Bitcoin News Trader claims to be a popular cryptocurrency trading platform and boasts of providing its users with an environment where they can learn to trade on Bitcoin in a streamlined manner. The team behind Bitcoin News Trader claims to have a goal to teach people how Bitcoin trading works through a practical platform in a simplified way.

Is the platform legitimate and safe for users though? In this detailed BTC News Trader review, we will try to dig into the site and assess its USPs.

Bitcoin News Trader Summary

Here is a quick summary of the features of Bitcoin News Trader. Note that this information is extracted from the website, which hasn’t provided any sort of proof to substantiate their claims yet.

💠 Supported assetsBitcoin
💥 Claimed Success Rate Not Specified
ℹ FeesNil
💵 Minimum Deposit $250
📱 Mobile App None
🕘 Withdrawal SpeedUp to 24 hours
🏺 Customer SupportAvailable 24/7 for registered traders

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Bitcoin News Trader?

Bitcoin News Trader states it is a trading platform that claims to provide the right environment for its users to learn about Bitcoin, understand how Bitcoin works, and learn to trade in Bitcoin. As more and more people are showing interest in Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin News Trader claims to help these people fully understand how Bitcoin works and leverage that knowledge for financial gains.

Bitcoin News Trader has mentioned on its official website that a user need not spend hours on market analysis to trade. This will free up their time to focus on learning about Bitcoin in a practical way. The site boasts that its sign-up process is easy and just takes a few minutes to complete. Once the user registration gets verified, one can start trading on this site. The web-based interface of Bitcoin News Trader is user-friendly. All the information is presented in a lucid way that will not overwhelm a new user.

Bitcoin News Trader

The Bitcoin News Trader team claims that they aim to have more and more people join the Bitcoin trading market. For this reason, Bitcoin News Trader is putting a lot of emphasis that beginners in the crypto space should try their hands at Bitcoin trading using their platform.

Bitcoin News Trader Pros and Cons

Before you decide whether or not Bitcoin News Trader will be a good fit for your trading needs, please consider its pros and cons.


  • Easy sign-up process
  • Has a simple UI suitable for all traders
  • Autonomous trading
  • Low minimum deposit of $250
  • Uses Bitcoin news in real-time
  • Responsive website


  • No information on customer service
  • Win-rate is not mentioned
  • Only deals with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Bitcoin News Trader Work?

Bitcoin News Trader claims to help both new, seasonal, and more experienced traders understand Bitcoin and navigate the cryptocurrency market in the best possible manner. To start trading with Bitcoin News Trader, one needs to register, create an account, and fund the account with the required minimum deposit. There is no information regarding any advanced tools and technologies on the Bitcoin News Trader site. However, our team believes that, like other autonomous trading platforms, these features will be available once a user registers and deposits the fund.

As the name- Bitcoin News Tradersuggests, states that it is an automatic trading platform that uses technical indicators, Bitcoin news, and price graphs and helps an investor to make good use of any trading opportunities. Since the trading mode of this platform is autonomous, the trading robot reportedly trades 24/7, scanning the crypto market to locate trading setups, able to execute them on the investors behalf. If true, that means investors can relax, and Bitcoin News Trader will do the hard work for them, as per the website.

Bitcoin News Trader

There is no information on the site regarding any mobile application of the site. However, our team found that the Bitcoin News Trader is a responsive website. This means all its functionality and tools will be available across devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. All one needs is an internet connection to access and navigate.

Bitcoin News Trader Features

Here are some features that the Bitcoin News Trader platform has highlighted as its main selling points on the website.

Automated trading tools

Bitcoin News Trader is an autonomous trading platform. This means that the platform perhaps uses trading robots or other such technologies such as AI or algorithms to do the trading on behalf of the investors. What usually happens on platforms such as this is the user can set up the trading parameters as per their preference and financial goals. Once this is done, the automated tools take over and work 24/7 on behalf of the traders to find good trading opportunities as per the set parameters and execute them. However, it may be possible that the platform uses another method that could be closely related.


Bitcoin News Trader is said to have started its journey as an education platform to teach people about Bitcoin. Although it could not continue with its initial goal and turned towards a trading platform, it apparently still has its roots in education and believes that it is not enough to teach people about trading; they should also be taught about Bitcoin. Thus, the platform provides an environment where people and learn to trade Bitcoin and also learn about Bitcoin.

Information on Bitcoin

As is evident by its name – Bitcoin News Trader perhaps scans the Bitcoin news, price graphs, and other market and technical indicators to understand and predict Bitcoins behavior. The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile financial markets out there. Even a minute detail can change its course and lead to something big. Often it is not possible to manually keep track of all the movements and changes in Bitcoin that happens 24/7. Thus, Bitcoin News Trader allegedly does it for the traders.

Bitcoin News Trader Account Fees

Our team scoured the Bitcoin News Trader website and could not find any solid information regarding fees. But the website does mention that it has a fee-free model, so we can assume the same. However, it may be a good idea to keep a lookout for hidden fees of any kind.

Trading Fee None
Account Fee None
Commission None
Withdrawal/Deposit Fee None

Bitcoin News Trader Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit required to start trading with Bitcoin News Trader is $250. This amount is required to get started on the platform and gain access to the tools and features they have mentioned on the website.

Bitcoin News Trader Compatible Devices

Our team could not locate any clear information regarding Bitcoin News Trader-compatible devices. However, we had a look at its webpage and noticed that the site is responsive and be accessed through a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.

Is Bitcoin News Trader a Scam?

The information provided on the Bitcoin News Trader website is all generic. There is no hint about who is the founder of the platform. There is no explicit mention of all the tools available on this automated trading platform. We were able to find some relevant information through third-party sources who have claimed to get some input from the sites customers. But this, too, may not be completely reliable.

Bitcoin News Trader

Our team looked for user reviews on popular sites like Trustpilot but could only find a platform called Bitcoin News. We are not sure whether it is the same site as Bitcoin News Trader. We did find some third-party articles published on the internet which claim that Bitcoin News Trader is a legitimate platform, but we would advise our readers to verify this before choosing this platform to trade.

We also could not find any information on the site regarding customer information, fee structure, withdrawal/deposit speed, win rate, etc. In light of this, we have our reservations for this site. As missing of crucial information is often construed as a red flag.

So, we strongly advise interested traders to run their assessments before deciding to use this platform for Bitcoin trade.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Bitcoin News Trader Customer Support

The Bitcoin News Trader customer support is apparently accessible only to those who register as users. Essentially, one needs to have deposited the minimum deposit amount in order to be recognized as a registered user and actually gain access to this feature by the platform.

How to Use Bitcoin News Trader

According to the official website, trading with Bitcoin News Trader can be a simple process. Here is how to get started.

Step 1 – Register as a New User

Visit the official Bitcoin News Trader website and create an account. To do so, you would need to fill out the registration form with some personal details such as name, phone number, and email. Once it is done, you need to wait for your registration to get approved.

Bitcoin News Trader

Step 2 – Deposit Funds

Once the trading account is set up and ready to use, you need to deposit the minimum fund of $250 to start trading. This is not a fee charged by Bitcoin News Trader but a small capital with which the user will begin to trade.

Step 3 – Start Trading

The final step is to start trading with that initial deposit of $250. If the site provides a demo trading account, we recommend that you test it first to understand how Bitcoin News Trader operates.

How to Delete a Bitcoin News Trader Account?

Bitcoin News Trader isn’t clear on how to delete the account, but you can ask your assigned account manager about it. But before you do that, we recommend checking the platform’s settings and searching for the ‘terminate account’ option.

Are Celebrities Endorsing Bitcoin News Trader?

While there have been rumors that celebrities are supporting Bitcoin News Trader, there is no proof to substantiate those claims.

Who are the Founders of Bitcoin News Trader?

Bitcoin News Trader has provided no information about who the founders of the platform are. We also tried to find that information on social media platforms and found nothing there. It is likely that the founders have chosen to take an anonymous route. While anonymity is nothing new in the crypto space, we recommend that you be cautious because regulations now demand trading platforms to be more transparent.

Bitcoin News Trader Payment Methods

There is no information on accepted payment methods. However, trading sites similar to Bitcoin News Trader often accept popular payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, or eWallets.

The Verdict

Like a majority of the cryptocurrency trading sites out there, Bitcoin News Trader claims to be a standard autonomous trading platform. As per its name, it is possible that the site provides and uses Bitcoin news to gauge the market and locate trading opportunities on behalf of the trader. However, there is a lack of information regarding any other advantaged tools or technologies that the platform uses.

We did find other their-party sites talking about this platform, but their reactions towards this platform are also mixed. The lack of details about the sites founders and core team can raise some doubts. Therefore, we recommend exercising caution when engaging with this trading platform.

Bitcoin News trader

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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