now, things have completely changed.

With BitVestment, you can examine the bigger picture, which may help you make smarter choices. In other words, it is a tool to improve your strategy and change the way you perceive things.’

As with many Bitcoin robot tools we’ve reviewed however most of the information as to how BitVestment works is reserved for depositors that register and sign up to get started.


  • Trending crypto robot on social media
  • User base appears to be wide
  • Trading community to network with
  • Fully autonomous, automated trading platform


  • Little information on the BitVestment founders or team
  • No third party audit or backtesting made publicly available

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does BitVestment Work?

The BitVestment website goes into more detail about the history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and why crypto is a good investment in general, than it does into proving whether BitVestment really works and is genuine.

Not much in the way of screenshots, past trades, performance data, how the algorithm works, etc. is provided until users deposit – although a positive is that unlike many crypto trading robot websites there isn’t a high minimum deposit imposed.

Bitcoin auto trading

Bitcoin sideways trading range

From the short descriptions it appears that crypto investors can decide to either take advantage of automatic trading features or have some oversight and using the BitVestment trading app more as a guidance tool for their own trades.

During the current 2022 bear market price action is choppy and confined to a sideways trading range so the use of tools, both automated and semi-automated, can be helpful for traders.

Readers interested in AI trading might also benefit from our guide to algorithmic trading platforms.

BitVestment Key Features

Some of the main features of BitVestment are summarized below:

  • User-friendly Platform

An emphasis is placed to BitVestment being a simple to use trading app for beginners to crypto and even the financial markets in general, while also being of benefit to more advanced crypto traders.

  • Quick Signup Process

The BitVestment site has a sign up form on the homepage on the right side of the screen that requires a few basic contact details, after entering those it states a personal broker is assigned to the registrant to enrol them in the program.

  • No Unrealistic Claims

Rather than state an exaggerated success rate BitVestment acknowledges most retail traders lose in the long term and that all trading carries risk – its stated aim is to help traders with their decision making and risk management.

BitVestment Fees

Other than the maker / taker fees or spread charged by the crypto exchange BitVestment users decide to use the app in conjunction with, the website states there are no hidden fees.

Transaction Fees Bitcoin network fees to withdraw
Trading Commissions Zero commission
Account Maintenance Fees None
Hidden charges None

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Is BitVestment a Scam?

With the lack of information, it’s difficult to answer whether BitVestment is genuine – as with all crypto robot software, only invest what you can afford to lose.

The BitVestment developers haven’t made any unrealistic claims of a 90% or higher winrate as many scam robot sites do – that high of a return on investment (ROI) is unsustainable. Even the best human traders often only win 51-55% of trades.

BitVestment has also been trending online on social media alongside claims it was endorsed in mainstream media and on TV shows like This Morning – we couldn’t find any information to verify that however.

Often crypto trading bot tools use marketing gimmicks in their advertising such as endorsements by celebrities or name dropping Elon Musk. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO is a proponent of cryptocurrency – particularly Bitcoin and Dogecoin (DOGE) however is yet to endorse any crypto trading platforms.

Similarly some crypto bot platforms claim an association with Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert – while he does offer advice on how to save money online, he hasn’t endorsed any crypto trading tools, or given investment advice in general.

BitVestment Minimum Deposit

Similar to a few other popular crypto trading bots like BitProfit, and some exchange platforms like Coinbase, the initial deposit has no minimum – although bear in mind the crypto exchange BitVestment is used on may have a minimum trade requirement (often $10, or 10 USDT).

BitVestment Customer Support

The BitVestment website has a ‘contact us’ page offering customer support by email or telephone, prior to making a deposit.

How to Use BitVestment

If you do decide to trade with BitVestment, the steps are:

Register an Account

Visit the BitVestment website and fill in the sign up form on the right of the screen. Traders in all countries are accepted – we saw no reported restrictions or IP blocking.

BitVestment register

Enter your name, email and a contact number including the country code – for those that prefer to communicate via email and have concerns over coldcalling, enter a burner number.

Make Use of the Demo Account

BitVestment states it provides a demo account for depositors to test out the platform – however there is no free trial version and a deposit is required to access demo trading.

Make a Deposit

Fund your trading account with a principal capital – for low stakes traders this has no minimum, above and beyond the minimum trade amounts certain cryptocurrency exchanges set.

Trade with BitVestment

The exact operation of BitVestment is kept proprietary – our review team were unable to verify how trading with BitVestment works in detail.

The Verdict

BitVestment claims to be a flexible crypto trading app platform to help traders earn profits from the market. Investors – or ‘Bitvestors’ – can also network with other users of the platform in its trading forum community.

While the website is impressive, we couldn’t authenticate its claims – we recommend approaching this bot with caution and ensuring you take the necessary precautions before you invest. Many Bitcoin auto trading apps are scams – consider trying out several before proceeding with a large deposit on any one platform.

On this site we’ve also reviewed several other automated trading platforms to consider as alternatives to BitVestment.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

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