Bitcoin Bonanza is a crypto trading platform promising high ROI via its dual trading systems. In addition to providing an autonomous trading module that lets investors passively invest in cryptocurrencies, it also claims to sport a manual trading mode for those who want their investing experience to be more hands-on.

But how much of what this platform says is true? In this Bitcoin Bonanza review for 2023, we will assess these claims to see if this website is a scam or legit.

Bitcoin Bonanza Summary

The limited information on the Bitcoin Bonanza website doesn’t give us much to uncover, making a critical analysis of its claims necessary. Before we go into that, here are the key details about this platform:

💠 Supported assetsBitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
💥 Platform typeMulti-asset crypto trading platform
ℹ Minimum Deposit $250
💵 Withdrawal SpeedDepends on mode of payment

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Bitcoin Bonanza?

Bitcoin Bonanza is an automated crypto trading platform that buys and sells digital assets on behalf of traders. “In this way, people with no knowledge of trading crypto can still earn passive income with the help of our app,” the website claims.

Helping with this is an interface that Bitcoin Bonanza says is easy to navigate. “The versatile Bitcoin Bonanza app,” the site claims, “is fit for all types of traders.” If true, it would mean users won’t suffer any skill-related bottleneck when buying and selling cryptocurrencies through this platform.

Bitcoin Bonanza

Regarding the type of digital assets available for trade, Bitcoin Bonanza has only stated that Bitcoin and “other assets.” While it could mean that Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and other top digital assets might also be available, no information about them is present.

The algorithmic trading system that Bitcoin Bonanza employs is apparently highly accurate. “The system deploys highly accurate trading strategies to analyze the financial markets,” writes Bitcoin Bonanza. This, along with its revolutionary “time leap” technology, makes it a leading trading software, the platform claims.

The platform also claims to have been awarded a Top Trading Software Award from the US Trading Association. It states the accessibility of this platform for novice and veteran traders is why the association saw it fit to reward the website.

To start trading, one must deposit $250, which the website argues would help everyone “start making money with the software”. Investors can earn thousands of dollars per day, claims Bitcoin Bonanza, and the payment system is exceptionally safe and convenient.

Little is available online that could verify the truth of these claims. We recommend that investors take caution when engaging with this platform. Deposit only a minimum amount; remember that profits are never guaranteed when trading crypto.

Who Owns Bitcoin Bonanza?

Bitcoin Bonanza claims to be the brainwork of diverse experts from different fields: software development, economics, and mathematics. When it comes to the identities of these members, there is no information available. At best, the team calls itself the “Bitcoin Bonanza Group”.

It is not out of the norm for a team powering a crypto trading platform to have their identities anonymous. However, the site doesn’t look like it is decentralized. There are no inherent DeFi facilities available, which makes the lack of founder-related information a red flag.

What is Bitcoin Bonanza App?

Bitcoin Bonanza is a web-based crypto trading platform that also addresses itself as Bitcoin Bonanza. Entering the term “Bitcoin Bonanza App” in the search bar will lead to the same results.

Bitcoin Bonanza Pros and Cons


  • It claims to offer a hands-free and hands-on trading service
  • Supports multiple assets
  • Claims to provide a highly accurate analysis of the crypto market via its Bitcoin robot
  • It has a simplified UI, according to the claims
  • Supports a demo trading feature and a trading tester


  • Lack of substantial content on the platform
  • Customer testimonials on the website are one-note; they seem to be there for marketing purposes only
  • Requires a deposit of $250 to unlock trading features

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Bitcoin Bonanza Work?

Bitcoin Bonanza claims to offer a dual trading mode. One employs a trading robot that scans the market and executes traders on the investor’s behalf. Another is a manual trading system that’s reportedly supported by an intuitive UI.

Automated Trading Mode

As a crypto auto trading platform, Bitcoin Bonanza claims to scan the market rapidly to find the best trading opportunities for investors. According to the website, there is a revolutionary “time leap” technology at play here. While there is no explanation available about it, we guess that it scans that market to look for repeatable patterns. It then executes the trade before an asset’s price reaches a certain pre-determined point.

Bitcoin Bonanza Operation Method

According to the website, this feature is highly customizable. It claims that users can select the tokens they want to trade, the amount of tokens they want to stake, and the number of times they want to enter and exit the trades.

Manual Trading System

The other mode is the manual trading system that Bitcoin Bonanza says offers a more hands-on trading experience. However, the information about this trading facility is limited. There is no info about there being any analysis tool that could help users analyze the market, neither is there a word on any simplified trading system.

At best, we can say the manual trading system – if available – would have some AI-driven insights involved.

On What Devices Can I Use Bitcoin Bonanza?

Bitcoin Bonanza states that the platform is available on all types of devices. Users will likely have the same experience on the desktop as they would on a mobile. However, we can’t confirm it since the official website was locked to us due to the mandatory deposit requirement. That said, we did try to open the website on multiple platforms and found that the site worked properly on all fronts. Singing up was easy, and everything was in the right place.

Which Exchanges and Brokers Is Bitcoin Bonanza Partnered With?

Bitcoin Bonanza says that it has partnered with multiple legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges. All of them are licensed, according to the claims. However, the platform hasn’t divulged any information about them.

Can I Use Bitcoin Bonanza in My Country?

Bitcoin Bonanza has not offered any details about the countries it is available in. However, from the looks of it, we believe that it is available worldwide. We opened the site via VPN from several locations and found that it is available even in the US.

Is Bitcoin Bonanza available in the USA?  Yes
Is Bitcoin Bonanza available in the UK?  Yes
Is Bitcoin Bonanza available in Australia?  Yes
Is Bitcoin Bonanza available in Canada?  Yes
Is Bitcoin Bonanza available in France / Germany / Italy / Spain?  Yes
Is Bitcoin Bonanza available in Singapore?  Yes
Is Bitcoin Bonanza available in South Africa?  Yes
Is Bitcoin Bonanza available in Mexico?  Yes
Is Bitcoin Bonanza available in Nigeria?  Yes

How Much Profit Can Be Made from Bitcoin Bonanza?

Everyone we have come across online has something different to say about Bitcoin Bonanza’s profitability. Customer testimonials on the platform say that they were able to make £25,000 in less than a month for “practically doing nothing”. Others have said that they have made over “1000%” returns.

The site itself claims that some of its members were able to make their first $1 million within a month of signing up. However, true details about Bitcoin Bonanza’s profit-making ability are not available. And since there is no mention of a win rate on the official website, it is difficult for us to discern the platform’s true potential.

Bitcoin Bonanza Key Features

Listed below are the key features that Bitcoin Bonanza says it supports. However, all of them are hearsay, with only a handful of customer testimonials to back them up.

Simplified UI

According to the website, users won’t have to deal with a complex interface when trading on Bitcoin Bonanza. Everything has been designed while keeping beginner-level traders in mind, per the claims.

Trading Tester

On the website, users will have access to a trading strategy tester. Different from a demo trading facility, this utility apparently allows investors to back-test and forward-test their trading parameters and strategies. “You can boost the performance of your trades and make more profits this way.”, claims Bitcoin Bonanza.

Demo Trading

Traders won’t need to jump right into live trading once they create their account. According to the claims, they can use the demo account first to try out their trading parameters and find the best strategies that work for them. Per the website, it is the best way to learn the intricacies of the platform before switching to live trading.

Time Leap Technology

Bitcoin Bonanza reportedly has a unique “time leap” feature that enables the trading system to determine the market movement before the market movement occurs. This feature apparently allows the platform to find the most profitable trading opportunities beforehand.

Top-Notch Customization

Bitcoin Bonanza reportedly has high-end customization features that allow investors to have full control of their trades in the automated trading mode. It asserts that users can make major and minor adjustments to manage risks on the platform.

Bitcoin Bonanza Fees

Bitcoin Bonanza has provided no detail about its fee structure. Does it mean it has a fee-free model? Not really. Talking to the customer support team is critical to get the right answer. Meanwhile, consider the following as its fee model.

Account opening fee Zero
Deposit/withdrawal fees Zero
Commission Not stated

Is Bitcoin Bonanza a Scam?

Critically testing the platform before use is important before labeling it as a scam or legit. However, since we did not have access to these features, we had to rely on third-party reviews and a handful of customer testimonials for answers.

From what we observed from the website itself, it was very information-heavy. However, many of the details available were marketing-focused. All the content really highlighted was how effective the trading facilities on the platform could be, but no information was available about how these trading facilities actually work.

The answer to who made the platform was also absent. All it states is that a “Bitcoin Bonanza Group” is responsible for creating this trading platform. But without the actual names of these founders, a group seems too ambiguous.

Customer testimonials aren’t very varied. The testimonials available on the website – which we would recommend that our readers don’t pay heed to – are too positive. They might have only been there for marketing purposes. Third-party testimonials on Sitejabber aren’t too clear, either. There are 11 reviews, and all of them have given a five-star rating. While it won’t be out of the norm for a site to have this many positives, the lack of a balanced viewpoint doesn’t put Bitcoin Bonanza under a legitimate category.

On the flip side, the site is interactive. All the buttons work, and all the key information is visible across multiple devices. The site also doesn’t mention any large win rate, which indicates the confidence that it might have in itself.

Overall, Bitcoin Bonanza is a mixed bag. Even though there are many good words spoken about it in third-party reviews and customer testimonials, the lack of an independent audit facility is a red flag that we can’t ignore. Investors should do their own due diligence and understand all the market risks before investing.

Bitcoin Bonanza Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin Bonanza requires investors to deposit at least $250 before they are allowed to trade on the platform. The site claims that the $250 will be used by the trading system as an investor’s initial capital.

Bitcoin Bonanza Celebrity Endorsement

Bitcoin Bonanza has made no claims about there being any celebrity endorsement, and the third-party sites that have been reviewed have also not made any such claims. If our readers come across any such rumors, we implore them to take it with a grain of salt as these claims likely won’t have any evidence to substantiate them.

Does Tesla and Elon Musk Endorse Bitcoin Bonanza?

Even though Elon Musk has grown slightly bullish about Bitcoin, as evidenced by some reports that suggest that he would be bringing back Bitcoin payments for Tesla EVs, there is no evidence to support that he uses Bitcoin Bonanza.

Does Richard Branson Endorse Bitcoin Bonanza?

No evidence exists of Richard Branson using Bitcoin Bonanza or endorsing it.

Does Jeff Bezos and Amazon Endorse Bitcoin Bonanza?

Jeff Bezos hasn’t said anything about Bitcoin Bonanza in any of his recent interviews.

Does BBC Endorse Bitcoin Bonanza?

BBC hardly advertises any automated crypto trading software, which is why it likely hasn’t endorsed Bitcoin Bonanza.

Does Martin Lewis endorse Bitcoin Bonanza?

Popular financial analyst Martin Lewis has not endorsed Bitcoin Bonanza, even though he has been falsely associated with many similar systems in the past.

Bitcoin Bonanza Customer Support

Bitcoin Bonanza does offer customer support to registered users. It claims to have an “A+” customer service, provided by a team that speaks 20 languages and is available 24/7. Users can reach out to this team whenever they want.

How to Use Bitcoin Bonanza – Tutorial

Here are the steps to use Bitcoin Bonanza:

Step 1 – Go to the Official Website and Create an Account

The first step is to go to the Bitcoin Bonanza site and create an account. Entering key details before clicking the sign-up button will accomplish this task.

Start Trading on Bitcoin Bonanza

Step 2 – Make a Minimum Deposit

Creating an account won’t open the trading platform, that would require depositing $250. Use the available methods to make a deposit. Attempt to withdraw the amount instantly to test the withdrawal times.

Step 3 – Test the Platform and Start Trading

Go to the demo trading account and test the website’s features. Switch to live trading only after completing the tutorial. Invest minimally and only increase the deposits if Bitcoin Bonanza proves to be profitable.

How to Delete a Bitcoin Bonanza Account?

Bitcoin Bonanza shows no information about how one can delete their accounts. Our best guess is to navigate the dashboard to look for a “delete account” button. If the option isn’t available. We recommend talking to the customer support team.

Latest Bitcoin News

Here are the key updates about Bitcoin for the week ending on 7 September 2023:

  1. Bitcoin has dropped below the $28k mark after a marked increase in yields. Investors continue to remain hopeful that an upswing pushing the BTC price above the $30k mark will arrive soon.
  2. People are eyeing the approval of spot Bitcoin ETF applications by the US SEC in hopes that it would drive the BTC price past the $50k mark by Q1 of 2024.
  3. Amidst the current volatility in the crypto market, investors are gravitating towards new crypto coins. Many of them are available as presales and present huge upsides.

The Verdict

Bitcoin Bonanza seems to be a versatile trading platform with its dual-trading features. It portrays itself as a simplified trading system offering hands-free investment facilities. With its manual trading facilities, it claims to bring a high ROI to veteran and novice investors.

However, certain key details about his platform are missing. There is no info about its win rate, and the nature of the trading facilities isn’t fully revealed. Customer testimonials, although positive, sound dubious. Therefore, we recommend investors research the site thoroughly before investing.

Bitcoin Bonanza Logo

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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