With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, users are looking for new ways to invest in digital assets. Bitcoin Freedom is one such crypto trading platform that offers a unique investment strategy. 

The Bitcoin Freedom software conducts market analysis and advises users with potential positions to open in hopes of making a profit. This guide will review the Bitcoin Freedom exchange and discuss whether it is a scam or legitimate.

🏺 Platform type Crypto Trading Platform
💠 Supported cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH and 15 crypto assets
🕘 Withdrawal time 24 hours
💵 Minimum deposit $250

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Bitcoin Freedom?

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According to the Bitcoin Freedom website, the timing of entering the crypto markets is crucial. Therefore, they developed Bitcoin Freedom as an automated crypto trading platform that navigates the volatile crypto markets in real-time to provide potentially profitable trades for users. 

Many interested investors and beginners are looking for a way to enter the crypto markets without prior experience, and the Bitcoin freedom software lets users sit back and relax.

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This crypto trading platform makes investing more user-friendly and gives users access to invest in cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and more. 

Functioning like any common crypto trading platform, Bitcoin Freedom requires users to create an online account and verify their details before trading. After funding a minimum deposit of $250, investors can start using Bitcoin Freedom. 

Bitcoin Freedom – Pros and Cons


  • Fast withdrawal times 
  • Scans markets in real-time
  • Beneficial for beginners and skilled traders
  • Buy Ethereum and other popular cryptos
  • No trading fees


  • High minimum deposit ($250 or EUR)

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How does Bitcoin Freedom work?

Bitcoin Freedom is a crypto trading platform that functions to provide potentially profitable trades to investors. The platform claims to have invested a lot of money into its main product, the trading software. 

This engine scans the cryptocurrency markets by quickly analysing any potential trades. The Bitcoin Freedom software uses historical market analysis while also looking at current market conditions. Thus, the crypto platform tries to pinpoint the best trading opportunities for users to make. 

To begin with the platform, users need to create an account a deposit a minimum of $250. Furthermore, Bitcoin Freedom provides customisation options so investors can choose their preferred trading style. Depending on the level of autonomy users wish to give the platform, investors can allow Bitcoin Freedom to trade on their behalf. 

The platform spends 20 – 30 minutes navigating the markets before choosing the various trades to make. According to Bitcoin Freedom, its platform can make trades 0.01 seconds faster than the market, which lets them stay competitive. 

With the software, users can invest and open new positions in the best altcoins instantly. 

Bitcoin Freedom Key Features

The next step in this Bitcoin Freedom analysis is to analyse some key components and factors of the crypto trading platform. The section below reviews 5 key features which users can access with Bitcoin Freedom. 

Demo Account

One of the main features that Bitcoin Freedom provides is a demo account to paper trade with. It works as a virtual trading version that mirrors the standard account functions and features for interested users looking to test out the services provided. 

Users can begin trading with the Bitcoin Freedom software with virtual currency if they are unwilling to risk real assets at the beginning. If users find the trading services suitable, they can instantly switch to a regular account and start trading with fiat currency. 

Customer Support

Customer Support is an essential aspect that investors look for in a crypto trading platform. Since many users may want additional support with their account queries and activities, Bitcoin Freedom provides a 24/7 customer department. 

Users can access the live chat options anytime and get assistance from the Bitcoin Freedom team all day long.

Live Trading Feature

The live trading feature is arguably the most exciting aspect of Bitcoin Freedom. Users can access this feature when willing to give the platform more autonomy while making trades. Activated with a single click, the live trading feature allows the platform’s software to scan the markets and look for potential trades. 

This can be set up 24/7 and allows users to open new trades on their accounts with minimal effort. 

Stop-Loss Feature

While investors are hopefully looking to make profits when trading with cryptocurrencies, it is essential to limit losses with crypto assets. Thus, Bitcoin Freedom offers a stop-loss feature. This tool lets users set a stop-loss before opening the trade, thus closing the trade when it reaches its maximum threshold. 

This handy feature is a great way to get out of a trade before losing more funds that a user may like. 

Fast Trades

Not only does Bitcoin Freedom reduce the effort required from investors, but the platform also states that they try to make very fast trades daily. Firstly, the platform executes trades 0.01 seconds faster than the market speed, which can be beneficial to making minor profits. 

Furthermore, the platform mentions that it can execute up to 20 trades in only 10 minutes. This is ideal for users to update trades daily, without the time and effort required to buy and sell assets regularly. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Bitcoin Freedom Fees

According to Bitcoin Freedom, users are not required to pay trading fees when using the platform. Thus, investors can deposit fiat currency and start trading without worrying about additional costs and commissions to be paid. 

Despite the Bitcoin Freedom software being the main component investors can use, the product does not levy a further account charge or monthly fee. Deposits are also entirely free with Bitcoin Freedom. 

However, users can conduct their own research to find out about additional charges from their banks while using particular payment methods. The Bitcoin Freedom site mentions that a commission is collected after users wish to manage their trades and withdraw them into their respective accounts. 

Trading Fee None
Account Fee None
Deposit Fee None
Withdrawal Fee Commission has taken when withdrawing funds

Is Bitcoin Freedom a Scam?

Since multiple crypto exchanges exist in the market, users may be wary of trading with an unfamiliar broker. As for Bitcoin Freedom, this exchange states that they have added multiple security protocols to project users’ funds and avoid sharing information with third parties. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin Freedom also offers a demo account to give users a chance to invest without using real currency. While Bitcoin Freedom is transparent on their minimum deposits and available payment methods, the commission taken is not as clear. Since the crypto markets are highly volatile, users can not be guaranteed a 100% chance of making profits. 

We haven’t been able to verify all aspects of the Bitcoin Freedom platform however. Users can research and conduct their own due diligence on Bitcoin Freedom before opening any positions and trades. 

Bitcoin Freedom Minimum Deposit 

Bitcoin Freedom charges a high minimum deposit of $250/EUR. However, the platform also claims to give users access to a different way of trading cryptocurrencies. While most brokerages offer a platform to buy and sell assets, Bitcoin Freedom conducts its own research and suggests potential trades for users to make. 

Thus, users can trade multiple tokens without prior experience or much effort. While the minimum deposit is high, Bitcoin Freedom claims to charge no additional trading fees. Thus, users who have a higher budget can choose to review and analyse this crypto trading platform.

How to Use Bitcoin Freedom 

If users are interested in Bitcoin Freedom, the next step is to look at how to use the platform. The sections below show a step-by-step procedure for starting trading with Bitcoin Freedom. 

Step 1: Open an Account 

First, users need to visit the Bitcoin Freedom website to begin the sign-up process. A registration form requires investors to fill in their full names, email addresses and mobile numbers.

Bitcoin Freedom login

Click on “Register Now” to confirm the account opening. Users will then receive a phone call from one of the site’s registered brokers to complete a verification process. After providing the information, Bitcoin Freedom will verify the account.

Step 2: Deposit Funds 

The next step is to deposit funds in the Bitcoin Freedom trading account. A minimum deposit of $250 or EUR 250 is required to get started. The platform claims to support credit/debit options such as VISA or MasterCard to get started. 

Furthermore, investors can use a bank transfer or bank wire to deposit the funds. 

Step 3: Demo Trading Feature

For users looking to get accustomed to the platform’s features, Bitcoin Freedom offers a demo trading account. With the demo account, users can trade with virtual currencies, access similar live market conditions, and invest in various crypto assets. 

Step 4: Begin Trading

The final step is to begin trading with Bitcoin Freedom. The live trading feature can be activated, and users can customise the settings to their liking. Once the software goes live, Bitcoin Freedom will analyse the markets and choose potential trades for the users. 


This guide has analysed Bitcoin Freedom’s crypto trading platform. We have reviewed the stated claims of how Bitcoin Freedom works and the various features that users may be able to access with Bitcoin Freedom. However we weren’t able to verify its legitimacy as it’s a relatively new automated trading platform.

Investors should be aware that crypto bot programs are unregulated so only invest what you can afford to lose and consider using more than one crypto trade bot – see our list of algorithmic trading platforms for some Bitcoin Freedom alternatives, one of which the copy trading tools on a crypto exchange.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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