Micro-cap cryptocurrencies with small market capitalizations, often of just a few million dollars, provide an attractive entry point for investors seeking higher-than-average returns.

Read this guide as we compile a micro-cap crypto list and review the best micro-cap crypto coins to consider buying in 2024.

Micro Cap Crypto List for 2024

  1. Pepe Unchained — Micro cap Layer 2 meme that will be 100x faster than ETH
  2. The Meme Games – One of the micro-cap coins inspired by the 2024 Olympic games
  3. WienerAI — New meme coin with AI technology and presale price rises every two days
  4. PlayDoge — New P2E crypto coin with a market cap of $48 million
  5. Shiba Shootout – Best Micro Crypto to Buy Now: A Community-Driven Gem
  6. Base Dawgz — Revolutionizing gaming crypto with cross-chain functionality
  7. Mega Dice — Earn $DICE rewards while enjoying secure, decentralized payments and regulatory compliance
  8. 99Bitcoins New learn-to-earn token to be launched after Bitcoin halving, with a hard cap set at $11,070,675
  9. SpongeV2 The next level Sponge token with a market cap of over $50 million
  10. C+Charge — Tokenized carbon credit rewards when charging EVs

Best Micro Cap Crypto Coins: Our Analysis

Micro-cap cryptocurrencies come with additional risks but also a much higher upside. This segment of the crypto market will appeal to investors who seek sizable returns.

 There is no universally accepted definition of a micro-cap crypto. Therefore, we have followed the same standard as micro-cap stocks, which represent a market capitalization of $300 million or less.

Read on to discover the best micro-cap cryptos right now:

1. Pepe Unchained — An Upgraded Version of Pepe the Frog That Offers Lower Fees and Double Staking Rewards

Best Micro Cap Crypto pepe unchained

Next on our best micro cap crypto list, we have a meme coin called Pepe Unchained. Its design is inspired by one of the most popular meme coins today, Pepe the Frog. While both tokens run on the Ethereum network, unlike $PEPE, which uses the Layer 1 protocol, $PEPU utilizes the power of the Layer 2 technology.

Pepe Unchained is an upgraded version of Pepe the Frog since it processes transactions off-chain, which makes them faster and cheaper. In addition to that, $PEPU holders will be able to earn double staking rewards, whose current APY amounts to 17,227%.

Pepe Unchained very quickly raised over $236k, which shows the strong interest of the meme coin community. The $PEPU token has a total supply of eight billion, of which 20% will be available for purchase during the presale. 30% will go towards staking rewards, 10% towards liquidity, project development, and the $PEPU Layer 2 chain, and 20% towards marketing.

Its present price is $0.008, while its listing price could reach $0.0256. With that in mind, buying this micro-cap coin during its presale will bring early buyers large returns on their initial investment.

2. The Meme Games – One of the Micro-Cap Coins Inspired by the 2024 Olympic Games

Best Micro Cap Crypto - the meme games

The Meme Games is a crypto project that aims to become the “official” 2024 Olympics meme coin. It allows users to compete with popular meme coin characters and gain a 25% token bonus if they win. The characters include Dogecoin, DogWifHat, Brett, Turbo, and Pepe. So far, Pepe has won 14 times, taking the lead among the five of them. 

This is one of the micro-cap crypto gems, with a hard cap of $7.5M and a market cap of $18,671,400. The project has already raised over $161,000, and the current price of this ERC-20 token is $0.009. Staking allows participants to earn passive rewards at 71.53 $MGMES tokens per ETH block. 

There are 2,024,000,000 tokens in total. The ongoing presale receives 38%, and staking and liquidity each receive 10%. Another 15% is reserved for marketing, 9.30% for game winnings, and 17.70% for project funds. 

The project’s roadmap consists of three phases. The first phase discusses the project’s concept and development, the second the presale and community building, and the last The Meme Games launch.  

3. WienerAI — Dog-Based Meme Coin That Managed to Raise Over $1M   

wienerai best micro cap crypto

Next on our micro market cap crypto list, we have an AI-powered token that could repeat the success of its dog-based peer, Scotty the AI, which managed to reach its predetermined hard cap of $7.5 million ahead of its schedule.

WienerAI has the potential to reach a higher number since it doesn’t have a predetermined hard cap. This flexibility helped this project raise over $1 million (at the time of writing). Moreover, WienerAI managed to attract early investors with massive staking rewards, whose current APY is 796%. The goal of this project is to take the number one spot among ethereum-based dog tokens.

To achieve that, its developers will use a community-centric approach. This means that they’ll allocate 20% of $WAI’s total token supply, which amounts to 69 billion, towards staking and community rewards. Another 30% will go towards the presale, while 10% will be allocated towards DEX/CEX liquidity. The price of the $WAI token currently stands at $0.000704.

4. PlayDoge – Mobile-Based P2E Game Inspired by Tamagotchi

Best Micro Cap Crypto - playdoge

PlayDoge started its presale with a bang. This micro-cap token raised over $568K in less than three days. Two things contributed to this success. 

First, PlayDoge combines two popular niches: dog–based memes and P2E mobile games. Dog-based memes have recently experienced a jump in value. For example, in the last 30 days, the price of FLOKI and DOGE jumped by 50% and 15%, respectively. 

Moreover, in May 2024, the P2E gaming category on CoinMarketCap reached a market cap of over $13 billion.

Secondly, this project is inspired by Tamagotchi, a popular game from the 90s. This created hype among crypto investors.

That said, PlayDoge is a mobile game that allows players to earn $PLAY tokens by completing daily quests and mini-games and taking care of their Doge pets. This token can also be used to purchase in-game items and to earn staking rewards, whose current APY is 536%.

The $PLAY token has a total supply of 9.4 billion and a current price of $0.005.

5. Shiba Shootout – Best Micro Crypto to Buy Now: A Community-Driven Gem

best Micro Cap Crypto - shiba shootout

Shiba Shootout is one of the micro-cap coins and a community-driven project featuring characters like Shiba Sharpshooters and Marshal Shiba. Some community-minded features are ‘Campfire Stories,’ which allow users to share experiences, and ‘Token Governance Roundups, ‘ which allow users to participate in project decision-making.  

The total token supply is 2.2 billion, of which 5% is reserved for the rootin’ tootin’ Shooter fund and 35% for the presale. Moreover, staking and marketing each receives 20%, while liquidity and project funds each receive 10%. 

Shiba Shootout has a 3-phase roadmap. The second phase announces the token’s listing on CEXs after it has at least 10,000 holders, whereas the third phase announces T1 exchange listings after the token has more than 100,000 holders.

Users can stake their tokens, and the staking rewards are amazing, coming at an annual rate of 2268%. 

The current price of $SHIBASHOOT is $0.0194, and the project has already raised $480K, which is a testament to its potential. So, don’t be surprised if this turns out to be the next crypto to explode

6. Base Dawgz – Revolutionizing Gaming Crypto With Cross-Chain Functionality

best micro-cap crypto - base dawgz

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is one of the micro crypto coins to buy, inspired by the spirit of extreme sports. It features dog-themed memes, such as Shiba Inu and Wojark, who wear base-jumping suits.

One of the project’s most fascinating features is its interoperability across blockchains. In fact, you can store, trade, and claim the token on Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Polygon.

Base Dawg also offers social rewards if you engage in its Be Social for AIrdrop campaign. More specifically, you can get real tokens if you create and post content about Base Dawgz.

Investors have an early opportunity, as they can buy tokens during the presale and at an excellent price, currently $0.00479.

Base Dawgz uses cutting-edge technology, Portal Bridge and Wormhole, to ensure seamless interactions and transactions across the blockchains.

7. Mega Dice — Earn $DICE Rewards While Enjoying Secure, Decentralized Payments and Regulatory Compliance

best crypto for beginners - mega dice

Online gaming is a massive industry globally. Thanks to technology, it’s now as innovative and convenient as physical casinos, if not more.

Mega Dice, as a platform, isn’t just about gaming; it’s about using the latest tech to make gaming better. It’s mobile-friendly and focused on security. And with its own $DICE token, players get more than just a currency – they get a stake in the platform’s success.

$DICE tokens can be used for gaming, exclusive features, and even trading. Mega Dice plans to maintain stability through strategic buybacks and token burns, ensuring a secure and compliant environment. Overall, Mega Dice’s tokenomics promise a fun and sustainable gaming experience for everyone.

8. 99Bitcoins — An Innovative Crypto Project That Uses the Learn-and-Earn System to Reward Its Token Holders


99Bitcoins is a well-known name in the crypto community since this learning platform was created in 2013. On this site, you can learn how to trade BTC, what micro-cap crypto is, and other valuable information. This platform found its place on our best microcap crypto list because its developers recently launched their native token called $99BTC.

99Bitcoins has stayed consistent with its learning approach, which means that early investors will be able to earn $99BTC tokens by completing crypto quizzes and taking trading courses. In addition to that, investors will be able to earn staking rewards that will be distributed at a rate of 4143 $99BTC per ETH block over 2 years. At the time of writing, the staking rewards come with an APY of 6780%.

The price of one token is $0.001, while this project has so far managed to raise over $316K. The $99BTC token has a total supply of 99 billion, of which 10.50% will be allocated towards the presale. Its developers will also airdrop $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to 99 early investors.

9. SPONGEV2 — The Successor of the Sponge V1 Token That Could Repeat Its Success by Reaching a $100 Million Market Cap

sponge v2 homepage

Sponge V2 could be one of the best micro cap meme coins that you can invest in this year. This project aims to repeat the success of its predecessor V1, which managed to reach a $100 million market cap. What is Sponge V2? Sponge V2 is a replacement for the V1 token, which can be obtained through the stake-to-bridge mechanism. This means that after all V1 tokens are staked, V2 tokens will replace them.

The $SPONGE V2 token brings many benefits to its holders. On that note, they’ll be able to use it for voting, accessing dApps, playing P2E games, and making payments.

Early investors will be able to stake their tokens on Ethereum and Polygon at a rate of 6149 $SPONGE per ETH block and 300 $SPONGE per POLY block, respectively. The reward rates currently stand at 355% on Polygon and 166% on Ethereum, while the price of the $SPONGE V2 token stands at $0.001627.

10. C Charge — Tokenized Carbon Credit Rewards When Charging EVs

c+ charge coin price chart

Micro-cap investors have been buying CCHG tokens in their droves via the now-closed C+Charge presale. Considering its unique charge-to-earn concept, C+Charge is best viewed as a long-term project. Here’s how it works: C+Charge is building a network of EV charging stations.

Please note that the current market capitalization of C+Charge is $750,449, and the maximum supply is 1,000,000,000 CCHG coins. The current price of C+Charge is $0.000750.

The easiest way to buy C+Charge is to find a reliable centralized exchange similar to Binance. You can check Coinmarketcap.com’s Markets section for a list of centralized exchanges where the coin is listed.

Alternatively, you can purchase C+Charge through a decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports the blockchain where your C+Charge is stored.

What Are Micro-Cap Cryptocurrencies?

Micro-cap cryptocurrencies trade with a small market capitalization. This is often below $300 million, similar to micro-cap stocks. Investors will buy micro-cap coins to target above-average gains. This is because cryptocurrencies with a small valuation have much more room to grow compared to large-cap projects.

For example, while Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB have the potential to grow in the coming years, the upside will be limited. This is because the aforementioned cryptocurrencies already have a multi-billion dollar valuation. In comparison, Love Hate Inu, Fight Out, C+Charge, and other micro-cap projects are worth just a few million dollars.

The aim is that in the coming years, micro-cap projects will eventually attain widespread adoption. If and when this happens, the growth potential can be significant.

  • For example, in mid-2019, Dogecoin was a micro-cap crypto with a valuation of under $250 million.
  • At its peak in mid-2021, Dogecoin had a market cap of over $80 billion.
  • This represents growth of over 320x in just two years of trading.

This is why micro-cap coins like Love Hate Inu are so attractive.

How to Build a Portfolio of Market Cap Cryptos

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies with a micro-cap valuation. But most of these will likely fail to deliver suitable returns. Therefore, investors must conduct lots of research to find the best micro-cap cryptocurrencies.

1. Determine Maximum Market Cap

Before looking at individual projects, it is important to determine the maximum market cap to target.

For this guide, we have followed the micro-cap stock definition of the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy. This means that we view micro-cap cryptocurrencies as any project with a valuation of $300 million or under.

However, this might not suit all crypto investors. For example, some investors will look for projects with a valuation under $10 million. This offers huge upside potential, especially if the project takes off.

2. Look for Newly Launched Presales

The most effective way to find the best micro-cap cryptocurrencies is to focus on presale launches. Ideally, the presale will be early, enabling investors to secure the lowest price possible.

Of course, the presale should offer access to a high-quality project with the potential to go mainstream.

3. Search for Bear Market Discounts

Some of the best micro-cap cryptos discussed today were previously large-cap projects. The downfall is largely due to the broader crypto bear market. In other words, major crypto winter coins are now trading at discounts of over 80% when compared to their bull market peak.

Should I Invest in Micro-Cap Cryptocurrencies?

This section explains what to consider before investing in micro-cap cryptocurrencies.

Much Higher Upside When Compared to Large-Cap Cryptos

As we noted earlier, micro-cap cryptocurrencies offer a lot more upside when compared to large-cap projects.

Let’s take Bitcoin as a prime example. At its peak in late 2021, Bitcoin had a market cap of over $1.2 trillion. While it still has room for growth, this will be limited. In comparison, the largest US-listed stock, Apple, is worth $2.5 trillion.

High Growth Can Be Achieved Quickly

Another reason micro-cap cryptocurrencies remain popular is that they can grow much faster than large-cap projects.

This is due to the forces of ‘market depth, ‘ which dictates how much money needs to be invested in a cryptocurrency for it to move by a specific percentage.

Micro-cap cryptocurrencies have a low market depth, meaning they can increase in value quickly without requiring significant buying pressure.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, requires a considerably large amount of buying pressure for each percentage point it increases by.

Easy to Diversify

There are thousands of micro-cap cryptocurrencies in the market, which means that investors can reduce their exposure by diversifying.

Many top-ranking crypto exchanges enable investors to buy micro-cap tokens with just a few dollars. As such, even those on a budget can create a diversified portfolio of micro-cap projects.


Micro-cap cryptocurrencies, with small market capitalizations of just a few million dollars, can provide an attractive entry point for investors seeking higher-than-average returns. These projects offer a much higher upside than large-cap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although they are more volatile, diversification and solid research can help reduce risk exposure.


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