The cryptocurrency trading landscape is currently experiencing a revolutionary shift. A growing number of investors now utilise automated trading software to stem the volatile tide of the crypto market. However, many investors are unclear about how these complex algorithms work and how to leverage their unique perks to hit their financial targets.

This review aims to answer the questions investors have regarding this trading bot. Some of these questions are ‘is Bitcoin Storm Legit?’ and ‘how does Bitcoin Storm, or any other crypto trading robot, work?’

Bitcoin Storm Summary

If you are looking for an overview of what the Bitcoin Storm robot offers, this table should help:

💠 Supported cryptocurrenciesBTC, ETH, LTE, XRP, BCH
💥 Claimed Success Rate 90%
💵 Minimum Deposit €250
📱 Mobile App No

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Bitcoin Storm?

Many investors are slowly adopting automated cryptocurrency trading software to beat the volatile streak of blockchain-based assets. The goal is quite simple: to optimise profits while mitigating losses. Given this intrinsic need, several crypto trading robots have been launched in the past year. Our review of Bitcoin Storm will explore all the features this sophisticated technology comes with.

Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm is a crypto trading software whose singular aim is to enable crypto investors to profit off their trades.

Like other Bitcoin robots, this trading bot runs on sophisticated algorithms like artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) models.

The use of these technologically-superior mechanisms has seen its developers tout the crypto trading robot as a viable option for beating the price swings characteristic of the crypto market.

The Bitcoin Storm trading platform claims to be able to scan thousands of market positions using such algorithms. The Bitcoin Storm uses AI to scan both technical and fundamental aspects of an asset. This helps the investor gain a broader overview of how the selected crypto asset performs.

Additionally, Bitcoin Storm is semi-automated and offers the versatility only a few of its counterparts do. Because of this, users can switch on the manual trading mode or turn to the fully automated mode.

The Bitcoin Storm team claims that the trading bot is ideal for beginners and advanced traders due to its versatile nature. However, we could not gather any relevant information on the development team aside from the claim that they are a group of crypto experts with years of industry experience. This is not entirely out of place in the crypto space – many crypto platforms and their development team prefer to be anonymous to retain their privacy.

What unique features does Bitcoin Storm come with? The Bitcoin robot offers access to 5 top-ranking and highly liquid digital assets. This includes the likes of the foremost cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Storm allows users to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum as crypto CFDs; users don’t have direct access to the underlying asset. A CFD stands for contract for difference – allowing a buyer to purchase or sell an asset at a predetermined price once the contract expires.

Bitcoin Storm Reviews

The Bitcoin Storm website

Crypto CFDs do not directly hold or own the asset but only allow investors to trade the underlying asset’s price movements. This way, investors don’t necessarily invest in cryptocurrency as they would on a normal exchange.

To access the full features of the Bitcoin Storm robot, new users are required to deposit a minimum of $250. This is in line with the industry standard of crypto trading robots. The Bitcoin Storm team notes that this is required for the robot to properly scan the markets and place trades according to the preset parameters on behalf of the users.

Deposits can be made using any of the popular payment methods. The Bitcoin Storm platform supports deposits from bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and other e-wallet solutions. Withdrawals can also be made within a 24-hour window, making it easy for users to take out their profits anytime. The platform boasts of instant payouts 24/7.

As regards its success rate, Bitcoin Storm says its powerful software comes with unique precision, and users can get 90% on any given trade. However, we could not verify the authenticity of this claim for this Bitcoin Storm review despite the testimonials that are featured on the web page. We advise users to tread cautiously while using this platform.

Bitcoin Storm Pros & Cons

Investors are always on the lookout for a protocol or service’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. We’ve listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Bitcoin Storm robot for your trading activities.


  • Reasonable minimum deposit
  • Versatile offering for specific users
  • AI-powered software
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Rapid withdrawal process
  • Crypto CFD trading
  • Ideal for both beginner and advanced traders


  • Unknown development team
  • High success rate is unverified
  • No Bitcoin Storm app for mobile
  • Auto trading tools are unregulated

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How does Bitcoin Storm Work

Our Bitcoin Storm review team found that this trading robot operates similar to most software in the market. The robot claims to uses an AI-powered framework to scan the crypto market for profitable trades carefully. The only effort required from the investor are basic. Investors need to choose the digital asset they intend to trade, set their risk profile, and allow the crypto trading robot to begin.

Once this opportunity is identified, the trade is subsequently forwarded to the selected broker of the user. The broker executes a buy or sell trade based on the parameters received from the Bitcoin Storm robot and subsequently credits the user’s account on its platform.

Bitcoin Storm Work?

Although the Bitcoin Storm platform claims to charge zero fees, the platform still works with brokers. It’s standard for a crypto exchange to have a separate fee structure, which is something a user should factor in. We recommend conducting your research before using any crypto broker. This would help you check out their fees and commissions.

The Bitcoin Storm robot claims to work with various Bitcoin brokers who are responsible for executing profitable trading opportunities identified by the trading bot. Other duties include account maintenance, deposit, and crediting users’ accounts.

The trading robot claims that it does not charge any commission fees. So the Bitcoin Storm bot is a fee-free service, and users get to keep 100% of their deposits and earnings. However, the automated trading platform offers the option of users working with another broker while relying on their innovative software to locate profitable opportunities. This decision could see such users incur some standard trading fees.

As regards a mobile version of the software, several Bitcoin Storm reviews state there is no Bitcoin Storm app. Interested users will need to visit the web-based version to trade and use the software. The Bitcoin Storm claims that this powerful software needs little human interference, as a user only needs to set their unique parameters and let the robot identify profit-making opportunities. While this is great to hear, we reiterate caution while using this trading software.

Bitcoin Storm Key Features

Online Bitcoin Storm reviews also tend to point out the following features of the software:

  • Demo Trading

Like many trading platforms, Bitcoin Storm offers users a virtual account for practice. Users can easily switch between the live and demo account to test-run their trading strategies. This aspect allows users to learn how the Bitcoin Storm robot works and how they can profit from its unique opportunities. If you intend to execute a Bitcoin Storm test, we recommend using the dummy account to trade with virtual cash.

  • Speed

The Bitcoin Storm team claims that the innovative software is 0.1 seconds faster than the market and much faster than a regular human trader. This is quite impressive given the rapid pace of the crypto market. This way, a user can easily identify profitable trends faster.

  • AI-Powered Framework

The Bitcoin Storm robot is said to be powered by artificial intelligence and other sophisticated algorithms. This complex software makes the trading robot a clear favourite among crypto investors as they are better placed to profit off opportunities identified by the robot. Another added benefit is that the software runs autonomously and trades on behalf of the investor. It can place buy or sell orders, set a stop loss, and take profit orders automatically.

  • Easy to Use

Despite being a complex trading software, the Bitcoin Storm robot is quite easy-to-use. All functions and design language are simple and concise. Users can also simply switch between a demo and live trading session with the switch of a button. To get the robot running, all a user needs is to click on the ‘Run’ button.

  • Streamline Signup Process

Understanding the importance of time management, the Bitcoin Storm team has greatly reduced the time lag needed to access their innovative trading solution. All that is required is a name, email address, mobile number, and a unique password. This process usually takes only a few minutes to complete.

Bitcoin Storm Fees

Below, we tabulate some of the compelling fees a user may need to factor in.

Inactivity Fee No
Maintenance Fee No
Commission No
Monthly Account Fee No
Deposit Fee No 

Essentially, our Bitcoin Storm review shows that the platform operates a fee-free strategy and users only need to deposit a minimum of $250 to access the trading software. The Bitcoin Storm team says that it has scrapped all fees so investors can retain 100% of their profits.

Is Bitcoin Storm a Scam?

While we could not completely verify this in our Bitcoin Storm review, a few things tick the box. For one, the trading bot works in conjunction with some crypto brokers. These execute the trades, and the Bitcoin robot does not directly handle the user’s funds.

Another is the zero-fee system. Scam or illegitimate platforms are known to extort users of their money through several means. The Bitcoin Storm robot only requires a $250 deposit with no extra charges.

However, there is no information on the team behind the project. Another crucial bottleneck is its 90% claimed success rate. While this may be true, we could not verify the authenticity of this claim. Several testimonials attested to this claim, but we also could not verify the authenticity of the highlighted users.

Therefore, we recommend using the software cautiously if you decide to.

Bitcoin Storm Minimum Deposit

As we stated earlier, the minimum deposit for unlocking the Bitcoin Storm platform is $250. Deposits can be made using any number of payment methods supported by the platform. This includes bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and other e-wallet solutions.

Bitcoin Storm Customer Service

Customer support service is a bottleneck in the crypto space. Several top-tiered crypto exchanges and companies have seen their rankings drop due to poor customer support. Our Bitcoin Storm review shows that you can reach out to the team using a support ticket.

Also, a crypto consultant reaches out to new users once the signup process is complete to guide them.

How to use Bitcoin Storm Step by Step

If you are interested in using the Bitcoin Storm robot to maximise profits, follow these steps to get started.

  • Sign Up on Bitcoin Storm

Sign up to Bitcoin Storm

The first step would be to register on the Bitcoin Storm website. Once there, a signup form will pop up. Fill in your name, email address, and contact number. Once done, tap on the ‘Give Me Access Now’ button to proceed to the next stage.

  • Deposit Funds

Before using the Bitcoin Storm platform, you will need to put in the stipulated $250 minimum deposit. You can do this by selecting any of the supported payment methods and inserting how much you wish to invest at a particular time. Tap on ‘Deposit’ to complete the process.

  • Use Demo Account

If this is your first time using any auto trading software, we recommend using the demo account. This dummy account gives you fake cash that you can use to practice and learn how the trading bot works. You can also use it to test-run several trading strategies and monitor your results. This should help you ascertain if the project’s 90% success rate claims are genuine or not.

  • Start Trading

Once you are ready, you can proceed to live trading. All you need to do is tap on the ‘Live’ button at the top right-hand corner and click on the ‘Run’ icon to begin trading. You can also switch between the manual or automated format and set your risk parameters for a safer trading experience.

The Verdict

With the growing preference to use automated trading bots to optimise profits, Bitcoin Storm launched their crypto trading software to help investors scan the market for trading opportunities. Once the robot finds them, it is programmed to execute the trade with take profit orders and a stoploss set in advance.

The robot is free to use for all investors, but there’s a minimum deposit of $250 to activate the software. We recommend starting with the minimum investment and testing out the withdrawal process to check everything works as described and advertised in the small print.

While the Bitcoin Storm trading bot promises a 90% success rate, we could not authenticate the claims. Also see our reviews of the top 10 Bitcoin robots for some other alternatives to Bitcoin Storm, and our other investing strategy guides.

Bitcoin Storm Review

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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