Cryptocurrency trading is often seen as being difficult if traders don’t have expert knowledge and experience. However, the dynamics are rapidly shifting to cater for more retail investors and beginner traders. Bitcoin auto trading software tools are available to help with that, and one of those is Bitcoin Supreme.

The crypto trading platform claims it can help users make sizable investment returns while hedging against potential losses. Is it legitimate though? This Bitcoin Supreme review highlights key features of the trading platform, how to get started, and whether it’s worthwhile.

Bitcoin Supreme Summary

Here are the key features of the Bitcoin trading software:

💠 Supported cryptocurrenciesBTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BTC/EUR, BTC/USD
💥 Platform Type$250
💵 Minimum Deposit Crypto trading platform
📉 Withdrawal Time 24 hours

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Bitcoin Supreme?

Bitcoin Supreme is advertised as an automated trading platform that uses complex algorithms to identify profitable trading ideas, sometimes referred to as a Bitcoin robot.

One of its principal ingredients is artificial intelligence (AI), which it uses in scanning the crypto market for best buy and sell signals.

The crypto trading platform’s development team claims that Bitcoin Supreme is 0.001% faster than the crypto market. The trading software can set buy and sell limits and trigger preset stop loss and take profit levels autonomously.

Due to the absence of human emotions, sophisticated platforms like Bitcoin Supreme have proven to be vastly more successful than the average trader. To this end, there is an 85% success rate claim on Bitcoin Supreme’s website. While this is impressive, we could not verify this claim in our Bitcoin Supreme review. Investors should know that trading is a highly risky endeavour and should deal carefully with overly successful claims.

To access the trading software, users must deposit a minimum amount of $250. After making the deposit, they’ll gain access to the demo account feature and the profit-maximising opportunities Bitcoin Supreme offers.

Users can easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin and trade these assets on the Bitcoin Supreme platform. Also included are trading pairs for the Euro and US dollar fiat currencies, which are tied with the BTC pair.

Meanwhile, all traded digital assets are CFDs. CFDs are contracts for differences. They are used in tracking the financial performance of an underlying asset. CFD trades usually predict the price of an asset at the end of the contract. The difference between the purchase and selling prices is the transaction’s profit or loss.

To offer its services, Bitcoin Supreme’s API integrates with brokers, according to the website. These financial investment service providers are usually tasked with executing the trades and maintaining the account for the user. The signals are sent to the brokers, and the trades are made. Then, the profit is credited to the trader’s account.

The highlight of our Bitcoin Supreme review is the fee structure. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees. Withdrawals are also processed within a 24-hour window, similar to withdrawal times on many Bitcoin brokers. Also, there are no registration or account maintenance fees. However, the Bitcoin Supreme platform charges a 0.001% commission on profits realised using its software.

Automated trading is becoming the norm. With several activities set for each day, users can easily automate their income-generating processes while fulfilling other roles. The best algorithmic trading platforms, like Bitcoin Supreme, only need 20 to 30 minutes of supervision, bringing about a higher quality of life for users.

Bitcoin Supreme Pros & Cons

In addition to the advantages of using Bitcoin Supreme, the platform also has some shortfalls. These are stated below:


  • Reasonable minimum deposit
  • Adjustable metrics
  • Offers crypto CFD trading for popular crypto brands
  • Fast withdrawal window
  • Offers crypto CFD trades


  • High claimed success rate – may not be sustainable
  • Charges a 0.001% commission on profits
  • Anonymous developers

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Bitcoin Supreme Work?

Following the trend of the best trading platforms, Bitcoin Supreme employs a set of complex algorithms to function. This allows it to rapidly scan the market for highly profitable ideas and execute them in milliseconds.

To ascertain an asset’s viability, the Bitcoin trading software uses an asset’s fundamental and technical performances in a selected period. This helps the software to gain insight into the asset and identify profitable trends an investor can tap into.

To utilize this crypto trade bot, users must make a one-time deposit of $250. This is usually meant for liquidity purposes and helps the trading software to carry out its tasks completely.

The identified profitable ideas are then forwarded to the brokers to execute the trades. Bitcoin Supreme sets the expected entry and exit points and automatically executes these positions once the price targets have been realised. The profit is thereafter deposited directly into the investors’ account for withdrawal at their convenience.

Bitcoin Supreme Key Features

These are some of the top features we discovered in our Bitcoin Supreme review.

  • Intuitive

One major discovery from our Bitcoin Supreme review is that the platform is easy to use. Bitcoin Supreme operates in a seamlessly simple fashion, allowing users to log in to their accounts and use the crypto trading software. There is no complexity. Just tap and let the software begin scanning the market.

  • Adjustable Settings

The Bitcoin Supreme software is not rigid in its layout. Our Bitcoin Supreme review indicates that users can easily make personalised adjustments to risk profile and set their target take profit (TP) positions. This is quite commendable as it allows users to retain a degree of control over the software.

  • Autonomous

Bitcoin Supreme operates using an AI algorithm. This sophisticated software is known for operating with little to no human intervention. This way, investors can easily automate their trading process and commit to other productive activities.

  • Multi-Asset Support

A number of similar crypto trading platforms are limited in the number of crypto assets they support. Bitcoin Supreme enables trading for well above five top-ranking crypto assets. Also, Bitcoin Supreme supports trading with top fiat currencies, including the Euro and the greenback.

  • Mitigates Risks

The general idea of platforms like Bitcoin Supreme is to limit the risk exposure investors have in the crypto market. The crypto space is highly volatile as digital assets’ prices change in seconds. This makes it difficult for new and even advanced investors to make a profit on their trades as price changes are a frequent feature.

Bitcoin Supreme addresses this challenge by highlighting profitable trading ideas and executing them. This way, investors can mitigate against potential losses and also take profits.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Bitcoin Supreme Fees

Investors are always concerned about the charges a trading platform will implement for their services. In this Bitcoin Supreme review, we consider some of the fees users may be subjected to.

Commissions 0.001%
Account Maintenance Fees Nil
Deposit or Withdrawal Fees Nil

As the table shows, Bitcoin Supreme charges a nominal commission fee of 0.001%. This is largely in a bid to incentivise the brokers it operates through. Also, the commission is only paid once the user nets a profit.

Is Bitcoin Supreme a Scam?

Users are generally curious about the legitimacy of platforms like Bitcoin Supreme. Some might even ask, ‘is Bitcoin Supreme a scam?’ While we could not verify the platform’s legitimacy, a few things stood out.

For one, our Bitcoin Supreme review reveals that the platform offers a demo account. This is a learning tool for new users to validate some of the platform’s claims and know how the trading software works.

However, the core team of Bitcoin Supreme remains unknown. While this might be a concern in other financial markets, the crypto space is full of anonymous teams building great products and services. The vagueness is usually tied to privacy and the harsh regulatory stance of their home governments.

Meanwhile, trading is a highly risky activity, and investors should keep this in mind.

Bitcoin Supreme Minimum Deposit

In line with other top crypto trading platforms, our Bitcoin Supreme review indicates that the minimum deposit for this Bitcoin trading software starts at $250. This is a pocket-friendly amount and makes the trading platform more accessible for the average investor.

Bitcoin Supreme Customer Support

The development team understands the necessity of having a good customer support system. Investors in a fix can easily contact the customer support team using a form on the website. The team is accessible at all trading hours, and support can be rendered in multiple languages.

How to Use Bitcoin Supreme

Want to get started using the Bitcoin Supreme trading platform? Follow these easy steps to get started in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Sign Up on the Bitcoin Supreme Website

Users need to navigate the Bitcoin Supreme website to begin. Once there, they’ll be prompted to to fill in their name, email addresses, and mobile number on a registration form.

Remember to toggle the location settings for a particular region before inserting a mobile number.

  • Deposit

Next, the newly created account should be funded. Click on the ‘Deposit’ button and select a preferred payment method.

Our Bitcoin Supreme review reveals that the automated crypto trading platform supports multiple payment solutions ranging from bank wire transfers and credit and debit card payments to e-wallet payment gateways. Insert a minimum of $250 and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

  • Demo Trading (Optional)

The demo account comes with virtual fiat that investors can use to backtest some trading strategies. Users can learn how the Bitcoin Supreme works and how they can make adjustments to the settings. We highly recommend using this tool.

  • Go Live

The final step will be to start trading to earn a profit. Click on the profile icon and switch to ‘Live Account’ to access the funds previously deposited. Tap on the ‘Scan’ option and begin trading.


Crypto trading software brings a whole new investor segment into the crypto space. Automated trading platforms like Bitcoin Supreme claim allow users to mitigate against potential losses and raise profits – although some risk is still involved. The claimed winrate of 85% also seems high and hard to sustain.

See our full article on algorithmic trading platforms for some alternatives to Bitcoin Supreme.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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