Bitcoin Lifestyle is a crypto trading app that states it can help beginner users trade BTC automatically. Its automated trading platform uses algorithms to study crypto price movements and calculate profitable times to enter and exit trades. The website states no experience is required so it could be a useful tool for beginner investors with no prior trading experience.

Is the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform legit though? In our Bitcoin Lifestyle review, we cover what investors should know about this crypto trading platform.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Summary

To kick things off, lets take a quick look at a summary of Bitcoin Lifestyle’s key features, including its supported cryptos, withdrawal time, and minimum deposit:

🏺 Platform TypeCrypto trading platform
💠 Supported cryptocurrenciesBTC
🕘 Withdrawal time24 hours
💵 Minimum deposit$250

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a type of Bitcoin Robot that according to its advertising uses complex AI algorithms to work out precise entry and exit points into trades with the aim of making profits for users. This software claims to work without the need for any manual intervention from traders, making it potentially well-suited to beginner investors.

The platform is free of use, meaning there are no hidden charges for users like commissions, trading fees, or subscriptions. Users should note there is a $250 minimum deposit, which is higher than some other platforms. This money can be withdrawn at any time and should take 24 hours according to the site – although we haven’t been able to verify the payout speed and reliability.

The platform also claims be supported by a mobile crypto app, which can suit a wider variety of traders. If users want to test the platform out before committing physical capital, then they can set up a demo account free of charge. This can be a good idea to test out any trading strategies users might want to employ.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Pros & Cons


  • No prior crypto trading experience needed
  • Claims to be free of charge
  • Supports mobile and crypto app services
  • Offer chance to trade on demo account
  • AI algorithm can be customized


  • No details regarding regulation
  • Minimum deposit is $250

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Bitcoin Lifestyle Work?

As mentioned, the platform works by using an algorithm to trade funds. The trading app works in a similar way, teaching beginners how to conduct trades by providing the right information. The website claims that this software has been built over years of research by the two founders.

Once the platform finds a suitable trading opportunity that fits investors’ trading needs, it will place a trade. This trade will be opened using users’ funds that they have pre-deposited. The exit process on trade is similar, with Bitcoin Lifestyle working out the best time for users to execute a trade, and then doing so on behalf of users. Any profits which are made are returned to the user’s accounts. Whilst this could be profitable, users should note that crypto trading can be extremely volatile, and losses can substantially mount if the correct risk management isn’t taken.

All users need to do to get started with an account is visit the website and follow the onscreen instructions. Once an account is set up, the platform is fully customizable to users’ individual preferences and will conduct trades based on these preferences.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Key Features

As part of our Bitcoin Lifestyle review, we noted 5 key trading features that users gain access to:

Computer & Mobile Compatibility

The platform is available as an app and as an online trading platform. This means that it can be used on both IOS and Android, tablets, and computers. This is good for beginners as it makes the platform widely accessible, regardless of the tech that investors have to hand.

Demo Account

The demo trading account lets users try out the platform’s strategies and implement them in real market environments without the risk of real capital. This can be another great option for beginner investors to use as it allows them trading exposure with absolutely zero risk. We recommend readers use a demo account before committing real capital.

Zero Additional Fees

The platform claims to be completely free to trade with. If this is the case, then evidently, it’s a great bonus. Most other brokers charge a commission per trade, as well as deposit and withdrawal fees. The only capital requirement of Bitcoin Lifestyle is the $250 minimum deposit.

Adaptive AI Learning

As mentioned, the platform has a bug focus on crypto education. A large part of the user experience centers around educating users on the technical analysis and the precise entry and exit points that users should take when trading crypto. This can help users become more aware of trading and markets and are hence a good benefit of using the platform.

No Trading Experience Required

Due to the automated and educational focus of the platform, there is no prior expertise in trading required. Users can allocate as much time as they want using the platform’s educational resources, or they can just dive into customizing their account and generating trades.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Fees

Bitcoin Lifestyle claims to be free of charge. This means that there are no commission, deposit, or withdrawal fees whatsoever. In addition to this, there are no ongoing subscription fees. The only capital needed to start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle is the $250 minimum deposit.

Account fees None
Deposit/withdrawal fees None
Commissions None

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle a Scam?

One of the main questions we want to address in this article is whether the platform is a scam. There is relatively little information on the website regarding founders, fees, available cryptos, and regulations.

This does seem to be a red flag, especially considering there is no formal regulation of the platform by the types of organizations that regulate crypto exchanges. Our top recommended algorithmic trading platform is in fact a crypto exchange so there are other alternatives to Bitcoin Lifestyle like that to consider.

The Bitcoin Lifestyle software claims to have a number of positive reviews, however, a quick google reveals that there are no Trust Pilot reviews on the platform, which isn’t a great sign. There is also no performance indication of the platform’s previous returns. Based on the above findings it seems that Bitcoin Lifestyle could be a scam. It is important that brokers only trade with reputable sites to avoid losing funds.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit amount for Bitcoin Lifestyle is $250. This deposit is required by all new users as it allows them to fund their accounts. These funds are then used in order to generate returns for investors. The deposit is required, however, the platform claims that it can be easily withdrawn at any time back to bank accounts. This withdrawal period can change from bank to bank, however, it the Bitcoin Lifestyle website states it can be completed within 24 hours.

If crypto investors do decide to join Bitcoin Lifestyle we’d recommend starting with a minimum deposit and testing out a withdrawal early on before committing to a large real money investment.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Customer Support

Bitcoin Lifestyle offers customer support via an online contact form which can be reached by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button on the top ribbon. The team should aim to get back to users via email as soon as possible. Anyone can submit a query, whether they have a Bitcoin Lifestyle account or not.

How to Use Bitcoin Lifestyle

Now we have covered all of the necessary information regarding this crypto trade bot, let’s look at how readers can set up an account. This sign up process can be completed in four steps:

 Step 1: Sign Up for Bitcoin Lifestyle

Users should head over to the Bitcoin Lifestyle website and find the create an account section on the homepage. Traders should then enter their first and last name, as well as their email and phone number. By doing this, users are agreeing to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Bitcoin Lifestyle. Once completed, a Bitcoin Lifestyle account will have been created.

Step 2: Demo Trading

Before committing physical capital, we recommend that users should get comfortable trading crypto using a demo account. This account allows them to see how the platform would function under real-life circumstances, but reduces the risk exposure of losing their own money.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Now that users have set up an account and got comfortable virtually trading, they need to deposit funds in order to buy Bitcoin. This can be done by entering the correct payment details to the site and depositing the minimum $250 amount. Users can start to trade instantly once they have funded their accounts.

Step 4: Start Trading Bitcoin

Now users are ready to trade Bitcoin and have funded their accounts, they should set up their trading preferences and allow the platform to start executing trades. The progress of these trades can be checked on smartphones, tablets, or websites.


Bitcoin Lifestyle is a crypto trading app that allows users to trade Bitcoin using their deposited funds. The platform claims to be completely free of charge to use and doesn’t require any prior trading experience due to the educational and algorithmic software the platform provides. There is relatively little information about the platform on the website, but if users want to set up an account, we recommend setting up a demo account to try out the software before committing real capital.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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