After the rise of play to earn crypto games reached mainstream adoption in 2021 – kicked off by the explosive bull run of Axie Infinity (AXS) – move to earn crypto projects (M2E) and apps have also entered the market.

Gamers loved earning free Bitcoin – or native tokens that could be converted into BTC – and the ‘move-to-earn’ crypto craze opened up that way to invest even more, now to fitness enthusiasts. Many move to earn crypto coins have crashed in value though in 2023. What went wrong? Is M2E crypto a bubble?

In this guide we list some of the biggest names in move to earn cryptocurrency, what happened to them, and some upcoming M2E crypto projects to watch that may perform well this year thanks to better tokenomics.

Our Top Move to Earn (M2E) Crypto List

We first picked out seven of the native coins of some new move to earn crypto projects early in their roadmap as alternatives to the bigger names that have already ‘pumped’ i.e. had a bull cycle.

  1. FightOut (FGHT)- Overall Best Move to Earn Crypto Incentivizing Workout Completion
  2. Tamadoge (TAMA) – earn crypto for walking a virtual dog in this new NFT game
  3. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – upcoming fantasy sports metaverse game played with AR headset
  4. STEPN (GMT) – governance token of the popular StepN app and largest by market cap
  5. Green Satoshi Token (GST) – StepN rewards token and 2nd highest market cap M2E crypto
  6. Step App (FITFI) – the main competitor to StepN, another app for runners, joggers and walkers
  7. Genopets (GENE) – another upcoming move to earn crypto game launching in 2023
  8. Dotmoovs (MOOV) – Competitive sports move to earn platform

Best Move to Earn Crypto Game Apps & Coins – Reviews

Other than the two brand-new projects we picked out, our M2E crypto list is also in order by market capitalization – although move to earn is a relatively new niche and only the top four move to earn crypto projects on CoinGecko so far have a market cap over $10 million.

1. FightOut (FGHT) – Overall Best Move to Earn Crypto Incentivizing Workout Completion

FightOut LogoFightOut is a new M2E project rewarding fitness fanatics for leading an active lifestyle. The key difference with FightOut is that it tracks a user’s movements as well, rather than just steps.

Choosing FightOut means using a platform that offers affordable access to a fitness app and gym chains that gamify the fitness lifestyle. The ecosystem rewards users for completing workouts, and challenges, earning badges and growing the community.

The other benefit of FightOut is that it develops a user’s NFT avatar as a result of a user progressing physically. Once a user’s avatar has obtained sufficient strength, it can enter the FightOut metaverse so that players can test their physicality against other community members.

Users can create well-rounded fitness programs and customize their workouts to focus on their specialty. The FighOut app enables users to specify their goals, fitness background and desired workout types.

The app’s workout builder personalizes solo routines, and high-quality instructional videos enable the user to ensure proper form and to target the desired muscle area.

FightOut will also offer on-demand workout classes and live sessions, attended in-app or at FightOut gyms. This ecosystem is working on building real gyms in key locations around the globe and is in talks with professional fighters and coaches to be the brand’s ambassadors, which will also provide masterclass-style training content.

FightOut App

Users earn the currency REPS for working out and completing challenges. This in-app currency provides access to the platform, and users can buy additional REPS with $FGHT.

Smart technology is used to track the user’s movement to ensure the correct issuance of rewards, which can be redeemed for FightOut merchandise, subscription to the platform and NFTs.

$FGHT tokens are currently on presale and available to buy a $0.016. FightOut allocated 90% of the token supply to the presale, so waiting for the coin to list on exchanges may be too late. It’s best to buy $FGHT tokens now.

2. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is an upcoming NFT game and meme coin project that launched to great hype earlier this year and has move to earn features on its roadmap.

In the main Tamadoge game players raise virtual NFT pets by feeding, playing and treating them while in Q4 2023 they will be able to take them into the real world through the use of an AR – augmented reality – app and headset

Move to earn Tamadoge crypto

TAMA is the rewards token and in-game currency, and thanks to that AR / VR integration and their metaverse platform – the Tamaverse – it will be both a P2E and M2E crypto, and offer more physical ways to play than similar virtual pet crypto games such as CryptoKitties.

Tamadoge is our top pick for the best move to earn crypto and one of our top altcoins in general, not only because it has already had a hugely successful token launch but because more growth is expected throughout 2023.

Its presale sold out $19 million in just eight weeks and then launched on exchanges to huge hype – pumping nearly 2,000% from its presale price and more than 500% from its list price.

The token has only just listed on and more exchange offerings are in the pipeline.

The Ultra Rate NFT Pets – those with the best stats in the game – also became the top trending collection on OpenSea when it launched, showing there is huge excitement around the game.

When wider market conditions improve, and with the game nearing release, the price of TAMA is expected to improve.

Join the Tamadoge Telegram channel for the latest news and announcements on the project.

3. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is another promising new crypto project that sold out its presale early after high demand and has since pumped after listing on exchanges.

With the ambitious goal to create a ‘multiverse of metaverse’ with various types of Battle Arenas, players will be able to take part wearing virtual reality headsets giving the game a physical component as well as non-physical – so Battle Infinity will incorporate some move-to-earn mechanics.

Move to earn IBAT crypto

The game themes will range from futuristic battle to fantasy sports matches to compete with other international teams crafted by players, for league rankings. Players then earn IBAT token as a P2E rewards token with some M2E aspects.

This project isn’t 100% focuses on the move-to-earn niche but could be rated in the 10 best cryptos related to that category due to their being new.

The best way to invest in move to earn or any cryptocurrency in general is to buy low, sell high.

As mentioned in our top blockchain games piece Battle Infinity has been making headlines in a wide range of crypto industry publications such as Bitcoinist, BeinCrypto, CryptoPotato, and more – as well as Yahoo Finance.

Read the whitepaper and roadmap on the Battle Infinity website, or join the Telegram group for the latest news.


STEPN – also the name of the move to earn app, sometimes spelt StepN – has crashed in price since its all time high but despite that still has the highest market capitalization of any move to earn crypto on the market.

GMT’s market cap today is $600 million – also placing it within the top 100 cryptos in any niche – and GMT is the governance token of the move to earn platform. GMT reached a market cap as high as $2 billion during its explosive bull cycle hitting an ATH of $4.18 on Binance.

STEPN Price chart

StepN and its main token GMT (sometimes called Green Metaverse Token) are also still the most popular move to earn crypto game and coin in terms of social engagement, Google trends, and LunarCrush data. They’ve seen investment from major crypto venture capital firms including Binance Labs and Alameda Research.

To use this move to earn app players first buy NFT sneakers which recently have dropped in floor price from 14 SOL to as low as 1.35 SOL currently on Magic Eden. That makes the STEPN move to earn ecosystem potentially a good investment now with the low prices for those that believe it will recover in the long term.

One reason for its crash was China banning STEPN as many move to earn crypto games players are based in Asia, who enjoy earning free crypto while running, jogging or walking. STEPN’s chief marketing officer is still confident their M2E app will succeed, stating ‘NFTs are the future of fitness’.

5. Green Satoshi Token (GST)

Whereas GMT is the governance token of StepN and only earned by players with a high level in its game app, GST is earned by all players and is seen more as its default in-game currency, utility token and rewards token.

Unlike GMT, Green Satoshi Token doesn’t have a fixed supply and is inflationary. It’s also usually instantly cashed in for real money by players once they earn it – so it may not be a good investment compared to GMT, which will potentially rise more in value as a reflection of the app’s success then be able to hold its value.

GST token

Some might want to buy the dip on GST regardless however as it has crashed over 99% in value since its all time high. It also recently pumped 450% from its bottom, although then did retrace part of that move.

GST still ranks highly on our list as like GMT it is one of the most popular move to earn crypto coins – with the 2nd highest market cap after GMT, valued at over $50 million. If StepN’s move to earn app and NFTs do make a strong comeback and GMT retests its all time high, GST should also follow.

Our top pick Tamadoge however is not inflationary, and also has a deflationary mechanic – all Tamadoge store transactions have a 5% token burn. GST would be a more high-risk investment as the chart above is clearly bearish, and will put off investors as it resembles the Terra (LUNA) collapse.

6. Step App (FITFI)

One of StepN’s main competitors in the move to earn apps niche is the similarly name Step App – with its own native token FITFI. GMT had first mover advantage (launching on Binance March 9th 2022) but FITFI also performed well at first (launching on April 27th).

FITFI then crashed however in mid 2022 – although all altcoins did after the LUNA and UST collapse rocked the crypto market and then Celsius’ bankruptcy and fears over the company being liquidated with a large BTC and ETH position sent Bitcoin down to $17,600 and Ethereum down to $880.

FITFI price chart

Some would see the low FITFI price today as a potential buy the dip opportunity, and it may be forming a rounded bottom. Although more conservative investors might want to wait for a clearer flip in market structure and a new bullish uptrend on the monthly chart.

In late July 2022 news broke that Step App signed a partnership with world record holding athlete Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. That could be bullish for the FITFI price in the long term if his brand recognition helps this move to earn app pick up a wider user base.

7. Genopets (GENE)

Genopets is an upcoming move to earn game with an RPG (role playing game) theme – similar to Battle Infinity being the first of its kind with fantasy sports, this is also an industry first.

No exact Genopets release date has been set yet (some time in 2023) but the website does allow some whitelisted users early access to its M2E game.

This move to earn crypto project’s native token, GENE, has been launched however – in late 2021 and had a several hundred percent bull run initially. Since then the GENE price has correctly, possibly as investors became impatient with the game not being released yet.

An impressive line-up of crypto VCs are backing Genopets however, such as Pantera Capital and Anomica Brands – who helped build the Otherside metaverse game with Yuga Labs. The native token of that ecosystem, ApeCoin, is also a potentially good investment as Yuga Labs as a company has been valued at over $5 billion.

GENE currently has a market cap just under $30 million and is ranked just outside the top 500 cryptos, but #4 within the move to earn cryptos sector.

8. Dotmoovs (MOOV)

Midway down the list of the top 10 move to earn crypto coins by market cap, valued at $8 million is Dotmoovs (MOOV).

This M2E project aims to ‘gamify sports with the ultimate P2E platform powered by blockchain and a state-of-the-art AI system to analyze videos of players performing sports challenges.’

Its other tagline on is ‘play the sports that you love, and earn from it’ – players use this move to earn app and metaverse platform to earn crypto for performing sports moves.


Since its launch in mid 2021 its native token MOOV has failed to gain traction, after a brief pump during the 2021 bull run and another in early 2022 which then fully retraced. The MOOV price is currentlly trading in a sideways range.

MOOV isn’t yet listed on major crypto exchanges but is available on KuCoin and PancakeSwap. According to its website Dotmoovs is backed by several crypto VCs including Moonrock Capital and Morningstar Ventures, however its still a low market cap coin valued at just $4.5 million.

What to Consider When Investing in M2E Crypto Coins

As seen from the list above, many move to earn cryptos have been in a downtrend since their initial hype and price pump – for that reason we picked out two new projects, one on presale and one about to launch, that have not yet pumped.

Crypto Bubble?

Some consider move to earn a fad that will not really catch on, that players will get bored and lose interest as the value of the native coin they are rewarded with lowers over time. That happened to Axie Infinity – after an explosive bull run, one of the highest percentage gains in crypto history (160,000%), players began to lose interest as the price of AXS token declined.

Our top picks above are mainly play to earn crypto games, with NFT and metaverse elements – rather than purely being in the move to earn category.

Low Market Cap

As we found, many move to earn crypto coins have a low market cap, making them vulnerable to pump and dump style price action and volatility.

If we were to expand our list to a top 10 move to earn cryptos review, it would include M2e projects like:

  • Digital Fitness (DEFIT)
  • MoveZ (MOVEZ)
  • Calo (CALO)
  • Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

However the largest of those, DOSE, still has a market cap of under $5 million.

Metaverse Integration

Crypto projects with the most staying power tend to have their own metaverse platform – industry leaders in that sector include Decentraland, The Sandbox, etc. – see our list of the top 11 metaverse coins.

Tamadoge Tamaverse Augmented Reality

Our top picks Tamadoge and Battle Infinity also have metaverse plans – particularly the latter. Read more about that in our full guide to Battle Infinity.


Crypto tokens with an infinite supply or very high supply with a low circulating supply to start with – i.e. many token unlocks on its roadmap – can deflate in value over time, due to the law of supply and demand.

Green Satoshi Token for example has no fixed supply and wasn’t a good investment for those than FOMO’d into its initial run-up. Tamadoge has a capped maximum supply. Many meme coins also are inflationary – for example Dogecoin, which Tamadoge aims to offer more utility than.

How to Buy Move to Earn Crypto

Our choices for the top move to earn cryptos will require downloading and setting up a MetaMask wallet or a Trust Wallet as they are not yet listed on major exchanges.

Follow these steps to buy Tamadoge (TAMA):

  • Download a free crypto wallet at
  • Load that wallet with ETH or USDT
  • Visit the Tamadoge presale at
  • Click ‘Buy’ and choose a crypto to swap for TAMA – it’s also possible to use a debit/credit card after connecting your MetaMask wallet
  • Join the Tamadoge Telegram group to stay updated (admins will not DM you first)


Move to earn is one of the newest areas of cryptocurrency, and has attracted a lot of attention – although many move to earn crypto apps and their native tokens have underperformed in 2022. Many altcoins were affected across all other sectors such as DeFi however during the 2022 ‘crypto winter’ and bear market correction.

Some move to earn crypto coins also faced issues due to their infinite supply, inflation rate, and other tokenomics issues. Many also became overvalued initially after their first hype cycle – GMT rose from under 10 cents to over $4 within the space of eight weeks – and a retracement was to be expected.

M2E crypto could potentially be a good investment as the crypto markets are beginning to show signs of recovery.

Our top pick for a M2E project is FightOut. Besides tracking movements and steps, FightOut rewards users with in-app currency for completing workouts and challenges and growing the community. Real-world gyms will be available to enable users to train via live stream or attend the classes in person.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) - Newest Meme Coin

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Wall Street Memes
  • Community of 1 Million Followers
  • Experienced NFT Project Founders
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Wall Street Memes

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