Looking for the best TikTok crypto can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack with so many crypto coins out there. However, TikTok has become the go-to spot for new and exciting crypto projects with huge upside potential.

In order to help you sift through the countless cryptocurrencies, we did in-depth research and narrowed it down to 8 trending crypto projects on TikTok. We’ve reviewed each one to help you understand what they’re about and what they offer in hopes of making more informed decisions.

The Best TikTok Crypto Projects Trending Now

For anyone simply looking for a nudge in the right direction, we’ve included brief reviews of the best TikTok crypto projects below, although detailed reviews can also be found in the next section.

  • Tamadoge New TikTok Meme Coin with Massive Upside Potential
  • Battle Infinity New Crypto Game Trending on Tiktok
  • LuckyBlock Trending Project Hosting Frequent Prize Draws
  • Dogecoin – The Original Meme Coin
  • Bitcoin – Blue-Chip Crypto Popular on TikTok
  • Audius – Decentralized Music Streaming Partnered with TikTok
  • Ethereum – Well-Known Smart Contract Cryptocurrency
  • Shiba Inu Popular Meme Coin with a Strong Community

In order to assist investors in the research and help them to make the best decision for their individual goals, we’ve covered eight of the best TikTok crypto projects below. We’ve tried to provide a clear overview of all projects, commenting on the key features, potential, and utility of each. All of the projects we’ve mentioned have attracted interest on TikTok, provide real value, and add something to the crypto space.

1. Tamadoge – New TikTok Meme Coin with Massive Upside Potential

Tamadoge (TAMA) is set to reshape the meme coin landscape by bringing real utility to the sector. The project will center around the Tamaverse, in which users will be able to create, breed, and battle Tamadoge pets.

Like our previous mention, Tamadoge has also been audited by Solid Proof and KYC-verified by CoinSniper meaning the project cannot simply pull the rug from under investors. Tamadoge has quickly picked up traction gaining over 15,000 Twitter followers in a matter of days, meaning it’s likely to become one of the highest trending cryptos on TikTok in the near future.


While even the best meme coins of the past have always offered little in the way of utility, Tamadoge aims to change that by creating an ecosystem filled to the brim with features designed to appeal to a massive amount of investors.

Each Tamadoge pet will be tokenized in the form of a 3D animated NFT, adding to the immersion of the Tamaverse. Players will be able to purchase or earn NFT-based items like food and cosmetics in order to help their Tamadoge pet grow. The game features a ranking system in which players can ascend the leaderboard by growing their pet. The higher a player is ranked on the leaderboard, the greater portion of the rewards pool they will receive.


ERC-20-based token $TAMA will be powering the Tamaverse. The digital asset has a total supply of 2 billion tokens, half of which has been allocated to presale investors. As $TAMA uses the ERC-20 standard, the token is primed to be listed on large centralized exchanges (CEX) like Binance and Crypto.com.

With CEX listings exposing tokens to a great number of investors, they usually bolster the price of tokens significantly. The team have already confirmed a listing on LBank exchange.

Therefore, it could be the perfect time to stock up on $TAMA before CEX listings send the price far higher. As it stands, each $TAMA token is being sold for just $0.01, making it a very cost-effective TikTok crypto coin.

How to Buy TAMA

While we’ve provided a basic overview below, we’ve also got a full-length article detailing exactly how to buy Tamadoge.

  • Step 1: Register with an Exchange – ETH or USDT is required to participate in the Tamadoge presale. This can be purchased from a regulated exchange.
  • Step 2: Deposit & Buy ETH- Once an account has been created, decide how much to invest and deposit funds to the exchange. Then search for ETH, and complete the purchase.  Alternatively, ETH can be purchased with a credit/debit card directly from the Tamadoge website.
  • Step 3: Create MetaMask Wallet – After the purchase has been completed, the investor needs to download MetaMask and create a wallet. Then, ensure it’s set to the Ethereum network and withdraw the ETH purchased earlier to MetaMask.
  • Step 4: Buy TAMA – Lastly, head over to the Tamadoge website, click ‘Connect Wallet’, and select MetaMask. Then click either ‘Buy TamaDoge with ETH’ or ‘Buy TamaDoge with USDT’, decide how much to invest, and press ‘Convert’. It’s important to note that the $TAMA will not be claimable until the presale is over.
Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (via Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Presale Ends Q4 2022

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a new crypto project that has been gathering steam on TikTok as a result of it merging some of the most exciting sectors in cryptocurrency. The project is aiming to blend the Metaverse and play-to-earn gaming sectors, in order to create a massive P2E gaming ecosystem.

Battle Infinity game

In addition to blending both of the aforementioned markets, Battle Infinity also plans on adding a range of additional features like the ability to buy and sell in-game assets and stake the native $IBAT token.

The Battle Infinity ecosystem is split into six separate platforms, each of which is packed with unique features and ways for users to earn. Early investor interest in this project led to it being one of the most trending cryptos on Google.

At the core of the Battle Infinity universe is the IBAT Premier League, a fantasy sports platform that captures real-world data for player statistics. IBAT Battle Games is a collection of fun P2E games. Then, we’ve got IBAT Battle Swap (a decentralized exchange), IBAT Battle Market (an NFT marketplace for trading in-game assets and minting new collections), IBAT Battle Arena (an immersive metaverse world where players can watch battles), and IBAT Battle Stake (a staking platform allowing users to earn rewards on IBAT & other cryptos).

IBAT token

Helping to keep the Battle Infinity ecosystem running is the BEP-20-based $IBAT token. It has a total supply of 10 billion, with 2.8 billion allocated to presale investors. The project has already been audited by Solid Proof and KYC-verified by CoinSniper, making it highly secure. Overall Battle Infinity has massive potential and is the top TikTok crypto coin – this Tiktok influencer bought some IBAT early on in the presale.

How to Buy IBAT

The Battle Infinity presale sold out early due to high demand then went on to produce several hundred percent gains on its launch on PancakeSwap DEX.

Currently trading at around $0.0055 with a just under $60 million market cap, the project’s first CEX listing has now been announced as LBank on August 26th, so investors unfamiliar with decentralized exchanges still have a chance to buy IBAT.

Investors can check out the IBAT Telegram group for more assistance – remember admins will never DM you first.

Beware of imposters on all social media platforms with crypto communities – such as Tiktok, Telegram, YouTube and especially crypto Discords. Scammers often copy the profile pic and name of moderators or crypto project staff.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is a crypto seen on TikTok and the number one NFT competitions platform. The project uses blockchain technology to create a provably fair and highly-efficient prize draw platform on which users can win a series of prizes, including, cryptocurrency, property, and luxury vehicles.

Lucky Block

The project’s native $LBLOCK token was the fastest cryptocurrency to reach a $1 billion market cap, highlighting just how much investors are loving Lucky Block. Although the project was originally launched as a prize draw platform it has since shifted focus to become an NFT competitions platform with each competition being entered by purchasing an NFT linked to a specific prize draw. Going this route has enabled Lucky Block to create a greater variety of competitions, meaning users can easily pick and choose the ones they want to enter.

In addition to frequent Lucky Block competitions, NFT holders will also receive daily rewards equal to 1% of the profit pool from every competition (split between users). This adheres to Lucky Block’s ‘everyone’s a winner’ ethos and means that even those that don’t win the primary competition still receive a portion of the prize pool. Even after the competition linked to a specific NFT has ended, the holder can still earn rewards, giving the NFTs permanent value.

LBOCK Chart 28.07

All in all, Lucky Block is a phenomenal cryptocurrency trending on TikTok. The project gives everyone a chance to win, helping to make the competition sector far more fair than it was previously. With the rate at which Lucky Block is attaining users and developing the platform, there’s no better time to check out the project.

In 2022 Lucky Block completed its V2 token upgrade, a second ERC-20 token allowing the project to be listed on more crypto exchanges as that token has no transaction tax.

How to Buy LBLOCK

Lucky Block’s V2 token was supported by LBank (where the above two projects can also be found), then by MEXC, and its newest upcoming crypto exchange listing is on Gate.io – scheduled for September 1st.

Gate.io will be the largest CEX listing to date for LBLOCK V2 and could help the price recover to its former all time high, and the V1 token price to also rise alongside it. Both tokens are now tracked separately by CoinMarketCap.

4. Dogecoin – The Original Meme Coin

Despite originally getting launched as a joke, Dogecoin (DOGE) has since grown to be one of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market. It’s based on the popular ‘doge’ meme that circulated the web in the 2010s. The digital asset first enjoyed mainstream success as a result of Elon Musk Tweeting about Dogecoin, which helped catapult the meme coin from being near-worthless to trading for close to $0.70 at the height of its success.

dogecoin price chart

Although the project was not initially created to be a utility king, it was built upon a fork of Litecoin, which itself is a fork of Bitcoin. This means that Dogecoin does share a lot of the same benefits as both Litcoin and Bitcoin – something that resonates with even die-hard crypto investors.

However, there are a few key differences between Dogecoin and the aforementioned cryptos. Dogecoin has an unlimited supply, meaning an infinite amount can be mined, leading to inflation over longer periods. On the other hand, Tamadoge has a built-in deflationary mechanism helping to bolster the price over the long-term.

With its massive community and social media prescience, Dogecoin is one of the best crypto to buy now according to TikTok. In just over a year, the project has gone from relative obscurity to being one of the largest assets in the fastest-growing financial market in the world. Clearly, Dogecoin has carved out a niche for itself and will likely continue to grow during the next bull run.

Bitcoin (BTC) is one crypto that needs no introduction. It’s the largest cryptocurrency in the world and at one point had a market cap of well over $1 trillion, putting the digital asset on par with some of the largest companies in the world. With Bitcoin being a part of the vast majority of crypto portfolios (as it’s akin to blue-chip stock), it’s no surprise that that asset is commonly dubbed the best crypto according to TikTok.

bitcoin price chart

Created by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is a heavily decentralized currency designed to facilitate fairly fast, borderless transactions without the need for third parties like banks or services like Western Union. Although progress is slow, Bitcoin is slowly being adopted by large financial institutions as an investment vehicle. This has given rise to products like the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF – helping to get traditional investors involved in the crypto market.

With Bitcoin being synonymous with cryptocurrency, it’s no surprise that it’s the driving force behind the entire market. As it stands today, when Bitcoin goes up, the rest of the market soon follows. While this won’t last forever, it means that buying Bitcoin can be considered safer than most altcoins, making it popular risk-averse investors.

6. Audius – Decentralized Music Streaming Partnered with TikTok

Audius (AUDIO) is the latest project looking to tokenize the music industry. Large streaming platforms like Spotify rarely offer a fair pay-out structure, particularly for smaller artists. This makes it extremely difficult for new artists to make a living from their work. However, Audius aims to work with artists and listeners alike in order to create a far more efficient system.

Audius price chart

Audius has recently partnered with the social media giant TikTok, meaning it’ll likely be one cryptocurrency seen on TikTok rather frequently. The project is extremely transparent when it comes to its user and artist statistics, everything from monthly plays to the most popular genre is publicly available. This is incredibly rare within the music industry but provides artists with a better understanding of how much they can expect to earn and what resonates with listeners.

Although Audius is currently relatively unknown and lacks any high-profile artists, TikTok has a penchant for catapulting budding artists to stardom so the pairing could well be a match made in heaven. Only time will tell how far the partnership between TikTok and Audius goes, but it’s likely to be a well-known crypto trending on TikTok before long.

7. Ethereum – Well-Known Smart Contract Cryptocurrency

Another blue-chip crypto seen on TikTok frequently is Ethereum. It’s the second largest cryptocurrency on the market and is the most used platform for creating decentralized applications (dApps). Helmed by prominent figure in the crypto world, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum has been massively successful and with more upgrades planned (like the rollout of ETH 2.0), it’s likely that Ethereum could become the best TikTok crypto.

ethereum price chart

The main draw to the Ethereum network is the ability to create and build using smart contracts. Ethereum was the first network to provide users with the ability to build with smart contracts, as such a multitude of high-profile projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection were built on Ethereum.

As it stands, the network can get quite congested and expensive to use when there are a lot of transactions occurring but ETH 2.0 is set to increase the networks throughout significantly. This will likely have large implications for the value of ETH, which we discuss further in our Ethereum price prediction.

Ethereum is an incredibly robust cryptocurrency with a strong team and a myriad of well-known projects built upon it. When it comes to cryptocurrency trending on TikTok, Ethereum will likely stay near the top of the list for quite some time. Being one of the best TikTok cryptos, it’s well worth checking out.

Taking inspiration from Dogecoin, Shiba Inu is the second most popular meme coin. Similar to DOGE, it features artwork based on a Shiba Inu, which resonates with crypto users. The project was billed as a ‘Dogecoin Killer’ and provides a larger amount of utility than the asset it was based on. Out of all the cryptocurrency trending on TikTok, Shiba is routinely on the list, a testament to the power dog coins have over investors.

shiba inu price chart

A common theme within the crypto space, Shiba Inu was created by an anonymous person known only as Ryoshi. Despite this, the project has enjoyed continued development. Currently, Shiba’s main utility (outside of cheap, energy-efficient transactions) is the ShibaSwap DEX.

The exchange has a multitude of uses and provides investors with the ability to lock holdings in liquidity pools, stake tokens, and earn $BONE by voting on crypto pairs. Furthermore, there are plans for real-world Shiba projects like an in-development card game.

While Shiba might not be the best crypto according to TikTok, it’s certainly up there. The project has grown significantly since its release and with constant burns in place to bring down the supply, the token could one day retest its highs. There are some that wonder if Shiba Inu is dead however.


Throughout this article, we’ve taken a look at some of the best crypto on TikTok, in the hopes of clearing up the confusion in choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in. However, it’s important to do your own research before diving in, and remember, never invest more than you can afford to lose.


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