The Bitsoft360 platform states it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to power its proprietary crypto trading app. Our Bitsoft360 review explores those claims and the key features advertised on the Bitsoft360 site.

Traders should also do their due diligence on Bitsoft360 and keep in mind that all trading includes risk.

Let’s find out what Bitsoft360 offers, its fees and how to sign up for the service.

Bitsoft360 Summary

Bitsoft360’s website provides a basic insight into its offering, with more information reserved for depositors:

🏺 Platform type Multi-asset crypto trading
💠 Supported cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and major cryptos
🕘 Withdrawal time Instant
💵 Minimum deposit $250

What is Bitsoft360?

Bitsoft360, also known on some forums as Bit 360 videx, is an AI-powered crypto app designed to provide traders with profits via auto trading. It features an algorithm that detects price action of assets likely to produce profits.

The app enters and exits trades automatically to try to lock in the highest possible profits while attempting to secure an investor’s account from high losses.

Bitsoft 360 / Bit 360 videx

The app enables traders to set the parameters they’re comfortable with and then scans the market with its technical analysis functionalities. Trading stocks with such an app may provide more stable price action, but Bitsoft360’s algorithm scans cryptocurrencies because they often have a higher earnings potential, especially those with a low market cap.

Traders should also seek to minimize their risk by investing only the amount they can lose.

Who Owns Bitsoft360?

Bitsoft360 is owned by a group of professional former traders and software developers, with long experience in the industry – although they are anonymous.

Investors should be aware of Facebook and Reddit scam ads that have connected high-profile and high-net-worth individuals to Bitsoft 360 and other trading robots. During the course of our review, we found no evidence that the likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson or Martin Lewis have any connection to Bitsoft360 or endorse it.

What is Bitsoft 360 and what is Bit Capex Pro 360?

Bitsoft 360 has become a trending term on Google but it is just those searching adding a space when one is not needed – there is no difference between Bitsoft 360 and Bitsoft360 and the search will direct Google users to the same websites.

Again, searching Bit Capex Pro 360 or 360 Bit Capex will direct searches to the same trading tool site. Whether searching for a Bitsoft 360 review or Bit Capex Pro 360 review, those interested will find everything they need on this page.

Bit Capex Pro 360 is the latest version of the same trading software offered by Bitsoft 360.

Bitsoft360 Pros & Cons


  • Claims to identify trades with a high level of accuracy (90%)
  • More than 16,000 cryptos to choose from
  • The algorithm monitors the market 24/7 and automatically enters trades
  • 24/7 support in multiple languages


  • Limited customer testimonials
  • Requires a $250 minimum deposit

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Bitsoft360 Work?

Although Bitsoft360’s algorithm scans for potential trades and opens positions, traders stipulate their preferred parameters. The app uses auto-trading technology and software to scan the market that fits each investor’s trading criteria.

According to the website, Bit Capex Pro 360 – its latest version –  uses its algorithm to detect market movement and automatically enters trades at the best price possible and then closes the trade at the optimal profit level. The mathematical algorithm and software incorporated into the app also use copy trading and stop losses to ensure that traders don’t lose large sums of money.

Bitsoft 360 / Bit 360 videx

An automated system such as Bitsoft360 can detect trades 24/7 when traders may not be aware of the latest fundamental factors because they’re sleeping.

By using mathematical equations and other technical analysis functionalities, Bitsoft Capex Pro 360 removes the emotional aspect of trading to enter positions based on calculations and rationale.

On What Devices Can I Use Bitsoft360?

Bitsoft360 is available to use on any device that has an internet connection and a web browser – including Android and iOS, a desktop or laptop, or tablet.

However, Bitsoft 360 has no dedicated mobile app.

Which Exchanges and Brokers is Bitsoft360 Partnered With?

Bitsoft360 uses a variety of partners and brokers but we were unable to verify exactly which as they appear to differ for each user depending on their geographical location.

Can I use Bitsoft360 in My Country?

Bitsoft360 is widely around the world, although it is notably excluded from the USA as CFD trading is not allowed. According to reports the platform is VPN friendly however.

See below for a select list of availability:

Is Bitsoft360 available in the USA?  No
Is Bitsoft360 available in the UK?  Yes
Is Bitsoft360 available in Australia?  Yes
Is Bitsoft360 available in Canada?  Yes
Is Bitsoft360 available in France/Germany/Italy/Spain?  Yes
Is Bitsoft360 available in Singapore?  Yes
Is Bitsoft360 available in South Africa?  Yes
Is Bitsoft360 available in Mexico?  Yes
Is Bitsoft360 available in Nigeria?  Yes

How Much Profit can be Made from Bitsoft360?

Bitsoft360 claims to have a win rate of 90% – although we were unable to fully verify those claims.

It is certainly possible to make large gains trading crypto, or any financial instrument, but trading is inherently risky and losing trades are inevitable.

Bitsoft 360 users should consistently monitor the performance of the robot, as well as develop their own knowledge on trading strategy and analysis.

Furthermore, beginners should only invest what they can afford to lose – and be mindful that profits on trading are taxable in many countries.

Bitsoft360’s Key Features

Our Bitsoft360 review team hasn’t been able to verify all of the claimed features on the app’s website. It’s up to each investor to ensure they know the product they’re buying and that it meets their investment goals.

Favorable Results

For a trading platform to be popular, it has to provide traders with results. Bitsoft 360 claims that it has a high accuracy, with a win rate exceeding 90%. We assume that statistic refers to the accuracy of trades that its algorithm opens. That is an extremely high percentage of profitable trades, and may be more of marketing strategy than a sustainable ROI.

All automated bot tools still involve taking on risk and may require some calibration and monitoring from the end user.

Globally Available

Some trading platforms restrict users geographically. They make their services available only in certain regions because of regulations and other legal matters. Bitsoft360 claims to be available globally, specializing in providing services to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Access to Bitsoft360 is advertised as being available at any place and anytime via desktop, mobile and tablet.

Large Selection of Assets

One of the reasons that traders prefer forex brokers offering numerous currency pairs is the option to find potential trades when major currencies are consolidating. Bitsoft360 claims to scan the market for major cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin and 16,000 other cryptocurrencies.

That provides traders with more opportunities to have open positions and potentially profit from them.


Investing in a legit project is crucial to minimizing risk and increasing the chances of being profitable. Bitsoft360 claims to be highly regulated, experiencing numerous daily security checks. This provider also stated that it provides 100% protection of each investor’s personal information.

Bitsoft 360 / Bit 360 videx

Various Payment Methods

Traders prefer to have several payment options to fund their accounts. That enables them to compare the fees associated with each method and determine the best option. Bitsoft360’s website features Visa, GPay and Mastercard.


Our review team discovered that one of Bitsoft 360’s claims was that it combined mathematical algorithms with cutting-edge software to scan the market for potential trades. Besides scanning the market 24/7, the Bitsoft360 app also places stop losses to ensure traders don’t liquidate their accounts, and incorporates copy trading.

The latest version of Bitsoft 360 is known as Bit Capex Pro 360 or 360 Bit Capex.

Bitsoft360’s Fees

Account opening fee Zero
Deposit/withdrawal fees Zero
Commission None other than an exchange’s own trading fees

Is Bitsoft360 a Scam?

Investors need to do their due diligence to ensure that their funds are safe with Bitsoft360. Our review team has only reported on Bitsoft360’s claims and information gleaned from online reviews and testimonials.

We were unable to verify its claims of a 90% win rate, although that is relatively in line with other robots, which have win rates between 85-95%.

Once investors have established that, they can compare their investment goals to Bitsoft 360’s offering to determine if the two coincide. Investors have numerous options when choosing automated trading platforms if Bitsoft360 doesn’t meet their criteria.

To minimize losses, investors can adopt a conservative strategy and only risk the amount they can lose. Perhaps, that may be the minimum amount that needs to be deposited.

For this review, we searched social media sites such as Twitter, Reddit and Facebook to find peer reviews from actual users.

Twitter and Reddit contain mostly neutral posts, but users should certainly be aware of scam Facebook ads from bots that use recycled imagery claiming BitSoft 360 is endorsed by celebrities such as Elon Musk or Martin Lewis.

TrustPilot also has a 3.5-star rating for Bitsoft 360 – although the reviews are polarizing with reviews either 5-star or 1-star.

It’s important for investors to research what Bitsoft360 offers and the results it can provide for themselves.

Bit Capex Pro 360 or 360 Bit Capex are all the same software as Bitsoft 360 but just the latest version available.

Bitsoft360 Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit required to start taking advantage of automated trading on Bitsoft360 is $250. Traders have several payment options to fund their accounts, including Visa, Mastercard and GPay.

Bitsoft360 Ai Celebrity Endorsements

Scam adverts on social media sites such as Facebook, Reddit and Twitter that have been produced by bots and run by scammers have linked several notable celebrities to Bitsoft360.

However, our research found no evidence connecting any of them to Bit Capex Pro 360.

Does Tesla and Elon Musk Endorse Bitsoft360?

No. We found no evidence that billionaire Elon Musk endorses or is connected to Bitsoft 360.

Does Richard Branson Endorse Bitsoft360?

We found no evidence that Bitsoft 360 has any connection to Richard Branson.

Does Jeff Bezos and Amazon Endorse Bitsoft60?

We found no connection between billionaire Jeff Bezos or his company, Amazon, and Bitsoft 360.

Does the BBC Endorse Bitsoft360?

We could find no evidence or examples of Bitsoft 360 ever appearing on any BBC TV show.

Does Martin Lewis Endorse Bitsoft360?

British TV presenter and financial Martin Lewis does not endorse Bitsoft 360, according to our research.

Bitsoft360 Customer Support

Investors can contact Bitsoft360’s customer support 24/7. Support is available in multiple languages, and a contact form is the only option to submit a query. Our review team couldn’t ascertain how long Bit Capex Pro 360 takes to respond to queries as its customer service is reserved for registered users that make a deposit, and no Bitsoft 360 free trial is available at present.

How to Use Bitsoft360 – Tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial about how to start using Bitsoft360.

Step 1: Open an Account

Visit Bitsoft360’s website and fill in the form to open an account.

Bitsoft 360 / Bit 360 videx

Step 2: Fund the Account

Investors need to transfer a minimum of $250 via bank transfer or credit cards to start using the platform.

Bitsoft 360 / Bit 360 videx

Step3: Trade

Bitsoft360 enables investors to set their personal parameters. The algorithm will scan the market according to the desired parameters and open trades if investors have activated the automated mode.

How to Withdraw Money from Bitsoft360?

Bitsoft360 does not hold any of its users funds, they are instead held with the exchange platform or broker it is integrated with.

To withdraw funds, users will have to:

  • Log in to their broker account
  • Find the wallet section
  • Enter the amount to withdraw
  • Start the withdrawal process
  • The transaction should take up to 24 hours to complete

How to Delete Bitsoft360 Account?

To delete an account, simply head to either the Bitsoft360 website and once logged in to a registered account, follow the instructions under the settings menu.

Latest Bitcoin News

It is always worth keeping up-to-date with the latest news in the ever-changing world of crypto. Here are some of the top headlines from the week ending May 21, 2023:

  • Lightning Labs has released an updated edition of the Taproot Assets Protocol that they claim will make the Bitcoin Lightning Network more efficient.
  • Tether Holdings has withdrawn more than $4.5 billion from banks and boasted of a ‘substantial reduction’ in counterparty risk.
  • XRP parent company Ripple won a small victory in court this week as a motion by the SEC to seal a speech from former director William Hinman was denied.

The Verdict

Whether opting for crypto signals or automated trading platforms, investors need to do their own research to determine that a platform is legit. Many crypto trading bots or ‘robo advisors’ are scams and as an industry the automated trading niche is unregulated.

Bitsoft360, also known as Bit Soft 360 or Bit Capex Pro 360, is one of the newer cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading bot tools online, tapping into the popularity of scalping and day trading the round-the-clock crypto markets.Bitsoft 360 / Bit 360 videx

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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