Bitindex PrimeThe Bitindex Prime trading robot software is trending on social media in 2023 – is it legitimate though? We review the Bitindex Prime app in this full guide.

Not much information is available however on this trading bot – other than it claims to work as a robo advisor that auto trades Bitcoin and various other indices (hence the name) as well other financial markets such as forex using proprietary algorithms.

We’ll examine the information available from Bitindex Prime reviews online and testimonials, and compare it to some alternatives that may be more verified.

Bitindex Prime Summary

The Bitindex Prime website offers the following basic information:

🏺 Platform type Multi-asset trading platform
💠 Supported cryptocurrencies BTC, MATIC, SHIB, SOL, XRP and more
🕘 Withdrawal time 12-24 hours
💵 Minimum deposit €250

What is Bitindex Prime?

As well as being a Bitcoin robot or ‘bot’ tool, Bitindex Prime is a multi-asset AI trading platform, according to its website – i.e. an automated trading platform that can be used as an alternative to trading onesself.

If those claims are accurate it will function similar to copy trading platforms except rather than copytrading a human trader the buy and sell decisions are made by its proprietary bot software, as well as where to take profit, set a stoploss, etc. – although as with all trading robots some input by the user is also possible to calibrate the settings.

Bitindex Prime appears to focus on Euro FX pairs and specialize in trading cryptocurrency on ALT/EUR pairs also, from the images on the Bitindex Prime website.

Bitindex Prime Pros & Cons


  • Supports Bitcoin trading as well as other assets
  • No up-front sign up fee
  • Accessible AI trading
  • Less room for human error in trading financial markets


  • €250 minimum deposit required
  • Little information available on the Bitindex Prime founders

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Bitindex Prime Work?

Bitindex Prime on its website claims it offers a ‘powerful intuitive trading platform’ to automatically trade Bitcoin and other assets, compatible with Meta Trader 4 (MT4).

Not much more information is made available until a new users deposits on Bitindex Prime and opens an account. The Bitindex Prime tool is just described as ‘easy to use’, ‘seamless’ and supports desktop and mobile – its mobile app being a web app, a portable version of its web trader browser-based trading platform for handheld devices to trade on the go.

Bitindex Prime platform

Bear in mind Bitcoin robots and other types of trading robots such as forex bots are unregulated trading software and even if the claims of a high ROI are accurate, past performance is not an indication of future results. All trading involves risk including on automated trading platforms.

Bitindex Prime Key Features

Our Bitindex Prime review found the following points often raised online: that set this platform apart from other crypto trade bots and Bitcoin robots.

Multiple Financial Markets

Unlike standalone Bitcoin robots Bitindex Prime can also be used to trade forex and indices, making it stand out from competitors if its advertising is accurate.

For cryptocurrency, several of the big cap altcoins are also supported alongside DeFi tokens.

Educational Material

Bitindex Prime offers very little upfront details, closely guarding its software – which can be the sign of a scam or a case of preferring that information to not be in the public domain. It may be a red flag so proceed carefully.

Demo Trading

Bitindex Prime provides a demo account – see our guide to demo trading accounts which was originally a stocks term but also applies to cryptocurrency, and many of the leading crypto platforms with demo accounts offer both crypto and stocks trading via CFDs (contracts for difference).

Quick Withdrawals

Bitindex Prime states its withdrawal time window is 12-24 hours back the original method used to deposit – i.e. VISA or bank account. Crypto transfers to a whitelisted crypto wallet address would be instant.

24/7/365 Trading

The crypto markets trade 24/7 unlike stocks so from Bitindex Prime testimonials a common theme is its popularity for being able to trade in any timezone when the user is AFK (away from their keyboard), asleep and so on.

Bitindex Prime Fees

The Bitindex Prime app and website state they don’t charge fees other than normal trading fees incurred to trade and Bitcoin network fees incurred when sending a crypto transfer.

Account fee None
Deposit/withdrawal fee None
Commission None above exchange’s own maker / taker fees

Is Bitindex Prime a Scam?

With the rising popularity of crypto trading and Bitcoin being at a low price point in 2022, crypto trading robots are also growing in usage. Crypto enthusiasts want to avoid making beginner mistakes trading themselves.

However that has created a market for scammers to target those new to cryptocurrency investing and offer them fake, poor performing or non-existent crypto bots. We haven’t been able to 100% verify Bitindex Prime exists and is reliable or profitable if it does.

That’s in comparison to other trading bots we reviewed such as Napoleon-X which offers charts and backtesting data verified by an exchange with a good reputation.

Bitindex Prime Minimum Deposit

Bitindex Prime states there is a minimum deposit of €250 to open a new trading account. Consider depositing using a virtual card to protect your capital and bank account information.

Bitindex Prime Customer Support

Bitindex Prime offers 24/7 email and phone support for registered users, according to its website. Since we didn’t deposit we were unable to verify those claims and others.

How to Use Bitindex Prime

Ready to try out crypto trading with Bitindex Prime? We’ll walk traders through the steps of opening an account and trading with this platform.

Step 1: Sign Up

Visit the Bitindex Prime website and fill in the sign up form top right. Enter your name (can be a pseudonym), email address, and telephone number.

Bitindex Prime sign up

The phone number could also be a burner number – if you’d prefer to only communicate via email. Read the privacy policy and terms and conditions – which include a standard risk disclaimer on trading.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Bitindex Prime stipulates a €250 minimum deposit to start trading. Accounts can be funded with a credit or debit card or bank transfer.

Step 3: Demo Trade

Make use of the demo trading version of the Bitindex Prime site to paper trade first for practice, before making a larger real money deposit.

Step 4: Trade

Choose a supported market following the instructions sent via email to set up Bitindex Prime and begin trading for real funds, which can range from FX to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The Verdict

Bitindex Prime is a proprietary algorithmic trading platform – see our full guide to those for some Bitindex Prime alternatives that are more well-established, such as an automated trading platform on a crypto exchange with more backtesting and data on past performance.

Bitindex Prime has been trending online and going viral but the winrate claims made online and return on investment (ROI) may be exaggerated so consider starting with a small deposit if you do decide to proceed. Also set up a virtual bank card when depositing onto crypto trading bot programs as they are not regulated unlike the major exchange platforms.

Bitindex Prime

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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